The Unwanted Princess Chapter 49

51 Chapter 49: Becoming Temporary Adventurers?


Ivery opened her eyes, her eyes being blinded by the sunlight shining through the windows and straight onto her.

She yawned and tried to move but she noticed that Luther had his arms wrapped around her waist, trapping her in his hold...she was feeling really hot.

"Luther.." Ivery lightly tapped his arm

He was still was fast asleep, unconsciously his arms around her were now tighter.

She attempted to pry his arms from around her but he stayed unbudging.

Ivery sighed and decided to slide down instead...

She slowly slid herself down, and as she was gradually moving down out of his locking hold, his arms around her got tighter and completely locked her in again.

"You're awake, aren't you..?" Ivery asked, stuck in an uncomfortable position

"You're awfully active in the morning." He smirked

"It's hot.." Ivery started sweating a bit

"If you want me to let you have to give me something in return." He smiled

"Give you something? Like what?" She asked

"Something, anything." He said

"'s this.." Ivery slid back up into her previous position

She leaned in forward and kissed him. Luther smiled into the kiss and instantly kissed her back.

"Very good." Luther released her from his hold

Ivery slowly sat up and stretched.

"Are you hungry?" Luther asked

"Yeah." Ivery nodded

"They serve food downstairs," Luther said

"Okay." Ivery got up

"I can go get it for you." Luther sat up

"No, I can go for myself...thank you though." Ivery smiled and declined his generous offer

"So you can just rest." Ivery stepped closer to him and lightly kissed him before leaving the room


"It's better to let her have her own independence.." Luther sighed and laid back down


Ivery walked down to the first floor of the inn, she smelled different variations of food being served and prepared.

Downstairs was decently populated with different people dining for breakfast or just drinking.

Ivery went to the long counter and sat down on a vacant wooden stool.

A brown-haired male waiter that stood behind the long counter walked over to Ivery and looked at her as he was waiting for her order.

"Just give me your best breakfast foods." Ivery didn't know what to specifically order

"Alright." The waiter nodded and reported to the chef
for visiting.

After almost twenty minutes of waiting, Ivery's plate of food was finally placed in front of her.

The contents on the plate looked delicious, two sunny-side-up seasoned eggs were on top of the sausages and next to the sausages was a small bowl of cinnamon oatmeal.

A cold glass of orange juice was placed next to her plate. Ivery wasted no time digging into the food in front of her.

As Ivery ate her food a pale-blonde girl with short hair and green eyes sat next to her, looking oddly saddened...

"Danya, you could've gotten us all killed again!" A man with short green hair carried a giant golden ax, dressed in brown heavy armor walked into the inn and yelled

"I'm...sorry!" She balled her hands into fists, biting her bottom lip in frustration

"You're our healer and you can't even heal us when we need you, we used up all of our healing potions because of your inability to do what you're supposed to!" The man yelled more

"Rhick, it's our fault for letting a C-ranked healer on our squad." Another man with a long staff and silver armor and long red hair sneered at Danya

"Let's just kick her off the squad, she's no good anyway." A woman with short purple hair, dressed in revealing armor, holding a long broad sword said with a smirk

"I..I'm sorry!" Danya squeezed her eyes closed, trying not to cry

"Sorry doesn't cut it, this is the last time we forgive can stay here for all we care." Rhick said

"Wait! Please...I'll do better next time!" She turned around teary-eyed and pleaded

"You said that the last ten times." The purple-haired woman sighed

"Give up Danya, you're not cut out to be an adventurer." The long red-haired man turned around and walked out first

The woman and Rhick followed him out.


"Not...again." Danya cried and brought her hands to her face

"You're an adventurer?" Ivery turned her head and asked

"No..I'm not.." Danya shook her head

"Do you want to be one?" Ivery asked

"...I do.." Danya nodded

"What if I said I could help you..." Ivery sipped her drink

"Help me? Are you an adventurer?" Danya asked...looking at Ivery's strange attire

"I'm not..but it sounds interesting.." Ivery said

"...." Danya went quiet

"Please don't joke with me! How could you even help me if you're not an adventurer yourself?!" Danya raised her voice

"I'm not joking..." Ivery was serious

"I'll become an adventurer with you...I have nothing else better to do at the moment and I'd like to see you prove those people wrong...I'm sure you have the potential to be a great healer..." Ivery smiled

"You think so..?" Danya wiped her tears

"I know so.." Ivery honestly said to her

"T-Thank you..." Danya smiled

"But..there's no reason for a commoner to get themselves involved in danger for someone like me.." Danya got up from her seat

Ivery sighed.

Ivery chugged the rest of her drink and turned around.

Ivery snapped her fingers.

Suddenly in front of Danya's eyes, everyone in the inn stopped moving...

They were all so frozen in place that they could be easily mistaken for statues..

"What? What happened?" Danya looked around with confusion

Ivery crossed her legs.

"I'll offer once again, let's both become adventurers." Ivery confidently smiled

Danya looked at Ivery with immense shock..

"Did you do this?" Danya asked

"Yes, this is just one of my countless abilities.." Ivery shrugged

"Who..are you?" Danya stepped closer to Ivery

"Hmm..." Ivery didn't know which name to use..

"My name is Ivery." Ivery didn't want to spread out that she was princess Inanna who is now known as the former crown princess sent to the Hollow's castle..

A runaway Hollow's castle resident would be immediately executed on the spot if they were caught.

"O-Okay...I'm willing to become an adventurer with you!" Danya believed that Ivery was much stronger than she appeared to be...

Although Danya didn't have much battle experience, she did know you should never underestimate people...because that could be your downfall..

"Great." Ivery smiled and clapped her hands once

Everyone who was frozen in place instantly started moving and resumed what they were doing, as if nothing happened.

"Amazing..." Danya's eyes slightly widened

"Oh, but there's someone else that'll be coming with us..." Ivery said

"Who?" Danya asked


"Are you awake?" Ivery asked as she walked into the room

"I am." He sat up

"This is Danya." Ivery gestured to Danya who walked in the room and stood shyly next to her

"Why is she here?" He asked

"An incident happened downstairs...and I've decided to become an adventurer with her for the time being." Ivery said

"Adventurer?" Luther raised an eyebrow

"What's the use of waiting and doing nothing all day for Hecate and Hades to tell us their plan someday when we can go out and explore and do something productive instead." Ivery said

"Did you forget about the numerous dangers we already have against us?" Luther asked

"I know, but staying in here all day or trying to avoid extra danger isn't going to decrease that danger in the slightest, we can't live our lives at all if we're constantly being afraid or hiding from danger when it's always going to be there no matter what...we just have to find a way around it..and just" Ivery earnestly told him

"Eos can't track us anyways, so the next time we do face'll be a pure coincidence...or it'll be according to Hecate's and Hades plan.." Ivery said

"You really have a way with words, don't you..?" Luther smiled and accepted his defeat

"Fine, it doesn't matter anyway what type of dangers you'll face, because I'm here to save you from all of it that comes our way." Luther said

"Thank you." Ivery blushed and smiled back

"But." Luther suddenly looked serious

"But?" Ivery wondered what he was going to say

"I'll be an adventurer too." Luther said

"Really?" Ivery wasn't shocked but she thought that he'd just come along as her fiance...not as an adventurer himself

"Can't let you have all of the fun." Luther shrugged

"Then it's settled." Ivery took a deep breath

"Let's go then." Ivery was more than ready

"Wait..." Danya stopped Ivery

"Yeah?" Ivery turned to look at Danya

"You're going to need a weapon, armor and an adventurers license first..." Danya said

"Oh, right." Ivery stopped and let out a light chuckle

"Well...weapons and armor shouldn't be a problem to make..." Ivery closed her eyes

"Make?" Danya didn't understand..could Ivery craft armor?

Ivery's hands glowed with a golden light and as she stretched out her hands, a long golden sword materialized.

"Oh, you're using that..?" Luther smirked

"I haven't used Excalibur in a while...but I never really had to use it seriously before.." Ivery held her Excaliber in her hand

"E-E-Excalibur!?" Danya's eyes almost popped out of her sockets

How did she get her hands on such a powerful God rank weapon!?