The Unwanted Princess Chapter 31

33 Chapter 31: A Cliche Acciden

[ Violence, Blood & Death warning ]

"It's somewhat satisfying...putting others in their place" Ivery liked standing up for herself against the guards and her grandparents

"It surely is" Luther sadistically grinned, who would dare go against supreme authority when displayed?

"...." Ivery felt a quick shiver go up her spine when she saw Luther making that kind of face again...she knew she'd never get used to it...

Who in this world could?


"Hault!" five guards came rushing towards Ivery and Luther

"It never ends..." Ivery took a deep sigh

"You match the description of the reported intruder, a little girl with red eyes and light blonde hair, remain still so we can take you into custody!" One of the guards yelled out

"Take her into custody?" Luther turned around and looked at the guards with his blood-lusting eyes

"Crown Prince Luther!" All of the guards got down on one knee in front of Luther

"Who do you want to take into custody again?" Luther asked

"We...were told to capture the intruder that is posing to be Princess Inanna.." A guard responded

"And you think this girl is the intruder and is posing to be Princess Inanna?" Luther questioned the guard further

"Yes, she matches the description that we were given by two of the guards she attacked" The guard answered

"She's no intruder, shes your Crown princess you incompetent fools, even if she wasn't Princess is obvious she is a child of the Emperor" Luther was itching to end their lives

"T-That can't be! Crown Princess Inanna is 17 years of age!" The guards looked at Ivery

"There was an accident on a mission, but for your incompetence as guards, you broke the sworn duty to protect and respect all members of the royal family, and for that, I'll give you all the gift of death" Luther said with a chilling glint in his eyes

"Farewell" Luther snapped his fingers

All of the guards suddenly felt an indescribable feeling traveling across their skin.

"Aughh!" A guard howled in pain

The other guards turned around and saw the one who was shouting as if he was being killed.

They all backed up in a cold sweat as they saw the guard's skin slowly start to rot away.

From his skin to the rest of his body, his left eyeball turned into mush and leaked out of his socket. His other eyeball rolled out of its socket.

His hair under his helmet fell off from his scalp, his body continued to rot at a fast pace, until he looked rotted until he looked like an old corpse.

With his skin almost all rotted off, his yellowish bones could be seen, his body collapsed on the ground.

His helmet rolled on the floor and lightly tapped the front guard's shoe.

The lights in the hallway flickered before the white marble golden hallways walls and floors turned pitch black, giving off a dreadful atmosphere.

Ivery stood still and carefully as she also stood in the pitch-black colored hallway...not scared like they were...but she was already anticipating what he would do next..

The guards slowly turned around to look at the Crown prince, knowing this was his doing...

Their complexions all turned pale when they turned around.


Standing in front of them was a pure black skeleton that had glowing purple dots in its black hollow sockets which made it look like he was staring deep into their somehow had long black hair coming from the top of its skinless cranium.

They noticed...his clothes were the exact same clothes the Crown prince was wearing....wait..where did Crown prince Luther...go?! Where did this skeleton come from!?

They closely watched as the skeleton opened its jaw.

Black goo flowed out of its mouth like a waterfall. The black goo rushed over their feet, as if they were standing in a river.

"What is this!?" The guards lifted up their feet as they slushed around in the goo

Without warning, the black goo pulled one of the four remaining guards underneath. The other men did not understand how that could be possible....the black goo was only above their ankles and barely reached their knees.

Two of the guards shrieked when they saw the horrifying sight.

They noticed a skeleton float up to the surface of the goo, wearing the same armor they had on...

The black skeleton evilly cackled, the purple glowing dots in its sockets glowed deeper in color.

Two more of the guards were pulled down into the black goo. Leaving one guard remaining.

"Have mercy!" The guard cried and pleaded

He felt a tug on his foot.

"C-Crown P-Princess! Help me!" The guard tearfully looked at Ivery standing behind the terrifying skeleton

"Crown Princess?" Ivery stroked her chin

"Who's that?" She smiled and looked around

"Y-You!?" The guard looked at her as his only savior

"Me? But I'm the intruder, aren't I?" Ivery shook her head

"I believe you! Please just t-tell that thing to spare my life!" He shouted, noticing the skeleton had no intentions of harming her

"That's rude" Ivery said to the guard

"....?" He didn't understand

"To call my fiance, the Crown Prince a 'thing', is a major disrespect" Ivery's eyes looked at the guard mischievously

"...F-Fiance...? Crown..Prince...?" The guard still didn't get it

"T-That's!?" The guard looked at the skeleton with horror-filled eyes

"Death.." A deep raspy voice came out of the skeleton that was identified by Ivery as Luther

Luther pointed his finger at the guard and his skin and muscles tore apart, revealing the bone underneath. The guard screamed in agony before he fell back in the black goo, dead. His bloodied skeleton and organs were submerged in the goo.

"Trash..." Luther's ominous voice echoed in the hallway


Luther's appearance changed again and he retook his original human form.

He shifted his form to reveal his skeleton.

It is an ability that he only possesses, shapeshifting. He is able to take the form of another person or being...dead and alive.

The hallways shined with a fine white marble polish and it's golden outlined structures were seen again, the black goo and the remains of the guards seemed to have never existed.

"You weren't scared were you?" Luther wiped a black liquid that ran down from the corner of his mouth with his thumb and turned to look down at Ivery

"Do you want me to be scared of you?" Ivery asked

"Of course not" Luther responded to her silly question

"After all of these years of being around'd still believe that you are able to scare me?" Ivery laughed

"You think I can't scare you?" The corners of Luther's lips arched into a grin

"No" Ivery said to him with confidence

"If you say so..." Luther never once thought about hurting Ivery

But scaring her on the other hand...wasn't so bad..

His sadistic side was beginning to show through his expression.


Ivery's situation was finally clarified to all of the residents and guards of the Lilith Castle by the Emperor, so there would be no more confusion when the servants and guards, and siblings were to see her.

Cassandra had to order a smaller uniform to be made, Ivery had to wear it for the time being. Even though she looked like a 6-year-old girl, she wore an upper-class women's uniform.

Upper-class men students wore black and golden colored uniforms.

At the academy, Ivery tagged along with Luther and the rest of the MVP's during school. She wasn't allowed to attend her usual classes due to the incident that happened with her teacher a few days ago.

Ivery didn't see that teacher at all after that day, she assumed the teacher was fired for not being able to use magic anymore.

But the truth was, Luther paid the teacher a little visit, right after Ivery left his castle after spending 2 nights with him.

Luther didn't kill her, because she already received a punishment from Ivery that she had to live with for the rest of her life.

But that didn't stop him from stabbing her in the chest with, The Eternal Sword Black Vein. When he pulled the sword out of her chest and the wound sealed up.

Cursing her not with death but to kill anyone and anything her hands or skin comes into contact with. The double-sided curse is, anyone who tries to remove the curse for her will receive the curse as well. This curse cannot be removed by humans of this world, it can only be removed by the two Gods of this world, Hecate and Hades.


"P-Prince L-Luther....why?" The teacher looked up at him with felt like live worms were moving inside of her chest, spreading throughout her whole body

"You've mistreated my fiance, nothing more, nothing less" Luther disappeared into a black mist


But Ivery didn't know what Luther did to her.

Not that she'd complain about it.


Just as the MVPs and Ivery were walking down the stairs,

Some girl suddenly...fell down the stairs and groaned in pain at the bottom of the stairs.

Luther and the other MVPs looked at the girl, rolling around on the floor.

Luther helped the girl with peach-colored hair up from the floor and smiled at her. She dusted off her puffed light green dress, decorated with small dark green gems, the wrists of her long-sleeved dress had dark green ruffles, and the hem of her dress was full of more ruffles...the dress...was definitely ugly.

"What happened...?" Luther asked her, with her looking up at him, he noticed her overuse of powder wasn't blended at all and made her face look greatly pale in comparison to the rest of her bodies skin tone and the rest of her stacked on makeup, it disgusted him to no end

The girl brightly blushed, her yellow-colored eyes locked on Luther's brilliant countenance...

"I was...pushed!" The girl exclaimed

"Pushed? By whom?" Luther asked her further

"By...." The girl looked around and her eyes spotted Ivery at the top of the stairs, who was perplexed at the situation in front of her

"Her!" The girl pointed at Ivery

"Me?" Ivery couldn't recall pushing her down the stairs just now, not even by accident

"She's the one who pushed you down the stairs?" Luther asked

"Yes! She's been trying to harass me all week!" The girl cried overdramatically, Ivery saw right through her play

"Let's go teach her a lesson then" Luther led the girl up the stairs

"....?" Ivery got a closer look at the girl and she knew for a fact that...she's never seen that girl once...

Luther and the girl reached the top of the stairs and Luther looked at Ivery.

"How do you suppose we teach this naughty girl a lesson?" Luther asked the girl

"She should be pushed down the stairs too" The girl smiled

"Good idea," Luther said

"....." Ivery felt like she was finally understanding what he was really trying to do..





"But how about you go first" Luther smiled and pushed the girl backward

Her eyes widened just as she was pushed by Luther. Not expecting...this.

She tumbled down the stairs and the way she fell down, looked incredibly painful.

"How does it feel to really be pushed down the stairs?" Luther grinned

"Crown prince...I think she's dead" Sariell lightly kicked the girl with the tip of his shoe and she wasn't responsive

"Is she?" Luther looked down at the bottom of the stairs

Piere crouched down and saw that her neck was severely broken.

"Dead" Piere smiled

"Oh well, death suits her better than that dress did" Luther chuckled when he was told she was dead, he wasn't trying to kill her but since that's what ended up happening, so be it

Luther lifted his hand up and her body quickly decayed, smelling like a rotten corpse, she looked like a corpse that had been dead for about 10 years.

As the years went by, his power of rot exceeded its limitations. It did not require his touch, he was able to make the living and dead rot with a simple hand gesture, depending on if he willed it or not.

Sariell blushed when he saw Luther's newest creation of death.

"Let's go" Luther walked down the stairs

Ivery followed Luther down the stairs and watched out for the blood on the steps left behind by the girl...
for visiting.

Luther stepped over the girls corpse and proceeded to walk down the hallway, not even giving the dead body a single glance.

Ivery looked at the body..and pitied the girl. Ivery knew the girls motive was to make Luther notice her, but she should've known better than to try to even be in front of him and the others.

Anyone that comes into contact or try to speak with any of the MVP's, end up being killed or severely injured.

If you're deemed as unimportant to them, the best thing that could happen is for them to ignore you, which is what they usually do, walk right past everyone, even if they're called out to.

But step in front of them for their attention, or cause their attention to be drawn to you in a bad way, you'll be immediately dealt with. Dead or alive with nearly fatal or permanent injuries.

This was the sad reality in Crescent Academy, the MVP's ran the school, the Academy was ordered to be created by Emperor Erdel Lucretia DelCrest Vandell. Different countries princess and princes, nobles and on rare occasions, commoners with powerful magical prowess are admitted into Crescent Academy.

Luther was instructed to oversee and be in charge of everything that happened in the Academy. In a technical way, you could say he was the 'Principle' of the Academy, making him the second-highest authority in the Academy, his father Emperor Erdel being at the highest authority.

Luther is never reprimanded for killing anyone, no matter who it was. He never once was scolded for killing the many fiance's he had before Ivery. It was because Erdel didn't care, not in the slightest, so he let Luther control the Academy.

"What a shame.." Ivery took a deep sigh as she walked around the girl's corpse, still having pity deep in her chest for her...

She shouldn't have messed with the wrong people, and falsely accused someone of a crime they did not commit, just to try and win the favor of someone she idealized.

It all came back at her like karma at its finest. Her mistake was setting her idealization on Luther...that was when she walked right through death's door.

The corpse disintegrated into dust, and scattered away in the air...