The Unwanted Princess Chapter 5

5 Chapter 5: Living With The Ruthless Prince? 2

Luther scanned her and nodded his head in approval. He stepped forward and pulled her closer to him, he ran his fingers straight through her straight silky hair. She looked up at him and without warning he pressed his lips against hers.

He kissed her again!?

She really couldn't understand why Luther keeps kissing her out of the blue. Thoughts of confusion ran through her mind, she never once thought that he was the type of person to like kissing or even romance.

"Prince L-Luther?" Ivery gently pushed him away

"What?" Luther put his hand on her cheek

"Why do you keep...?" Ivery paused, she couldn't bring herself to say it because she was too nervous to say it

"Kissing you?" Luther finished what she had wanted to say

"Yeah.." Ivery looked away from his eyes

"Is there a problem with it?" Luther leaned in closer to her face not even a finger length apart

"No..but is there a reason behind it...?" Ivery's palms started getting sweaty

"Yes, but I won't tell you" Luther smiled

"Why not?" Ivery wrinkled her eyebrows

"Because you'll learn soon enough" Luther closed the small gap between them and connected their lips

Her mind started to drift away as she was lost in a trance. His soft, warm lips that touched hers was the only thing that she was thinking about. His eyes looked deep into hers, his kisses were unwavering, as if he wasn't intending to stop. Giving into the temptation she felt, Ivery hooked her arms around Luther's neck and deeply kissed him back. Luther seemed very pleased by this and lifted her up off from the floor and gently placed her on the bed behind them.

Luther pulled back and Ivery's eyes were misted over, he kissed down her neck causing Ivery to feel a tickling sensation. Ivery gasped as she felt his hot tongue touch her skin. The vague answers Luther gave her made her even more confused, she didn't understand why Luther has been acting so loving towards her. Ivery knew there was no possible way that Luther loves her, they just met a day ago!

"You don't have feelings for me, do you?" Ivery blushed

"What do you think?" Luther bit a spot on her neck, leaving a red mark behind

"I don't know...that's why I asked" Ivery flinched as she felt a sharp pinch when Luther bit her

"I guess only time will tell" He poked at the red mark he made on her neck



The door's to the room opened.

"Luther!" A high pitched voice shouted

Ivery turned her head and saw Princess Xia standing by the doors, Ivery understood the shock on Princess Xia's face all too well. Princess Xia's eyes widened as she saw Luther and Ivery on the bed. Luther was on top of Ivery, Xia's anger was boiling, spilling over. Her hands collected a dark green mist, she held her hands up and aimed it at Ivery. The green mist shot out of her hands and darted straight for Ivery's face. Ivery pushed Luther down off the the bed and they fell on the floor, Ivery fell on top of Luther's body.

She sighed as she acted without thinking again and her first instincts were to dodge the attack. Looking down at Luther under her, her cheeks flushed with a bright red tint, she lifted herself up off of him but before she could fully get off of him, he pulled her back down and she fell back onto him.

Intense emotions were coming from Xia and she saw that her attacked missed her target, she once again collected a green mist in her hands and shot it at Ivery who was laying on top of her fiance. Luther's eyes narrowed and he held his hand up, his index finger pointed at the green mist that was coming towards them, a black mist intertwined with a dark purple mist shot out of his finger and shot out to the green mist coming towards them.

In an instant the green mist was consumed and swallowed by the the black mist, the black mist headed straight for Xia, she ducked and the mist hit the wall behind her. She slowly turned around and saw that the wall that the mist hit was decaying, the wall turned brown then the brown slowly turned black. Xia's face turned pale at the sight, if she didn't duck then she certainly would've died!

"Did you try to kill me!?" Xia shouted

"Obviously, it's a pity that I missed" Luther sarcastically pouted

"This time, I won't" Luther pointed his finger at Xia

"I only did that because you're with that girl! I'm your fiance!" Xia looked at Ivery with pure malice in her eyes

"I don't care about your reason, you shouldn't have done anything" Luther sat up and Ivery shifted over and sat on the floor

"We're going to be married soon and you're here playing with another girl! How else should I have acted?!" Xia clenched her hands into fists, her nails digging into her palms

"This is a political engagement, the marriage will only serve as a peace treaty between both of our countries but I'm not obligated to love you, and I certainly don't need to be with only you, I am to be the next Emperor of this's only natural for a Emperor to have a harem" Luther smiled at Xia

"I don't believe this! I won't back down Luther, even if you don't love me now, you'll learn to love me have no choice but to!" Xia yelled out

"What are you implying?" Luther crossed his arms

"I just had an audience with the Emperor...he assured me that I will definitely be your queen, since the Lilith Kingdom is such an important ally with the Fresia kingdom, our marriage will be the sole connection between both of our countries, this marriage cannot be refused by you!" Xia laughed

"So because you share the same blood as the Lilith Kingdom Emperor, we have to marry?" Luther smirked

"Exactly, since my other sisters don't have enough magical prowess, I was chosen to be your wife" Xia was over confident with her words, knowing Luther would give in soon and acknowledge this engagement

"So you're saying that you're the strongest daughter of the Emperor of the Lilith Kingdom?" Luther asked

"I am" Xia proudly looked at Luther

"I'm afraid that's not true" Luther looked down at Ivery

"What?" Xia was utterly confused

"This girl's magical prowess is higher than yours" Luther pointed down at Ivery

"I don't believe you" Xia looked at Ivery, she seemed extremely harmless, it was almost pathetic

"Then why don't you see for yourself" Luther grabbed Ivery's arm and had her stand up on her feet

"What can a girl like her really do? The most she looks like she can do is run away and scream" Xia obnoxiously laughed out, ridiculing Ivery's abilities

"We'll see who'll be running away and screaming after this" Ivery kicked off her deadly heels and slowly walked towards Xia

"Haha! You think you can hurt me? Do you know how many wars I've fought in? A weak girl like you who doesn't know how to truly fight can barely scratch me" Xia was hysterically laughing

Ivery held up her hand and suddenly Xia's body flew back into the wall behind her. Xia grunted as her back had forcefully impacted the wall, she coughed and stood up from her spot. She looked at Ivery and her hands gathered a dark green mist and she charged at Ivery with no second thought about it.

Ivery's hands flared with a golden pink glow and as she lifted her hands up, the hem of Xia's light blue dress caught on fire, the golden pink flames traveled up her dress slowly. Xia screamed trying to pat the fire down, but it was no use no matter how hard she tried to put out of the fire it still remained. Xia ran over to a vase filled with flowers, she grabbed the vase and poured it over her dress. The water seemed to have fueled the flames power and her dress was being eaten away by the fire.

Ivery put her hands down and in an instant the flames burning her dress disappeared. The damage to her dress was evidence that she wasn't imagining anything. Her eyes furiously looked at Ivery.

"Kneel" Ivery's voice sounded out and suddenly Xia's legs were beyond her control and she dropped to her knees

"What is this!? What did you do!?" Xia didn't know what this girl just did but she couldn't move her legs no matter how hard she tried to move them

"I believe I was told that this was called, divine commandment" Ivery's red eyes flashed with a golden glow

"You bitch!" Xia held her hands up and green balls of mist shot out of her palms and headed towards Ivery

"Useless" Ivery held up her hands and a golden pink shield appeared in front of her

The green mist dissipated as soon as it hit the shield. Xia continuously shot her poisonous mist at Ivery's shield, Xia's rage increased ten folds when she saw Ivery sit down on a chair and looked very amused at Xia who was struggling to get her poison through Ivery's shield. Ivery's face showing the utmost haughtiness, and zero fear. It was as if she saw Xia as someone below her, someone she could easily crush with no effort.

"What's going on in here?!" A deep voice yelled behind them

Ivery turned around and saw an incredibly handsome man with long hair as black as the night sky, his dark purple eyes looking uncannily identical to Luther's. Ivery then understood who this man was...he's the Emperor of Fresia! And Luther's father!

Ivery's eyes then looked at the man and woman behind the Emperor of Fresia. Ivery's heart was frozen solid and her eyes widened at the sight before her eyes. A undeniably handsome man with long blonde hair, his eyes red as a demons, she recognized this man instantly as Inanna's father! And the beautiful woman beside him was no other than the beautiful Empress Cassandra.

"Princess Xia?! What are you doing?!" The Emperor of Fresia yelled out

"This vixen dared to seduce Luther! I'm trying to teach her a lesson!" Xia didn't stop attacking and continued to shoot her balls of green mist as Ivery's unfaltering shield

After sensing an unknown powerful force in Luther's room all three of them rushed up to see what the problem was.

Cassandra looked at Ivery with tears in her eyes. Cassandra hastily walked over to Ivery and tightly held Ivery in a warm embrace. Ivery didn't understand what was happening at the moment, was this the same Empress that cold heartedly sent her daughter to the Hollow's Castle and watched Inanna burn at the stake?

Cassandra pressed her forehead against Ivery's and sensed that this girl was definitely her biological daughter. The Empress looked up at Princess Xia who was still attacking Ivery's shield. Cassandra pointed her finger at Princess Xia and a thin golden string shot straight at Princess Xia. The string tightly wrapped around Xia's upper body, confining her arms and hands in the unbreakable string.

Cassandra put her hands on Ivery's that were still holding up her shield. Cassandra lowered Ivery's hands and as she did, the golden pink shield faded away as if it was never there. She held Ivery's hand in her palm and flipped her hand over, she put two fingers on Ivery's wrist and detected a powerful prowess that seemed like it was endless but still growing and getting stronger each second.

"So it's true..." Cassandra pulled Ivery in for another hug

"I'm sorry, my child, could you forgive your mother for sending you to that damned place?" Cassandra cried, her ocean blue eyes overflowing with tears

Why would Ivery deny the Empress, she's not stupid. If it'll help her succeed in her goal then she'll accept it by all means. Ivery looked at the Empress, her face not full of disgust or hatred this time, it was just full of sorrow and regret. Ivery nodded and this made Cassandra cry even more.

"If this mother of yours could do it all over again, I would've raised you myself" Cassandra hugged Ivery tighter

"That girl is your daughter?" The Emperor of Fresia asked Julian

"Yes" Julian replied

"Julian, how come I've never heard that you had another daughter?" The Emperor of Fresia smirked and nudged Julian's arm

"She was mistakenly put in the Hollow's Castle" Julian pushed the Emperor of Fresia away

"She's a child of the Hollow's Castle?" The Emperor of Fresia stroked his chin

"She was" Julian looked at the Emperor of Fresia

"Why was she taken out?" The Emperor of Fresia asked

"Erdel, stop asking so many questions" Julian sighed

"Tell me" Erdel smiled

"She's the holder of the Infinite attribute, Golden Infinity, like your son over there" Julian looked at Crown Prince Luther who was sitting down on a chair, nonchalantly watching everything unfold before his eyes

"She's the second infinite attribute holder?" Erdel looked at Ivery who was in Empress Cassandra's arms

"Yes" Julian nodded

"What are you going to do with her now?" Erdel looked at Julian

"Infinite attribute's was said by the saintess to be given by the Gods, they're only bestowed upon people that the gods take a unique liking to, since this girl has a God's favor she'll become the crown princess of the Lilith Kingdom" Julian looked at Ivery

"Wait, you can do that? Regardless of her prowess and the fact that she attracted the attention of a god, she's still a female, a woman can't succeed the throne and you already have Crown Prince Liam" Erdel was in disbelief

"So what? When she masters her infinite abilities, no one would dare defy her right to the throne, she'll get the throne by default if something unfortunate happens to Liam" Julian said

"If you say so, I won't object" Erdel sighed and then he suddenly realized something

"Since the other daughters of Cassandra were executed because they had no magical prowess, wouldn't that make that girl the only daughter of Cassandra?" Erdel asked

"She's always wanted a daughter, but since every girl that was born from Cassandra was born without any magical prowess and they were sent to the Hollow's Castle waiting for execution, she became depressed, I never saw it as a problem because she gave birth to Liam and Carviel, since Princesses are usually married off when they become of age and Princes manage the country and the castle, I couldn't understand why she was upset" Julian explained to Erdel

"I see..." Erdel nodded his head

"I've been wondering for awhile but why did you think Princess Xia was a good match for Luther?" Erdel honestly never thought Princess Xia was a good match for Luther, her magic was decent but if compared with Luther, her powers weren't even a fragment of Luther's

"She was the only Princess that was stronger than the rest" Julian crossed his arms

"Do you think that girl could marry Luther instead? The only two infinite attribute holders in the world, married to each other, that type of marriage could do more than just make peace with both of our countries" Erdel's eyes lit up as he imagined Ivery and Luther as a power couple

"It can be arranged...but first I want to have her become an official Princess of the Lilith Kingdom, people will still look down upon the arrangement if she has no title and is only known as a child from the Hollow's Castle" Julian full heartedly approved of Erdel's idea

"This is a very good day..." Erdel smiled