The Unwanted Princess Chapter 46

48 Chapter 46: Lets Start Over


"Close your eyes." Luther said

"Why..?" Ivery smiled

"Just close them for me." Luther kissed her forehead

"Okay, okay." Ivery covered her eyes with her hands

She could hear him walking on what sounded like dried leaves..

As she breathed, she could smell the fresh scent of grass and....water..?

"You can open your eyes.." Luther said

"...." Ivery slowly took her hands off of her eyes

"" Ivery's eyes glistened

"It' beautiful.." Ivery was enchanted by the sight

"I know." Luther smiled

Ivery looked around in excitement, the tall great oak trees all around perfectly accentuated the waterfall in front of her. The bright sun above, ever so beautifully reflected it's rays of light in the water, making it shimmer.

The gentle chirps of birds was so close yet sounded distant. The ankle tall moist grass tickled her skin as she slowly walked closer to the waterfall.

"When did you find this place?" Ivery was mesmerized


"Luther?" Ivery turned around

"Oh my god!" She covered her mouth and her eyes lit up




She saw Luther down on one knee, with a small black box in his hand.

"I...wanted to wait until everything was dealt with...before doing this but..I feel right now is the best time to do this, because there is no complete certainty that I'll have the chance to do this once we cross paths with Eos and Xia for good..." Luther opened the box

Inside of the box was a gorgeous golden ring with a big red and purple mixed tinted diamond.

"Four years ago, I asked you to marry me for wrong reasons...I've taken time to reflect on that and I want to do it right this time, I want to start over, I want this to be our true beginning." Luther smiled

Ivery's eyes watered, she lifted up her hand and wiped her tearing eyes.

"I've learned that this is how men propose to women in your original world, with the bestowal of a ring as proof of our engagement, and I now properly and full-heartedly ask for your hand in marriage, not as your fiance politically, but a serious, romantic engagement." Luther took the ring out of the box and waited for her response

"You already..know my answer.." Ivery blushed while fanning her eyes, trying to blink back her tears

"I want to hear it clearly and directly from you." He shook his head

"...." Ivery looked at him

"Yes! Of course, yes!" She dropped down on her knees and hugged him

She squeezed him tight and let her tears flow freely.

"I'm glad." He widely smiled

"Here." Luther removed her arms from around him

He took her hand and slipped the ring on her ring finger, it was a perfect fit.

She admired the ring with a stupidly big smile and put her hand in the sunlight, the diamond immediately sparkled upon contact with the bright rays of light.

"You're happy." Luther laughed

"Of course I am, at this very moment...I feel like everything else and nobody else matters but you.." She placed her hands on both of his cheeks and pulled him in closer to her

She connected their lips together and the feeling they were both currently feeling was dramatically heightened once their lips touched.

"It's so hard to fully express with words about how I feel about you.." Luther slightly pulled back to say

"I'm sure it's supposed to be that way.." Ivery softly chuckled

"Is it..? I'm still so..confused about these things..but the one thing I completely understand is why I feel the way I do for you." He ran his fingers through her hair, admiring every single strand

"The truth is...I'm afraid.." Luther looked into her eyes

"Of what?" She looked concerned

"Losing you." Luther admitted

"Why would you be afraid of that." She asked with a consoling smile, she grabbed his hand to hold it

"What if you come in contact with Eos..and Hecate doesn't make it in time...I was already told that if Eos uses something that could destroy your soul, you'll be gone for matter how well your body is healed." Luther looked down

"Luther.." Ivery squeezed his hand

"I'm also very worried for you too, I'm not the only one in danger here...Eos is seeking to kill both of us out of revenge because of what happened between her, Hecate and Hades...but regardless, you can be hurt in the same way...and I don't know what I'd do...if." Ivery's expression saddened

"I know." He looked up and pulled her closer to him

"I'd spiral down too far if anything happened to you...I might possibly even be a threat to the world itself...and I wouldn't even mind if Hades killed me for being a potential threat to his and Hecate's world." He said

"You'd literally destroy this world because of my death?" Ivery asked

"A world without you, isn't a world for me at all." Luther squeezed her hand back

"You know, we shouldn't be wrapping our whole lives around each's already proving to be dangerous." Ivery said with a smirk

"I know...but it's hard not to." He chuckled
for visiting.

"Yeah..." She nodded

"But for right now, let's start over...let this be proof." Luther lifted her left hand

Ivery's eyes were glued to the ring on her finger, she smiled at the sight of it...her anxious heart calming down.

"The way we started wasn't ideal but this is the least I could do to make up for it.." Their fingers interlocked

"Well...thank you." She rested her head on his chest, she could feel his heart beating fast

"Don't thank me, it's always a pleasure." He kissed the top of her head

"Can we stay like this for a while...before we go back.." Ivery asked

"Of course, we can stay here as long as you'd like.." He smiled

"I love you..." Ivery lowly said as she closed her eyes

"I love you too." He smiled wider