The Unwanted Princess Chapter 22

24 Chapter 22: Soul Switch Witch

[ Violence ]

Ivery opened her eyes with a splitting headache...

"W..Where the hell am I?" Ivery looked around at her surroundings

Ivery looked around at her a jail cell...


She looked at her pale and dirtied hands and all of the whip scars all across her thin bare arms...what the hell happened? Her hands were chained together in two thick rusted metal shackles.

She touched her hair...and pulled it in front of her eyes...and saw that her hair was a totally different color...matted and unkempt and dark purple...

People in this world have abnormally colored hair...but since it was a magic-based world that has dragons, monsters and color was the farthest thing from abnormal in this world.

Ivery concluded this was not her who's was it?

Ivery then looked at the people around her...and they looked at her in terror..

"Murder!" One of them shouted

"What?" Ivery looked at them with confusion

She looked down and saw a pentagram...drawn with what looked like blood...and several symbols around the pentagram also written with blood...

She looked beside her and saw a man face down on the ground with a glass shard in the back of his neck.

"What did this girl do...?" Ivery thought to herself


Her eyes opened and she sat the most comfortable place, she's ever been in her life..

She touched the strange thing she was sitting on with amazement...she didn't know what it was.

"You're finally awake" An alluring voice said beside her

She turned her head and saw a it was a man! How could a man look so should've been impossible to have such perfect features and bone structure..and not a single blemish could be found on his skin.

"W-Who...?" She looked at him in shock and her face was hot and beaming red

"Ivery are you okay?" He asked

"Y-Yes" She the body she's in is named Ivery...

Loki stretched and sat up on the foot of the bed. He looked at Ivery and his eyes widened..

"Prince Luther.." Loki's heart started racing

"I have no time for you" Luther didn't care whatever Loki had to say

"That's not Ivery..." Loki thought to himself

Loki sensed Ivery's soul somewhere not too far from here...if he's sensing Ivery's soul somewhere else....then who the hell is the girl in front of him?


Ivery looked closely at the pentagram...she's seen it before but where...?

Ivery suddenly felt a power surge through her body...her infinite energy..? How does she still have it and she's not in her body? Strange..

Her infinite energy seemed to slowly flow through this body, trying to connect to the body's prowess core.




"They're in here" voices were heard nearby

Ivery saw a tall man with a nobles attire, accompanied by two more nobles who looked at her and the rest of them like bugs that lived in dirt.

"What the hell happened!?" The nobleman yelled when he saw the obviously dead body next to 'Ivery'

"S-She killed him!" One of them pointed to 'Ivery'

His eyes then focused on the blood pentagram in front of 'Ivery', his eyes were consumed with rage as he quickly opened the jail cell door.

"It's a witch!" The man yelled

The guards came charging in.

"Take her to the guillotine! Now!" The nobleman yelled

"Yes sir" The guards said as they roughly grabbed 'Ivery'

"Wait! You've got it wrong! I didn't kill him and I didn't make the pentagram! I swear!" Ivery pleaded

"Who dares to listen to a witches lies! Hurry it up and kill the witch! Burn her corpse so she doesn't rise from the dead for revenge!" The nobleman ordered

"Yes sir" The guards nodded and proceeded to drag 'Ivery' away

"Wait!" Ivery yelled


"Do you need anything to drink?" Luther rubbed her head gently

"W-Water would be nice..." She blushed and her eyes glistened with infatuation

"Of course...I'll be back with it" Luther smiled and got up from the bed


She got up from the bed and walked around the enormous room...the room was so elegant and filled with endless valuables that looked almost priceless...the ceiling was so high up...she could barely see the chandelier.

"What a spoiled life she must have..." She walked up to a giant mirror and saw...the outstanding beauty of this body

Silky light blonde hair..that her finger's easily passed through..not a single tangle or knot...flawless skin...beautiful ruby red eyes...she lifted her hands up and her nails were perfectly manicured with not even a speck of dirt or grime underneath her nails and her hands were small, smooth and soft...

Her clothes smelled refreshing and the air in the room smelled so rich...

Loki looked at her with malice in his eyes...knowing very well that she was not Ivery. She looked and acted like she was seeing this room she had for 4 years for the first time...and Ivery never looked in the mirror and played around with her hair..

The doors opened and Luther walked over to her and handed her the glass of water..

"T-Thank you.." She smiled

"Anything for you" Luther smiled back

She took a single sip of the water and...even the water tasted rich and purified, it was so smooth and that made it taste all the better...although it didn't really taste like anything..water is water.

"Prince Luther" Loki didn't like the prince but how would he react if he knew who he was interacting so gently with wasn't Ivery...

"Are you still tired?" Luther asked her, ignoring Loki

"Prince Luther!" Loki raised his voice

"What do you want? This better be worth my time" Luther coldly looked at Loki with impatient eyes

"Can we talk over there for a minute..? It's something you'd want to" Loki was dead serious

"If it is will face the consequences of wasting my time on trivial matters.." Luther walked to where Loki pointed

Loki ran over to the farthest area away from that 'girl'...

"That is not Ivery" Loki bluntly told him

"What?" Luther raised his eyebrow

"That girl..her soul is somebody else's...I sense Ivery's soul somewhere far but not too far from the castle...she somehow..switched souls with Ivery" Loki explained

"What!?" Luther turned his head and looked at the girl playing with her hair in the mirror


"I'm not lying I did not make that pentagram! I'm not a witch!" Ivery struggled in the hands of the two guards

They did not respond to her and continued to drag her against her will.

"Please listen to me!" Ivery shouted

No response...

Ivery continued to struggle...

Minutes later of dragging..Ivery was brought to a tall...menacing...guillotine..

"Never thought I'd face another one of my deaths so soon.." Ivery laughed to herself

Ivery's eyes flickered with a golden light...she felt her infinite energy reach the prowess core of this body. She pulled her hands in opposite directions and the chains connecting her shackles broke off. She waved her hand and sent the two guards dragging her flying back several feet away from her.

"She is a witch!" One of the guards shouted

Ivery ran into a dark alley and she reached a dead end...the guards quickly caught up with her...

It seems they called for backup and the two guards turned into 10 more guards...

A pink whip materialized in her hand...she whipped the whip on the ground and readied herself for a fight...


"What do you mean that's not Ivery? Who the hell is she then?" Luther's blood was boiling

"How simple do I have to make this for you?! That girl over there is not Ivery! Not Ivery! Ivery's soul is in another body, most that girl's body.." Loki looked at the girl

"I'm a noble girl right?" The girl smiled

"....." Luther's eyes suddenly lost all of its adoration for her...he looked at her with the cold eyes of a murderer

"How dare you smile with her face!" Luther disappeared from his spot but in an instant, he appeared right in front of her and grabbed her by the neck

The girl coughed and looked at Luther...confused to how a person's personality could change so fast in a matter of minutes...

"You aren't going anywhere with her body" Luther dropped her and she fell on the ground

She gasped for air and coughed...Luther wasted no time and grabbed her ankle. He dragged her out of the room.

"Don't be so rough with Ivery's body!" Loki shouted as he ran after Luther

"This won't hurt Ivery's body...I'm being very gentle right now" Luther's cold voice pierced the air

"Gentle?" Loki looked at Luther dragging the girl by her ankle down the hallway



Luther dragged her to the throne room, where the Emperor and Empress were currently at.



"Prince Luther? What are you doing?!" Cassandra saw Luther dragging Ivery by her ankle in the throne room

"Tell them who you are" Luther smiled

"What?" She looked at Luther

"Tell them!" Luther raised his voice

"I am Ivery" The girl said to the Emperor and Empress

"Dear...what kind of joke are you making?" Cassandra didn't understand the joke

"That is my it not my name?" The girl looked confused

"Of course that's not your name....say your name...your full name I granted you with" Julian sat up in his chair...suspiciously

"....." She started sweating...if Ivery wasn't the name of this body...why did the handsome guy call her that...?

"I hit my head last night....I don't really remember much quite well right now.." She came up with the quickest lie

"I was with you last night...all night, not once did you hit your head, a matter of a fact you slept all night...if you did hit your head last night and don't remember do you know that you hit your head?" Luther sadistically smiled at her

She was paralyzed by his...face...she shivered at the could someone so...handsome...look so much like a monster..?!

"I will ask you again....what is your full name!?" Julian stood up from his throne and currently understood what they were dealing with

"I don't remember!" The girl cried

"Who am I?" Julian asked

"I don't remember!" The girl squeezed her eyes closed

"Who is the woman beside me!?" Julian asked again

"I don't remember!" Tears ran down her face

"Who is the man standing beside you!?" Julian yelled

"I don't remember! I don't remember anything!" She yelled

"Julian..." Cassandra looked coldly at the girl...the girl's presence and aura was not the same as Inanna's at all....this is not the first time that she and Julian have encountered a situation like this one..

"I know..." Julian's eyes narrowed, he angrily looked down at the his daughter's body

"A soul switch! You damned witches! How dare you switch souls with my daughter!" Julian yelled...knowing very well he couldn't punish the girl yet...since she was in Inanna's body...hurting the girl will be the exact same thing as hurting Inanna...

"...." The girl began sweating profusely

"Answer the Emperor.." Luther's dark aura spread across her body she found it hard to breathe and her fingers and body began shaking....even though she couldn't see his face....she knew she did not want to look at him anymore...he was surely making a face that would give her a literal heart attack...only a true demon would give off an aura as deadly as this one..!

"T-The Emperor....that means...this body is.." The girl began trembling even more

"'re in the body of a crown princess, the most valued princess in this world.." Luther overheard her talking and responded

"I wanted to be a noble! I wanted out of that hell hole! We're prisoners at that place!" The girl cried

"Prisoners? You're a slave? You're telling me that my daughter is in a slave prison!?" Julian's eyes turned bloodshot red...his hair was slowly rooting red...

"Oh god!" Cassandra covered her mouth...she worried for her daughter's safety

"I...was in a coven...of coven used rituals of sacrifice...we sacrificed...the people in the nearby village...our coven aimed to be a greater power...but soon my coven was massacred by Lilith Kingdom knights..." The girl slowly revealed herself

"I suppose...we were discovered and someone whole coven was burned before my own eyes...I was the only survivor..but I was a lost child..with no home..or I was kidnapped..." The girl said

"And you wonder why people shun witches and the craft...your magic is based on sacrifice so of course, the people are afraid of it...I won't criticize you like a hypocrite for killing, but leeching power off of others is not's proof of your weakness!" Julian yelled...he was pissed

"Where is my daughter?! I care not about your past or about a witch!" Julian's anger started to spill out and he had to stop himself from charging at her and hurting his daughter's body

"Why should I tell you? After what your knights did to my coven!" The girl cried

"You don't need her...I can sense her soul" Loki spoke

"Take us to her now!" Julian rushed down from his throne and Cassandra hastily followed

Luther obviously wasn't going to stay in the castle and not rescue his actual fiance.
for visiting.

The girl was about to make a run for it but..

"I don't think're going to stay put until we bring the real princess back" Luther waved his hand and a black mist coiled around her and restricted her movement


"Darn" The girl sucked her teeth