The Unwanted Princess Chapter 48

50 Chapter 48: Were Done Here 2


"Thisisn't goodher vital organs are slowing down" Loki scanned Ivery's body

"At this rateshe's going to dieagain." Loki told Luther

"No" Luther felt like he failed her

"Is there anything I can do?!" Luther desperately asked

"H-Hecate will revive herso maybe we canlet herdie?" Loki hated to say it but he was out of options

Luther furiously looked at Loki and that glare alone sent shiver's across Loki's entire being..

"I don't want to let her die again" Luther gently laid her down on the floor

"You're going to try to heal her? I don't think it'll work since it's not an injury, illness or disease." Loki shook his head

"I have to try something!" Luther's hands glowed with a green light and hovered over her body

"I could've given her the God tier healing pillbut." Loki sighed

"God tier healing pill? Do you have that? Give it to her!" Luther shouted

"We used the only one I had on you" Loki told him

".." Luther looked saddened once he heard that

Luther was conflictedcould he really let her die..?

"Hecate!" Luther looked up

"I know you're busy...but..Ivery's dying..!" Luther shouted


"What happened?" Hecate's glowing figure appeared

"A medicine overdose.." Luther said as he looked down at Ivery who was gasping harsher

"I see...." Hecate looked down at Ivery

"She has suffered so much...sometimes..fate can be so cruel.." She frowned

"Fate..?" Luther looked up at Hecate

"Yes...fate can be a blessing and yet a curse...for you is both." Hecate floated down and her feet touched the floor

Hecate kneeled down and pressed her finger on Ivery's forehead.

Under her fingertip, a light glow spread and covered Ivery's body.

As the light covering Ivery's body faded away, her eyes opened.

"Ivery..." Luther smiled

"Hecate? Luther?" Ivery sat up, confused about where she was and why the two of them was in front of her

"While you both are fated to be together and greatly rule are both also fated to go through perilous situations....with great power comes a price, impending danger will always follow you....almost as if it's attracted to the both of you and won't stop until both of you are dead or one of you is left miserable for the rest of their life." Hecate said

"The fact that Eos has appeared to exact proof of that." Hecate sighed

"We're both fated to constantly have bad things happen to us?" Ivery was grasping bits of the conversation

"Alas..." Hecate frowned

"It doesn't matter, we'll get through it.." Luther pulled Ivery close to him

"You time." Hecate smiled

"There's a hidden truth about the two of you, which is also the reason why this danger is so attached to the both of you... but this truth will change your relationship forever..." Hecate said

"What hidden truth?" Ivery asked

"I'm not allowed to tell you yet..." Hecate said

"T-Then...could you at least tell us...if this truth changes our relationship in a good or bad way?" Ivery hoped it wasn't the latter

"I'm sure it'll change your relationship in the greatest way imaginable.." Hecate lightly blushed

"Really..?" Ivery's eyes lightly glowed, responding to her emotions

"Yes.." Hecate nodded


"Ivery...I'm taking you out of here.." Luther said

"Thank you...I'd like to go back to my room anyway.." Ivery took a deep breath

"No..out of the Hollow's Castle." Luther was serious

"But...Beatrice will be Xia's next target if I leave.." Ivery shook her head

"Do you really think I care about that? All I care about is that we know we're danger magnets...we have to be extra cautious...especially where we're living...and being in this're just asking to die.." Luther said

"If you're that worried about Beatrice...I'll do everything I can to protect her from harm..." Hecate told them

"Wait...really?" Ivery looked up at Hecate

"Yes, it is not too much of a problem...she shouldn't have to die all over again because of someone else..." Hecate said

"Thank you.." Ivery smiled

Hecate nodded with a gentle smile and faded away into nothing..


"It's time to go...we don't have to be in this place anymore..." Luther picked Ivery up

"Okay..." Ivery turned her head and saw Loki

"You're here too..? Why are you in your original form..?" Ivery asked

"Yeah...I had to intervene before something drastic happened to you.." Loki said

"What do you mean?" Ivery looked down and her eyes stretched wide

Ivery saw the dead body of a maid...she was split in half from her chest to her head...

"Oh...nevermind, I...understand.." Ivery didn't need to know anymore...she concluded from being in the basement and the corpse of a maid...meant she was going to be locked up and tortured

"We...can go." Ivery held onto Luther

He nodded.

Luther and Ivery disappeared into a cloud of black mist.


Ivery and Luther entered another town..and this time, Ivery created a black mask for Luther to cover his face from attracting any more attention. But the mask only covered his mouth and nose.

While he could change his appearance anytime he wanted, Ivery felt more content being able to see his real face rather than a she thought up a mask for him to wear instead.

"We'll sleep here for the night." Luther pointed at a nearby inn

"Mhm.." Ivery followed him towards the inn


Once they checked into the inn and paid the night stay, there was only a two-bedroom available and it cost more than a single bed...but it didn't matter much to them.

"It's honestly more refreshing to know that I don't have to go back to that place.." Ivery sat on one of the tan silk-sheet beds

"I know.." Luther nodded as he took of his mask

"The only downside is that...I can't protect those kids from the maids now..." Ivery looked down

"I swear one day I'll free them.." Ivery was determined to set that as her new goal

"They'll definitely be free one day because you're the most capable person I know." Luther smiled

"I am?" Ivery smirked

"Of course." He smiled wider

"Let's get some sleep.." Luther turned off the room lights with a snap of his fingers

Ivery nodded and laid down on the bed..


Ivery opened her eyes and fidgetted in her dress..

She sat up and decided she wanted something easier to sleep in..

"Hmm.." Ivery smiled and realized she could literally make her own clothes

She thought of a thin yet comfortable white t-shirt, and a pair of blue striped shorts that she owned in her original life.

Both pairs of clothes materialized in her hands. Now all she needed to do was change into them..
for visiting.

There wasn't a personal bathroom in this

She had to change in this room..

She turned her head and saw Luther was sleeping on the other bed, with his back facing her. She got out of bed and quickly slipped out of the black dress she wore. She tried her best to be quiet, not trying to wake Luther up.

She slipped on the shorts first.

Ivery looked up to make sure he was still asleep..

She immediately covered her chest once she saw that...Luther was now awake, staring at her.

"H-How much did you see..?" Ivery blushed

"Not much sadly..." Luther sat up

" turn around?" Ivery felt embarrassed

"I don't know if I want to.." Luther smirked

"Fine." Ivery grabbed her shirt with one hand and turned around to face the wall

She slipped the t-shirt on and pulled it down.

"Not fair." Luther chuckled

"Oh well.." Ivery grinned and walked around her bed

She stood beside his bed and looked at him..

"Is it okay if I sleep next to you?" She asked

"Come here.." Luther moved over and patted the empty space beside him

Ivery smiled and got in bed.

She pulled the sheets up and over her and turned on her right side to face Luther.

"Comfortable?" He asked

"Very." She nodded

"Good." He pulled her closer to him

She snuggled closer to him, locked in his embrace. She closed her eyes, ever so content in his surrounding warmth.