The Unwanted Princess Chapter 42

44 Chapter 42: A Walk Outside


"We have child twenty-nine." The maids held a dark blonde haired boy with hair that touched his shoulders by his arm

His dark brown eyes looked at the maids furiously, he obviously was confused and angered as to why he was forcefully brought upstairs.

"Well, that's just great.." Ivery brought her hands up to her face

"Now boy, tell them what you saw." The injured maid looked at him with desperate eyes

"What I saw? What exactly are you talking about?" The boy asked as he pulled his arm out of the maid's hand

"That girl over there, you witnessed her do this to me..." The injured maid pointed at her face

"...." The boy looked at Ivery and smirked

"I did in fact see what happened to you.." The boy nodded

"Tell them, so that this girl can receive her punishment!" The maid pointed at Ivery


"She tripped and fell face-first into that wall looked like it hurt pretty bad..." The boy told the maids

"...." Ivery was shocked by his response

"What!?" The injured maid was disbelieved

"What a waste of time..." A maid sighed as she walked down the stairs

The other maids scorned the injured maid and followed the first maid down the stairs.



"Why would you lie!? You insolent child!" The maid raised her hand with her swollen face contorted in anger, intending to slap him

"Why could I not? You hit me, and you want to hit me I'd never help out someone like you, even though I don't trust the guilty person...I'd rather be on her side than yours." The boy slapped her hand away before she hit him

"Y-You..!" She gritted her teeth

"You'll both be going to the basement for this! I'll make sure of that!" The maid angrily walked down the stairs


"And don't mistake what I said as if I was helping you, I still don't like or trust you...but I hate these maids the most." The boy said to Ivery

"Brat..." Luther crossed his arms

"Let's just go back to the room.." Ivery didn't regret helping the boy...but he was just too skeptical to be grateful, so she couldn't help but feel irritated by him


"I'm sick of being in here all dayeveryday" Ivery laid on the bed next to Luther

"We're not doing anything by just staying in hereand I can't do anything related to saving the children here yet" Ivery sighed

"Then what do you propose we do then?" Luther asked

"Outside" Ivery's eyes lit up

"Outside?" Luther sat up and looked at her

"Let's go outside.." Ivery said with a smile

Ivery got out of bed and walked over to the window. She quickly opened the window.

"Why are we going out of the window?" He asked

"I've always wanted to do something like this in my original life.." Ivery put her foot on the ledge of the window seal

"Jump out of a window?" Luther didn't understand but he smiled anyways

"No, sneak out of the house.." Ivery leaped out

Luther shrugged and jumped out of the window after her.


Ivery and Luther jumped down from the third floor of the castle.

They both landed on the ground.
for visiting.

"Hmm" Ivery already knew that she wouldn't sustain any injuries after jumping from such a height

"Nowwhere to go.." Ivery looked around

"Are you sure we should be leaving the castle?" Luther asked, unsure about what would happen if they were possibly discovered by Eos

"It's fine, she can only find us unless Xia's with her." Ivery said

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Eos can't track us thanks to Hecate and Hades if you hadn't noticed, but that still doesn't erase the danger we face" Ivery explained

"The only problem is.they both already know where I'm going to be" Ivery said

"And that's in there.." Ivery pointed at the castle

"I see" Luther thought about it and it made sense

"But being outside won't be a problem.." She smiled

Luther noddedbut regardless, Eos is still a god, her abilities are unknown but it is certain that she can sense and track down anyone she sets her targets on..

If Eos and Xia found out that he was still with Ivery.that would be a difficult situation to get out ofand that puts Beatrice at riskand Beatrice getting hurt is the last thing Ivery wants.

Luther needed to ask Hades for a requestif it was possible..


Ivery walked into the surrounding forest by the Hollow's Castle. She walked further into the forest and looked around. Her eyes glowed and her vision range expanded immensely.

"I see a town not too far from here." Ivery turned around and looked at Luther who was walking towards her

"Alright." Luther nodded

Ivery set the power in her feet to fifty percent. She instantly took off in a flash, leaving dirt flying in her trails.

Luther smirked and immediately followed her with the same speed if not faster.


Within a few minutes, they reached the town that was miles away. Ivery smiled at the wonderful sight of bustling people all around her.

"It's so lively hereunlike that place." Ivery said to Luther

"Indeed it is." He agreed

"I wish the other children could see this." Ivery's smile slowly faded

"One day.they will." Luther said

"One day" Ivery felt even more determined to free the Hollow's castle childrenjust so they could enjoy even the smallest things in life

"How about we get some things.." Ivery said

"With what money?" Luther looked at her with confusion

"Money..?" Ivery thought about it

"No problem." Ivery smiled and held her hand out

Five gold bars materialized in her hands.

"DarnI meant to make gold coins.." Ivery sucked her teeth shoved the gold bars in Luther's hands

Luther looked at the gold bars in his hands and was impressed by her power

He could only create certain items, it was a very limited version of hersso his power of creation was nothing like hers..

Ivery held her hand out again and a large sack materialized in her arms.

She peeked inside and smiled as she saw the bag was filled with gold and silver coins.

"That's too much though.." Luther looked at the large bag in her hands

"YeahI'm still having a problem controlling the quantity and size of certain things when I make them." Ivery said with a sigh

"Well, it'll have its use..." Luther shrugged

Ivery noticed a sudden shadow block the sunlight from hitting her.

She looked up and saw two large middle-aged men standing in front of her and Luther. They appeared to be poor commoners, based on their stained, dirtied and ripped clothing.

"What is it that you two kids got there?" One of the men smirked and asked

"What do you want?" Ivery already knew what these guys were after

"No need to get smart kid, hand over all of the money and you won't get hurt." The other man said

"You'd really hurt and steal from two children?" Ivery asked with an angry glare

"Money is money, and we'd do anything for an easy payday." The man smiled

"Disgusting" Ivery's hair started to slowly change color

Luther touched the top of her head, noticing the change.

"Calm down" Luther shook his head and looked at her

She looked at him and slightly nodded.

"I'll teach them a lesson instead.." Luther smirked


The men's eyes stretched wide and they stared in horror as they bared witness to Luther changing in front of them.

"Luther" Ivery looked up at him as she saw him take his original appearance

"W-What type of magic!? Sorcery?" The men slowly backed away

"Running away so soon? Didn't you want money?" Luther sadistically smiled

Chills ran up their spines.

"Don't try to leave, when you haven't received your punishments" Luther said

"I can'tpunish you the way I want, in such a public place.." Luther sighed

"So how about.." Luther grinned