The Unwanted Princess Chapter 4

4 Chapter 4: Living With The Ruthless Prince?

"Live with you...?" Ivery looked up at his handsome face

"So, what will your decision be?" Luther calmly asked




"Alright" Ivery felt like she was going to regret this decision, but it's not like she really had much of a choice

"Good" Luther smiled

A giant cloud of black mist surrounded Ivery and Luther and when Ivery looked around she noticed that she was in an enormous elegantly styled room, the room was beautiful, pure silver furniture, the white carpet floors without a trace of any stains, a huge black persian rug that almost covered a large portion of the room.

Ivery felt she was laying on something incredibly soft, she looked down and realized she was on a giant bed, and Luther was on top of her, looking down at her. She didn't want to look him in the eyes, she didn't dare to. She nervously tried to slip away.

"Don't think about escaping me" Luther whispered next to her ear

Her ears burned bright red and her mind was lost as soon as his enchanting voice entered her ears. She accidently looked into his beautiful purple eyes, falling deeper into his spell. Without a sign he leaned down and his warm and tender lips touched hers. Her mind scattered in the air, her heart was racing. Luther just kissed her?! He just took her's and Inanna's first kiss..!

Knowing and witnessing how deadly his kisses can be, her nervousness was deeply mixed with immense fear. He kissed her deeper, Ivery found it hard to breathe out of her nose and she couldn't breathe through her mouth as it was currently occupied at the moment. His hot tongue slithered into her mouth and as his tongue slightly made contact with her's, mind numbing tingles shot up her spine. Are kisses supposed to feel this good?

Parting their lips and pulling his head back, Luther looked down at Ivery's flushed face, a crimson blush painted on her cheeks. She was heavily panting to regulate her breathing, her chest rising and falling. He placed a hand on her cheek and ran his thumb across her reddened lips, he looked into her big ruby eyes and couldn't help but stare into the beautiful gems.

Luther ran his fingers through her light blonde hair, loosening every knot he found. Ivery didn't understand why Luther was treating her so gently all of a sudden...he was scarier than he was earlier...

Ivery pushed Luther down on the bed and his back hit the soft mattress underneath him. Ivery climbed on top of him and looked down at him, her ruby eyes looking straight into his dark purple eyes.

"What are your real intentions?" Ivery asked

"I like it better when you're the one on top" Luther smiled

"Don't evade the question" Ivery tried to hide her blush

"I told you, I'm bored" Luther looked up at Ivery

"You did all of this just because you're bored?" Ivery looked down at Luther

"Yes, so entertain me...Inanna" He smirked

"What do you want me to do..?" Ivery still felt uneasy about him

Ivery gasped she she felt the strange feeling, seeming like a large hand touching her back, Luther's hands were still on the what was this feeling? She was forcefully pushed down by something and her face was inches away from Luther. Her eyes filled with surprise, she finally understood what he wanted, she hesitated but gave in.

Ivery sealed their lips together and kissed him, he immediently reacted and kissed her back deeper. Meanwhile, lost in her thoughts, Ivery still didn't know why he brought her here and why he wanted to kiss her like this...she still didn't understand what he meant by 'live with me', she was even more confused as to why he decided to go to the Hollow's Castle of all places, to relieve his boredom.

The last thing she wanted to do right now was kiss him, mainly because he basically sucked the life out of one of those maids just by kissing her. But she was in no position to refuse him, so she just begged the gods in this world to grant her the luck she needs to survive her current ordeal.

Luther broke the kiss to say "I'm not going to kill you, if that's what you're worrying about"

"Then why are we doing this...?" Ivery's cheeks burned with a dark red, she couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes

"Because I want you" Luther rubbed her lips with his thumb

"What..? Why me?" Ivery almost had no words, out of all the girls in the world he could choose from, he wanted a castaway princess from an abandoned castle?

"I want a fiance that has magic that could fairly match my own, I don't tolerate the weak, and so far you're the only girl who's able to meet most of my qualifications"

"But, I was sent to the Hollow's Castle because I don't have any magical abilities..." Ivery wanted to get out of this situation as fast as she could

"You dare lie to me when I saw you use magic with my own eyes?" Luther coldly glared at her

"Okay, so what if I am able to use magic? I'm not nearly as experienced with it as you are and my other siblings " Ivery glared back at him

"It doesn't change the fact that your magical prowess far exceeds everyone in the Lilith Kingdom" Luther said

"But I'm still confused as to why you want me, aren't you engaged to my sister? Princess Xia?" Ivery looked into his eyes

"It's just a political arrangement that I didn't agree to, and even if I do marry that worthless child of a concubine, she's not even equivalent to a grain of sand" Luther scoffed

"But at least she's a titled princess, what good can come from being engaged to a castaway?" Ivery sighed

"Regardless of your title, you still have royal blood, meaning you are more than qualified to be my wife" Luther smiled at Ivery

"If title matters so much to you then even if you're not a recognized princess of the Lilith Kingdom, you'll become a princess of Fresia once we are married" Luther rubbed her head

Ivery thought it over and came to the conclusion that maybe this is the path she needs to go down if she wants to change Princess Inanna's fate. But regardless she wasn't going to turn down Prince Luther, all she had to do was live with him and marry him, she'd have to be on the edge of insanity if she refused a handsome prince that wanted her hand in marriage.

"If I do agree to this, you absolutely can't kill me" Ivery said

"I was never planning on killing you" Luther laughed

"Phew, okay good.." Ivery breathed a sigh of relief, she avoided death's door...for now

"Now that it's settled, how about we get you cleaned up, you have to look presentable if you're going to be my wife" Luther's eyes looked at her matted blonde hair

"Alright" Ivery nodded



"Are you planning to sit on me all day or are you going to get up" Luther smiled

"Oh sorry!" Ivery felt so embarrassed, she got too carried away earlier, some reason her awareness ceases to exist when she's around him, her awareness was so depleted that she had the audacity to sit on the Crown Prince!

Ivery slowly got off of Luther and sat on the bed. She watched Luther get up and leave the room and as soon as he exited the room, it felt cold and empty. With a room this enormous and only occupied by one person, you'd definitely feel lonely.

Ivery turned her head when the doors opened and three maids walked in the room. Ivery noticed the terrified look on their faces, she figured Luther ordered them to come, and probably threatened their lives while he was at it.

The maids grabbed Ivery and took her out of the room. They all hastily walked down the endless halls and brought Ivery into a private bathing area, for a bathing area, it was tremendously huge. The ceiling was higher than anything she could've imagined, and the bath seeming like a over extended pool, the steam that was being emitted from the hot water covered the entire room.

The maids requested her to take off her clothing and get into the water. She did exactly as they requested and took off her dirty white dress. She cautiously stepped into the hot water and sat down. She felt pleasurably relaxed and closed her eyes. Suddenly she felt her hair being grabbed and felt it being brushed, the brush got stuck at some knots in her hair and the maids forcefully brushed through it, causing much pain to Ivery.

Flinching at the painful detangling of her hair, the maids then lathered her hair with soap and massaged it into her scalp. Bubbles were everywhere, the maid took a medium sized wooden bucket and dipped it in the water, then the maid poured the water over Ivery's head, washing all of the bubbles away.

The maid brushed through her hair again and this time the brush went through easily, the maid poured some oil's into Ivery's hair and massaged it into her scalp. The maid grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off Ivery's split ends.

The maids directed Ivery to sit on a stool, Ivery did as requested and sat down. They scrubbed her body down and made sure that every single part of her body was cleaned off. Her skin felt smooth to the touch. The second maid washed Ivery's face and rubbed some sort of cream on her face. They wrapped a towel around Ivery's wet hair and wrapped a towel around her body and took her to a dressing room near the bathing area.

Ivery dried herself until the maids came back with a beautiful burgundy dress, the floral designs on the dress made it look more elegant and pleasing to the eye.

"Oh my god!" Ivery shouted as the maids squeezed Ivery in a corset

This was her first time wearing a corset and she hoped it would be her last. The corset was so tight she could've sworn her ribcage was about to break. They put the dress on Ivery and fixed her hair. Ivery sat down and let them put a shiny pair of red heels on her feet.

Ivery tried to stand up in the heels but she had no experience wearing them, in her world all she wore were boots and sneakers. The maids helped her walk as they led her out of the dressing room, they took her back to Luther's bedroom and left her in the vacant room.

She aimlessly walked around the room, trying to get used to the heels. She stumbled when she tried her best to walk straight and fell backwards. Her life flashed before her eyes as she lost her footing, but suddenly she felt a strong pair of hands grab her before her head hit the floor. She looked up and saw..


"What were you doing?" Luther raised an eyebrow

"Walking around..." Ivery nervously chuckled

"Can you stand?" Luther asked

"Yes" Ivery got out of Luther's hold and turned around to face him

Luther scanned her and nodded his head in approval. He stepped forward and pulled her closer to him, he ran his fingers straight through her straight silky hair. She looked up at him and without warning he pressed his lips against hers.

He kissed her again!?