The Unwanted Princess Chapter 17

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This is just to inform you about the development and what I have planned for this story.

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So far I've been publishing chapter's that each hold their own pieces of the story. What I want to do is have the story chapters consist of one whole story with the same plot, which being Ivery's and Luther's royal life.

There will be more adventures, fights, romance, and of course blood and gore.

I also want to address Luther's character, I created Luther to be a love and hate character or a character that you can love but also hate at the same time. His actions will be appalling to most people and I'm fine with that because not many people are in for violence, but I'm not supportive for real world violence, my interests are exclusively fictional violence but depending on what type, because I'm not into domestic abuse, or child abuse or anything involving those types of things.

But I am a sucker for scary/bloody stories, movies, tv shows, etc. I want to use this story to express that interest of mine, unlike my other stories it's impossible to add gore or it would almost ruin the story and it's dynamic. But I'm sorry if anyone hates the fact that Luther is basically a murderer that takes pleasure in killing, and I used many cliches when creating him. But I won't have him kill just anyone and everyone as the story progresses and this is technically a spoiler but...

Luther's behavior will eventually soften up as the story progresses, as he gets older, is rage and desire to kill will be mostly directed to people who offend him or Ivery in some sort of way. I don't want to turn Luther into some sort of psycho killer maniac that people will gradually hate.

But Luther's character will barely ever change so I apologize if anyone disproves of him.

And if anyone is concerned about this, Inanna is currently 13 years old in the story so far, yet Ivery who inhabits her body is 16 years old, this story is mainly historical, so my point means, in past times it was common that girls 13 or even younger than that were able to be engaged, usually if they came from a noble or royal households. Luther is currently 15 years old, two years older than Inanna. Since Ivery took over Inanna's body, she's 13 again, but if anyone feels uncomfortable with the ages that are set, she won't be 13 for long so don't worry.

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And as for the genre's, this story will not include: Harem's, gender-bender, Tragedy, Sci-fi, Reverse Harems

This story genres that will be included: Romance, Horror, Magic, Fantasy, School life, Drama, Suspense, Adventure, Historical, Mature, Demons, Vampire, Supernatural

This story's tags include: Strong female lead, Strong male lead, Overpowered female lead, Overpowered male lead, Violence, Royalty, Romance, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Blood, Gore

I want this story to have meaning, and depth. Everything I have planned for this story will soon be implemented when I create more chapters.

I am working on this novel/story alone as I do with many of my other stories on different platforms, I have no proof readers, editors or anyone helping me with this story. I usually focus on having the chapter's posted faster rather than finding every single mistake I made, since I write over 1000+ words I usually don't catch every mistake and I tend overlook them, so grammar errors are bound to be found in some or most chapters. So I would appreciate any constructive criticism to help me improve the story, I also don't mind any recommendations that I could add into the story, like custom bonus chapters or new ideas for a chapter or new ideas for the story.

I don't mind negative feedback at all, so don't hold back! It let's me know what I've done incorrectly and fix them

This story is in fact nothing professional, I am still an inexperienced aspiring writer and I choose to write stories like this as practice and as a way to express my fictional fantasies that I have in my head. This story was something that just came to me and I have many more story ideas still trapped in my head that I don't mind sharing and writing some day.

I am always reading any comments I get! Even if I don't reply in time, or at all, just know that I've still read your comment and I deeply deeply appreciate them all. Leaving comments are very motivating for me to continue working on this story, it either let's me know that I'm doing something right or wrong.

If and when the time comes for it, I will add an additional genre if people will agree with it and would be interested in reading that kind of stuff..

Possible New Genre Hint: [Extremely Mature Content] [Specifically for Ivery & Luther]

If you're old'll understand what it means.

This genre will only be implemented into the story if people are completely certain they want to read that kind of material. So comments about the approval of it or disapproval will be necessary. I'll be sure to bring it back up later for confirmation.