The Unwanted Princess Chapter 3

3 Chapter 3: An Unexpected Visitor

With her room cleaned spotless, Ivery laid down on her comfortable bed and thought about her eventful day. Loki rested at the foot of her bed as usual and curled into a ball. The main thing on Ivery's mind was that scary Crown Prince Luther Vandell, she never thought she'd meet him like that, hell..she didn't think she was going to meet him at all. Now he's aware of her existence, she could die at any moment, at this point she's just digging her own grave.

Ivery closed her eyes and tried her best to sleep with the thought of Prince Luther in her head. How evil can a handsome guy like that be? They're probably just rumors. People are quick to believe rumors and spread them around.

"Are you awake?" A voice sounded in Ivery's ears

Her eyes slowly cracked open as the sound of an alluring voice entered her ears. Everything in her body froze as she saw Crown Prince Luther's godly face only inches away from hers. She rubbed her eyes with her hands to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her, she opened her eyes and he was still there! She quickly pinched herself to wake her up from this surreal nightmare.

"Am I not dreaming!?" Ivery shouted as she rolled out of her bed

Loki's eyes instantly opened at the sound of a thud. His eyes were met with the sight of the Crown Prince of Fresia, Luther Vandell! W-Why was he here, and why was is in Ivery's room? Is he planning on killing her?!

"I won't let you kill her!" Loki hissed at Luther

"He's not going to kill her, Loki" Erebus appeared behind Luther

"He's not...?" Loki and Ivery were utterly confused

"I'm not" Luther sighed

"But I can't blame you for thinking that" Luther sinfully smiled

"T-Then why are you here?" Ivery asked as she hid on the other side of the bed

"I'm bored" Luther bluntly answered

"You're you decided to come here?" Loki was highly suspicious of Luther's real intentions, since he's unable to read the minds of Infinite attribute holders, he couldn't tell what Luther was thinking

"Yes" Luther glanced at Loki, that single glance making Loki's hair stand up at all ends

"This place isn't as dirty and disgusting as I've heard, I guess those were just rumors afterall" Luther looked around the room and it was spotless, not a speck of dirt or dust anywhere to be seen anywhere, the air was highly refreshing and everything was neat and looked as if it was cleaned and polished on a daily basis

"No, this place is horribly disgusting" Ivery smirked

"What do you mean?" Luther asked, he was confused

"Loki" Ivery looked at Loki and he smiled and his eyes glowed with a bright light and covered the whole room with a pure golden light

Luther and Erebus were dumbstruck as they looked around the room, stuck in utter disbelief as the room that was just spotless, instantly changed into a dirty and drab room, totally unlivable, the walls covered in cracks and the cracks filled with mold, the floor's cracked and lifting up as if it could break with the slightest step, pieces of wood sticking out of the floorboards, the bed covered in dust and stains, the windows cracked, they were murky and dirty you could barely see the color of the sky.

In every corner of the room, cobwebs were found. Small bugs crawling up the walls and coming out of the cracks of the floor, the air smelled of thick mold and Luther felt it difficult to breathe in the room. He couldn't believe the conditions the room was in.

"This is what the room really looks like, Loki just reverted everything back to the way it was when it was freshly made, making everything completely clean and appear as if it was brand new" Ivery explained

"I see" Luther looked around the dreary room

"Someone's coming" Erebus and Loki said

"One of the maids?" Ivery looked at the door

"Probably" Loki's ears twitched

"Crown Prince, you should go" Ivery said

"Should I be afraid of your maids?" Luther crossed his arms with no intent to leave

Ivery was left with no choice, she ran up to the door and opened it. Right in front of her stood the head maid, furiously staring down at Ivery. Ivery nervously chuckled as the head maid grabbed Ivery by her arm and pulled her out of the room. Loki hastily followed them.

"Where are we going?" Ivery asked

"The basement" The head maid laughed

"The basement?" Ivery didn't like the sound of that

"I don't know what witch craft you've learned but you'll spend the rest of your miserable life down there" The head maid pulled Ivery down the stairs

"No thank you" Ivery pulled her arm out of the head maid's grasp

Ivery ran down the stairs, running away from the head maid, suddenly getting a sense of deja vu. She ran down to the first floor and stopped, waiting for the head maid to come down the stairs.

As the head maid came down the stairs as quickly as she could and stood a few feet away from Ivery. Loki came down the stairs shortly after and ran over to Ivery and jumped into her arms.

"I've had enough of your deficiency, you worthless child!" The head maid's eyes were filled with anger

"Ivery, use 'telekinesis'" Loki didn't want to hear another disgusting word come out of this maids mouth

Ivery lifted up her hand and sent the head maid flying back into a wall. Ivery smiled as the head maid struggled to get up. The head maid finally stood up and charged at Ivery.

"Fall" Just as Ivery's voice sounded out, the head maid lost control of her legs and fell flat on her face

"You bastard child!" The head maid lifted her head up with blood endlessly flowing from her nose

"What a daring maid.." An alluring voice sounded from the stairs

Ivery looked up and saw Luther standing on the steps, how long was he watching..? Luther gracefully came down the steps and stood by the head maid. She looked at him with pure confusion, she's never seen this kid before...and his attire..her eyes widened as she recognized the way he was attired was that of royalty..

Luther coldly glanced at her and suddenly the head maid felt as if a giant hand had wrapped around her neck, choking her. Ivery and Loki looked at the head maid who seemed as if she was choking, she was clawing at her neck and trying to gasp for air. Her eyes bulging out her sockets, tears running down her face, her face slowly turning purple.

Luther looked away from the head maid and just as his eyes left her being, the hand around her neck released her of it's constriction. As the air entered her lungs, she coughed and her hands touched her neck,a bluish black line appearing around her neck.

"W-Who are you!?" The head maid shouted

"You dare to speak to me?" Luther looked at the head maid's hand

With an ear piercing scream, the head maid's hand suddenly twisted around and her hand was forcefully pulled off by an invisible force and her severed hand fell to the floor and caught on fire, the black fire consumed her severed hand.

"Ahh!" The head maid rolled on the floor, howling in pain as blood gushed out of her wound

"I've always hated maids" Luther narrowed his eyes down at the head maid

"Loki...what just happened" Ivery started sweating

"It's another one of those terrifying powers he possesses..." Loki's paw's started sweating

"I'm getting that he didn't use his bare hands to rip off those maids heads...but instead he used this power instead..." Loki nervously laughed

"What is it called...?" Ivery nervously whispered

"Invisible hands" Loki answered

"Invisible hands?" Ivery asked

"Your human eyes aren't able to see them and how scary they really are..." Loki backed up

"What do you see? What do they look like?" Ivery whispered

"I-I can't count them all, more hands keep coming out, they're long dark black hands that can stretch to any length, they're all surrounded by a black mist, but I can only sense death from those hands" Loki hid behind Ivery's leg

"I'm glad I can't see them then...." Ivery fanned herself with her hands as her sweating progressed

The alarming sounds downstairs alerted the other maids in the castle, five of them came running downstairs and saw the head maid rolling around on the floor, screaming as if she was being murdered.

"So there's more of you..." Luther smiled with evil intentions

"Ivery...he's going to kill them" Loki peaked at Luther who stood in front of the worried maids

"I know.." Ivery bit her bottom lip in deep thought

"I wouldn't stop him if I were you" Loki looked up at Ivery

"I'm not going to stop him...I'll probably die if I do" Ivery wasn't going to do a single thing

"Then let's just watch the chaos unfold..." Loki intensely looked at Luther

"I'm feeling very generous today, so all six of you will die here, today" Even though Luther was smiling, his eyes were spilling over with murder

"Luther, don't go easy on these bitches" Erebus laughed

"I wasn't going to" Luther looked down at the head maid who was crying out in pain

He grabbed a handful of her hair, and threw her over to the middle of the floor. The other maids stood in shook, they all wondered who this boy was, then they all came to the conclusion that this boy needed to be taught a lesson.

"I don't know who you think you are brat, but I'll give you a little discipline to teach you how to respect your superiors!" A young maid walked over to Luther with her hand held high

"You? My superior? Now you're going to die first.." Luther grabbed her face with his hand

"Wha..." The young maid screamed as her face felt as if it was painfully being eaten away

Under Luther's hand, her face began to rot, her skin rotted until bone was seen, her eyes dried up inside of her sockets, her tongue rotted to its root and fell out of her mouth and the rot traveled down her body, her fingers fell off one by one, her head reduced to a skull with greenish brown dried flesh still clinging onto it. Her body slowly fell apart, her legs, arms and torso fell onto the floor. The decayed head in his hand was tossed to the floor carelessly, he looked at the other maids who started to back away from him.

Ivery took back what she thought earlier, those weren't rumors..! This prince is ruthless!

"I'm not doing this anymore!" Another young maid ran towards the front door's of the Hollow's Castle

"Did you think I'd let you leave?" Luther's voice sounded like the grim reaper

The young maid found it hard to move and soon was paralysed by some unknown force, no matter how hard she tried to move...she couldn't. She could only move her eyes and she saw Luther step in front of her and her heart pounded against her chest, she didn't want to die...she really didn't want to die, if she knew becoming a maid would result in her death, she wouldn't have become one. She wished she could turn back time at this moment.

"I don't prefer using this method, but it since does boost the strength of my prowess, I'll use it on you" Luther stepped closer to her

She wanted to scream and cry. She wanted to run away, this boy was pure evil!




Luther put his lips against hers and this action caused Loki to faint, his brain couldn't process what was happening anymore, Ivery gasped at the sight, d-did h-he just kiss her!? Why!? Ivery's brain was scrambled, she tried to think of a reason but couldn't find one.

The girl regained the use of her body and was released from her paralysis, but she was utterly confused..why did this boy suddenly kiss her? Wasn't he going to kill her? She was relieved that she wasn't going to die after all.

The young maid felt weak, she felt as if the life was being sucked out of her...her cheeks started to sink in and her skin began to dry up, her eyes caved in and her hair slowly turned white, her body reduced to the state of a skeleton, her skin sticking to her bones, she gasped for air until it was her last breath. Her body collapsed on the floor and her was mouth wide open and the color of her eyes changed to a cloudy white, and the color drained out of her skin completely, making her look ghostly pale.

"Oh dear.." Ivery didn't want to be kissed by him anymore

"Disgusting" Luther wiped his lips with his thumb

"I'm wasting too much time, how about I give a swift death to you three" Luther lifted up his hand and drew a straight horizontal line in the air with his index finger

In an instant, the heads of the last three maids separated from their bodies and rolled on the floor, blood flowed from their necks and all three bodies fell on the floor, the blood splattered onto the head maid, she stared in terror as this boy killed all five of those maids with no hesitation.

"How would you like to die?" Luther looked down at the head maid

"P-Please...don't kill me, without are the children going to live?" The head maid pleaded, desperate to keep her life

"Maids are like livestock, they can be easily replaced.." Luther smiled

"Forgive me if I have wronged you! I beg you to just spare me!" The head maid cried

"No" Luther placed his foot on her head

Without a moment's thought, he crushed her head under his foot, blood spilling out of her mouth, and one her eyeballs rolled out of her socket and the other was crushed along with her head and just looking at her flattened head made Ivery gag. Luther looked at Ivery with his cold purple eyes, and stepped over the head maid's corpse.

"Should I kill you too?" Luther stood in front of Ivery

"No, you shouldn't!" Ivery quickly shook her head

"If you don't want me to kill you, live with me" Luther pulled Ivery by her arm and held her in his arms

"Live with you...?" Ivery looked up at his handsome face

"So, what will your decision be?" Luther calmly asked