The Unwanted Princess Chapter 43

45 Chapter 43: A Walk Outside 2


"Running away so soon? Didn't you want money?" Luther sadistically smiled

Chills ran up their spines.

"Don't try to leave, when you haven't received your punishments" Luther said

"I can'tpunish you the way I want, in such a public place.." Luther sighed

"So how about.." Luther grinned

"I do this."

Luther put the gold bars in the bag Ivery held

He held his hand out in front of them.

In his hand laid a medium-sized clear orb.

As soon as the men's eyes made contact with the orb, they both collapsed on the ground.

The orb immediately turned black.

"What is that?" Ivery asked

"Something I recently learned of..." Luther looked at the orb

"It absorbs the souls of those who look at it." Luther told her

"You're looking at it, I'm looking at" Ivery looked at the orb

"Only the souls of who I intend for it to absorb, that's why." Luther laughed

"Oh, so what are you going to do with it?" She asked

"There's no reason to keep something like this." Luther dropped the orb

"...!" Ivery saw the orb drop on the ground

It cracked and rolled by her feet.

"Break it." Luther told her

"Break it?" Ivery looked down at the black orb

"Yes, break it." He nodded

Ivery lifted her foot up and crushed the orb under her foot.

"If the orb is destroyed while containing souls, the bodies slowly die." He explained

"I see..." Ivery looked at the men's bodies that laid on the ground, still breathing but no limb movement

"But the orb is supposed to be unbreakable, well I guess that's only for people other than you and I." Luther said

"Isn't that funny? The only two people that could rival against us is each other." Ivery smiled

"It certainly is." He smiled back


"I'll stay like this, for now, a situation like that is less likely to happen again if someone sees an adult carrying the money with a child, instead of two children carrying money." Luther took the bag filled with money from Ivery's hands

"You're right." She nodded

Ivery looked forward and noticed the people around them casting their glances on the two men on the ground.

But no one at all seemed to care about the two men, they just continued to walked around them. Ivery already knew that this world had a cruel reality, and she also knew that she had to be just as cruel back.

And all of the women that walked by the mens body with no care, saw Luther and they gawked in awe and blushed, giving him their full attention.
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Ivery promised herself once she regained her true age, she swore that she wouldn't be the same girl as she was before...

She decided to use the incident with the flower of youth as an opportunity to be reborn into a different person.

The way she used to go about things was going to change indefinitely. If she's going to be an empress, something is going to have to change.


"There." Ivery pointed at a local town restaurant

"You're hungry?" Luther asked

"Of course, you should've seen the crap they serve at that place, it's absolutely inedible and disgusting." Ivery frowned

"So you've been eating what?" Luther felt worried that she was starving

"I've been having Loki go to the royal castle and sneak food to the Hollow's castle." Ivery said

"Oh." Luther breathed a sigh of relief

"Then let's go." Luther walked towards the restaurant



Ivery and Luther walked into the restaurant.

Ivery looked around and saw all of the rowdy customers seated at the smooth wooden tables around, there was a strong smell of booze lingering around.

Ivery and Luther sat down at a two-seater table.

Five minutes after sitting, a blonde-big chested waitress came over to their table.

Ivery immediately noticed the look in her eyes when all she stared at was Luther.

It was a look of desperate attraction.

"What can I get for you?" She asked Luther

"Nothing, take her order instead." Luther told the waitress without looking at her once

"Are you sure you don't want anything?" She leaned in close to him

"I'm sure." He sighed

She turned her head and looked at Ivery.

"And what is it that you want?" The woman looked at Ivery

"What do you have?" Ivery didn't even know what this place served

"Oh right, here's the list." The woman handed Luther a paper

"What is this?" Luther looked at it

"It's everything that we serve." She said

"Oh I see." Luther read the list of dishes and drinks

Ivery was confused, this their version of menus?

"Since she's small, give her this." Luther pointed at something on the list

"Can't I choose?" Ivery asked

"Most of the things on this list contains too much harsh meat, you wouldn't know what to choose that'll be easier for you to consume." Luther said

"Oh..." Ivery felt like he was right...all of the dishes in this world was still confusing to her

Every time she was served food in the royal castle, she was always told what the dish was called...but the names of the foods were so fancy and strange that she didn't even know what it was until they revealed the food in front of her.

"Although if you want, you can take a look at it if you'd like and choose what you'd like for yourself instead." Luther handed her the list

"I don't think a child as young as her would understand those words..." The woman told Luther

"She's more mature than you think." Luther said

"....." Ivery looked at the contents on the list

"I'll just have what he chose for me..." Ivery felt defeated...she didn't know what any of the dishes on the list even were

She's been in this world for four years and she still didn't know the different food terms of this world was...

"I'll be back with the food." The woman gave Luther one last look before she walked off

"Did you not understand the list?" Luther asked

"I'm still learning the basics of this world, even when it comes to food." Ivery crossed her arms

"I understand, that's'll get used to it someday." He smiled


Several minutes of waiting, Ivery's food was finally delivered to the table..

It was a plate of two baked chicken legs and a fairly portioned salad beside it.

"And this is for you." The woman sat a large beer in front of Luther

"I didn't order this, you have the wrong table." Luther slid the beer over

"It's on the house." She said

"Fine, you can go.." Luther nodded

"Enjoy.." She smiled and walked away

Ivery began eating her food and Luther casually drank the beer as he watched her.


Luther started to feel dizzy...he drunk the beer to the middle of the cup...he didn't understand why he was feeling this way...

He rarely ever gets

"Luther?" Ivery noticed he wasn't looking too well

"...." Ivery's voice sounded so close yet so distant to him


"Oh dear don't look so well.." The waitress came to the table and looked at Luther

"How about I take you to rest in one of our rooms." She helped him stand up

"Wait, where are you taking him?" Ivery stood up

The woman didn't respond to Ivery and continued to walk Luther somewhere, who was obviously confused and unsteady..

Loki appeared next to Ivery.

"Ivery...I don't think I have to tell you this but...her intentions..." Loki felt disgusted

"She drugged his beer...didn't she?" Ivery asked

"Yes." He nodded

"You can't be surprised that something like this happened, with the ice blocks handsomely 'unparalleled' looks, he's going to attract a lot of unwanted attention, even this kind of attention from people like her that probably does things like this often...but it's up to you to negate that attention." Loki said

"She drugged him with something that'll make him unaware of what's happening as well as confused about what's he's extremely vulnerable." Loki explained

"I know." Ivery grabbed the money bag Luther left behind and followed where she took him

Nothing but conflict has happened today so far....all she wanted was to enjoy a carefree day with Luther...but that couldn't even happen...

Their lives were nothing but conflict...and that was something she just had to get used to when being an infinite attribute holder, a princess, future empress, and the fiance of the infamous crown prince of Fresia....


Ivery walked up the stairs and she saw several doors...

Her eyes glowed and she instantly saw through all of the walls.

"There!" Ivery ran down to the last room door.

She twisted the doorknob and it was locked.

She pulled the doorknob off and threw it on the ground, she pushed the room door in.

She saw the woman look at her with shock as she saw Luther unconscious on the bed.

"How did you get in here?" The woman asked

"Give him back." Ivery's eyes were flowing with anger

"Your father just needs some rest, he'll be back downstairs in a bit...just wait a bit okay?" The woman smiled at Ivery...obviously trying to get rid of her

"I said give him back!" Ivery's body sparked

"Ivery..." Luther opened his eyes...his vision was slightly blurred

"What the hell?" The woman backed up when she saw the unbelievable sight

Ivery's body was covered in what looked like electricity and she quickly grew in size, the black dress and shoes that Luther created for her expanded as her height and body size grew.

Ivery stretched her arms out forward and smiled as her body grew.

"He's not my father..." The golden electricity around Ivery's body died down

Ivery walked close to the woman.

Ivery grabbed the woman's neck and looked her in the eyes.

"He's my fiance."