The Unwanted Princess Chapter 38

40 Chapter 38: Fending For Herself


Ivery sat at the long, worn out, wooden dining table in the morning for breakfast.

At the table sat 16 other kids that looked no older or younger than 14.

The food in front of them appalled the kids, the small slices of bread on their plates had large amounts of mold on them, the 'soup' on the table was just murky boiled water with spoiled chunks of vegetables floating inside.

You could hear and see the flies buzzing around the foul-smelling dishes.

Ivery refused to eat something like this, no wonder the children become ill so often!

She pushed her plate away from her, not intending to take one bite, the stench of the molding bread and spoiled vegetables made her sick to her stomach. She'd rather starve for the day than eat this mess that was given.

"Why aren't you eating, child?" A maid behind her asked with a raised eyebrow

Ivery turned around and faced the maid.

"It stinks, I don't want it" Ivery said

"Be grateful we're even feeding you worthless kids at all, especially you who was kicked out of the castle" The maid laughed

"Would you eat this then?" Ivery narrowed her eyes and asked

"Why would I eat something that was made for you brats?" She smirked

"Have some of this tonight.." Ivery pointed at the bowl and plate of spoiled food

Ivery's eyes slightly glowed, which was undetected by the maid...

"What...?" The maid felt a sudden sense of dizziness
for visiting.

"I'm done" Ivery got out of her chair and walked away from the table

"Hey! You didn't eat you ungrateful child!" Another maid spoke

"I'm not hungry, so are you going to force me to eat? If you care about the food so much then will you eat it for me instead?" Ivery smiled

"I-It was made for you so why would I eat it?" The maid responded

"Because I don't want it and you want it to be eaten, so I'm offering it for you to eat it" Ivery got out of her chair

All of the children at the table whispered to each other..

"I'm not hungry either!" A kid yelled

"Me too!" Another kid said

"My stomach hurts" Another spoke out

Eventually, all of the kids got out of their chairs, each of them vocalizing that they all didn't want to eat.

The maids serving breakfast all gritted their teeth as they had to deal with the untouched bowls and plates of food left behind.

"Next time, serve edible food" Ivery told the maids as she walked off

"And a reminder, don't serve us anything that you wouldn't ever think to eat for yourselves" Ivery added as she continued walking away

"T-That girl!" The maids were agitated with Ivery's attitude


Ivery gathered all of the children that dismissed themselves early from breakfast 30 minutes later.

She pushed forward a giant wooden bucket.

They all stared in amazement when they saw that the 4 feet tall wooden bucket was filled with fresh baked goods such as, sweet bread, glazed donuts, muffins, biscuit, cookies, and cinnamon rolls.

They all immediately shoved their hands into the wooden bucket, grabbing everything they wanted.

They feasted on the baked goods as if they've been starving for days.

Ivery herself had taken three cookies and munched away.

It could be wondered how'd Ivery got her hands on so many freshly baked goods..

In truth, she sent Loki to the Lilith castle with a note to give to her father.

What was written on the note,

~ "Can you send several pastries for breakfast father?"



Although, Ivery never thought Julian would send this much. She was surprised at the giant bucket Loki was carrying after he came back from the Lilith castle.

After everyone took what they wanted, they thanked Ivery...and strangely didn't question how she obtained these delicious pastries they've never had before....

The other kids indeed left, leaving the bucket almost emptied...

But one kid remained, leaning on the wall as he stared suspiciously at Ivery.

He appeared no younger or older than 14, his dark blonde hair touched his shoulders. His dark brown eyes narrowed. His cheeks were sinking in from the lack of food the maids provide if or when they do provide food.

"Where did you get it?" He asked

"Uh" Ivery couldn't think of an explainable answer

"Found it?" Ivery blurted out

"You found it? Where?" He inquired with an eyebrow raised

"Outside" Ivery felt like she was being interrogated for something she should be guilty for

"Outside? Where outside?" He pressed further

"Why are you asking so many questions?" Ivery asked him

"Because I don't trust you" He bluntly stated

"What have I done to be distrusted?" Ivery slightly tilted her head

"You used to live in the castle as a princess so that means you're just like those other stuck up royals on their high pedestals, and I know you're just doing all of this because you think you're above us....but I don't know what your motive is but I'm going to find out" The boy stepped away from the wall

"I don't have a motive for providing food for you all to eat, since everyone skipped breakfast because of me..." Ivery tried to explain herself

"So you admit that you do have a motive for being here? Why are you here anyway?" He looked at her with accusing eyes

"I was kicked out of the castle" She responded

"For?" He asked

"I lost connection to my prowess core," Ivery told him

"Lost connection to your prowess core? What is a prowess core?" He didn't understand

"It's the source of your ability to use magic, if it is broken or tampered with, it will result in dysfunctionality with your magic flow or completely cease to flow magic through your body" Ivery explained to him

"Has yours been broken or tampered with then?" He questioned

"Yes, broken" Ivery answered

"How?" He asked another question

"I got into a fight with a rather...strong opponent" Ivery made up the most believable scenario

"Well, it doesn't matter what happened to you, I still don't trust you and I'll show everyone that you're someone that shouldn't be trusted, nothing good comes from being involved with royals" The boy shrugged and walked away

"Are you not at least hungry!?" Ivery shouted out

"I don't want anything from you, and I don't need pity from a royal" The boy walked down the hallway, rejecting Ivery's indirect offer for food

"....." Ivery felt frustrated again...she couldn't understand what she did wrong...

Since it's difficult to overwrite a decree without a good and valid reason with the council of Agres, that oversees and can dictate other countries, a decree they've agreed to and stamped is almost impossible to discard or overwrite...

Julian has been working on trying to get the children of the Hollow's castle a better place to live...but there are hundreds of walls worth of problems preventing him from quickly making those arrangements. Being Emperor doesn't mean you have complete authority over everything in your country...there's always someone above you, regardless of rank.

No matter what staff is put in the Hollow's castle, they still mistreat the children regardless....because that's how maids will treat less valuable children, even if they're still royalty by blood.

Ivery wasn't going to work herself up over one kid that disapproves of her, and questions her motives..she could understand why he would be skeptical after she thought about it for a bit...

But couldn't he have been a little grateful for the food? She brought freshly baked goods just for the kids to have a good breakfast for once, instead of being forced to eat that disgusting rotting slop the maids serve them.

But she couldn't help but feel like she wanted everyone to be content, including him...

She wanted to do something for them because now she has the power to really do something beneficial for them..even if it's making secret requests to her father to send certain things, she'd quickly do it in a heartbeat and without a second thought if she knew it would help everyone out..

She personally understood how the children felt...after experiencing first hand what it's like being underfed and poorly fed, treated like dirt stains by people that were supposed to take care of you.

No child should have to live like this, they have terrible childhoods...and in the end they get executed at 18 years old....never experiencing the joys of life and never getting the chance to explore and find love one day..

Even if it's the smallest changes, like providing them edible food...she'll do them eventually it'll lead to something bigger...something better.

One day, hopefully soon...she'll be able to change everything. Fix this twisted hierarchy and put things the way they should fairly be.

"This will be quite difficult..." Ivery smiled as she full-heartedly accepted her challenge