The Unwanted Princess Chapter 24

26 Chapter 24: Julianas Warning

[ Decapitation ] [ Bugs warning] [ Blood ]

Ivery sat at her desk, pondering about what happened yesterday...

"What are you thinking about?" Loki whispered, curled up in a ball on Ivery's desk

"Just thinking about what happened yesterday" Ivery twiddled with her pencil

"That witch is dead, I don't sense her soul at all, I don't feel that ominous presence that came from her soul anymore..." Loki figured she was worried that the witch would take control of her body again

"I know she is, It's just hard to not think about.." Ivery wasn't worried about the witch

"She was only able to take control over your body because your soul was vulnerable and unstable in your body, it was readjusting from the merge, Hecate probably didn't see this as a problem at the time, she couldn't have known a witch was going to use an ancient forgotten spell like that at the same time of the merging" Loki shrugged

"Such a strange coincidence..." Ivery laughed to herself...what are the odds of a soul switching witch using a sacrifice spell to switch souls with a noble at the same time of her body merging, which so happened to weaken her soul so much that it was vulnerable to even witchcraft


Ivery waited on line for lunch. At Crescent Academy, royals are able to cut the lines for anything, and depending on your royal status you could cut to the front of the line and receive your food immediately. With Ivery's status, she could cut to the front of the line...but she wasn't so arrogant and inconsiderate to cut the line, so she waited as equally as everyone else...but some obvious royals cut the line and did exactly that.

After 20 minutes, Ivery finally reached the front of the line and was about to order her food until a guy with dark orange hair stepped in front of her and started to order his food.

"Excuse me, I was next in line" Ivery told him

"Do you know who I am girl? I am Prince Hadien from Artiea, my family badge is here to prove my status" He showed her his silver family badge that was placed on his shirt

"Regardless of your family status, you should wait like everyone else on line, how self important are you?" Ivery narrowed her eyes

"How dare you! Such impudence! You can have your tongue removed for speaking to me in such a manner!" Prince Hadien raised his voice

"Try and remove my tongue all you want, I will say what I wish to say" Ivery stood her ground

"What house are you from! My father will push your family into bankruptcy!" Prince Hadien's face started turning red


"What's with all of this chatter about bankruptcy?" Someone asked behind the line

Everyone in line rushed away in mere seconds..

"Who's asking?" Prince Hadien looked past the people walking away, seeming like they were in a hurry

"I am" Luther stepped in front of Prince Hadien

"Who are you?" Prince Hadien asked

"He is Crown Prince Luther" Piere answered

"He didn't need to know that" Luther said to Piere without making eye contact

"Sorry" Piere bowed his head and apologized

"So what's happening here?" Luther asked, looking at Ivery standing next to Hadien

"He cut in front of me" Ivery crossed her arms

"She has a rude mouth, she should know her place as a noble, as I am of royalty" Hadien had his chin up, proudly, not ashamed in the slightest

"She's a noble?" Luther asked

"Obviously, look at her, all royal women wear makeup and jewelry, she's not wearing any of that, her family is obviously lacking in money" Hadien scoffed at Ivery

"Seriously?!" Ivery wanted to punch this haughty prince

"What family are you from?" Luther asked Hadien

"I am Prince Hadien from Artiea, my family badge is right here" Prince Hadien pointed to his family badge on his chest

"Artiea....the 209th royal family, your status is of no relevance in other countries, your country and family is secluded and underpopulated, with your family ranked at 209 in royal charts, making it one of the lowest royal families" Luther laughed

"What family are you from!? For you to insult my family name, you must be very daring!" Hadien shouted

"Vandell" Luther told him

"...." Hadien started to tremble...

He heard about the Vandell royal family...and their crown prince....he just remembered that the Vandell family's Crown Prince is named of the blood thirstiest princes to ever exist, when he transferred to Crescent Academy a week ago...his father told him to steer clear from Crown Prince Luther Vandell....he wouldn't survive another hour in this school if he ever offended this prince..

With a snap of his finger...he can instantly claim your life. His mercy does not exist...he doesn't believe in the word mercy...


"You're awfully quiet now, I'm assuming that you've heard of my family name before" Luther smiled

"Forgive my rudeness your highness!" Prince Hadien got on his hands and knees, he bowed on the floor in front of Luther, he fought back the tears in his eyes...he was terrified

"You should also be apologizing to her" Luther wanted to burst out laughing at this little bug who calls himself a prince

Hadien lifted his head and looked at Ivery...

"May I ask why...?" Hadiens voice was shaking...not understanding why such a powerful person was asking him to apologize to some low noble girl

"You've offended my fiance, Princess Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell" Luther's weak patience was ticking

"P-Princess Inanna...?" Prince Hadiens eyes opened wide and looked at Ivery with shock

"Hello" Ivery faked a smile and waved

Hadien felt like an idiot...he offended two high royalties...he offended two of the worlds only infinite attribute holders...could he really escape death with just an apology?

"Forgive my rudeness!" Prince Hadien bowed down to Ivery and apologized

"Mhm" Ivery slightly frowned and walked away...she lost her appetite

"It seems that my fiance does not forgive you....but neither do I.." Luther widely smiled as his black sword materialized in his hand

His sword glowed purple and before Prince Hadien could realize what happened, Luther instantly sliced his head off.

His head thunked on the floor and blood shot out of the neck of the body.

"Stewell, take his head and put it in this box" A black mist covered Luther's hands and the mist manifested into a black box

"Make sure to send it to the 'King' of Artiea, and give no reason" Luther ordered

"Yes" Stewell nodded and opened the box

Juliana took the head from Luther's hands and just as she took ahold of the head...

"What the hell! What's happening!?" Hadien shouted

"Oh? So you're keeping his head alive?" Sariell noticed what Luther did

"He's better as a head" Luther casually waved his hand and Hadien's body caught on fire with a black flame

Hadien watched in terror as his body was burned right before his eyes...

Juliana placed the head in the box and put the lid on it.

"No!" Hadien shouted, seeing only darkness

"Oh and before you send him, make sure to cut out his tongue and sew his mouth closed for disrespecting my fiance and I" Luther ordered them

"Of course" Juliana and Stewell bowed their heads and nodded

Inside of the box....thousands of black bugs crawled all over Hadien's head...they burrowed in his ear, and dug into the bottom of his severed head. He couldn't see them....he could only feel..paralyzed with shock...he didn't even scream.

Ivery watched fully, she witnessed Hadien's death and punishment for insulting Luther...and possibly her..

Her eyes widened wide..when she saw Luther turn his head to look at her....he looked at her with a smile...but this smile was somewhat sinful....


An hour after lunch was over, Ivery's class went to the exercising center to train with their magic and physical combat.

After her class training workout was over, Ivery walked out of the exercising center...she planned on going outside for some fresh air.

Just as she was about to approach the front doors..

"May I speak with you? Princess?" A voice asked behind her

Ivery turned around and saw..Juliana.

"Yes?" Ivery watched Juliana walk up to her

"A word of advice.." Juliana took Ivery's hand and smiled

".....?" Ivery looked at her with confusion...why was she talking to her personally for the first time like this?

"Advice?" Ivery asked

"Yes...." Juliana nodded

"Stay away from Crown Prince Luther.." Juliana kept her smile

"What..?" Ivery was slightly shocked to hear that

"For what reason?" Ivery moved her hand out of Juliana's hold

"Do you really think that he loves you? Do you think that you're special? Do you believe that he really wants to marry you?" Juliana laughed

"My crown prince...never loved anybody, he is incapable of such feelings....he really fooled you into believing he's in love with you...and you fell right into the trap" Juliana was hysterically laughing

"Your crown prince? Did he tell you this?" Ivery didn't believe one word she said...these words were words of a jealous woman..

"He didn't have to! I've always been by his side for 6 years! I've carefully watched him and observed his emotions...needless to say...he lost all of his ability to feel anything for anyone a long time ago" Juliana loudly explained

"Every single fiance he had, he killed each and every one of them in cold blood! He's being forced to marry you just because both of your parents want to preserve your infinite attributes in their families! It won't be long enough before he gets tired of this game he's playing with you, and leaves you for dead" Juliana couldn't stop herself from laughing


"Say whatever you wish...until Luther says it himself...I won't believe a single word from you, who are you to him? Do you really think that he's your friend? Do you really think that he cares about you? Do you really believe that he's incapable of killing you too one day?" Ivery smiled

".....W-What..?" Juliana didn't think she'd talk back to her like that

"You heard're only apart of his group because you were somewhat strong and slightly impressed him...I heard that Luther supplies all of you 'MVP's' with more power, are you truly strong anymore or are you so weak that you have to receive power from someone else higher than you?" Ivery laughed

"How dare you!" Juliana's rage rose up

"You think you have everything figured out...but in truth, you know nothing..." Ivery crossed her arms

"This marriage was not just an arrangement between our parents....Luther proposed to me himself and asked for my hand and his room...on his bed" Ivery deviously smirked

"T-That can't're lying! He'd never-" Juliana was stuck in disbelief

"If you're so curious...why not ask Luther yourself?" Ivery asked

"How could I ask-" Juliana felt a shiver go up her spine....this was his..!


"I'm disappointed in you..." A voice said behind them

"Forgive me!" Juliana turned around and kneeled on the floor

How long has he been standing there!? Did he hear their conversation...
for visiting.

"I'm sure you're wondering how long he's been standing there....he was there the whole time" Ivery smiled

"W..Wha-" Juliana didn't believe...she would've sensed him if he were there the whole time...if she would've known...she wouldn't have confronted the princess..

" have a lot of audacity..speaking to her as you just did...and speaking about me as you just disdainful..." Luther's cold eyes looked down at her


Luther began activating Ivery's curse mark often, after all of the trouble Ivery gets into now, he uses it to make sure she's safe...but when he activated the curse mark this time...he saw Juliana through Ivery's eyes...

He was curious as to why Juliana was with Ivery....he knew Juliana hated all of his previous fiances, and he knew about her obvious infatuation for him...

So he made his where they were and he hid his presence as he stood behind Juliana, and closely listened to their conversation..


"'s time for your punishment" Luther smiled