The Unwanted Princess Chapter 28

30 Chapter 28: His Pas

[ Death ] [ Violence ]

Ivery sat up in bed, greeted by the bright morning sun..

She looked over at Luther and saw him sleeping on the chair. His sleeping face was highly enchanting and alluring...she blushed before turning around.

She laid back down on the bed and curled up. Ivery never took it into much consideration that it used to be impossible for Luther to be able to love someone...and for that someone to be her...was unexpected by many.

She remembered the conversation she had with Hades 4 years ago when Luther found out that her soul is from another world...


When Luther was born, he was said to have been born with a weak magical prowess.

Caribella had only given birth to 3 girls, Luther was her first son...she loved him so much, even if his prowess was weak, he still was her child.

Emperor Erdel didn't give Luther much attention, as he didn't differ from the rest of his brothers and sisters.


As Luther grew up in the castle, he noticed at age 7 that the maids were stealing valuables from his room. They sold the valuables in his room for money.

When he was delivered food by the butler, the maids took the food and ate his food in front of him and didn't give him anything.

If they felt generous enough they threw him a piece of the portion.

The only time Luther got to eat a real meal was when he ate lunch and dinner with his mother if she was not already eating with the Emperor.

The maids could not lay hands on Luther as he was still a prince, but since he was a prince that didn't have much value, they treated him as if he was beneath them. As if their measly statuses were higher than his.


Luther's eldest brother at that time was the former Crown Prince of Fresia, Crown Prince Darius.

Darius had the strongest royal power out of all of his siblings, he held the royal power of 'black fire'. The other royal children of Fresia held weak 'black fire' if they were not born with their mother's power.

Luther possessed the power of 'black fire', but his flame control was weak and was considered as pathetic to everyone else.

The former Crown Prince of Fresia, Darius, used to visit Luther.

Luther never understood why Darius always took time out of his busy day just to visit him.

Darius tormented Luther every time he visited him, always reminding him that he was weak and useless...Darius yelled and scolded Luther for months for not being strong.

After being told he was weak and useless almost every day...Darius imprinted in his mind that the weak should not live, as for they are incompetent and merely serve as stepping stools so that the strong can continue to prevail, only the strong can prevail and reach further heights.


The maids still continued to disrespect him..

"If he wasn't a prince, someone as weak as him would be working as a slave" One of the maids laughed

"What do we gain from serving a useless master?" Another maid looked down at him with cold eyes

"You dirty maids.." Luther angrily looked up at the maids, with his hand balled in a fist

"Excuse me?" The maid looked down at Luther with disgust

"Watch your mouth kid!" The second maid threw a vase at his feet

Luther quickly backed up and he truly felt useless and weak...that he wasn't even able to fight against maids..

"We're all only working here for the money, we could care less about what happens to you and all of these stuck up royals in this castle" The maid's cold eyes looked down at Luther like he was a pest

"Get out!" Luther yelled

"We have what we came here for anyways" The maids laughed as they walked out of the room

"I hate you all..!" Luther wanted them all dead, Darius and all of those despicable maids


When Luther turned 13, his infinite attribute unlocked...

A black cloud of mist swirled around Luther and slowly took the form of a black's big eyes mixed with a green and purple color..

"Who are you?" Luther asked the cat

"I am Erebus" Erebus said to Luther

"Why are you here?" Luther asked him

"I've been sent here by the god of death and destruction to guide you and help the development of your powers" Erebus smiled

"Powers? God of death and destruction?" Luther looked at Erebus and was confused with the situation

"Yes, here I'll help you understand" Erebus pressed his paw on Luther's forehead

Luther's irises changed and took the shape of black skulls..

Suddenly...everything made sense to him, and he understood what he was now able to do...

Luther blinked a few times and the black skulls disappeared from his irises, taking back their original circular shape.

"Interesting.." Luther looked at his hands and a black mist swirled around his fingers

The doors burst open.

Three maids walked in the room with brown satchels. Their thieving hands started taking every valuable they could find in the room and shoved them in their bags.

They all ignored Luther who was standing in the middle of the room, as if he wasn't there and as if he held no importance at all...

"Stop" Luther said out

"Huh?" The maids all looked at him and snickered

"Is he trying to make orders now? A little useless prince like you can only bark with no bite" A maid laughed and continued stealing items from Luther's room

"Kill them.." Erebus whispered into Luther ear


"I-Ican't do that" Luther started trembling

"You can" Erebus grinned

"Use your powers" Erebus's eyes glistened with ill intent

Luther held out his hands and suddenly all three of the maid's dresses were set on fire with black flames.

"Ahh!" The maids shrieked

They tried to pat it down but the fire continued to burn away their clothes, and soon the fire traveled up their bodiesand consumed them.

The fire quickly burned their bodies and as the flames died down, their remains looked like charcoal...this black fire was different than normal was stronger and deadlier...and impossible to put out.

"Goodvery good" Erebus laughed

Luther looked at his hands and started laughinghis laughter soon becamesinister.

His eyes that used to shine with the innocence of a childhis eyes soon turned cold and his heart turned black..

His mind filled with nothing but darkness

From that day on, Luther was never the same...worrying his mother, yet pleasing his father.

Crown Prince Darius had his status lowered and Luther took the position as Fresia's Crown Prince after the saintess declared at the royal assembly that Luther was the first infinite attribute holder, a power gifted from the Gods themselves, while also holding a God's favor.

Darius kneeled in front of Luther with his hands tied behind his back...cursing Luther's existence.

"Do it" Erdel ordered

"As you once told me, brother....the strong prevails over the weak....and the weak do not deserve to live.., the weak shall only be used as a stepping stool for the strong to prevail...and you right now, are my stool" Luther's words were as cold as ice

"Damn you.." Darius gritted his teeth

Luther gripped his black sword in his hand and unhesitantly swung his sword.

Blood dripped from Luther's sword.

Darius's head dropped and rolled on the floor...

His long black hair was cut short from the sword.

Since Darius was now unneeded and served no greater use....Emperor Erdel ordered Luther to kill him...

Luther felt nothing after he killed his brother in cold blood. No guilt, no sadness, he felt absolutely nothing..


Ivery felt bad...that Luther had to experience that....the way he used to live was similar to the life Inanna lived...they both were mistreated by the help, even though they were still royalty.

The only difference was that Luther had a higher amount of infinite prowess when he was born unlike Inanna, but since the power was unknown to everyone else at the time, it was said that his prowess was weak. And Luther was still regarded as a prince and was able to live in the castle.

Everything he and Inanna endured, could definitely traumatize a child..

Ivery sat up again and the doors opened...

A terrified maid carrying a tea set walked in the room..

Ivery quickly hopped out of bed and took the tray of tea from the shaking maid's hands.

"Go.." Ivery whispered

The maid bowed to Ivery and walked out of the room in a haste..

Ivery acted quickly because knowing Luther....he would've killed the maid for simply not knocking, again...

Ivery looked at the tea set and she noticed that the whole set was made out of pure ruby, and there was a note beside the cups.

Ivery laid the tray down on a table and sat down on a couch.

She picked up the note and opened it.


~ Dearest Inanna,

I was told you fell asleep last night after a maid came to deliver your tea, so I requested for the tea to be made again for you in the morning.

Make sure to drink up all of the tea! The reversal medicine has been added to it.

You can keep the tea is a gift from I to you.

~ Caribella


Ivery smiled and picked up the tea kettle. Ivery shrugged and opened the lid on the tea kettle.

She brought the tea kettle up to her mouth.

"What are you doing?" An enticing voice behind her asked

Ivery turned around.

"Drinking tea" Ivery responded

"I can see that...but why are you trying to drink it straight from the kettle?" Luther asked with a smile

"I didn't feel like pouring it, and it's all mine to drink" Ivery casually told him

"I'll pour it for you then" Luther walked around the couch and sat down beside her

Luther reached for the kettle in her hands.

Ivery lightly slapped his hand away and quickly put the kettle to her mouth and drunk the tea from it.

"Do we have to teach you princess etiquette again?" Luther asked with a wide grin, watching her drinking the tea directly from the kettle

"I know how to pour tea...It tastes much more refreshing to drink it like this" Ivery smiled at him

"The tea will taste the same, no matter what container it is in" Luther held back his laughter

"It's fine, I wouldn't expect you to understand anyway" Ivery smirked

"Excuse me?" Luther pulled her cheek

"Ow, ow" Ivery felt him pulling on her cheek

"Apologize" Luther smiled

"No" Ivery tried to move his hand away

"Oh? You really want to be stubborn towards me?" Luther stretched her cheek more

"I sorry, I sorry, fogive mee" Ivery found it more difficult to speak as he pulled her cheek more

Luther let go and she rubbed her poor cheek.

" did you sleep?" Ivery turned to ask him, staring into his eyes

"I slept did you sleep?" Luther asked

"I slept better than I usually do" Ivery said to him
for visiting.

"Why is that?" Luther questioned

"Because you were next to me" She smiled brightly

"..////.." Luther blushed

"You're too much" Luther pulled Ivery closer to him and embraced her in a loving hug

Ivery leaned on him as she sipped her tea from the kettle...and as always, feeling comforted beside him and in his arms...