The Unwanted Princess Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2: Revenge

Loki felt tired and closed his eyes, Ivery sat up and realized she slept through the entire day, she looked out of her windows and saw that night had fallen. She saw that Loki had fallen asleep at the end of her bed. She sighed and pondered about how she could change Inanna's fate, she has eight years to figure out how she's going to do it. It's no use trying to figure it out in one night.

Ivery felt hungry, but she knew that even if she asked the maids for food they wouldn't give it to her. Ivory tapped Loki and he slowly opened his eyes and he was feeling irritable as his precious sleep was being disturbed. Loki stretched and narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ivory.

"What do you want?" Loki licked the back of his paw

"I'm hungry" Ivery whined

"That's all? You really woke me up for that?" Loki hissed

"I don't know how good it'll be, that'll depend on you, picture the type of food you want and focus hard on it the same way you teleport" Loki said

"Okay.." Ivery thought about a plate of delicious juicy, fried, crispy chicken, she could already taste it

A hot plate materialised in her hands and ten pieces of fried chicken were on that same plate, Ivery's eyes widened and her mouth watered as she looked at the chicken on the plate. Loki looked at Ivery and sighed.

"Are you going to eat it or are you going to keep staring at it?" Loki laid down on the bed

"Oh right" Ivery wasted no time biting into the chicken she had created

Ivery fell in love with herself as the chicken tasted as if it was sent from the heavens kitchen and it landed straight into her hands. It was just as delicious, juicy and crispy as she imagined, what an amazing power.

Just as Ivery had finished eating she smiled and stretched out her hand and it glowed with a golden light, a translucent golden trash can appeared and floated in mid air. She tossed her plate in the floating trash can and as she waved her hand past the trash can, it disappeared into thin air, as if it was never there.

"I see you're getting used to your powers" Loki yawned

"You seem to know a lot about my powers, care to tell me about how much I can do with them and what it is?" Ivery was unconditionally curious, she obviously wanted to become stronger, but how could she possibly do that and she barely knows what her powers are

"You possess the infinite attribute, Golden Infinity, gifted to you by the Goddess of magic, Hecate" Loki explained

"Golden Infinity?" Ivery scratched her head

"Yes, don't get a big head because of this but your powers connect to the infinite spaces and times of other worlds and this one included" Loki looked at Ivery

"Meaning?" Ivery was still confused even though what Loki said sounded pretty cool

"Meaning, you are able to create anything you think of and go anywhere you think of, your mind is like a piece of infinite paper and you hold an infinite pen, you can write anything and it will happen" Loki explained

"I sound kind of overpowered" Ivery loved herself even more

"I'll tell you another cool power you have, you'll love this one, and I want to see you use it on those raggedy anne maids" Loki grinned

"What do you mean?" Ivery asked

"You have more than the power of creation, the Goddess Hecate was very generous when creating your abilities" Loki said

"Other than teleportation, creation, speed acceleration, flying, and reversion, you have the power of the divine commandment" Loki explained to Ivery

"Divine commandment?" Ivery liked the sound of this power

"As long as you order it out loud, anyone that hears your command can refuse you, this is a tad risky but go find a maid to use it on, regardless of your position, they are still your servants" Loki evilly grinned

"Let's do this!" Ivery was excited to test out this new power

Ivery opened her door and peaked out into the hallway. She slipped out of her room and went down stairs, Ivery walked aimlessly around the place and saw the head maid walking down the hall, Ivery mischievously smiled and ran up to the head maid.

"Miss, I'm hungry" Ivery pouted

"Why are you out of your room? Who allowed you to leave?! You escaped from me last time, but right now I will discipline you, bastard child!" The head maid raised her hand and intended on slapping Ivery

"Kneel" Ivery's voice rang out

The head maid suddenly felt her knees give out and she fell to her knees and looked up at Ivory, she looked in terror as she saw Ivery's red eyes glow with a golden light. Ivery smiled and grabbed the head maid's hair and pulled her into a room, this was revenge for Inanna.

"How dare you, you impudent child! You'll be whipped for this!" The head maid shouted

Ivery threw the head maid on the floor and closed the door behind her, as the head maid hit the floor, the pieces of wood that stuck out from the floor stabbed into her arm. The head maid flinched in pain as she felt the wood pieces pierce into her arm.

"Stand up and slap yourself" Ivery ordered and her golden red eyes flashed

The head maid couldn't control her hand and forcefully slapped her face against her own will. She stared at Ivory with terror in her eyes, she thought all of the kids who were sent to Hollow's Castle had no magic and were useless children who were to be executed when they turned 18 years. Why is this girl able to control her body?!

"This is amusing" Loki laughed as he appeared beside Ivery floating in mid air

"The cat.. is talking" The head maid was stunned as she saw the floating cat talking in human tongue

"Why does this surprise everyone?" Loki sighed

"Cat's don't normally talk Loki, I guess in this world it's the same" Ivery said

"Now, miss....stay here all night and slap yourself and don't make a single sound" Ivery commanded as her red eyes flashed with a brighter gold

Ivery closed the door and saw that three other maids came down the stairs, alarmed by the sounds downstairs. Ivery and the three maids looked at each other and the maids looked at her with disgust, the same way the Empress looked at Inanna.

"Why are you downstairs and not in your room? You bastard child" One of the maids said

"I had to give the old hag a lesson, it seems it your turns next, you bastard maids" Ivery smiled as her golden red eyes looked at the three of them

"It seems we haven't disciplined you kids enough, that'll change today" Another maid said as she walked over to Ivery

"Sleep" The maid that walked over to Ivery instantly passed out and collapsed on the floor

The other two maids were shocked and their faces contorted with anger. They rushed over to grab Ivery and as they both grabbed Ivery's arms, Loki appeared in front of them.

"Ivery, you should make them fight" Loki laughed

"Good idea" Ivery smiled

"Fight" Ivery commanded and her eyes flashed once again

The two maids who held onto Ivery let go of her arms and their bodies moved against their own will, one maid threw a punch to the other and the other maid tackled the maid that punched her. They slapped and punched each other but neither of them wanted to fight and didn't understand why they were fighting or how they were being forced to fight each other.

Ivery ran back up the stairs and into her room, she closed her door and smiled at the thought that she partially got some revenge for Inanna's mistreatment. Ivery laid down on her bed and closed her eyes.

"Tomorrow will be fun" Loki laid down at the foot of the bed and closed his eyes

"We'll see.." Ivery mumbled as she fell into a deep slumber





Ivery woke up and heard the sounds of laughing downstairs. Ivery got up from her bed and opened her door, the sounds of laughter grew louder, she walked down the stairs and saw that the two maids were still fighting, their faces bruised and bloodied, their clothes covered with the blood of each others and their own. They both kept apologizing to each other as they continuously threw punches. She saw her older and younger siblings laughing at the two maids as they fought with each other, no one tried to stop it because of the torment and disrespect the maids give the children in Hollow's Castle. She walked past the two maids and saw her younger siblings laughing and pointing in the room she put the head maid in.

Ivery walked over and looked at the head maid who was still slapping herself with great force, her face red and swollen from slapping herself all night, her eyes looked tired because no matter how hard she tried to sleep she couldn't.

"Please, stop me" The head maid begged Ivery as tears ran down her face

"Stop and go make everyone a good breakfast" Ivery commanded

The head maid's hand stopped hitting her face and her legs gave out and her knees painfully ached from standing all night. The head maid stood up, even though all she wanted to do was sit down and she walked to the kitchen not out of her own will and started to prepare breakfast for the hungry children. Ivery silently walked away as she looked at the two maids still fighting each other, as she was walking she almost tripped on the maid sleeping on the floor. She smiled and let the maid continue her little nap on the floor, she'll tell her to wake up later..

Ivery wanted fresh air, she opened the front doors and the scent of fresh air filled her lungs. Ivery walked around in the dirt outside she then heard the sound of horns sounding out.

"What is that?" Loki looked in the direction the horns were sounding out from

"Let's go see" Ivery picked up Loki and ran to the sound of horns

"Ivery be careful, I think that sound is coming from the Lilith Castle" Loki warned her

"What can they do to me now?" Ivery jumped up and her body lifted up in the air and she hovered over the silver fence

As Ivery flew up she saw a black carriage that had gold lining and golden decorations all over it. The horse even had gold on it, the saddle, the horse shoes, and it's reins. Then a boy stepped out of the carriage, Ivery blushed as she looked at him in disbelief, his chiseled jawline perfectly accentuated the godly proportions of his face, his clear porcelain skin with no trace of any blemishes, his face was something even the most beautifulest gods couldn't compare to, his long black silky hair flowed behind him as he walked towards the entrance of the Lilith Castle. His dark purple eyes seeming like they're casting a spell, his posture straight and his footsteps graceful and elegant, seeming like even the world would stop rotating just to stare at his unparalleled beauty.

"Who is that...?" Ivery started drooling

"The Crown Prince, Luther Vandell from Freesia Kingdom has arrived!" Everyone around him shouted out

"Don't fall for him yet Ivery, that guy is the ruthless Crown Prince of Fresia! Ivery make sure to stay away from that boy, he's the definition of dangerous" Loki said to Ivery

"What's wrong with him, he's the definition of perfect?" Ivery asked, still mesmerized by his attractive face

"All of the people around him are terrified of him, they're all thinking about unspeakable things, from what I'm hearing, he killed ten maids yesterday because they didn't satisfy him" Loki's started paws to sweat

"What a scary did he kill them?" Ivery asked

"He decapitated three of maids with his bare hands, and he used his one of his abilities of Dark Chaos and used the power of decay on three maids, the last four maids looked as if they had all of the blood drained out of them, he obviously used the power of life absorption " Loki slowly explained

"Hold on, explain how exactly do those terrifying powers of his work?" Ivery asked Loki

"Well for starters since he has the power of Dark Chaos, he has unmatchable and brute strength, from what I'm gathering, people that thought they could physically fight him...they all died" Loki laughed at the thought

"He also holds the ability of decay, anything and anyone he touches will rot under his hands" Loki rubbed his paws together

"Does that mean he can't touch anyone or anything?" Ivery asked Loki

"Of course not dumb girl, it's an intentional power, if he doesn't intend to use it on anyone or anything then the power is harmless, and if he does intend to use it on you then you're pretty much done for, because with the slightest will cause your body to rot, you'd be stuck in agonizing pain as your body slowly decays, you might as well dig your own grave in the next hour if you provoke him" Loki tried to sound scary and threatening

"Regardless of whether the power is intentional or not, I still wouldn't want him to touch me.." Loki didn't want to go anywhere near that deadly prince

"I'd let him touch me...just imagine Prince Luther kissing my hand like a fairytale prince and then he'd ask for my hand in marriage and then he'd put the glass slipper on and take me to the ball, but then when I touch the poisonous spindle I'd fall into a deep slumber and then he'd wake me up with the kiss of true love and then we'd get married with the seven dwarfs as the ring bearers and flower boys" Ivery blushed

"Stupid...aren't you mixing your fairytales?" Loki slapped her head with his paw


"As for the third absorption, it's basically exactly how it sounds, he's able to suck the life out of any living creature, its something like a grape turning into a raisin if left to dry under a hot sun."

"Is he like a vampire?" Ivery looked at Luther down on the ground

"No he's not, he doesn't have fangs or anything" Loki rubbed his temple with his paw

"But he has countless abilities you don't want to even think about, but keep in mind they're all dangerous powers that a 15 year old kid shouldn't be able to wield" Loki wondered what the hell Hades was thinking when he gave this kid the destructive infinite power of Dark Chaos to this Crown Prince

"But Ivery, I'm sensing that he's fully mastered all of his abilities" Loki narrowed his eyes and looked at Luther

"He's also a Infinite attribute holder like you" Loki sensed Luther's magical prowess

"He is..?" Ivery looked at Luther

"He holds the power of Dark Chaos, gifted to him by the God of death, Hades" Loki pointed his paw towards Luther

"His powers are more deadlier than yours" Loki felt a strong and deadly aura coming from Luther

"Since he's fully mastered his Infinite ability, he's able to use his powers without any signs or warning, currently he's someone you can't afford to meet right now, you're still in training of the infinite arts" Loki didn't even want to meet someone like him

Shivers ran up Ivery's spine, and vowed to herself that she'd never think about getting close to that boy, but it wouldn't hurt to admire him from afar... she tossed the idea of marriage out of her head, she wouldn't survive an hour as his wife! As Ivery was looking down she saw a pretty girl run down from the stairs, her long, fair and brown flowing behind her, her eyes as green as emeralds.

She latched herself onto Crown prince Luther and kissed him on the lips. Loki and Ivery's eyes widened and their mouths opened in shock as they saw this girl suddenly kiss that ruthless Crown prince. They wouldn't be surprised if he killed her right then and there.

Ivery and Loki were about throw up blood at the sight. Wasn't he engaged to Princess Xia?!

"Can we go back now, I might faint if I see anymore" Loki had enough shock today

"This is too interesting, I want to know who that girl is" Ivery stroked her chin

"Seriously!?" Loki exclaimed

"Princess Xia, give the Crown Prince of Fresia some space" Cassandra coldly said from the top of the stairs

"Forgive my rudeness, your excellency" Princess Xia sucked her teeth and bowed politely to the Empress

"She's Princess Xia!?" Ivery shouted

"She looks absolutely nothing like the Emperor and Empress" Ivery scratched her head

"She's not Empress Cassandra's daughter, she's the daughter of one of the Emperor's concubines, she probably took after her mother" Loki looked at Princess Xia

"Oh" Ivery wasn't that surprised

Ivery and Loki decided they wanted to leave, Ivery wanted to explore this world a bit and couldn't do that with those pesky maids at Hollow's Castle. Just as they were about to leave Ivery noticed that the Crown Prince was looking up at Ivery and Loki who were flying above them. Ivery and Loki's blood froze and their hearts stopped beating as Luther Vandell was looking right at them.

Luther jumped up and flew up to Ivery and Loki. Did he know they were watching from above the whole time?! Luther looked at Ivery and Loki, he looked at Ivery again and saw her dirty white dress, and browned dirty shoes that were obviously once white.

"Who are you?" His cold purple eyes narrowed as he asked her of her identity, his cold gaze sending chills up and down Ivery's spine

Even though Ivery was scared beyond her mind, his voice was so sexy...seeming like a perfect lure into his obviously deadly trap. His godly handsome face right in front of her, slowly melting away her awareness...

"I'm Inanna" Ivery tried to fake a smile

"What house are you from?" Luther asked

"You'd be better off not knowing that" Ivery didn't want to tell him she was one of the many castaway princesses with no magical prowess

"I'm asking you because I want to know, now answer me" Luther said

"I'm from the Hollow's Castle" Ivery tried to keep up her fake smile

"You idiot! Why did you tell him that!?" Loki shouted in her ear

"He asked.." Ivery covered her ear

"I should kill you for saying that" Luther coldly laughed

The color drained from Ivery's face as she slowly backed away from Luther. Wait, why is she afraid? She can fight back, she's not powerless. Ivery's eyes that were once mixed with adoration and fear, shone with defensive rage. If he was planning on killing her, she's not going out without a fight. Her red eyes shone with a golden shade and her hands flickered with a golden pink glow.

"But I won't" Luther casually said

"You won't?!" Ivery and Loki were dumbfounded



"Give me your hand" Luther requested

"Why?" Ivery was skeptical

"Just give me your hand" Luther sighed

Ivery slowly extended her hand to him and he flipped her hand over and put two fingers on her wrist as if he was checking for a pulse. His eyes showed a bit of shock as he checked her magical prowess.

"...." Luther looked at Ivery with utter disbelief

"Ivery let's go.." Loki tapped Ivery's shoulder with his paw

"Alright" Ivery turned around and flew away from Luther



A black mist appeared next to Luther and formed in the shape of a cat as black as night, it's big eyes mixed with green and violet.

"Luther, that girl is also an infinite attribute holder" The black cat said to Luther

"I know" Luther flew down to the ground and landed on his two feet

"She has powerful magical prowess, why is she in the Hollow's Castle?" The black cat asked Luther

"I don't know, but I'll find out" Luther walked up the stairs towards the entrance of the Lilith Castle

"Luther, who was that girl?!" Princess Xia shouted out and ran up to Luther

"Nobody of your concern" Luther heard the annoying voice of Princess Xia

Luther didn't understand why they arranged an engagement with him and this useless girl. Her magical prowess was below average, all she can do is control and manipulate poison. That girl, Inanna, if she was an official princess...she'd be better suited to be his fiance.

"Little girl, stay away from Luther" The black cat looked at Princess Xia

"Why?! Luther, your cat is so rude!" Princess Xia gritted her teeth

"You dare to disrespect me cat! I'm the respected Princess of the Lilith Kingdom!" Princess Xia swatted the black cat out of her way and sent it tumbling into a nearby bush

Luther turned around and slapped Princess Xia, his eyes as cold as a winter blizzard.

"Lu..Luther.." Princess Xia's eyes teared as she touched her red cheek

"Don't touch Erebus" Luther took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his hand

"I am to be your wife and you'd hit me over some wild cat?!" Princess Xia cried

"This is an arranged marriage that I did not agree to yet, and if we are to be wed, don't expect me to love someone like you, overstep your boundaries and I won't hesitate to kill you" Luther's eyes shone with thick murderous intent

"You're the type of women I hate the most, as expected of a child of a mere concubine" Luther turned around and proceeded to walk up the stairs

"Luther..." Princess Xia took a few steps back

The black cat popped it's head out of the bush and snickered. The black cat flew over to Princess Xia.

"He's not one to joke, what do you think happened to all of his previous fiances?" Erebus whispered in her ear

"Are you saying he killed them?" Princess Xia stood there in shock

"Of course he did, they did as they pleased and tried to get close to Luther, he didn't think twice about killing them" Erebus grinned

"The only reason you're still alive is because your father is the Emperor of this country and if you died by Luther's hands, it will most likely cause a war between both of our countries. Two powerful countries going into war will ultimately result in millions of casualties, so Luther's father, the Emperor of Fresia told Luther not to kill you but if you annoy Luther enough, he won't be able to control himself from tearing your pretty little head off from your neck" Erebus slowly turned into black murky mist and disappeared into the air

Princess Xia didn't dare to follow Luther after the black cat spoke to her. She stayed far behind as she was paralyzed with fear.




"Ivery, let's go there" Loki pointed to a forest

"What for?" Ivery looked at the tall green trees

"We can practice your offensive magic and defensive magic there" Loki smiled

"What are we waiting for? Let's go" Ivery wasted no time flying down into the forest

"She's so simple minded..." Loki sighed



Ivery landed her feet on the fresh wet grass and looked around at her surroundings, the sound of distant birds chirping, the sun casting a brilliant light on the grass, giving it a warm bright glow. The leaves on the tree's slightly shifted as a light breeze wafted past them. Ivery fell in love with the scenery, she took a deep breath, clearing her lungs and letting in the fresh air. She felt as if she was connecting to the forest as she stood within it.

Loki flew into the forest and spotted Ivery who took off her dirty shoes and tossed them away. Loki landed by Ivery's feet and looked up at Ivery, she was looking around the forest with pure amazement.

"Ivery, I know the forest is nice and all but how about we get started" Loki tapped her leg

"Oh right.." Ivery snapped out of her enchantment

"So what do I do?" Ivery asked fully prepared to learn more about her magic

"Another capability you possess is, golden fire" Loki explained

"Sounds cool, so how do I use it?" Ivery's hands glowed

"Lift your hand up and look at that tree and think about a something hot" Loki pointed at a free in front of them

Ivery lifted her hand and thought about a boiling pot that was overheating and the bottom of the pot started to turn red, the fire underneath it raging. Suddenly the bottom of the tree caught on fire with a golden flame, the fire was extremely fast and traveled up the tree and ferociously as it soon swallowed up the whole tree, the tree turned into ash as the flames died down, the burning leaves falling on the grass and burning into ash floating into the air.

"Wow...." Ivery looked at her hand

"Very nice" Loki commended her

Ivery looked at two other trees and lifted both of her hands up and the two tree's instantly burned with a golden pink flame consuming them. Ivery put her hands down and the fire immediently faded away, both of the tree's still intact and appeared unharmed as if the fire never happened.

"Interesting, what else can I do?" Ivery looked at Loki with excitement in her eyes

"Another offensive power you have would be, telekinesis" Loki wanted to see Ivery use this power on those dumb maids

"Aren't I a little too overpowered?" Ivery crossed her arms

"Don't complain to me, wait...why the hell are you complaining about being overpowered?!" Loki couldn't believe this girl

"Fair enough, so how do I use this 'telekinesis'?" Ivery asked

"Well, as I said this is an offensive power, meaning you can only use it on the living" Loki said

"You mean I'm only able to use it on people?" Ivery asked

"Living things in general, try pulling that tree up from its roots and throwing it" Loki pointed at another tree

"Why do I have to keep abusing these poor tree's?" Ivery looked at Loki, does he have some vendetta against tree's?

"If people from your world can cut down and make decorations,pencils, paper and furniture out of tree's, I'm pretty sure this is nothing" Loki shrugged

Loki pointed at the tree, "Now, just think about something that can fly and focus on the tree"

"Whatever you say boss" Ivery lifted her right hand up and her mind pictured an airplane ascending for flight

Her hand glowed furiously with a golden light, the tree shook and the sound of it being teared off from its roots could be heard, crack, crunch. The tree lifted up in the air and Ivery pushed her hand forward and sent the tree flying, the tree slammed into another tree behind it, the powerful force causing it to snap in half, and a deep crack formed into the tree that took the hit.

"Good" Loki licked the back of his paw

"If you feel that bad for the tree then why don't you heal it" Loki looked up at Ivery

"Heal it?" Ivery looked down at Loki

"It's another power you have, 'healing hands'" Loki walked in front of Ivery

"Healing hands?...By any chance can it heal anything?" Ivery wondered if she could heal wounds and illnesses

"I know you're thinking if you can heal wounds and illnesses, and you're right, you can" Loki casually told her

"Seriously?!" Ivery was amazed

"Enough chatter, heal the tree" Loki pointed at the broken in half tree

"Tsk" Ivery walked over to the broken tree

"You're going to have to figure it out yourself how to activate the power" Loki laid down on the grass

She kneeled down and looked at it, she had no clue how to heal it, she figured maybe it worked the same way all of her other powers did, she held her hands over the broken tree and thought of a crack sealing itself. Her hands glowed with a golden green light and the two parts of the tree pulled itself together and the crack faded away, the tree looked as if it was never broken in two. Ivery smiled and praised herself.

"The future is bright for me" With these powers, who would dare go against her now?

"Alright, last power of the day" Loki flew up and landed on Ivery's head

"Alright what else can I do?" Ivery was more than ready

"This is a defensive power, it can be used in two ways" Loki started off

"Okay.." Ivery waited for him to explain more

"The first way it can be used is a physical barricade" Loki said

"I'm going to launch an attack at you and I want you to block it with a shield" Loki jumped off of Ivery's head and walked a few feet away from her

"How do I set it up?" Ivery impatiently asked

"Think about a wall in front of you" Loki's eyes glowed with a golden pink light and a giant golden blast, the size of an average car, shot out of his eyes and headed straight towards Ivery

Ivery quickly thought of a tall and wide wall. She held out her hands and instantly a 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide translucent golden pink shield appeared in front of her. The golden blast hit the shield and sparks were created as the friction between the two opposing sides were holding out strongly. The golden blast slowly faded away and Ivery let down her shield as the looming threat was gone.

"Impressive, now the second way it can be used is you make the shield apart of your body" Loki walked over to Ivery

"And how do I do that?" Ivery asked

"Think about the shield covering your leg instead of putting it in front of you" Loki held up his paw and his sharp nails came up

"I'm going to scratch you and I want you to set up your shield on your leg before my nails hit your skin" Loki said

"Got it" Ivery thought of the same shield she set up earlier and thought about it sealing itself on her leg

Loki swung his paw down and just as his nails were about to scratch her skin, a golden pink shield wrapped around her leg that Loki intended to scratch. His nails scratched the shield and his nails that hit the shield broke off.

"Loki, your nails!" Ivery kneeled down and held his paw in her hand

"Calm down Ivery, I'm fine" Loki pulled his paw away and held his paw out in front of her face

"What..." In front of her eyes his broken nails instantly grew back

"I don't sustain injuries for long" Loki licked the back of his paw

"I see.." Ivery breathed a sigh of relief

"That's enough training for today, shall we head back?" Loki jumped up and floated in the air

"Alright, let's go" Ivery thought about the front doors of the Hollow's Castle and her body covered with a golden pink glow and before her body disappeared she quickly grabbed Loki and without a trace left the forest

There she stood in front of the Hollow's Castle, she opened the doors and saw that the two maids that she left to fight each other were being held back by two other confused maids. Ivery walked past all of the gathered children and stood in between the four maids.

"Stop fighting" Just as those words left Ivery's mouth the two aggressive maids stopped struggling and stopped trying to break themselves out of the holds of the other two maids

After continuously fighting for hours the two bruised and bloody maids fell on the floor after being released and tried their best to breathe. The other two maids grabbed the two injured maids and took them to the maids quarters.

"Why'd you make them stop?" Loki whined

"It was getting too noisy" Ivery walked towards the stairs

Ivery opened the door to her room and saw that it wasn't the way she had left it earlier. It reverted back to looking dirty and drab, the smell of mold made her wrinkle her nose. She stepped into the room and the sounds of the floorboards creaking under her feet made her feel if she were to put too much pressure on the floor, she'd break a hole in it.

"Ivery, why do we have to keep hiding your magic here? Let's just keep the room clean, the maids can't do anything to you anymore, let's show them that you don't belong here" Loki floated up to Ivery's face

"I don't want the attention" Ivery thought about it

"Ivery, you were sent here so you could change Princess Inanna's fate, it makes more sense to draw attention to yourself than to keep living in the dark like this" Loki looked at Ivery

"So you're saying I should show off my magic to these people?" Ivery looked at Loki

"That's exactly what I'm saying, are you willing?" Loki smiled at her

"..." Ivery thought about what Loki said and came to a conclusion

"I'm willing" Ivery mischievously smiled back at Loki

"It seems we're going to get along just fine" Loki evilly smiled





"Luther, are you still thinking about that girl?" Erebus asked as he was curled on the bed

"No" Luther held the decapitated head that belonged to a noble women in his bloodied hands

"Whatever, but did you really have to kill that woman?" Erebus smiled

"She was annoying" The head in Luther's hands was suddenly consumed by black fire in an instant

As the flames died down, the head in Luther's hand was reduced to ash, he looked at the headless body on the floor, his agitation grew when the blood gushing from her neck spilled onto his rug. Without the use of his hands the headless body caught on fire, the same black flames raged wild as it covered the corpse. Luther's expression as cold as ice, without the slightest hint of regret he watched her corpse burn.

"You're an interesting boy Luther" Erebus laughed

The doors to Luther's room opened and a pretty, young girl with long hair as black as night, unblemished and fair skin that made other girls envy her entire existence and her violet eyes looking at the scene before her eyes. Her rosy cheeks turned pale as she saw the burning corpse that was covered in black flames on the floor.

"Luther..what did you do?!" The girl screamed

"Anastasia, you're noisy" Luther casted a cold glance over at his sister

"Did you kill....Lady Isabella..?" Anastasia backed up in fear

The black flames died and the body that was once Lady Isabella was reduced to ashes. Anastasia looked at her brother who's hands that were covered in blood and his purple eyes filled with suffocating murder. Anastasia found it hard to breathe as his murderous intent grew stronger.

"Was that her name?" The corners of Luther's mouth curled up into a sinister smile

"Why..did you kill her?" Anastasia asked, she was scared of Luther, no matter how handsome and perfect people say her brother is, they don't know his true face, he's incredibly evil, the devils incarnate!

"She tried to lecture me about killing people, she said that I have to keep a good reputation as the Crown prince, she kept bitching about reputation and behavior and self control, I just felt the strong urge to shut her up, so I decided to rip her head off as painfully as I possibly could" Luther laughed

"So, my dear sister...go ahead and tell mother and father that our guest suddenly left and won't be returning anytime soon.." Luther looked at Anastasia and suddenly her body flew backwards out of the door and hit the wall behind her

She looked at Luther with utmost terror and tears ran down her face, just as she was about to say something back to Luther, his entire room was soon covered in a black mist and Luther and his black cat disappeared in the mist, his doors forcefully shut closed. Anastasia ran down the hall, she ran as if her life depended on it, she didn't dare to tell her parents what Luther did, if she did tell on her wicked brother, he'd punish her to the point of her wishing for a swift death.

"Erebus..." Luther's voice sounded out within the black mist

"What?" Erebus answered

"Let's make a trip to the Hollow's Castle...I'm bored" Luther devilishly smiled

"I knew you were thinking about that girl" Erebus snickered

"Shut up.." Luther pulled Erebus's tail and disappeared within the black mist