The Unwanted Princess Chapter 40

42 Chapter 40: A Loving Maid?


Ivery laid on her bed and looked up at the white ceiling above her.

She was at a loss, she didn't know what to do. Her list of things to do felt endless.

She had to watch out for herself as the maids in the Hollow's castle are despicable and callous, she had to make sure the children weren't being treated too unfairly and had to sneak another barrel of food in for the children so they could have a decent lunch.

She even had her own personal problems to deal with...which was the reason she was sent back to live in the Hollow's castle.

But one of the top highlighted problems on her list were to free the children that were locked up and tortured in the basement of this damned place..

"Loki...what should I do.." Ivery poked Loki who was curled in a ball beside her on the bed

"I'm sleeping," Loki said

"Then wake up." Ivery continued to poke his back

"What? What do you want?" Loki sat up and hissed, his eyes looked at her with immense frustration

"What I want is some helpful advice on the situation I'm in," Ivery responded

"Advice?" Loki narrowed his eyes

"Yes." Ivery nodded

"No." Loki laid back down on the bed

"What? Why!?" Ivery poked him again

"This is all your fault, so you fix it, I'm too tired." Loki yawned

"How is this all my fault?" She asked

"How is it not? You made an enemy out of Xia by taking everything she ever wanted and had, her status, her fiance, her, it was exposed that Xia was never a Castiell at your birthday party, and her mother was killed because she insulted the ice blocks mother...but that's because she confronted you and the ice block stepped in, she had her hand severed, and her eyes gouged out and her tongue ripped out by the man she loved the most, and in the end she was thrown in a dirty jail cell to spend the rest of her miserable life in." Loki said

"I thought we already established this." Loki licked his paw

"No, that all happened because of her undying jealousy and stubbornness, if she didn't continue trying to threaten me and start one-sided fights then she still would've been treated like a princess, and still oblivious to the truth about her and her mother's origins, and things wouldn't have turned out the way that they did if she just let everything be." Ivery told him

"Eh, make a fair point there, but aren't truly a princess either." Loki turned his head and smirked

"Ha, that's where you're wrong, this is officially my body, since Hecate merged my original body with this one, and Inanna was reincarnated all those years ago, so that means this body wasn't her's anymore when my soul entered it-.....wait a minute.." Ivery stopped and thought about it

"If Inanna's soul was reincarnated..wouldn't that mean she restarted her life cycle as an infant?" Ivery asked

"Obviously, that's what reincarnation is." Loki said

"Then that means when Inanna's body was born, it never had a soul the second time.." Ivery stroked her chin

"So...for thirteen years....that body was soulless...basically a walking doll...?" Loki sat up and his eyes displayed a tiny trace of shock

"Yes.." Ivery nodded

"Beatrice and this body are also the same it adds up.." Ivery said

"I never thought about it...but now it makes would be impossible for Inanna's soul to be in two bodies...and since she was reincarnated at the same time of Inanna's birth, then Inanna's body never had a soul again after Hecate rewound this world's time when Inanna's death took place." Loki concluded

"And my original body was soulless too, since my soul wasn't in it..." Ivery said

" that means this body was technically no one's when my soul was put into it." Ivery smirked

"I suppose so..." Loki shrugged

"It doesn't matter who I was before....that me is gone...I've officially thrown away my past and everyone in it, so right now, this is my life." Ivery smiled

"Oh yeah, I've been old would you have been if you were still in your original body?" Loki asked

"How old..? Since it's been four years...I would've been twenty years old." Ivery responded to his question

"So you're technically older than that ice block?" Loki grinned

"Well...who's to say our souls haven't been reincarnated before?" Ivery closed her eyes

"I'm sure your souls have been reincarnated before, maybe even a hundred times for all you know." Loki shrugged with a wide grin

"Maybe..." Ivery drifted off

"Ivery?" Loki looked at her


"So much for that advice you wanted..." Loki sighed

"Good night then..." He smiled as he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes






"Now...if you still wish to test your powers...test them on me.." Hades snapped his fingers

The wind Eos created suddenly stopped.

"...." Eos slowly backed up

"So...what will it be then?" Hades asked with a grin

"You...know I can't use my powers against you..." Eos gritted her teeth

"Oh? Why not at least try though? You seemed so eager to display your abilities, is there something unfair with having an equally matched opponent?" Hades smiled

"Or maybe there's something unfair with having a much stronger being than yourself be your opponent?" His lips curved into a sinister smirk

"L-Let's go...little Xia..." Eos's voice trembled

"Leaving so soon?" Hades crossed his arms

"You've won...just as you always have...but don't think you can buy time for that boy forever, his and his fiance's death is in due time..." Eos laughed

A cloud of ashy gray smoke surrounded Eos and Xia until they completely vanished in it.


"Are you alright, Luther?" Hades turned around and looked at Luther

"I'm fine." Luther responded

"I apologize for having you be involved with our problems, now your life and Ivery's life is in possible danger." Hades expression displayed a slight trace of sadness

"No, I appreciate your help, if not for you...I would've been living an undeniably pitiful life, so if I can help you and Goddess Hecate deal with this will be my greatest honor." Luther smiled

"Thank you, Hecate and I will immediately finish the plan to resolve'll take a lot of time...but I can assure it will be done, so we'll share the plan with the two of you soon...since you both will be vital to making this plan work." Hades sternly looked at Luther

"I'll be waiting." Luther nodded

"I won't be far.." Hades smiled before his figure slowly faded away


"I know..." Luther said with a slight grin







Ivery and Loki slept peacefully in bed.


The room door slowly opened, and the click-clacking sounds of heels making contact with the wooden floor could be heard as someone made their way into the room.

Loki's ears twitched and his eyes slightly opened.

He lifted his head up and his eyes saw an oddly familiar sight as his eyes adjusted to the dark and the moonlight shone brightly on the figure...but he didn't understand why this person seemed so familiar to him....even the aura seemed familiar...

Loki couldn't fully tell since his senses and powers are dulled after he wakes up...

A beautiful maid entered Ivery's room with a full tea set being balanced on one hand, the whole tray and everything on it was completely was so unmoving that it seemed as if it could be glued to the tray....this maids balance and posture was just that outstanding.

The maid single-handedly put the tea set on the dresser beside Ivery's bed.



Ivery's eyes open as she was awakened by the noise and slowly sat up.

She saw the beautiful maidoddly dressed in black linen pants..unlike the other maids that wore black and white dresses.

The maid sat down on Ivery's bed right beside Ivery and silently smiled at her.

Ivery sighs.

"What are you doing?" Ivery asks

"Delivering your tea." The maid smiled

"I can see that, but why are you bringing it to me like this.....?" Ivery crossed her arms

"It was the easiest way to bring it to you." The maid said as she ran her fingers slowly through Ivery's silky, light blonde hair

The maid suddenly leaned in to kiss Ivery's forehead.


"Stop that, this is weird" Ivery blushed as she lightly pushed the maid away.

"How mean..." The maid frowned as she flipped back her long, silky, black hair behind her shoulder

"Is this fun to you?" Ivery blushed harder and slightly smirked

"Very." The maid's purple eyes were illuminated in the darkness of the room, shimmering brightly from the moonlight...enchanting Ivery with every glimmer she saw in those beautiful eyes

It was as if she was slowly yet quickly being trapped in a spell.

"I just want to take care of you." The maid whispered in Ivery's ear

"It's unnecessary to take care of me this way." Ivery's ears turned red






"Luther, stop playing around," Ivery said bluntly with a serious stare

"Fine." Luther shrugged

A cloud of black mist coiled around Luther and he soon retook the form of his eight-year-old male appearance, losing the tall feminine build and maid outfit he had.

"But, you do make a pretty woman." Ivery said with a laugh

"I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult." Luther smirked as he held back a laugh

"But if you're into that sort of thing then I can take the appearance of a little girl instead." He deviously looked at Ivery

"No, no, please refrain from changing your gender and remain your original gender from now on." Ivery quickly shook her head
for visiting.

"Alright." He chuckled

Loki's eyes were in a state of complete shock.

That maid....was the ice block!?


"So...what happened?" Ivery asked him

"I received the visit, and it was just as you said, Xia came to converse." Luther sat on the chair beside Ivery's bed with his long legs crossed as he watched Ivery drink her tea that contained the reversal medicine

"And then...?" Ivery further asked

"And then...I met that fallen God, Eos." Luther said

"Y-You what?" Ivery almost choked on her tea