The Unwanted Princess Chapter 23

25 Chapter 23: Soul Switch Witch 2

[ Blood & Violence & Death as usual ]


"She is a witch!" One of the guards shouted

Ivery ran into a dark alley and she reached a dead end...the guards quickly caught up with her...

It seems they called for backup and the two guards turned into 10 more guards...

A pink whip materialized in her hand...she whipped the whip on the ground and readied herself for a fight...

Ivery didn't couldn't use most of her stronger attacks...this body was too weak...too much infinite energy could kill the body..

"If you continue to evade your death sentence, we'll kill you right here and now, witch" The head captain guard told 'Ivery'

"How many times do I have to keep saying it...I'm not a witch!" Ivery swung her whip in a horizontal motion

The whip hit 4 guards out of commission...they were knocked out cold after crashing into an old abandoned carriage behind the buildings.

"Guess we'll have to kill you then" The remaining guards pointed their swords at her

The whip in Ivery's hand dissipated...she dropped on the ground and fell on her seemed that the infinite energy can't be used for long with this body size...she had no more strength to even move a finger.

"Could this be help from the gods...what a shame for you witch" The guard captain walked closer to 'Ivery'


"Step away" A voice said behind the other guards

"Who's there?" The captain asked

"What gives you the authority to question me?" A man with long blonde hair and eyes as just red as a demon stepped forward

"Your majesty!" The captain got on one knee and kneeled in front of Julian

The rest of the guards also got down on one knee and kneeled in Julian's presence.

"Is this her?" Julian looked down at 'Ivery'

Loki rushed over and stood beside 'Ivery's' "body".

"Definitely her, we are linked through her infinite prowess...somehow she retained it even in this body...and her soul is temporarily vulnerable right's no wonder that her soul was able to be switched with that witches..." Loki nodded and wagged his fluffy tail, feeling proud that he found her...but so far he's doing badly as her overseer and guardian that he told Hecate he'd be on top of being her guide.

Julian crouched down and looked at the witch's body that his daughter was trapped in.

Pale skin, very very thin, her hair matted and knotted, her skin covered in dirt and whiplash markings...when you're at the bottom of the value, title, and blood worth the consequences and limitations are greater than those who are higher in status...

Being a witch of a sacrifice coven doesn't place them anywhere on the Pyramid, which ranks from highest to lowest.

From the Royals, Nobles to Knights and Commoners, and what people tend to call 'peasants' are usually brought to be slaves to work or be sold for money by nobles...although royals have no need for slaves when they are served by maids and butlers.

Being in a coven means they were a hidden society, being a witch automatically made the villagers shun them...but soon it became sinful and the villagers reported the witches to the knights and they took action...

Julian picked 'Ivery' up and walked off with her..

"Your majesty! She is a witch!" The captain shouted

"Don't worry...we'll bring her back after we fix a little issue.." Julian told the guards and they did not pursue him


Julian laid 'Ivery' down on the floor beside the witch who was in her body...who was still trapped in Luther's black mist...

"Now...go back in your own body, witch" Julian ordered

"The soul switch is permanent, once used it can never be used again by the same witch" The witch laughed..her fear of them was weakening...she finally realized they'd never hurt her as long as she was in the princess's body

"Quit your lies!" The corners of Julian's eyes began to turn red

"I'm serious, this body is now mine" She laughed louder

"S-Someone..." Ivery woke up

"Inanna! What's wrong?" Luther kneeled down and helped her sit up

"Someone...slap her for me..." Ivery allowed someone to hit her body...

"We couldn't..." Cassandra covered her mouth

"I allow's my body...she thinks she is untouchable because she's in my body...teach her that isn't true.." Ivery weakly smiled

"Who's....going to do it...?" Cassandra asked

"Ivery..." Luther was very much against this...even though Ivery herself requested it...he couldn't bring himself to do it

"W-Wait! You all can't really be considering hurting the princess's body!" The witch started panicking

"I'll do it" Loki said

"No matter how you look at two are her parents..and I doubt the Empress could live with laying a hand to her daughter's face...and I also don't think the Emperor could bring himself to inflict pain with his own hands to Inanna.." Loki said

"Prince Luther...we all know you'd be the most tortured if you had to live with knowing you've slapped your fiance...soon to be wife and mother of your future children....regardless of someone else being in her body," Loki told the hesitant bunch...all three of these merciless royals could never stomach hitting's pretty shocking to realize such a thing was true...Ivery technically tamed these three without even trying

"What can a cat do, am I supposed to be afraid just because you can talk?" The witch mocked Loki

"I'm not a cat...and you're becoming very arrogant in that body...the princess is right..." Loki's body glowed and grew in size...and took his original form as a man..

Loki walked over to the witch...

Cassandra covered her eyes.

Loki raised his hand and slapped the witch across the face...leaving a slight red mark. Shocking the witch...not thinking they'd really let him...hit the princesses body..

"Act like you're above what you actually are again...the princess will decide on the next hit"

"I'll say once more, go back in your own body, witch" Julian ordered for the second time

"What will happen if I do go back..?" The witch asked

"You're going to die" Luther quickly answered her question

"Prince Luther!" Cassandra put her finger to her lips...they had to trick her...she wouldn't go back if she knew she was definitely going to die after going back to her body


"You all value the princess's about I be the new long as you have the body what does she matter anymore?...What use is a useless soul of a princess being trapped in my weak body" The witch smiled
for visiting.

"....!" The witch started trembling...sweating...she wanted to scream

They way they all looked at her when she finished her offer...they all looked at her with the intent to kill...the malicious aura the four of them gave off..was that of people who've killed countless people without mercy or a guilty consciousness...

They were experienced killers...the scariest out of all four of them was Luther...he was obviously the true savage out of all of them...she could see how extremely two-faced he was...his second face..which is his true completely twisted and maniacal...he looked like a person who couldn't wait to tear her head off the second she got back into her own body...

The only one who didn't give off a threatening aura was the Princess...who was too weak in her body to even get angry..

"How dare you!" Cassandra's ocean blue eyes raged like a tsunami

"You can never replace my daughter! You'll never be her!" Cassandra yelled at her

"Don't insult my precious fiance...she's irreplaceable" Luther crossed his arms

"Someone like you can't make me proud to say you're my daughter...our daughter who has brought glory and hope to this country cannot be replaced by some lowborn witch" Julian's eyes glowed red

Ivery almost broke down in tears...but she did not want to express that kind of happiness in this body...this was her first time feeling...wanted, needed, appreciated....

"I refuse to go back to that weak body! I won't! This body feels overpowering! This Princess gets to live a life of luxury her whole life! She shouldn't be so selfish to have all of it to herself!" The witch yelled at them

"You will not use my simply live think that's all royals do? Bathe in diamond and swim in gold? I have an important job to do soon...I am to be Empress of two countries until I'm able to give a rightful heir to the Lilith Kingdom, you know nothing of the duties of a royal! That shows how ignorant you are, all you care about is living an easy and carefree about instead of hoping for that, you could've strived to be powerful enough to free those other people in captivity, you're the true selfish one!" 'Ivery's eyes' glowed with a powerful golden light

She stood up and grabbed the witch's shoulders...

"You don't deserve this body" Ivery's 'body' emitted a golden electric energy...the electric energy spread to the witch and traveled around her whole body

"So give it back" Ivery's eyes glowed brighter and the golden electric energy enveloped them both and they both were cocooned in the golden energy,


A golden translucent girl stepped out of where the witch's body was cocooned by the golden energy...

A black shadowy figure that formed the shape of a girl stepped out of where Ivery's body was cocooned by the golden energy...

These were obviously both the souls of Ivery and the witch...Luther, Cassandra, Julian and Loki knew..

The witches soul charged at Ivery's soul with a punch, Ivery's soul stopped the witch's soul's attack with just a single hand..

Ivery's soul grabbed the witches souls' arm and threw her across the room..

The witches soul hit the marble wall..the witches soul collapsed on the floor from the impact. Souls were not physical...they could not cause destruction and they cannot interact with the living, but souls can hurt each other and interact with other souls..

Ivery's soul ran over to the witch's soul. She dragged the witch's soul across the floor by the arm and reached the witch's energy cocoon. Ivery's soul pried open the energy cocoon and forcefully shoved the witch's soul inside.

Cassandra, Luther, Julian, and Loki watched every second of the soul fight they never thought they'd ever see...

Ivery's soul stopped to look at the four of them and smiled...her soul said something to them...her soul had no voice...but they knew what she had said to them regardless, they all smiled back and nodded.



"Thank you"



Ivery's soul pried open her energy cocoon and stepped inside of it..

The energy cocoon's released and the electricity dissipated completely...leaving the two unconscious bodies of Ivery and the witch.


The witch woke up and her eyes looked around at her surroundings...

"You're finally awake! Now we can finally commence the execution of the witch!" The nobleman yelled

Everyone around applauded.

"What!? No! No!" The witch had her hands tied tightly with a rope behind her back and she was placed in a guillotine

"I don't want to die! Please have mercy! I'll leave and never return! You'll never see me again!" The witch cried desperately to keep her life

"You mean just like that man who also wanted to live when you killed him for your soul switching ritual?" The witch's eyes widened and saw Ivery standing in front of her...and right next to her was that demonic man...

"Why are you here?!" The witch screamed

"I'm only here because I bought those slaves from that nobleman right there" Ivery pointed to the man who was going to sell her and who sentenced her to death

"You're all such hypocrites! You bought those slaves and the Emperor said royals had no use for slaves! And you gave some stupid speech about saving the people in captivity when you're no better than that man and every other nobleman buying slaves!" The witch shouted and screamed and cried

"I did buy them...but I let them all free, I ordered for them to be able to live as commoners and made sure each of them had a vacant home to live in and I supplied them with food and jobs to make their own money to live, survive and make a new healthy community, I also ordered a new town to be built for the hundreds of other people in captivity which should take no less than a few months to be built" Ivery smiled

"Y-You...possibly couldn't have done that all by yourself!" The witch yelled

"I didn't...I had help and assistance from him" Ivery looked at Luther with a smile

"Thanks to you, we now know about the slaves and slave trading, which is now illegal in the Lilith Kingdom, we, unfortunately, couldn't convict the slave masters and traders because it wasn't a law until now, so they've been warned and put under observation for a year, and they have lost half of their fortune and every single slave trader was deducted of all of the money they received from selling people and they have indirectly contributed money for the people they held in captivity to have homes and free lives," Ivery told the witch

"If you can save all of them...please save me.." The witch looked desperately at Ivery

"I'll speak on behalf of my fiance" Luther covered Ivery's mouth

"You reap what you sow, witch" Luther smiled and picked Ivery up and disappeared into a black mist

"N-No...No!" The witch screamed

"Pull it" The nobleman ordered

The blade of the guillotine dropped and severed her head from her neck...blood gushed out of the neck

Her head dropped into the wooden bucket.