The Unwanted Princess Chapter 19

21 Chapter 19: Her 17th Birthday

[Blood warning] [Violence] [Death]

Four years after her death and revival, Ivery and everyone else began preparing for her 17th birthday.

It's been four years since Judith Isbell's death, and Xia has been different ever since her mother's funeral. No one else attended the funeral except Xia, Julian and Ivery.

After her mother's death, Xia became coldhearted and more arrogant, demanding, and self-centered. Xia stopped chasing and obsessing over Luther because she probably figured out that he was her mother's killer.

Ivery sat in front of her vanity as the maids helped her get dressed.

They brushed her hair thoroughly and sprayed her hair with oils for better shine and silky texture.

To Ivery's dismay, she was tightly squeezed in a corset. And fitted in a bright red dress that resembled her eye color. A ruby red tiara was set atop of her head and thin golden chains with red jewels dangled down from the tiara.

Her lips were glossed over clear for a natural and beautiful look.

The room doors opened.

Ivery's eyes widened and lit up at the sight.

"You look beautiful, Ivery" Luther smiled as he walked in

His out of worldly handsome face never ceased to mesmerize her, and as usual, he was dressed in a fancy black outfit with golden chains connecting each of his buttons.

But something about him was totally different today..

"Your hair..." Ivery was stuck in awe

"Oh, this? I always have it curled for special occasions" Luther twisted his index finger around in his curls

Even though it was still long, when his hair was straight the usual length went down to the back of his calves. But now that it's curled, its length reaches his lower back.

"Do you not like it?" Luther suddenly asked

"I do! Of course, I like it" Ivery gathered her dress in her hands and walked over to Luther

Ivery lifted up her hands and touched his was so soft..silky, more so than hers.

"The last woman to touch my hair had her hand lopped off" Luther touched Ivery's hand that was in his hair

"...." Ivery slowly moved her hand away from him

"Did I tell you to stop?" Luther asked as he pulled Ivery closer to him by her waist
for visiting.

"I thought you disliked it..." Ivery turned her head away to blush

"I didn't" Luther gently moved her chin to face him

Unexpectedly he pressed his soft warm lips against hers. She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him deeper.

He lifted her up off of the floor, not breaking their kiss once. And laid her down on the bed behind them.

The doors opened again.

"Princess, it's time for-" A calm maid entered the room but was suddenly forced down to her knees by a strong force

"I didn't hear a knock, and the Princess did not give you permission to enter" Luther turned around and pierced her with his cold purple eyes

"I'm sorry! It won't happen again, Crown Prince!" She started sweating, her heart was racing

"You're right, it won't" Luther drew a line across his neck with his finger and devilishly smiled

In an instant, the maids head was lopped off of her neck, and thunked on the floor. Blood spurted out of the severed neck of the head.

Did he really have to kill her for not knocking!? Ivery wasn't scared at the sight of it, being engaged to Luther for 4 years made her immune to the stench of blood and immune to seeing a dead body.

His temper and patience seemed to have gotten worse over the years, he doesn't tolerate impudence at all, he kills anyone who doesn't know their place. When he turned 18, he started torturing men by slowly but surely killing them in the most agonizing ways.

And quickly but brutally killing women.

Now Luther is 19 and it seems that every year he gets older, he becomes more savage.

Over the years just after one fully successful evaluation assessment without sabotages and help from Luther, Ivery was promoted to Class A. And Beatrice was promoted to Class B.

Ivery wasn't aiming for Class S, the class reserved for the MVP's only.

She didn't want to be in a class full of homicidal people, Luther was the only one that she could guarantee that wouldn't kill her among the MVP's, it would be shocking to other people that Luther would be the last person of the MVP's to not kill Ivery, since he's the most homicidal of them all....

"Why do I smell blood Ivery?" Loki opened his eyes and stretched his back out, his fluffy white tail wagged

Ivery pointed at the decapitated maid.

"Again!?" Loki exclaimed

"How many more times do I have to wake up to this?" Loki sighed and licked his paw

"It's making me uncomfortable having you in this room after learning that you aren't really a cat" Luther looked at Loki

"I'm making you uncomfortable!?" Loki wasn't hearing correctly

"There's a dead body on the floor!" Loki pointed at the maid's corpse

"So?" Luther didn't care about Loki's point

"I'm not doing this with him today, Ivery you talk to him" Loki curled into a ball and tried his best to go back to sleep with the demonic prince still in the same room

"It's time to go, your party will be starting soon" Luther smiled as he picked Ivery up from the bed

"I have these every year now, it won't hurt to be late for just this once" Ivery smiled and kissed Luther's cheek

"Don't tempt me" Luther tried his best to fight his blush

"Be good" Luther kissed Ivery atop of her head

"That can't be coming from you of all people" Ivery laughed

"I can be good" Luther smiled

"Oh really?" Ivery didn't believe one word that came out of his enchanting mouth

"Really" Luther stepped over the maid's corpse, just as he passed by the corpse the skin and organs melted to the bone, and the bones disintegrated

Ivery looked over Luther's shoulder and saw what happened to the body...

"We'll see" Ivery didn't count on it





Ivery was led down the spiral staircase by Luther, a 20 feet translucent train was attached to Ivery's dress. She felt the train was excessive, but she didn't complain because she didn't want to appear childish to Luther.

Just as they reached the ground floor, Ivery fully saw the beautiful room that was decorated just for her...

Red silk curtains, a long red carpet. Even the chandelier's gems and lights were red. The theme of the party was white and red, and everyone in the room was dressed in those said colors.

Horns were blown.

"Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell has arrived for the royal birthday party!"

"You bow" Luther whispered in Ivery's ear

"Oh!" Ivery lifted the ends of her dress and bowed to everyone present

"I won't be leaving your side today, but you must greet the important people first, the same way as its always been" Luther told Ivery as he guided her through the crowds of people

"Here we go..." Ivery took a deep breath

Ivery spent a straight hour greeting other high royals who came to her party. Some people asked for her to display her magic, Luther declined for her and took her to greet other people and that process repeated.

Ivery sat down on a chair and took a break, she was getting tired of talking to people chatter on and on about meeting the only two infinite attribute holders in the world.

It's like Ivery and Luther were invisible and all they saw was their infinite attributes. Ivery and Luther would be considered irrelevant and equal to all of their useless siblings without their infinite attributes.

"Tired?" Luther held a cold glass of water in front of Ivery

"Very" Ivery gratefully took the glass out of Luther's hand and took a sip

"I thought birthdays were supposed to be enjoyable, all of the birthdays I've ever had were just full of greeting people and dancing with my father, I have no need for all of the presents that I receive either.." Ivery leaned back in her chair

"A princess should always keep her posture" Luther held Ivery's shoulders and straightened her back

"Sorry" Ivery was too tired to think about the presentation of herself

"Now that I think about it, this is the first birthday party of mine that you've been to" Ivery looked up at Luther

"I wanted to attend the other years, but I had to deal with some political troubles in my country that my father and mother needed my help with, we finally solved the problem this year so that is why I'm able to attend today" Luther rubbed Ivery's shoulders

"I see, long as you're here" Ivery smiled

Suddenly all of the lights went out.

"What just happened?" Ivery couldn't see

All ten windows in the room were broken, and ten people jumped through.

The lights turned on, lighting the room dimly. Not as bright as they were before.

The intruders were all dressed in black, wearing masks that only covered their mouths and noses.

Everyone in the room who was present all backed up and started preparing defense magic spells.

Ivery and Luther watched closely at these people. Ivery saw her father still sitting on his throne nonchalantly next to her mother, casually watching the scene unfold.

"Took you guys long enough, what am I paying you for? It' certainly not to be late" A girl walked out of the crowd and spoke to the intruders

"Oh wow...I wasn't expecting that" Ivery looked at the girl

"What type of plot twist is this?" Loki hopped on Ivery's lap

"A shocking one" Ivery rubbed Loki's head

"What a pity" Luther shook his head






"What is the meaning of this?" Julian looked outraged

"I finally found out the killer of my mother, and they're here to take revenge for me" She laughed

"Xia, if you think you won't be executed for this, you surely must be mistaken" Cassandra coldly looked down at Xia

"I'm still an important Castiell! Aren't I?!" Xia shouted out

Julian brought his hand to cover his face.

"It doesn't matter anyway! I told you who your target was, go!" Xia pointed

"You got it boss" One of the intruders charged straight through he crowd

"It's time for you to die, princess" A male intruder stood in front of Ivery with a poisoned knife


" really brought these worthless bugs to assassinate the Crown Princess?" Luther chuckled

"You really thought you could successfully kill her?" Luther's laugh became louder

"She killed my mother!" Xia yelled

"Are you stupid?" Luther looked at her with his murderous eyes

"I killed her, are you satisfied?" Luther manically laughed

"No! You're just covering up for her! I heard that she was covered in blood on the night of my mothers' death" Xia cried

"She was covered in blood because she was injured trying to save your disgusting mother" Luther debunked Xia's accusations

"You!? You killed my mother!?" No! No! Get both of them! Kill both of them now!" Xia screamed

"Come any closer to her....and you'll die" Luther voiced out a warning

The assassins didn't take heed and charged forward.

Just as the blade was about to touch Ivery. The assassin's arm was cut clean off....but by what?

"I warned you, and just for'll all die now" Luther smiled

The assassin yelled in pain. He dropped to his knees in front of Ivery.

A black sword materialized in Luther's hand. He walked around the chair Ivery was sitting in and thrust his sword in the assassin's neck. Blood oozed out of the gaping hole in his neck just as Luther pulled his sword out.

The assassin fell face first in a pool of his own blood.

"I would take my time killing the rest of you, but it is my fianc's birthday today, and for her sake, I'll make it quick and painful" Luther spread his arms open and his sword multiplied into 8 and shot forward

Each of the swords stabbed the assassins in the chest, stomach, head, neck, and back. The swords twisted around and made an average bowl-sized opening in each of their bodies.

All of them screamed in agony before they dropped dead.

"Now for the last one...the culprit" Luther walked over to Xia

Xia gathered a cloud of poison in her palms when she saw Luther approaching her.

" this how you'd treat your ex-fiance" Luther faked a frown

"You won't be needing those things anymore" Luther pointed at Xia

"What?" Xia didn't understand

"Ah! Ahh!" Xia looked at her hands and they were chopped clean off, she watched in pain as blood spilled from her severed hands

"Father! Help!" Xia turned around and saw her father's cold glare

"Emperor...before I deal with this wench, care to tell her the truth?" Luther smiled widely

"Of course" Julian stood up from his throne

He walked down the staircase and stood in front of the crying Xia. Feeling zero sympathy and no pity.

"You're not a Castiell " Julian bluntly said

"Your mother was pregnant with you before we got together and tried to deceive me by telling me that she was pregnant with my child just so she could get into the castle" Julian told Xia

"You're lying!" Xia shouted

"Prince Luther, rip her tongue out" Julian ordered

"No problem" Luther pulled Xia's hair and her head was also pulled back

"No! Stop! Please! No!" Xia pleaded with tears flowing out of her eyes

"Cry all you want, you reap what you sow" Luther pried Xia's mouth open and got ahold of her tongue and ripped it out

"That's impressive to be able to do that with your bare hands" Julian praised Luther

"I'm experienced at this" Luther smiled and threw Xia's tongue on the floor

Blood poured out of her mouth as she screamed in torturous pain.

"My face will be the last face you'll ever see...the face of your mothers killer" Luther grabbed Xia's face and plunged his thumbs into her eyes, her eyeballs burst at the powerful force that Luther pushed them in with

Everyone around watched as Xia got what she earned. All of the people present weren't scared at all. They watched and sipped their drinks as they watched. This was a normal thing to witness in this country. The girl wasn't even a princess...shameful. A bastard child..everyone thought to themselves.

Xia screamed and cried. Begging for help from her father, crying for her mother.

"Take her to a cell in the prison, in the next few days, I'll decide what to do with her, she deserves far worse than death" Julian shouted out to the guards

"Before that happens, allow me to do something first" Luther's sword changed shape and took the form of a scythe

He swung the scythe down and it stabbed into Xia's back.

He forcefully pulled the scythe out and Xia collapsed on the ground.

Her wound instantly sealed back up.

Her blood was boiling under her skin and black goo leaked out of her empty eye sockets.

"Now if you die at anytime or anywhere at all, your soul will be trapped in darkness for all of eternity," Luther said in Xia's ear

The guards dragged Xia by her arms and took to the prison. Everyone clapped and was relieved that the threat was eliminated and dealt with.

The lights flickered and the brightness was back on and illuminated the whole room.

The party resumed and the dead bodies of the assassins were cleaned up.

Luther walked over to Ivery who sat quietly in her seat throughout the whole ordeal.


"I guess I wasn't able to be 'good' today" He smiled