The Unwanted Princess Chapter 21

23 Chapter 21: Merging

[ Minimal blood ]

"Then what about Inanna's soul?" Ivery asked


"She was reborn when she had died, I sent her soul for reincarnation...into the family of a this world...and I'm sure you are very well acquainted with her" Hecate's voice sounded out in the room

"What do you mean?" Inanna looked up at Hecate who hovered above the floor

"I'm sure you are familiar with her new name..." Hecate smiled

"Her new name? I know Inanna's reincarnation?" Ivery asked

"Her name is now Beatrice Garciel"

"...." Ivery was speechless


"Inanna is Beatrice?" Ivery asked

"Correct, I attached her soul to be the offspring the Duke of the Garciel mansion...I did not predict that he'd fall in love with a commoner and create Inanna with her...but that is what happened...but I will not let her suffer misfortune" Hecate said

"Will you make her an infinite attribute holder too?" Ivery questioned Hecate

"Not again...that girl...I already know she is not suited to have such power that matches that of a god, I did add a boost to her magical that she is not considered weak" Hecate shook her head

"Hades and I...we're never making anymore infinite attribute holders..power equivalent to gods..if given to too many people...would cause chaos and destruction, it is up to the two of you to continue the line of infinite attribute holders" Hecate said

"Continue the line..." Ivery blushed

"Being the only two infinite attribute holders in existence, your infinite attributes are 100 percent genetic and all of your offspring will undoubtedly have infinite attributes, but if one of you were to have offspring with a noninfinite attribute holder, it will decrease the chances of your offspring having infinite attributes" Hecate explained

"What if our children have children? Our children won't have partners that are infinite attribute holders" Luther asked

"Do not worry, if you two have offspring together, your descendants will 100 percent receive infinite attributes, infinite attributes will only run through the Vandell and Lilith Kingdom, the future of your amazing but you soon will see that for yourselves one day"

"Your fates are both tied together...there is an uncuttable red string connecting the two of you...I see it, you two are destined for each other" Hecate smiled

Ivery and Luther squeezed each other's hands and smiled.


"Wait! What about my original body? What's going to happen" Ivery worriedly asked

"It is here" Hecate waved her hand and a young girl wrapped in bright purple light...16 years old appeared next to Hecate, floating beside her, seeming unconscious

Still wearing the same blue striped PJs she wore the exact night she was sent to this world...her body didn't age a day...her long dark brown hair looked well kept, her skin fair but not flawless as Inanna's.

"It seems so surreal seeing my own body...from this point of view.." Ivery would've sworn she was dreaming...but she knew all too well that all of this was her new reality

"This is you?" Luther stepped closer to her body

"Yes.." Ivery nodded

"What's going to happen to my original body?" Ivery looked up at Hecate

"You have a choice...absorb your original body and merge together with it and have it be a small percentage of your new body and gain strength and power...or have me send it to a place beyond time and space...for if that body never existed" Hecate propositioned

"I'll" Ivery felt so weird about it...but it was her body she was born with after all..

"Very well" Hecate slowly released Ivery's body and it slowly floated down and laid on the floor

Ivery walked to herself...and kneeled down beside..herself.

"Hold the hand of the body" Hecate told Ivery

Ivery grabbed her body's was cold..

She held her body's hand tightly....

"Luther...this process will aggravate her soul immensely and it will certainly hold her tightly.." Hecate requested

"Of course" Luther sat behind Ivery on the floor and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist


"Close your eyes and think of anything that your body can water and connect that thought with your magic and create a powerful surge" Hecate explained

Ivery did as Hecate said and closed her eyes, she thought of a cup of water...and pictured herself drinking the water...and thought deep about where the water would travel and how her body would use it for energy and strength.

Golden electrical sparks traveled across Ivery's body, the electric sparks spread to her original body and covered it in the same type of electric energy. The electricity did not affect Luther in the slightest.

"Guagh!" Ivery's expressed tense and the electricity around her body intensified and covered her whole body and her original body

Blood ran out of her eyes, blood dripped down the corner of her mouth and blood ran down her nose...she braced the intense pain torturing her soul and body, normally a person would immediately pass out from such an unexplainably soul-wrenching pain.

The electricity absorbed Ivery's original body and turned her original body into electric energy and it all traveled inside of her.

The electric energy calmed down before completely settling down back inside of Ivery's infinite energy.

"Ivery are you okay?" Luther asked

"Y-Yeah...I'm f-fine.." Ivery's vision hazed before she completely blacked out and fell back on Luther's chest

"What happened!?" Luther worriedly asked Hecate

"She passed out from the pain of her soul and body being subjected to insufferable pain the feeling is like having your soul being stretched and nearly ripping apart and your body feels that pain yet the pain is intensified physically...something like that could possibly kill a person.."

"But nonetheless, there will be no negative effects to Ivery's body or any side effects from the merging, absorbing her body will greatly enhance her strength and prowess....the merge was a complete success...this girl is truly capable" Hecate looked at Ivery with adoration
for visiting.

"She certainly is.." Luther wiped the blood from her eyes and the corner of her mouth





Ivery opened her eyes with a splitting headache...

"W..Where the hell am I?" Ivery looked around at her surroundings

Ivery looked around at her a jail cell...