The Unwanted Princess Chapter 44

46 Chapter 44: Another Punishmen


"What the hell?" The woman backed up when she saw the unbelievable sight

Ivery's body was covered in what looked like electricity and she quickly grew in size, the black dress and shoes that Luther created for her expanded as her height and body size grew.

Ivery stretched her arms out forward and smiled as her body grew.

"He's not my father..." The golden electricity around Ivery's body died down

Ivery walked close to the woman.

Ivery grabbed the woman's neck and looked her in the eyes.

"He's my fiance."

"Let go of me!" The woman grabbed Ivery's wrist and tried to pull her hand off of her neck

"You think that'll work?" Ivery tightened her grip around the woman's neck

Ivery noticed the woman was choking as her grip got tighter.

"I'm barely using any strength.." Ivery pushed the woman back and up against the window behind her, with her hand still tightly wrapped around her neck

"How many times have you done this to men?" Ivery pushed her harder against the window

The window cracked.

"I-I c-can't breathe...!" The woman scratched Ivery

"Did you think this time you'd get away with it?" Ivery was infuriated, her red eyes glowed

Her light blonde hair slowly turned red, spreading from her roots to the ends of her hair.

"!" The woman looked at Ivery in terror

"You're not answering my questions..." Ivery pushed the woman harder against the cracking glass and the window shattered, Ivery let go of the woman's neck as she fell backward

"Be lucky that falling from that height would barely be enough to kill you." Ivery looked down out of the broken window and saw the woman covered in small cuts slowly sit up

"Ah!" The woman held her leg and looked as if she was in pain

Ivery looked closer and saw that her ankle was visibly broken.

"That's too bad." Ivery smiled and turned away

Ivery was unsatisfied, she wanted to do more...she wanted to make her completely regret doing what she did and was going to do to Luther...

Ivery turned her head and looked at Luther who was trying to look at her...but his vision was still off.

Ivery walked closer to him and reached out to touch him.

"W-Who...are you?" Luther grabbed her wrist

"It's me.." Ivery smiled

"Ivery.." Luther smiled as he recognized her voice

Luther yanked her arm and pulled her on top of him.

"Luther?" Ivery was taken by surprise

He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tight.

"Don't leave me..." Luther lowly said in her ear

"I won't.." Ivery looked at him

Her eyes widened and her heart shriveled up when she saw tears running down his eyes.

"Oh.." Ivery frowned and wiped his tears away

Seeing him cry like that...made her want to cry. She wondered what he was thinking about, was he worried about her leaving him? Or did it have a deeper meaning...

Was he afraid that she was going to die?

"Luther." Ivery patted his cheeks

"Hmm..." He flinched

"We...we have to go, okay?" Ivery tried to get off of him but his hold was too tight

"Don't...leave me.." Luther held her tighter

"I'm not, I'm right here." Ivery stroked the top of his head gently

"...." Ivery was at a loss of what to do

The sounds of the woman outside yelling in pain wasn't helping her think.

"Loki." Ivery said out

"Yes?" Loki appeared beside her

"Is there a way to get rid of the drug's effects on him?" She asked

"There is." He nodded

"What is it?" She looked at him

"Give him this." Loki extended his paw

Ivery looked at what he had and noticed a small yellow pill.

"What is that?" She looked at it in confusion

"A god tier healing pill." Loki said

"God tier..healing pill..?" Ivery broke her arms free from Luther's tight hold and took the pill from Loki

"A pill beyond the mortal realm, only available to gods, it's capable of healing anyone of any ailment, injury, and it'll effortlessly overpower the human drug used on him." Loki said

"He can't take it like this.." Ivery saw that he dozed off

"Give it to him another way." Loki shrugged

"Another way..?" Ivery looked at the pill and figured out how to give it to him

In her left hand materialized a small glass of water, she put the pill in her mouth, sipped the water and pressed her lips against his.
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She inserted the pill in his mouth, the water helped push it down. He gulped as it went down his throat.

Luther's eyes opened wide.

Ivery pulled away and saw him looking into her eyes.

"Ivery? You..your body..? How...?" Luther noticed she had regained her seventeen-year-old appearance

"I...I don't know, I was angry, and this happened.." She held his face

"Angry? Why...what happened?" He asked

"The beer you had...the woman that served us drugged it.." Ivery told him

"What?" Luther sat up and released Ivery from his tight hold

"Your beer was drugged...she tried to..." Ivery looked down and didn't want to say it

Luther understood what she meant and he felt disgusted.

"Erebus!" Luther angrily said out

"What?" Erebus appeared beside Luther

"Why didn't you tell me something was off about the beer?" Luther asked

"What beer?" He licked his paw

"What were you doing this whole time?" Luther asked

"Sleeping." Erebus stretched

Luther sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Where is she?" Luther asked Ivery

"Out there." Ivery pointed at the window

Luther looked over and saw the broken window.

"What happened?" Luther stood up and walked over to the window

"I kind of pushed her out of it." Ivery said with a smile

"Kind of?" Luther looked down and saw the woman crying in agony

"What do you want to do with her?" Ivery asked

"What do I want to do? You know what I'm going to do.." Luther's eyes flashed with murderous intent

"Kill her." Ivery said

"Of course, she's not going to get off easy from this..." Luther smirked

"At least you're feeling better." Ivery smiled

"I'm feeling more than better..." Luther felt energized and felt like his strength was heightened

"'s time for another punishment of the day." Luther's body disappeared into a black mist

"As usual.." Ivery chuckled to herself