The Unwanted Princess Chapter 27

29 Chapter 27: Special Treatment 2

"Well...since your class doesn't have a teacher'll have to come to my classes from now on" Luther gleefully told her

"Your classes?" Ivery didn't really want to be in his classes...full of his murderous companions

"Class S" Luther said

The class reserved for MVP's only...the class that everyone aims to be in..

"Consider it special treatment" Luther picked Ivery up off the floor

She didn't want this special treatment....

"I can just stay home for the whole duration that I'm like this...." Ivery said

"No" Luther smiled

"....." Ivery slightly frowned

Of course, she wanted to be with Luther, she just didn't want to be with the rest of the MVPs...she already knew they wouldn't kill her..because that would defy Luther and his wishes.

If they were to kill her for no reason or try to attack her at all, they would end up dying in the process or before they can act.

But after learning that Hecate would revive her if she were to ever die again...she felt more comforted with that fact, after all of the trouble she's been in for the past few years....

Luther and her parents had to continuously help her with all of the troubles that came with her..

Being an infinite attribute holder means you'll be targeted and sought after desperately...Luther stopped being targeted by people, because anyone who did go after him...died in the process.

Knowing about his reputation, no one would want to really get close to them unless they were so desperate that they were willing to put their lives on the line just to be able speak to him.


Luther walked up the stairs to the 5th floor....where no other students were permitted to be at other than the MVP's.

The corridors....were extremely different from the rest of the floors downstairs...

The floors and ceiling were made of black marble, the outer lining of the black lockers was pure gold, the doors were made of black wood and the numbers on the doors were in golden print.

The floor was obviously...made for Luther...

Everything he wore and decorated with was pure black, he never wore any color other than black. Ivery assumed either it was because he didn't like other colors on him or black just suited him best and his personality..

He always wore a black one-shoulder mantle cape that draped over his upper arm and reached his waist, which had the golden Fresia symbol imprinted onto it.

The mantle cape was always attached to the shoulder of his thin black outer long coat that almost touched the floor, the back of his outer long coat always flowed behind him as he walked.

His black, tight....linen pants that hugged his legs in just the right way...

His pure black Marcus regency shirt always worn underneath his black long coat, a purple gem was attached to the upper right chest of his coat and a golden chain connected the gem to the lower left of his coat.

He wore only one black silk glove which was always on his left hand.

He never wore another black glove on his right hand because his communication ring was on his right hand.


Luther opened a classroom door and walked into the room with Ivery still in his arms.

Ivery then saw the other MVP's sitting at black marble desks. And the teacher didn't even make eye contact or turn to look at Luther as he left the classroom without warning and even came back with a little girl..

The MVP's stared at Ivery as they saw her being carried by Luther.

Luther walked to his seat and sat down, he placed Ivery to sit on his lap. Ivery blushed brightly as she sat on Luther.

Loki jumped out of Ivery's arms and hopped onto Luther's desk, Loki curled in a small fluffy ball and peacefully slept.

As time went by Ivery became bored and felt too comfortable, she ended up falling asleep, her head falling back on his chest.

Juliana was also in the room...regretting what she said...wishing she didn't say anything, wishing she could turn back time to undo her mistake...she never thought..Luther actually proposed to that girl..

She thought it was just another stupid arrangement between the Emperor of Lilith and the Emperor of Fresia.

A meaningless engagement just like his previous engagements...she thought he was just acting as if he was some gentle caring fiance to please his father and the Emperor of Lilith....little to her knowledge...his feelings for her was genuine..and this engagement was far more than a political arrangement.

She closely watched Luther and Ivery...her envy and displeasure for Ivery shot up to drastic heights...

Juliana wanted Luther for so long...for so many years...she was always glad to know Luther despised every single fiance he ever had, and she was ecstatic when she found out he ended up killing each and every one.

Luther smiled and rubbed Ivery's head as she was sleeping..

Stewell, Piere, and Sariell couldn't believe their eyes...they've never once seen Luther smile so gently a girl...nor has he ever smiled so caringly at another person!

They all slightly smiled after realizing...Luther Vandell, the ruthless, monstrous, bloodthirsty crown prince of Fresia....still has humanity and enough sanity to still be able to care for someone else..


All classes finally ended for the day and the teacher told the MVP's that they are to be dismissed.

Juliana, Piere, Sariell, and Stewell said their goodbyes to each other and Luther before they left the classroom.



Luther looked down at Ivery who was fast asleep.

"Ivery.." Luther lightly shook her

Ivery snuggled up closer to Luther, too comfortable to wake up...she felt too much warmth and she felt too safe in his arms...

Her small arms wrapped around his waist, not wanting to move, unconsciously not wanting to be separated from him...

"Alright.." Luther lightly chuckled

He was willing to stay a little let her sleep, if she was comfortable..he didn't want to wake her just yet.


After 2 hours of letting Ivery sleep comfortably, Luther lifted Ivery up and got out of his seat.

He glanced at Loki sleeping on his desk.

Suddenly Loki was dragged off of the desk, he fell on the floor and slowly sat up...

"What the hell!?" Loki exclaimed

"It's time to go.." Luther coldly said to Loki

"....!" Loki looked at the menacing, endless translucent black hands stretching out from Luther's back

"Lead the way..." Loki's paws started sweating


Luther walked down the stairs outside of the academy with Ivery sleeping in his arms, he saw his and Ivery's carriages waiting out in the front for the two of them.

Luther slightly waved his hand at Ivery's carriages coachman, the coachman nodded and whipped the reins. The horses took off and Ivery's carriage left.

The coachman for Luther's carriage opened the door for him.

Luther stepped in his carriage and the coachman closed the door and hastily went back to the front of the carriage, and grabbed the reins.

The coachman whipped the reins and the horses took off.


Luther sat Ivery down next to him and moved her head to lean on his arm.

Ivery slowly slouched down and her head gently fell on his leg, she adjusted herself and turned to sleep on her side.

Luther looked down and smiled.
for visiting.


After an hour's ride, the carriage arrived at the Fresia castle.

"Ivery.." Luther really had to wake her up this time

"Hm?" Ivery's eyes cracked open

"Wake up" Luther rubbed her shoulder

"Where..?" Ivery looked around..not remembering when or how she got in a carriage

"We're at my castle" Luther said

"Oh.." Ivery's voice was groggy, as she was still in the midst of waking up

The coachman opened the door.

Luther stepped out of the carriage first and he opened his arms wide for Ivery to come out.

Ivery looked at Luther and laughed as she jumped into his open arms.

He caught her, kissed her forehead and turned around to walk towards the castle.


Luther walked past the guards, and he proceeded to walk to the throne room.

The two giant doors were opened for him, and he walked into the throne room and there sat his mother and father on the two golden thrones.

"Luther" Caribella brightly smiled as she saw her son walk in

"Did you find it?" Erdel asked

"She did" Luther put Ivery down, and let her stand on her own

Ivery held her hand out and a golden translucent bubble appeared in front of her.

Erdel looked closer and saw a beautiful white rose inside of the bubble.

"Very good...but I'm assuming this is princess Inanna...and she touched the flower?" Erdel chuckled

"Yes.." Ivery nodded

"It's no problem, we'll give you the reversal medicine soon, you may stay here for the night, I will inform Julian that you are here and will be staying here for the night" Erdel held his hand out and took possession of the golden translucent bubble containing the flower of youth

"Thank you" Ivery smiled

"She's so adorable!" Caribella ran down from her throne and rushed over to Ivery

"?!" Ivery was alarmed when Caribella grabbed her and squeezed her in a tight hug

"'re going to suffocate her" Luther tried to pry his mother way from Ivery

"Sorry!" Caribella released Ivery

"Go ahead...I'll request for the medicine to be made in a tea form" Caribella rubbed Ivery's soft cheek and smiled

Ivery blushed at her beauty..

Luther took Ivery's hand and walked away with her.


Luther and Ivery entered his room and he told the guards to close the door.

"I can sleep here" Ivery pointed at the black couch

"There's a bed right there, why sleep there?" Luther asked

"It'll be weird now...that I'm like this" Ivery blushed

"How so?" Luther didn't understand

"...." Ivery didn't know how to explain to him that it's not okay for a child to sleep with an adult that they're not related to...

It makes it weirder for her because he's her 19-year-old fiance...and she has the appearance of a 6-year-old girl.

"If you cannot give me a good reason, it's the bed for you" Luther picked Ivery up and walked over to the bed

He laid her down on the bed and he sat on the chair right beside the bed.

"I'll watch you sleep for now...don't worry" Luther looked at her with his purple eyes, spilling over with warmth and adoration

"Okay.." Ivery smiled before she closed her eyes and drifted off


"You mean the world to me..." Luther watched her fall asleep