The Unwanted Princess Chapter 16

16 Extra Chapter: What Happened Here?

Broadcasted by the news was a horrific crime. The renowned President, Eric Watson of the C.P.S corporation was found nearly dead in his own family home. Three mutilated bodies that were identified were none other than Eric's wife, Katherina Watson and his two daughters Priscilla Watson and Vanessa Watson.

The suspect is said to be on the run, and police has no leads on who the person may be or as to who the murderer may be and his motive.

Eric Watson is currently in critical condition, doctors cannot find the cause of why four his limbs died completely, Eric had to be amputated, losing both of his arms and legs. Eric was tested and the tests came back negative for any diseases that could've been the cause.

The police attempted to question Eric, but his story was so unbelievable, the police figured that he suffered too much trauma and this whole ordeal had effected his brain.

Stated by Miguel Patterson, Police investigator, was Eric Watson's story of what happened to him and his family..


"He at least gave us a description of the suspect, it was a male in his teens, with long black hair that passed down to his legs, light purple eyes, and he was dressed in a type of historical European, aristocratic attire" Miguel said into the microphone

"We asked him if the suspect was most likely an actor or a 'cosplayer', he immediately responded with no, the suspect didn't seem like a cosplayer, he was not wearing a wig or artificial hair, and his outfit did not look like it could've came from anywhere in the city, even the button's on his thin coat were pure gold" Miguel sighed

"What worried us the most about Eric's story was that he claims the suspect had 'powers', he stopped four fired bullets with his so called 'powers', he ripped his wife's uterus out with these 'powers' and then set his wife on fire with 'black flames' and used wind to blow her out of the window and caused her to fall three stories to her death"

"He then said that, the suspect decapitated his youngest daughter Vanessa, and sliced his oldest daughter Priscilla in half with the murder weapon being a black scythe"

"We have no clue who might the murder be, but the one person that may be connected to Eric Watson's family being murdered, and the gruesome death of an inmate Nathan Blair which is the adopted daughter of the Watson family and the biological daughter of inmate Nathan Blair, Ivery Watson-Blair, Eric claims that Ivery sent the 'devil' to kill him and his family but we suspect that this 'devil' might be an assassin. Ivery Watson has been said to have left either the city or the country, we have no proof that Ivery Watson is responsible for these crimes, there have been no recorded reports of anyone named Ivery Watson ever scheduling any flights or movement to anywhere so far in the investigation" Miguel said

"The camera's were complete static a few hours before Nathan Blair was killed, his body was found cut into several large pieces, how the murder managed to break into the jail and get into Nathan Blair's cell undetected is still a mystery to us, we asked the prison guards if they had seen anyone that day that matched the description that Eric Watson had given, they reported to never seeing anyone that matched the description"

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"Eric Watson has been also screaming out 'I don't want to die' 'Please don't let me die' 'I don't want to go to the darkness' 'He marked my soul' 'The devil marked my soul' 'He'll take my soul into the darkness'.." Miguel read Eric's statements off of a paper

"We furthermore believe that Eric's story is mostly fictional, something he made within his own mind after all of the trauma he must've suffered, this case is still open but we have yet to find anyone linked to these horrific crimes" Miguel sternly looked at the camera


The case of Eric Watson and his family has spread like a wildfire across the whole state, everyone sends their regards to Eric and his losses. The people hope that the murderer who took three beautiful souls from this world gets a death sentence when he is found.

Friends and distant relatives, are heart-shattered and wish the three of the victims the best in heaven or their next life.

But little do they know...their conscious souls are trapped in the darkness inside of Luther for all of eternity....