The Unwanted Princess Chapter 20

22 Chapter 20: Her 17th Birthday 2

[ More Blood ] [ More Violence] [ You have been warned ]

Luther extended his hand out to Ivery and she unhesitantly took the hand offered out to her.

"Care for a dance?" Luther pulled her up from her chair

"I'd love to" Ivery smiled as Luther led her to the middle of the floor

Everyone standing in the middle of the floor moved back when they saw Luther and Ivery walking to the center of the room.

Ivery detached her train and it burst into a million golden particles and spread throughout the whole room, the golden particles made of magic fallings everywhere. Everyone looked up in amazement.

Ivery and Luther took each other's hands and the music sounded out louder in the room.

Luther twirled Ivery around and their dance suddenly intensified.

What everyone else didn't know was that Luther was actually Ivery's dance instructor, he and her practiced years worth of dancing.

Luther effortlessly picked Ivery up with one hand and tossed her up high in the air. Ivery twirled high up, so high she was up close to the ceiling.

Ivery's eyes stretched when she saw something....

An iron dagger was thrown at Ivery, she quickly acted and caught the weapon in her hand.

Another dagger was thrown at her and she caught it with her other hand before it could hit her, she saw everything as if it was in slow motion, just as she was falling down, she threw the daggers back at the attackers who were hiding in the ceiling beam supports.

One of the daggers she threw lodged themselves in the shoulder of one of the attackers and the other dagger lodged itself in the second attacker's arm.

They both fell down from the ceiling beams.

Luther also saw what had happened as if it were in slow motion...

Luther caught Ivery who fell down from his high toss.

Everyone gasped when they saw two more of the same attackers that Xia hired...they were hiding the whole time...waiting for the right moment to assassinate Ivery.

The two assassins fell to the floor, surviving the fall as they landed on the floor with a roll to cancel any severe injuries they would sustain from falling.

"So there's more of seems that Xia knew that her plan would fail when she faced Ivery and I head she had a plan B, such a plan could be considered smart but not when you're underestimating the person you're assassinating" Luther held Ivery in his arms

"We were already paid, so just because our benefactor is gone doesn't mean our job is done, we're paid to kill and that's that" One of the assassins smiled and ripped his dagger out of his shoulder and the second one pulled the dagger out of his arm

"You think you two can kill her? I'm sure you witnessed what happened to the other 8 I killed" Luther smiled back

"We're different from those small fries, we're the best assassin's alive" The assassin disturbingly laughed

"Best assassin's alive? Alright, I'll go along with you and say you're the best assassin's...but you won't be the best assassin's 'alive' if you step any closer" Luther warned him

"Get in our way, you'll die too pretty boy" The assassin took dual swords out of the sheaths he wore on his back, the other assassin pulled out dual guns from the holsters on his thighs.

"Very well, if you wish to kill me...try your best" Ivery said and got out of Luther's hold

Ivery stepped forward...and her Excalibur materialized by golden particles in her hand. She pointed her sword at them and readied herself.

"A little princess like you is only good for pretty dresses and high heels, swords aren't made for women, as if you would know how to use it" One of the assassins's laughed

"Why don't you come and find out whether or not I'm only good for dresses and heels" Ivery kicked off her heels and tore her dress at the front so her movements weren't slowed and limited

"Inanna! You do not need to fight! Let mother do it!" Cassandra got up from her seat

"I'm fine mother! They're here for me...what good am I if I'm always protected by everyone else? What is my infinite attribute good for if I never use it for any else other than practicing...why do I practice to use my powers if I never will use them in a battle to protect myself and others?!" Ivery shouted

"Our daughter is right...we have let her fight her own battles sometimes...she is a strong her mother" Julian smiled

Cassandra smiled back and anxiously sat down in her seat...she swore to herself...if anything looks like it's taking a turn for Inanna and she's about to lose her fight..she won't hesitate to kill those assassins. She was sure the same was for Luther and Julian.

Luther did not want Ivery to fight...she didn't need to fight..but he did not hesitate to teach her how to use a sword and how to fight with agility and precision. But while teaching her...he made Ivery promise him something...

The assassin's charged at Ivery and she braced herself and took a deep breath.

Ivery swung her sword with speed and accuracy, 30 golden saucers shot of the sword and cut through the air, Ivery limited their movements and derailed the straight path to her. The assassin's dodged the attacks in time and only suffered several cuts.

The assassin who wielded his dual blades reached Ivery and clashed with her sword. Her sword sliced through both of his blades like butter. The swords upper half were cut clean off.

The second assassin rushed up and held his gun up and aimed to shoot her in the head.

Ivery predicted that and quickly ducked, she slid underneath and in between the legs of the dual blade assassin, the bullet unexpectedly shot through the dual blade assassin's back.

The dual blade assassin fell on his knees and clutched at his chest, Ivery's eyes glowed brightly with a golden light and she saw that the bullet shot through his left lung.

The dual blade assassin dropped his broken swords and coughed up blood.

Ivery looked at the gun assassin as he was in shock that he had shot his partner, Ivery set a trap for both of them, she knew that the gun assassin would aim for her while she was clashing with the dual-blade assassin, he would shoot from a certain distance since he was a long-range fighter...

So she calculated that and dove underneath the dual blade assassin and in that same second, he would notice that she dodged and he'd lower his position of the gun to aim for her who had already ducked but his finger ultimately pulled the trigger. It all happened so fast, the gun assassin wouldn't even realize what he did until his partner had fallen injured on the ground, nearing death's door.

"Using your opponent as a weapon to indirectly get rid of the girl" Luther didn't know Ivery could be so deviously calculating

"But since you're going to die anyway, Ivery shouldn't mind if I finished the job" Luther walked to the gasping assassin

Luther crouched down and took the assassin's head in his hands. Luther effortlessly crushed his head nearly flat in his hands.


The gun assassin looked at Ivery and pointed both of his guns at her, he pulled the trigger several times and shot at her.

Ivery saw the bullet's in slow motion. She quickly cut them all in half with her sword, in other's eyes she cut the bullet's in a flash speed, in a blink the bullet's clinked on the floor in halves.

"Just die!" The assassin shot again and again

Ivery closed her eyes and a pink translucent spherical shield instantly materialized around her. The bullet's exploded upon touching the shield.
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"Damn it!" The assassin reloaded and clocked his gun

Ivery dropped her sword, and just as the sword touched the floor it dissipated into thousands of golden particles.

Ivery waved her hand and the pink shield around her slowly faded away.

"You disarmed yourself?! How stupid can you princesses be!?" The assassin laughed


The assassin's eyes almost bulged out of his sockets when he saw Ivery multiply into 40.

All 40 of them walked forward.

He shot aimlessly around, every Ivery made sure to catch each bullet with their hands so that the bullets did not hit any of the guests.

10 Ivery's jumped up in the air and hovered above the rest.

He shot at all 10 of them and the bullet's hit the Ivery's and they all burst into golden pink mist....they weren't illusions...they were physical clones yet they were not real..the bullets went straight through and hit the ceiling above.

The 10 bullets's hit the impenetrable iron ceiling coated in a white thin melted white marble, the bullets were reflected back and immediately lodged themselves in 10 different places in the assassin's body.

He fell back as blood poured from his gunshot wounds.

"W-We f-failed" The assassin started to choke on his own blood


"You all failed as soon as you were hired to kill Ivery" Luther took the gun from the assassin's hand and pulled the trigger

The gun fired and the bullet shot through the assassin's head.

Ivery waved both of her hands and released the magic clones and they all turned into golden pink mist clouds and disappeared.

Everyone in the room applauded Ivery's victory.


The promise she made to Luther was one specific thing...something difficult when faced in the midst of battle...





"Never kill anyone with your own hands..."

Luther did not want to corrupt Ivery's mind with murdering people...he knows all too well that his mind is beyond unstable...and what killing too many people does to a person. You cannot go back to sanity once you take multiple lives, it's even difficult enough to stay sane from even taking a single life..

Once she kills, she'll keep doing it..again and again..and then she'll change for the worst and she will no longer be the Ivery he knows, she'll become cold...and ruthless like him...he didn't want that.

He didn't want her to be like him, he needs someone who can balance him...keep him from fully flipping into the dark side...she's the light in his dark and bloody world...she's his purifier, she keeps his mind together, without her all of these years...he would've been beyond hope, slaughtering everyone and anyone that breathed...that's what being a constant murderer does to makes you lose almost all reason, all hope for redemption is lost.

If his only light...started flickering so much that it soon became dull...he'd fall deeper into the pits of darkness, lost madness. The dullness of the light is a sign it needs to be changed...if you leave it long'll blow out..and it's permanently damaged..

She'd never come back from killing people...

So he told her...

"Do whatever you can to weaken your opponents, if I'm there I'll make the kill, If I'm not there I'll be there soon to make the kill, I do not want you to bloody your hands are already spilling with endless blood" Luther caressed Ivery's cheek

"I don't want to kill either...I'd forever have a guilty conscience" Ivery touched his hand on her cheek

"I don't feel guilty...but killing as many people as I have...takes a toll on the mind, I already know I'm far past insanity...there's nowhere else to go for someone like me to go but to insanity" Luther said

"You don't casually act insane though" Ivery said back

"I am...the things that run through my'll be sickening to you" Luther looked sad

"The slightest bit of irritation, anger, and displeasure can easily flip a switch for me...and I can't help myself..."

"I don't care, you'll always be the most important person to me, no matter how insane you are or how insane you get" Ivery touched both of his cheeks and brought his head down closer to her

"You're all I need" Luther pressed his lips gently against hers


"The party is over!" Ivery shouted and walked up the stairs

She was done, her birthday party was ruined. She wasn't in the mood anymore...

Everyone understood, they did not blame her...they all bowed and took their leave.

Luther walked up the stairs, following where Ivery went.


"Well that was a mess" Loki stepped out of a golden pink mist cloud

Ivery sat on her bed and laid down. Tired from today..

"I didn't think Xia would come after me like she did today.." Ivery said

"Well she thought you killed her mother after all" Loki licked the back of his paw

"It probably was more than that to her...I took everything she ever wanted, I technically stole her fiance and I took her position as the strongest princess in the Lilith Kingdom, is it all really fair to her who was rightfully born in this world.." Ivery said

"Is that so?" A voice said in her ear

She turned around and Luther instantly sealed a kiss on her lips.

"You certainly stole me, and I'm yours" Luther smiled

"Luther...can I talk to you..about something that has been bothering me" Ivery blushed and sat up

"What is it?" Luther asked

"I'm...getting too attached to this world..and to you.." Ivery looked down

"What do you mean?" Luther knew where she was going with this

"After I change Inanna's fate...I'll be sent back to my world..and Inanna will get her body back, what will you do after that happens...?" Ivery asked

"I've told you before, I never met Inanna, meaning I didn't fall in love with her, if you were to leave...I could never love her, I won't love her, if it's not you...everyone else is nonexistent"

"By the time I'm probably sent back...we'd be married...maybe with children" Ivery held back her tears

" you want to go back to your your family?" Luther asked, already knowing everything about her situation

"I don't! I don't miss anyone there! No one in that world cares for me! There's nothing there for me! Yet I have to leave the only world that has everyone I care about! I don't want to go was as good as hell there!" Ivery burst into tears

Luther pulled Ivery close to him and wrapped his arms around her...holding her tight as she cried.

"I'm sure Hecate wouldn't mind if I told you early..." Luther rubbed her head

"Told me what?" Ivery sniffed

"The truth're stuck here in this world...forever...that was the price you paid for getting access to your infinite attribute early, it sounds almost like a curse that you can never leave this world after all...but overall it means that this body is completely yours.." Luther said to her

"W..What? Really?" Ivery looked up at him with teary eyes

"Then what about Inanna's soul?" Ivery asked


"She was reborn when she had died, I sent her soul for reincarnation...into the family of a this world...and I'm sure you are very well acquainted with her" Hecate's voice sounded out in the room

"What do you mean?" Ivery looked up at Hecate who hovered above the floor

"I'm sure you are familiar with her new name..." Hecate smiled

"Her new name? I know Inanna's reincarnation?" Ivery asked

"Her name is now Beatrice Garciel"

"...." Ivery was speechless