The Unwanted Princess Chapter 35

37 Chapter 35: Returning To The Hollows Castle

[ Blood ] [ Violence]


The room door abruptly opened..

"Child 31, it's time for your nightly chores" A dark blonde haired maid rudely entered the room

She stopped and stared in shock at the room she stood in...baffled at the could any of these room's be so cleaned and stable?

Her eyes then locked on Luther who sat in bed beside Ivery...

"Who are you?" The maid asked as she looked at him with icy eyes


"Who are you?" Luther turned the question

"I am the head maid, and I've never seen you before" She looked at him with utterly no clue to where he came from nor who he was

"You're the replacement for the first head maid? Correct?" Luther asked

"What's it to you?" She raised her eyebrows

"I was just curious since I killed the last one four years ago..." Luther's sadistic smile spread across his face, the sinister smile did not suit his delicate face

"Sure you did kid, the previous head maid died from an illness, learn before you talk nonsense" She chuckled

"Is that what you were told?" Luther laughed with her

The head maid started coughing..

She coughed out blood and wiped her mouth...she started wheezing for air..

"Is it still funny?" Luther's eyes flashed with murderous intent

She fell on the floor and blood spilled out of her mouth.

She started sweating pinballs...her whole body felt like it was set ablaze.

Blood came running down her nose and ears...

Blood ran down her face she looked at Luther with horror-filled eyes.

"Watch your dirty mouth, as a maid you have a lot of disrespect towards people you're supposed to be serving, you may say what you want to others, but watch your tone and words when speaking to me" Luther's sadistic grin ran chills all over her body

"Your status as a maid amounts to nothing, because you are nothing, you're only good for serving your masters but you all can't even do that right so in the're all just disposable trash" Luther slightly waved his hand

The gasping maid flew back out of the room and hit the hallway wall.

The door to Ivery's 'room' slammed shut and the walls outside of the room cracked.

The head maid eventually passed out from excessive blood loss. Left unconscious on the dirty, bug-infested floor.


It was soon morning and Ivery was awoken to the sound of a high pitched scream and loud chatter outside of the door.

She groggily sat up, stretched her arms up and let out a big yawn.

She turned her head and saw Luther still sound asleep beside her.

She admired his beautiful sleeping face closely...she leaned in closer to him.

His eyes quickly opened.

Ivery was startled.

"Good morning..." Luther sat up and planted a light kiss on her soft rosy cheek
for visiting.

"Good morning" Ivery giggled and hugged him tightly

She rubbed her cheek slightly against his chest, indulging in his scent. He lightly rubbed her back with a wide smile.

"It seems you slept well" Luther adored her, even more, when she acted like this

"I told you that I always sleep better when you're with me" Ivery smiled

"As do I" His smile grew wider

Ivery released him from her hug and looked up at him, her eyes filled with obvious affection for him and him only.

Luther's cheeks slightly turned red as he noticed the look in her eyes...

"Do you love me..?" Luther suddenly asked

"Of course I do!" Ivery blushed and gripped his shirt

"You love me too, right?" Ivery felt her heart racing, her face felt hot

Her nervousness shot up at dangerous rates.

"I love you so much...even if death were to do us part...I'd never love anyone else until I find you again in every life" Luther cupped her cheeks in his hands and leaned in forward to kiss her forehead

"..///.." The red blush tint in Ivery's cheeks glowed...

"Are you that happy with my answer?" Luther laughed

"Yes..." Ivery smiled


The room door opened.

"Child 31, change into this" A youthful brown-haired maid threw a white dress and a white pair of shoes on the floor

"Wait...this room.." The maid's eyes looked around in shock at the clean state of the room

"Pick it up and hand it to her" Luther coldly glanced at the maid

The maid felt an intensely dangerous aura emitting from the beautiful little boy in the bed next to Ivery...she unconsciously backed up

"Who are you?" The maid sweated

"You have five seconds to pick it up and hand it to her" Luther was itching to kill her the very second

The maid quickly picked the white dress and shoes up from the floor and rushed over to hand it to Ivery.

Ivery took the dress from the maids' hands and Ivery could now clearly see the dress was dirtied and stained..and the shoes were tattered and obviously worn out.

Luther peered over and looked at the clothing that was presented for Ivery to wear. His face turned dark and his eyes fell on the maid.

"Where are these from?" Luther took the dress and shoes from Ivery's hands and threw them at the maid

"The basement..." She said quietly

She looked down at the floor and responded as she took the dress off of her head

"Where in the basement?" He asked further

"We put clothes in the chests..." She was shaking as she spoke

"Why?" He asked

"The children that used them don't need them anymore," She said

"Is it because they outgrew them? it because of something else entirely...?" Luther smiled

"I...I don't know any more than that!" The maid ran to the door, terrified of Luther

The door slammed shut.

The maid turned the handle and it popped off, a hole was left where the doorknob once was.

"Answer my question and I'll make sure to kill you painlessly" Luther stood behind the maid

"What!?" The maid tried her best to pry the door open

"Luther.." Ivery shook her head

Luther sighed.

"Answer my question and I'll let you leave," Luther told her

"T...The the place where the upper staff takes the ill-mannered children.." The maid confessed

"What do they do to the children down there?" Ivery got out of bed

"I...I don't know! I've never been down there before...they don't tell the lower staff much..." She said

"I see..." Ivery crossed her arms in deep thought

Four years ago, the previous head maid tried to take her to the she understood why she was going to be taken there. She was deemed as a disrespectful child and furthermore she was accused of learning witchcraft, all the more reason to take her to the basement to do who knows what to her.

"Can you take me there?" Ivery asked

"Take you there...?" The maid looked at Ivery with confusion,

Why does this little girl want to go down to the basement to where she just said was where the misbehaved kids are taken....nothing good could possibly be down there for her.

"You're not going without me" Luther said

"You both want to go..?! After knowing the basement obviously isn't a good place?" The maid didn't understand these kids

"Tell the other maids we yelled and threw objects at you and you're taking us to the basement," Ivery told the maid

"....Okay.." The maid nodded...obeying Ivery because of Luther's terrifying presence...she had a strong feeling she'd die by his hands immediately...if she didn't so as they said

She wouldn't dare to mess with the boy...she didn't recognize him and he obviously wasn't a child of the Emperor...yet the dreadful aura he something a normal child shouldn't have..

"Follow me," The maid said

"Make it believable" Ivery held out her arm for grabs

The maid understood what Ivery meant and lightly grabbed her arm. She looked over at Luther and reached her hand out.

"Don't touch me, or you'll lose it" Just as Luther's words entered her ears, her quivering hand stopped as a long cut appeared around her wrist. She flinched in pain.

The door flew open.

"Go, don't waste my time" Luther pointed to the opened door

"Yes.." The maid nodded while taking Ivery out of the room and Luther followed