The Unwanted Princess Chapter 32

34 Chapter 32: Revengers

[ Blood and Violence ]

Ivery slowly tagged along behind the MVP's that ignorantly walked past the screaming students in the halls. She noticed the intense stares directed towards her by the hundreds of students gathered around to catch a glimpse of the MVPs.

She was blocked by 4 girls that were burning a hole through her head with their hateful staring..

"Little girl...who do you think you are? Casually following the MVP's as if you're their equal" One of the girls snickered

"Aren't you on the wrong floor?" Another girl added in

"No one is immune to Crown Prince Luther's beauty, including children" The third girl made a joke out of Ivery

"Excuse me.." Ivery was sick of being seen as a little girl, it's causing her so many problems

"You're not going anywhere" The first girl wasn't intending on letting Ivery follow the MVP's any further

"How low do you have to be to become jealous of a 'child'? " Ivery sneered at them

"J-Jealous!? W-We're just putting you in your place as a child" All of the girls stances crumbled

"...Wait" The first girl looked closer at Ivery

"Why are you wearing an upperclassman uniform?" The girl asked

"Because I am an upperclassman," Ivery said

"How...?" The girls found it hard to believe


"Is there a problem?" A highly entrancing voice closeby said

The girls turned around and almost fainted on the spot.

Luther stood behind the four girls in front of Ivery, obviously blocking her.

"They're saying that I'm not qualified to follow you" Ivery faked a pout

"Are they now?" Luther looked at the four of them

"Um..! Children and their funny stories..! We were just wondering if she was lost, and were asking if she needed help getting to her class" The first girl tried to make up the quickest yet most believable lie

"She's no child, and she's certainly not lost" Luther walked forward

The girls immediately stepped out of his way.

Luther bent down and lifted Ivery up from the floor.

"And you're right she's not qualified to follow me" Luther said

"...." Ivery looked at him with confusion

"She's qualified to stand next to me" Luther added


All of the girls couldn't believe that Luther was speaking to them....but they didn't...think for a second he had a little sister he cared for so deeply..

"We apologize for offending your sister, Crown Prince" The first girl bowed

"Sister?" Luther looked at the girl

"We're not related at all, I'm his fiance," Ivery said to the girls in Luther's arms

"F-F-Fiance!?" The girls felt like their ears were clogged and misheard her

"I apologize for my rudeness,'d really take a child as your fiance...? There are so many women who are more than suitable to be your fiance and the Empress of choose a child.." The girl added in her opinion

As it went unnoticed...almost as if in a blink of an eye..

The girl had been stabbed with a long black sword in her abdomen.

Half of the sword stuck out of her back. Blood dripped from her mouth...

Just as she was about to scream..Luther slapped the girl with his right hand before her voice could let out. And her neck completely twisted around and she fell backwards on the floor.

Ivery felt like that was a little overkill...

Luther ripped his sword out of her.

The crowds of students weren't surprised that she was wasn't that alarming if anyone was killed in Crescent Academy by the MVP's, it was most common for it to happen.

The girls stared down in horror as their friend was brutally killed...her blood was endlessly flowing from her body.

"And as for you three...." Luther snapped his fingers

The girls screamed in absolute agonizing pain as they felt an intense burning sting all over their bodies.

Very quickly, their bodies rotted away and dropped dead on the ground as rotten corpses.

This was Luther's 5th favorite method of killing, it satisfies him in a way where a normal person wouldn't be able to understand.

"Some bugs don't know their places.." Luther turned around and walked down the hallway with Ivery in his arms

"I could've handled that myself..." Ivery said to him

"But I wanted to handle it for you" He widely smiled at her

"I can't stand the sight of seeing my little fiance being made fun of, it makes my blood boil" Luther planted a small kiss on her forehead

"Stop treating me like a child" Ivery gently pushed him away

"It seems that I cannot do that" He refused and kissed her cheek

"S-Stop.." Ivery couldn't contain her obvious blush

"Don't ever walk behind me, always walk beside me and no one will dare to get in your way again" Luther told her

"You walk too fast..." Ivery looked at him with a tint of red set in her cheeks

"I'll walk slower for you next time" Luther laughed

Ivery crossed her arms and huffed...he was definitely making fun of the situation.

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Deep down under the Lilith castle, several hundreds of prisoners were locked in cells, condemned to wait for a death sentence or to rot until and after death.

Blinded by Luther, Xia was rendered unable to speak with her tongue ripped out, her hands cut off, she was given little to no treatment, her wounds were wrapped with dirty bandages, her mouth was gagged with a dirty cloth to absorb the blood she was losing from her tongue.

Her beautiful purple dress, shiny white shoes, and jewelry she wore at Ivery's birthday celebration party, was stripped from her and she was put in an old tattered shirt and pants.

She cried day and night in her cell. Wishing nothing more than to be put out of her misery.

She prayed to the Gods every night, to reverse time and let her undo what she did....that way she wouldn't have been put to suffer in this dirty prison cell and she wouldn't have learned she...wasn't a real princess...but just a product of one of her mother's past relationships..


"You poor girl..." An ominous voice echoed in Xia's ears

"...!?" Xia couldn't see, she could only hear...she also felt a cold breeze...but there were no windows for a breeze to even be possible

"...Care to make a deal with me child...? Gain power to save yourself from this torture...and exact revenge to those who've wronged you" The voice whispered

Xia nodded her head quickly, not knowing what the deal was...she didn't care what it was...all she wanted was revenge...

"With power comes a price, once the deal is made....your life is mine once your revenge is achieved. Nod if you consent, shake your head if you do not consent" The voice said

Xia nodded her head, not caring at all for her life anymore, if she had to live the rest of her life as a prisoner in a cell, unable to see, talk or use her hands....she'd rather choose to get her revenge while dying in the process...over the life, she was living right now

"Good choice" Xia felt a finger press against her forehead

Xia's closed eyelids opened, her eyes were restored and her irises that once shone with a green emerald color, were now a pitch-black, lifeless and dull.

The bandages around where her hand used to be slowly slipped off and her hands slowly regrew.

She took out the dirty cloth in her mouth and stretched her tongue out, as it grew back as if it was never ripped out.

Her brown hair turned dark grey with black streaks staining the pure grey color.

A black pentagram mark appeared on her forehead.

"Who are you?" Xia looked at the black figure

"Eos..." A tall woman, dressed in an overly long black, strangely textured robe stepped out of the darkness

Her long pitch-black hair touched the floor, her pure black eye color gave off the sense of dread and sorrow, her eyes were filled with traces of the whites that were supposed to be in eyes, a strange black liquid resembling tears...ran down from her eyes and dripped down her chin.

Her nails were colored black, they were elongated and sharp.

Two curved, long black horns stuck out of her forehead.

Xia..noticed Eos had black feathered wings that drooped down, that looked as if they were broken.

"W..What are you?" Xia asked

"I am Eos...a fallen God...banished from the Heavens for all of eternity...damned to walk this miserable planet forever..." Eos ground her teeth together

"A...fallen God?" Xia looked up at Eos

"Yes, I pity you...I and you, are the same.....punished with a cruel fate...just for trying to win the love of the one you desire" Eos smiled...but her smile was filled with grief and sadness

"Is that what happened to you...? You were banished for loving someone you couldn't have..?" Xia asked her

"Yes....I loved him deeply...but he chose to be with her instead..." Eos's black tears flowed down her face and dripped on the concrete flooring

"I...I tried to get rid of her...just to be with him...but then he punished me! For her! He banished me for her!" Eos cried and screamed....her voice filled with demonic energy and pain

"W-Who was he? Who is she?" Xia asked...with curiosity

"The one who shattered my heart....and the one who stole all I've ever wanted....was none other than..." Eos's voice cracked





"Hades and Hecate!" She shouted


"I know they favor two specific children in this world that they created....and those two children are the same ones who've wronged you....he tore your heart out of your chest and crushed it with his foot!" Eos clutched at her chest

"She took everything you had and desired and stole the one you loved! It's time for our revenge little Xia..." Eos smiled, her teeth blackened and her smile twisted with sadness and madness

"Indeed it is...." Xia balled her hands into fists and grinned, her nails were digging into her palms