The Unwanted Princess Chapter 26

28 Chapter 26: Special Treatmen

[ Blood ] [ Violence, slight gore & Death Warning ]


"Return the flower of youth!" A giant lady appeared behind Ivery

Ivery turned around and saw a 30 feet tall woman, her skin tone was light pink, her eyes were crystal white and her white crystal armor shined in the sun, her hair was dark pink and flowed in the wind..

And in her hand was a pink sword and the hilt of the sword was covered with white vines.

Another giant pink lady appeared behind the Class A team, who looked exactly like the 30 feet tall woman in front of Luther and Ivery..

"Those...are the guardians.." Luther said

"O-Oh..." Ivery started sweating..

They seem...very...hard to how come she didn't see them when she took the flower of youth..?


"You mortals shan't possess the flower of youth, it holds too much power!" The giant woman yelled

"Well we possess it anyways" Luther shrugged

"Too bad" Ivery also shrugged

"Too bad" Luther repeated Ivery

"Willingly return it and your lives shall be spared!" The other giant woman shouted

"How about we keep it and you both can die instead" Luther smiled

"Very well, you'll regret this decision!" The giant woman in front of Ivery and Luther lifted her sword up and swung it down

Luther quickly grabbed Ivery, in that split second the sword hit them.



Ivery looked up and saw that Luther stopped the giant sword...

With the tip of his finger..

"What!?" The giant woman's eyes looked at Luther with shock

"Now, it's my turn" Luther put Ivery down on the ground

Luther lightly jumped up off of the ground and launched himself to float midair.

He lifted his hand up and two large white crystal trees were ripped off of their roots. Luther pointed his finger at the giant woman in front of him and one of the trees shot forward.

The trees branches twisted together to make a sharp point...

The tree hit the giant woman and went straight through her heart. A large gaping hole was opened in her chest..where her heart used to be.

The woman fell back and a small quake in the ground was the effect of her dropping to the ground...dead.

Luther released the tree from his control, and it dropped on the ground with her purple heart still stuck onto it's sharpened branches.

"Sister!" The other woman screamed

"Oh, don't think I forgot about you too.." Luther pointed at the other giant woman
for visiting.

The giant woman backed up...

When did mortals become so strong!?

The tree stabbed into her stomach.

"Gaugh!" The woman looked down and saw the tree lodged into her stomach

She ripped the tree out and purple blood spilled out of the wound.

Purple blood ran down the corner of her mouth.

She gripped the tree that was dripping with purple blood in her hand and threw it back at Luther and his group..

"Oh? You're still going to continue?" Luther widely smiled

Ivery lifted her small hands up.

A giant pink shield stretched out wide and covered the team and Luther.

The tree hit the shield and broke into pieces.

Ivery released the shield, the pieces of the broken tree crashed to the ground.

The giant woman saw that her attack failed and gripped her sword...

She knew she was nearing death's door...

She quickly mustered up her last bit of strength and threw her sword and her sword changed shape and took the form of a spear.

The spear headed straight for Luther and the team.

Ivery clutched onto her shirt that covered her body and jumped up high, and floated up in front of Luther.

"Time stop.." Ivery pointed at the giant spear

Suddenly the spear stopped...and froze mid air.

The giant woman stopped moving.

The team below all looked frightened...their expressions didn't well as them..

Luther looked below and saw that everyone was frozen...and he looked at the giant woman...and saw that she was also frozen in place..

"Good job" Luther commended Ivery

"Mhm" Ivery nodded

"I haven't been able to try this on...larger opponents..but might as well try it now" Luther smiled and drew a line across his neck

Ivery released her magic and quickly took control of the spear, the spear was enveloped in bright golden light.

Ivery clapped her hands together and the giant spear crushed instantly.

"Cool" Ivery smiled


The giant woman gritted her teeth when she saw her spear get crushed...

She suddenly felt something running down her neck...

She touched her neck was wet?

She looked at her hand and saw blood...

Purple blood endlessly flowed down her poured down like a waterfall...

"!!!" The giant woman choked on her own blood that flowed from her mouth

A thin purple line wrapped around her neck and within seconds...her head dropped down and hit the ground.

Her headless body fell on the ground with a loud thud and large tremble.

Everyone looked at the scene before them...

Ivery and Luther slowly descended and their feet touched the ground...

"Let's return" Luther smiled brightly and told everyone


Everyone's teams were recalled and everyone met up back at where they first started.

The blue portal opened...and the MVP's entered first.

Ivery...also entered the portal along with the Luther's arms.

Luther stepped out of the portal and stepped into the training room.

"I can walk on my own" Ivery struggled to get out of Luther's arms

"Why walk when I can carry you?" Luther smiled

"Why be carried when I can walk?" Ivery said back

"Don't be stubborn" Luther laughed

"Don't treat me like a child" Ivery sighed

"You technically are a child now" Luther looked at her

"I'm technically still 17" Ivery crossed her arms

"Fine, Fine, I won't treat you like a child" Luther gently put Ivery down

"But how about you get new clothes..." Luther looked at Ivery clutching onto her oversized shirt, trying to keep it up so it won't fall down

"What clothes can even fit me now?" Ivery looked up at Luther...this extreme height difference was strange to her..

Luther lifted his hand and a black mist wrapped around Ivery's body.

The black mist took the form of a black dress, the dress sparkled as small specs of purple glitter all around the dress twinkled at the slightest bit of light.

Ivery looked down as she saw the black mist turn into a dress that fitted her child size.

The mist circled around her feet and took the form of small black flat shoes, with the same specs of purple glitter all around them.

The black mist wrapped around her neck and formed into a black lace choker with a small purple gem in the center.

"There" Luther looked down at her

"Thank you" Ivery smiled

"Anything for you" Luther bent down and kissed the top of her head


" long am I going to be like this...?" Ivery didn't like having the appearance of a 6-year-old child...

"The effects of the Flower of Youth normally lasts a month if given the reversal medicine," Luther told her

"Oh..." Ivery breathed a sigh of relief..

"Reversal medicine is impossible for normal people to obtain.." Luther said

"So...that means I'm like this permanently?" Ivery felt worried...her heart started beating fast

"No, reversal medicine is hard for normal people to obtain, you're a princess...when we get back to your castle, we'll request it to be made" Luther reassured her

"Then why'd you even mention that it's impossible to obtain?!" Ivery asked

"I said for normal people" Luther smiled

"....." Ivery put her hand on her face


"Who are you?" The teacher looked down at Ivery as she walked into the class with the other students

"Inanna Castiell" Ivery didn't feel like saying her full royal name

"Last time I checked...Inanna Castiell was 17 years of age....go back to your class now, I don't know how a first grader got to the upperclassmen floor" The teacher said

"Are you her little sister?" The teacher asked

Ivery was surprised...what teacher tells a little girl to go back to class on her own?

"I am Inanna Castiell, and this is my class" Ivery said

"Don't play games with me little girl and go to your class before I call someone to take you there" The teacher stood up and walked up to Ivery

"I assure you, no games are being played here" Ivery narrowed her eyes and felt very irritated

The teacher grabbed Ivery's arm and took her out of the room.

"Are you allowed to touch the students like this?" Ivery tried to pull her arm back

"You are not my student" The teacher pulled her down the hallway

"But I am" Ivery sighed

Ivery pulled her arm out of the teacher's hand and waved her hand.

The teacher flew back and slid across the floor.

"How dare you!" She shouted

"You held my arm too hard" Ivery rubbed her arm

"You see me as a child...but you treat me as if I'm not a child at all" Ivery angrily looked at the teacher

"Do you dislike children?" Ivery asked

"That has nothing to do with anything" She stood up

"You...don't deserve to be a teacher" Ivery lifted up her hand

"Aughh!" The teacher clutched at her chest

"I just learned a new power....a few days ago.." Ivery smiled

"I learned how to extract magical prowess from another person...rendering someone powerless for the rest of their can't be a teacher at Crescent Academy without magical prowess" Ivery clutched her hand in a fist

"Aaugh!" The teacher fell on the ground and a light green ball ripped out of her chest and floated in the air

The light green ball of power quickly flew into Ivery's hand, she absorbed the power in her palm.


"What's going on now?" Luther appeared behind Ivery

"Luther?" Ivery looked up at Luther

"Why are you here?" Ivery asked

"I wanted to check on you through the curse mark and saw...this" Luther pointed at the teacher crying on the floor

"She irritated I removed her powers..." Ivery crossed her arms

"May I ask what she did to irritate you?" Luther smirked

"She didn't believe that I was a student in her class, she was rude, and roughly handled me, and she was trying to take me to first grade" Ivery frowned

"I see" Luther nodded

"Well...since your class doesn't have a teacher'll have to come to my classes from now on" Luther gleefully told her

"Your classes?" Ivery didn't really want to be in his classes...full of his murderous companions

"Class S" Luther said

The class reserved for MVP's only...the class that everyone aims to be in..

"Consider it special treatment" Luther picked Ivery up off the floor

She didn't want this special treatment....