The Unwanted Princess Chapter 39

41 Chapter 39: The Unfortunate Visi


Luther sat quietly in his room, as he read a book.

He was patiently waiting for an unwelcome visitor, not truly interested in the book he was reading, he'd much rather be spending time with Ivery and helping her through her stay at the Hollow's Castle again.

He sighed as he was eager to have this visit be over with so he could go back to Ivery.

Suddenly...he noticed the lights in his room were flickering..

"Hm?" He looked turned his head and smirked

They flickered until they turned off completely, only leaving the sunlight the only source of light in the room.


"You're finally here," A mysterious voice said

"I should be saying that, since it took you a while to come...I was feeling a bit impatient" Luther smiled as he tossed his book on the couch he sat on

"Well, here I am.." A person stepped out of a dark area in the room and into the light that the sun shone inside through the windows

"So it appears that you've become far more hideous than you were before" Luther saw Xia step into the light

"Watch it.." Xia's hands gathered a purplish mist

"Oh, did I touch a nerve?" Luther slightly chuckled

"I don't know why I ever loved you.." Xia laughed to herself

"Neither do I, it was an honestly a pointless infatuation" Luther shrugged

"You're right it was pointless to ever be in love with someone as heartless as you! But it doesn't matter anymore...the girl that loved you before, died, so...right now...I'm what's left of her broken heart" Xia gritted her teeth and her eyes maliciously looked at Luther's smug face

"Should I be scared?" Luther sarcastically asked with a wider smile as he noticed the fierce look in her eyes

"What could possibly scare someone like you?" She asked

"Nothing has able to so far, but for things that possibly could, you surely don't make it on the list" He responded

"I'm not here to scare you or fight.." Xia tried to calm herself down....if his condescending responses continued she would've killed him on the spot before she even realized it...but she wasn't going to kill him just yet..

"Then what are you even here for?" He asked, slowly losing interest in the conversation

"Give up your status as the crown prince of Fresia, and destroy your prowess core.." Xia smirked

"And if I don't?" He smirked back

"You'll do it if you want to keep Inanna alive.." Xia said

"Inanna? She was sent back to the Hollow's castle by her father because she gravely angered him.." Luther fabricated a story to reduce any chances of Xia being suspicious of Ivery's 'predicament' being faked

"Our engagement was thankfully annulled in the process, imagine if people knew that I was engaged to a resident of the Hollow's Castle, it would sully my image" Luther sighed

"You didn't really love her?" Xia asked

"Of course not, I only pretended to be interested in her because the marriage and engagement was beneficial to both of our countries and future family lines, but now that she's going to be executed at the age of eighteen, having such a union would be pointless to each of our countries" Luther stated

"You really had me fooled..." Xia laughed

"I can't believe I thought you actually loved her, how could someone like you ever love anyone else but yourself!" Xia was hysterical

"So overall you've threatened me with a useless person, so I'll ask again, what happens if I don't comply with what you've so rudely demanded?" Luther asked as he stopped listening to her babbling

"Okay, I'll use someone that you definitely hold dear" Xia thought hard

"And that is?" Luther questioned

"Your lovely mother" Xia clapped her hands together and smiled

"You truly believe you could kill my mother?" Luther held back his laughter

"You don't know what I'm capable of doing now" Xia glared at Luther

"I don't have to know what you're capable of doing, you'll never be able to lay a finger on my mother with those playground powers you were given" Luther laughed, not being able to hold it in any longer

"What!?" Xia clutched her hands into fists

"I know all about the dark God that pitied you, the God that favors me told me about the dark God and her connection with you, also, did you not know that implanted powers from dark Gods slowly kills you every time you use the borrowed power?" Luther's lips curved into a sinister smile as he used the information Hades gave him earlier to his advantage

"....." Xia didn't know how to respond to that....but she already knew that she traded her life in exchange for this power...

"It slowly drains your life force and the dark God feeds on that, dark power comes with a price, but the power you've temporarily obtained from a low ranked dark God isn't nearly enough to kill my mother, your threats are becoming duller and duller" Luther stood up from his chair

"Where do you think you're going!?" Xia shouted

"We're done with this conversation, you've long lost your leverage against me," Luther said

"Don't come back, I won't be here anyway...." Luther told her

"Where are you going to be?" She asked

"That's none of your concern" Luther raised his hand and threw a black mist ball in Xia's direction

Xia raised her hands and purple mist flowed out of her hands and formed a shield in front of her.

The black mist ball went straight through her mist shield..

She still wasn't strong enough to go against him?!

Xia closed her eyes and was expecting to feel intense pain...

But the pain never came...


Xia opened her eyes and her eyes widened...

"Eos..." Xia smiled

"You aren't strong enough to fight him yet...little Xia" Eos stood in front of Xia, absorbing Luther's attack in her body

"I'm assuming you're Eos" Luther looked at the tall woman who was dressed in an all-black, long robe with strange texture he's never seen before

Her appearance bewildered him.

Her long pitch-black hair touched the floor, her pure black eye color gave off the sense of dread and sorrow, a black liquid ran down from her eyes and stained her pale cheeks.

Her nails were completely black and sharpened. Two curved, long black horns stuck out of her forehead.

Her four black feathered wings drooped down from her back, which appeared to be broken.

"Correct, I am Eos, former Goddess of dawn...current dark God of Resentment," Eos said to Luther

"So dark God's identifications correspond to the reason they became dark Gods?" Luther asked

"Yes..." She nodded
for visiting.

"So...Prince Luther, care to test each other's powers?" Eos smiled, showing her blackened teeth

"I'll have to decline for him..." A deep ominous voice said


"This voice...!" Eos gritted her teeth


A figure cloaked in black floated in front of Luther, the aura of this being gave off a far greater sense of dread than Eos.

"Hades..." Luther looked up at him

"Luther...your powers are definitely strong...but against a dark'll need to transcend of right'd die receiving just one of her attacks..." Hades told Luther as he floated down to the ground

"I see..." Luther understood where Hades was coming from, he wasn't ready to challenge a God yet...


"It is your fault that I'm this way! It is all your fault!" Eos's screams sounded like a banshee's wail...but far more powerful

A powerful wind blew in the room, feeling like an intense storm.

The furniture constantly moved around from the intense pressure of the wind..

The windows shattered, and the chandelier attached to the ceiling instantly crashed down.

Luther had to use a large amount of power in his feet to prevent him from being blown back.

Xia fell back on the floor as she was unable to withstand the pressure of the wind blowing around.

The black cloak Hades wore blew right off, revealing the mysterious appearance underneath.


His long black hair flowed back from the wind, his glowing red eyes with a tint of black seemed as if they were able to set a raging fire.

His face flawless in every way and not one imperfection could be found, he was beautifully structured...such an existence could be considered a sin.

Dressed in full black inner and outer robes made of a strange texture, rustled in the wind.

Four long red curved horns stuck out on the sides of his head..

His four black feathered wings were raised up high, unlike Eos's wings, his were unimaginably beautiful...

A black mist emitted from his being.


"You committed a vile act and you were punished accordingly, if you dare to blame anyone, you should only blame yourself, it is not my fault that you turned out the way that you did, it is your own fault, you knew the rules of the Heavens, but you decided to carry out an act that would have perished all magic, on top of that fact, you wielded and used a forbidden weapon against a Goddess" Hades didn't care for her reasonings, she was the one clearly in the wrong

"I did it for you! All of it!" Eos cried

"No, you did it for yourself" Hades shook his head

"N-No...I..d-did not..." Eos was still weak when faced against him...

"Now...if you still wish to test your powers...test them on me.." Hades snapped his fingers

The wind Eos created suddenly stopped.

"...." Eos slowly backed up

"So...what will it be then?" Hades asked with a grin