The Unwanted Princess Chapter 29

31 Chapter 29: Meet The Royal Grandparents

[Violence] [Slight blood warning]

Ivery opened her eyes, she realized she was laying on Luther's leg.

"Sorry..I fell asleep again" Ivery rubbed her eyes, she looked up at Luther and apologized

"It's fine, you've been sleeping a lot ever since you were affected by the flower of youth" Luther delicately smiled
for visiting.

"A side effect?" Ivery asked

"Probably, there isn't much known about the effects other than it altering your age" Luther said

Ivery looked around and noticed it was midnight and the lights in Luther's room was turned on.

"I was only supposed to stay here for last night.." Ivery felt as if she overstayed her welcome

"Don't worry, think of the Fresia castle as your second home, you can stay as long as you want" Luther poked her forehead

"Really?" Ivery looked up at him with a tint of blush set in her cheeks

"Really" He nodded with a wide smile

Ivery didn't say anything further and abruptly wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him in a tight hug.

He accepted her hug and rubbed her head.


After staying at the castle of Fresia for 2 days, a carriage sent by the Lilith Emperor, waited for Ivery outside of the Fresia castle

Ivery was dressed in a small puffed, purple floral dress by Caribella herself. Caribella added unnecessary things to her outfit...she gave Ivery a purple umbrella that was decorated with real preserved flowers, Caribella said that it was 'to protect her skin from the harsh sun'.

She put a purple floral bonnet on Ivery's head and gave Ivery white silk gloves to put on her hands to 'protect her from any scratches and any unforeseen injuries'. Underneath the bonnet, Ivery had a big purple bow attached to the back of her hair.

And she finished the outfit with a set of white glossy shoes.

Ivery felt hot in the outfit but didn't oppose the Empress's choices.

Ivery hugged Luther goodbye before she decided to aboard her carriage. He told her that he'd be visiting her later...

Her carriage took off and set forward to the Lilith castle.


Ivery's carriage finally arrived at the Lilith castle, the door opened and the coachman extended his hand out to help her out.

"I'm fine," Ivery told him before jumping out of the carriage herself

Ivery felt weird taking another man's hand that wasn't Luther's...she didn't fully know why she felt that way.

She made her way into the castle and the guards looked at her...confused as to who she could be..

They stopped her from proceeding to walk any further.

"Who are you?" The guard asked

"Princess Inanna," Ivery said, not understanding why she was being stopped like this

"Princess Inanna? Are you confused little girl? Princess Inanna is 17 years of age" The other guard didn't believe her, even though she did resemble the Emperor

"An incident happened when I ventured into the Forest of Everlight, so I'm currently like this for the time there a problem?" Ivery crossed her arms and asked the guards

"Sure you did, what noble family are you from?" The guard asked

"I'm from this family, do I have to force my way in my own castle?" Ivery's eyes flickered with a golden glow

"Force your way in? Try your best" The guards laughed

"I haven't used this in a while.." Ivery cleared her throat

"...?" The guards looked at her with a smirk, what could a little girl be capable of? Against the Lilith Kingdom guards? She must be dreaming too much.

"Kneel" Ivery's voice sounded out

"What!?" The two guards were forced on their knees by an oppressing force

"Now, as for a punishment" Ivery's red eyes burned with a furious golden glow, she smiled and hit one of the guards in the abdomen with her umbrella

The guard flew back from the forceful hit and slid across the floor.

"Oops, it seems I hit him too hard" Ivery scratched her head

"H-H-How...?" The other guard looked at Ivery in can a little girl be so strong?

" and being with Luther so much....I guess he's been a bit of a bad influence on me" Ivery turned her umbrella around and hit the second guard in the chest with the handle of it

The guard coughed as the blow cracked a rib. He slid back 10 feet across the floor.

"Oh...and I'll remember your faces, look forward to being demoted" Ivery waved and walked down the hall

The guards were both left groaning in pain.


Ivery arrived at the throne room doors. But again she was stopped by the guards, who crossed their spears and did not allow her entry.

"Who are you?" The guard asked her

"Not this again..." Ivery rolled her eyes

"You both must be new, not to recognize your crown princess" Ivery shook her head in disapproval

"Crown princess?" The guards looked at her and noticed that she did look like the Emperor

"But last time we saw the princess, she was 17 years of age" The guards didn't believe her

"I touched the flower of youth" Ivery blatantly said it, not trying to bother explaining herself again

"The flower of youth....? How could the princess ever come in contact with the flower of youth? It's heavily guarded by the most esteemed guardians of Everlight, even as an infinite attribute holder, the princess could never defeat one of those monsters" The guards chuckled

"That's underestimate your crown princess" Ivery's eyes narrowed, she now understood how these people really think of her

"She's not here is she?" The guard shrugged

"Really?" Ivery's hands glowed with a golden light

She pointed at both of the guards in front of her.

Two thin golden chains covered with a pink glowing aura shot out of the tips of her fingers and wrapped around the bodies of both of the guards. Their spears clanked on the ground.

They were restrained and unable to break free of the chains, even though the chains were thin...they somehow were heavy. The heavy chains forced them down on their knees.

"W-Who are you?!" The guard yelled out

"I told you already, I'm the crown princess" Ivery felt annoyed, she was being belittled

"Impossible" The guards still weren't taking her word

"Possible, and it is true, but what does it matter to you?" Ivery walked up to one of the guards and placed her hand on his forehead

"I'm not the type of person that wants to be mean to others....but if you keep pushing me to be this'll get ugly for you" Ivery wasted no time smashing his head into the wall behind him

The wall cracked from the impact.

The guard collapsed on the floor and passed out. Blood began trickling from his forehead.

"Be glad you're wearing a helmet, or your skull would've been shattered" Ivery twirled her umbrella around in her hand

"Your turn" Ivery looked at the other guard

"Forgive me! Crown princess!" The guard pleaded

"You know you still don't believe me, stop playing with that farce" Ivery balled her small hand into a fist

"Please! Have mercy!" The guard squeezed his eyes closed

"Okay, let me think about it" Ivery looked up

"Really?" The guard's eyes opened

"No" Ivery landed a direct punch to his nose

The guard fell back and his head hit the wall behind. His nose was broken, and blood ran down from his nostrils.

Ivery looked down at the guards who were rendered unconscious. They had to be put in their place..

She just realized she had to stop being too lenient with people...if she was to be the true crown princess of this kingdom...then she had to act the part....and if she is to be Empress of the Lilith Kingdom and of the Fresia Kingdom, she can't be some pushover...

Even if it came to being disrespected with words...she would not tolerate it any longer....


Ivery opened the doors and walked into the throne room.

She saw that Cassandra and Julian were talking to two people in the middle of the room.

Ivery walked up to them and waited for them to notice her.

"Hm..?" A man with shoulder-length gray hair turned around and looked at her

Her eyes looked closely into his...he had red eyes...cold red eyes..

"Who is this?" A middle-aged woman with light gray hair asked, her hazel eyes looked at Ivery as if she was of great insignificance

"Our daughter" Cassandra responded

"Daughter? Which one?" The woman asked, sounding as if she wasn't really interested

"Crown Princess Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell" Julian answered

"I thought she was older..." The man looked at Julian

"The Emperor of Fresia informed us that Inanna made contact with the flower of youth in the Forest of Everlight, and it reverted her into a younger version of herself," Julian told him

"Everyone knows you cannot make contact with the flower of youth, such stupidity" The man scoffed

" told me that I couldn't" Ivery added into the conversation

"Who allowed you to speak, girl?" The woman coldly asked her

"Who said I couldn't speak?" Ivery asked

"How dare you speak back to me!" The woman raised her voice

"Inanna.." Cassandra held her finger up to her lips, silently requesting that she not speak any further

"Inanna...this is my father and mother" Julian sighed

"....." Ivery covered her mouth....she didn't know these people were her grandparents....they were so rude just now

"Julian, we know you gave her a higher status just because she's some infinite attribute holder, and she has the Castiell cursed blood, but how could you think that a woman can sit on the throne and act as if it's hers, Liam is the rightful successor, and it's worse that you engaged her to the great Crown Prince of Fresia!" Julian's father yelled at Julian

"The Emperor of Fresia and I felt that it was best that she and Crown Prince Luther be married rather than Xia marry him, they're both infinite attribute holders afterall" Julian plugged his ears with his fingers

"You really think she's better suited for Crown Prince Luther!? What was wrong with Princess Xia!?" Julian's father shouted

Ivery felt extremely disregarded by them, she was standing right there! And they had a lot of audacity to speak about her like this in front of her! If they weren't her grandparents...she would've had plenty of harsh words to say.

"Xia wasn't even my biological daughter, but she was the better option out of the rest at the time, which is why we chose her to be engaged to Luther" Julian was growing tired of his parent's constant shouting

"You! You let a bastard child into the castle!? You were going to let a child of unknown origins marry the Crown Prince of Fresia! Do you understand how much of an offense that was to the Fresia Kingdom!?" A vein was popping out of his forehead

"Dear...don't get too worked up, it's not good for you" Julian's mother tried to calm him down

"A moment ago you were just asking why isn't she still engaged to Crown Prince Luther.." Julian hated speaking with his father

"Julian, what is wrong with Princess Elsia? She has healing magic, it's a forgotten and difficult practice, you could've wedded her to Crown Prince Luther instead of this girl" His mother asked

"Elsia can barely heal a small cut, her prowess core is weak, if she uses too much of the little power she has, she can die" Julian never considered Elsia as an option

"Still, it's better than some girl that you sent to the Hollow's Castle" His mother looked at Ivery

"Her being sent to the Hollow's Castle was my mistake, she had a magical prowess when she was was just weakened so she wouldn't die as an infant, if she had the full power of her infinite attribute, she would've died in utero" Cassandra wanted to yell and scream at the two of them for openly disrespecting her daughter

"What's so good about an infinite attribute?" Julian's father asked

"Only Inanna and Luther possess it, it is a power gifted from the two great Gods of this world, they hold power that could match an average God, Inanna has the infinite attribute of Golden Infinity, she is favored by one of the two great gods, we've already met the God that favors her so Cassandra, Luther and I can prove that it is true that a God personally looks over Inanna" Julian said, he was feeling highly vexed that his parents were continuing to denigrate his daughter

"A God favors this girl? What was so special about her that a God gave her such a godly ability and decides to personally look after her?" His mother found it hard to believe

"Grace is right, you can just be saying that, you have no proof of such an accusation" His father wasn't persuaded

" it possible for you the God?" Cassandra looked at Ivery

"I don't think she'd come for something like this..." Ivery didn't know if Hecate would really come just to be proof for her grandparents

"Try for mother?" Cassandra bent down and ran her fingers through Ivery's hair

"I'll try it...but I don't think she'd come for this" Ivery took a deep breath

"Hecate?" Ivery looked up and asked out


"Yes?" An omnipresent voice sounded out

"Can you..perhaps come down?" Ivery asked

"Is that all?" Hecate's voice asked

"Yes" Ivery nodded

"Very well" Hecate's figure appeared with a purple glow

A beautiful woman surrounded by a purple glow floated in front of them, dressed in pure white, her white dress flowing back as if there was a wind blowing it..her eyes glowed white, and her light purple hair flowed behind her, acting as if wind was hitting her.

"You really came..?" Ivery looked up at her

"It is only a simple request, you're here because of me after all" Hecate smiled

"This is the God that favors Inanna" Julian said to his parents

"You're a God?" Julian's mom asked

"I am Hecate, the Goddess of magic, I am the reason the humans of this world are able to use magic" Hecate answered her question

"And you favor this girl? For what reason?" Julian's father asked

"She is destined for greatness, she will aid Prince Luther in the prosperity of the country of Fresia and the country of Lilith, with a destiny as such, why not gift her with a power that could aid her two countries and the future descendants of the Lilith Kingdom and Fresia Kingdom, as for I took great pity for this girl...she was bound to the hands of death, hindered from doing what she was supposed to do" Hecate said

"I shall ask...why do you not approve of her? What has she done?" Hecate asked them

"My wife and I just think...someone else should be suited to take the throne and lead this country to greater heights..and I believe that Crown Prince Liam...should be an infinite attribute holder instead of this girl" Julian's father said...his voice cracking, his nervousness was obvious in front of the Goddess

"Crown Prince Liam?" Hecate closed her eyes and looked at that possible future

"That will not do..." Hecate shook her head

"W-Why my Great Goddess?" Julian's father asked

"Crown Prince Liam will lead this country to great destruction if he succeeds the throne...he will be the cause of several wars that will completely erase this country and its history from existence...if things continued the way they were and Inanna was executed, Xia would've married Luther and became Empress of Fresia, Crown Prince Liam caused a war to break between Fresia and the Lilith Kingdom, and the Luther as the Emperor, executed Xia, as for the marriage that was a peace treaty between the two countries was annulled" Hecate explained the possible future she saw

"The Fresia Kingdom won the war and with Luther as the main reason, the Lilith country and all of its royals and citizens were killed, including you four" Hecate pointed her finger at Julian, his mother, and father and Cassandra

"And Liam was the cause of such a calamity!?" Julian was enraged

"...Liam...Liam...he could be the fall of this country...?" Grace covered her mouth and her eyes displayed immense shock

"I thought that boy would do great things..." Julian's father's eyes were bulging with great anger

"What about Carviel! What if he became Emperor!?" Grace asked Hecate desperately

"Hm.." Hecate closed her eyes again and looked into that possible future

She shook her head "If Prince Carviel became Emperor, he is soon murdered by one of his power-seeking wives in four years after he is crowned Emperor, and she eventually becomes the Empress in charge, she spreads around that Carviel was killed by an assassin and gets away with the murder, the son that she had with Carviel would eventually get the throne and he'd bring the Lilith country into great poverty, leaving future descendants of the Lilith Kingdom to live and be demoted to commoners" Hecate explained that possibility to them

"As for Princess Xia, she was killed by Crown Prince Luther after she was caught trying to poison one of his pregnant consorts" Hecate added

"Pregnant...consort..?" Ivery's heart skipped a beat...and it hurt her right to her bones to just hear that, it never really came to mind...that Luther one day might have concubines and consorts...and have children with them too

"Oh god.." Grace covered her face

"I never had much hope for them anyways" Cassandra wasn't surprised

"Then tell us...what is this girls future if she becomes the Empress of the Lilith country and the Fresia country...?" Julian's father asks

Hecate closes her eyes again.

"She will greatly manage the Lilith Kingdom as the Empress and it's country until she bears a child to succeed the throne, and she equally manages the Fresia Kingdom and its country as it's Empress, she is the only way for this country to prosper and leave her and Fresia's future descendants with great power at their disposal," Hecate said

"If it's like that then...we have no choice but to accept it" Julian's father sighed

"As long as this country survives..." Grace agreed with her husband

"I'm glad the situation is cleared..." Hecate smiled

"Please, take care of her..." Hecate requested before she faded away


"We're sorry..." Julian's father and mother apologized to Ivery

"Can you forgive your grandparents?" Grace asked Ivery

Ivery looked at the two of them...they changed their attitudes fast once they learned she was this country's only salvation.

She didn't know how to answer...after they held no respect for her before Hecate appeared and straightened them out. It's sad that a literal God had to convince them that she was worth all that she was given.

And as grandparents...they sucked at being good ones.

She sighed.