The Unwanted Princess Chapter 50

52 Chapter 50: Becoming Temporary Adventurers? 2


Ivery's hands glowed with a golden light and as she stretched out her hands, a long golden sword materialized.

"Oh, you're using that..?" Luther smirked

"I haven't used Excalibur in a while...but I never really had to use it seriously before.." Ivery held her Excalibur in her hand

"E-E-Excalibur!?" Danya's eyes almost popped out of her sockets

How did she get her hands on such a powerful God rank weapon!?


"What's wrong?" Ivery saw the strange look Danya had
for visiting.

"H-How do you have that!?" Danya exclaimed

"Oh, it was just something I had, I guess...But I'm not sure when I got it exactly...I called for it and it was in my hands before I knew it." Ivery said

"W-Who exactly are you...?" Danya asked

"You know what infinite attribute holders are?" Ivery asked

"More or less..." Danya said

"We're infinite attribute holders." Luther said

"What?! There's only two infinite attribute holders in the world...Crown Prince Luther from Fresia and former Crown Princess Inanna of the Lilith..." Danya didn't believe it

"They're only the famously known infinite attribute holders." Luther added in

"We're hiding that we're infinite attribute holders too..we don't want the unnecessary attention." Ivery told her

"No..way.." Danya didn't know other infinite attribute holders existed

"If we're going to be a squad, then we have to trust each other...and you should know the truth about us..." Ivery told her

"Right..." Danya nodded

"This is just so hard to believe..." Danya scratched her head and looked a little dazed

"But..I'll have to believe it...since you own such a powerful weapon....and what you did downstairs...I've never seen magic like that before.." Danya said



"I know your his?" Danya looked at Luther

Danya's heart jumped when she finally got a really good look at his face...could such a beautifully perfect face like his really be human..?

"That's unnecessary." Luther said

"But..." Danya didn't know what to call him..

"His name is...Lutris!" Ivery blurted

"Lutris?" Luther smirked

"Um...Sir.Lutris..I hope you don't mind me using your name." Danya looked down at the floor

"Drop the 'sir', it'll make me feel older than I am." Luther didn't like the sound of it

"Are you sure?" Danya asked

"Yes." Luther sighed

"Well...Lutris and I already have for armor..let's go check some out." Ivery suggested

"You're not going to go out like that...are you?" Luther asked with his arms crossed

"Of course not." Ivery shook her head

"We'll leave the room as you change." Luther got out of bed and looked at Danya

He pointed at the door behind her. Indirectly telling Danya to leave.

"Excuse me!" Danya turned around and opened the door

She and Luther left out of the room and closed the door behind them.


Ivery searched her brain for a decent outfit to wear for armor shopping.

It had to be something easy to move in...and also something easy to wear under the armor..

But it couldn't be a modern type of outfit..or she'd get a lot of attention..

"Hmm." Ivery thought of a certain outfit that she saw once before could work


Ivery opened the door.

"What..." Danya looked at Ivery's attire

Ivery had on waist-high long pants that fitted her perfectly, and a white tucked beoulve cardinal fallen aristocrat shirt and on top of the shirt she wore a black leather corset. It was tied to Ivery's liking by Loki, so that it didn't feel like it was squashing her organs together. On her feet, she wore medium black strapped heels.

"Is there something wrong with it?" Ivery slightly frowned

"No, it looks absolutely stunning on you." Luther grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him

"Luth...not now.." Ivery blushed and tried to push him away as he tried to lean in for a kiss

"'s different...but it's a good look for you.." Danya turned her head and blushed

"Alright, I'll go change." Luther let Ivery go and walked in the room

"Ivery, come." Luther looked at her

"Inside? While you're changing?!" Ivery blushed

"Yes...I don't mind you seeing me." Luther pulled her in the room and closed the door

Danya didn't know that they both were actually a couple...


Ivery opened the door again and her face was redder than before...

"S-Such a...divine body.." Ivery thought her eyes were going to melt...she felt so unbearably hot

And Ivery thought his face was perfectly structured....his body, however, was absolutely blinding...

How could such a man exist..?

"We can leave now." Ivery needed some fresh air

"O..Okay.." Danya nodded

Luther walked out of the room with his hair tied up in a pony-tail, he wore a black victorian regency shirt and black slim linen pants, with black aristocrat whole cut oxford shoes.

Ivery, Luther, and Danya checked out of the inn and stood outside.

"Danya, where could we find an armorsmith or armor shop around here?" Ivery asked her

"Um..follow me." Danya nervously said and walked ahead first

Ivery and Luther followed behind her.

After walking a bit of a distance, they stood in front of an armor dealer shop.

Danya entered the shop first, Ivery and Luther followed her inside.

"Welcome!" A middle-aged man greeted them, holding an iron helmet in his hand

"Hello." Ivery waved

"What can I get for ya'?" The man asked

"Your best armor please.." Danya said

"My best armor? The sets are quite pricey since it's a new imported prototype from another country..." The man said

"How much?" Luther asked

"Two million, five hundred thousand silver for one whole set." The man knew they'd back out as soon as the price settled in their brains

"Two million, five hundred thousand!?" Danya exclaimed

"Is this enough for the three of us to get these new imported prototypes you have?" Ivery sat a big white sack on the counter

The man peeked in the sack and his eyes almost burst in his sockets.

"Little lady...this is a lot of gold coins! This is ten times more than the worth of the sets...!" The man looked at her

"So do we have a deal then?" Ivery smiled

"Do I keep the whole amount..?" The man nervously chuckled

"Yes, it's all yours." Ivery nodded

"Follow me please, valued customers." The man widely smiled and walked around the counter in the backroom

Danya wondered how Ivery had so much money on her...and how did she get it? Is she even a commoner?

"You didn't have to buy me armor too...I was always told that healers don't need armor.." Danya said with a frown

"That's nonsense, you'll still need armor, even if you don't ever engage in battle." Ivery smiled at her

"Thank you.." Danya smiled back


"These are the new imported prototypes." The man presented them with beautifully stylized hanfu outfits

"Is this a joke?" Ivery asked as she saw the different types of what she recognized as Chinese hanfu's

"No! This is cloth armor." The man said with a chuckle

"Cloth armor?" Danya tilted her head

"Yes, it is armor that has hundreds of protectants magically embedded inside, each piece has different protectants." The man explained

"I've never heard of anything like this before..." Danya thought this seemed too good to be true

"Because it is a new concept of armor, making it very light to travel and fight in, most of these also have special skills." The man said

"Loki." Ivery called out

"Yes?" Loki appeared in Ivery's arms

"Scan these for magical protectants and make sure what he's saying is true." Ivery said

"Okay.." Loki scanned the sets of clothes

"I'm gathering a lot of resistant properties in these clothes.." Loki said

"The resistant properties in most of these are all grade-A in terms of protection." Loki stopped scanning them

"Thank you." Ivery said

"A-A talking cat?" Danya was taken by surprise

"Who's she?" Loki asked

"A friend." Ivery told him

"...Friend..?" Danya slightly smiled

" seems that you're telling the do you have any grade-S protection sets?" Ivery asked

"Matter of a fact, we do...but there's only a few here though." The man pulled over another rack of hanfu's

"I want that one." Luther pointed at the men's black hanfu set, decorated with golden lining.

"Ah, nice choice, that's one of the best ones here, it's special skill is black magic enhancement and it has a weapon summoning skill, it can summon the ancient katana of ether, but you need black magic to be able to summon it...and black magic is such a rare I'm not sure if you'd have much use for either of the skills." The man said

"I possess black magic, don't worry, just give it to me." Luther said

"Y-You do!?" The man was shocked

The man gave Luther the hanfu set he requested.

"I'd like that one.." Ivery pointed out a blue translucent hanfu set that had golden underclothing that showed through it, making it stand out beautifully.

"This is the strongest one that we have available, this one also has a weapon summoning skill." The man said

"Really? What type of weapon?" She asked

"A mountain cutting fan." The man said

"Mountain cutting fan?" Ivery thought it sounded pretty amazing

"Well, it actually depends on the user and their ability, the fan can be weak if the master of it is is capable of cutting mountains but only if the user is able to expend its full power." The man said

"I see...but I still want it." Ivery was sold on this one

"Very well." The man handed Ivery the outfit set

"Is there an outfit that has any healing skills?" Danya asked

"Not any grade-S outfits, we have plenty of grade-A healing outfit sets." He said

"Okay...that's fine.." Danya said

"What type of healer are you?" The man asked

"I possess holy power...but it's hard to hold for long periods of time." Danya explained

"Holy..power.." The man searched for any that matched her

"Ah! Here we go." He pulled out a pure white hanfu outfit set

"This has the skill of holy power enhancement and increased holy power effect." The man handed her the hanfu

"Thank you." Danya smiled

"Sure, you can try them on in there." The man pointed to the fitting rooms


Several minutes after getting help from the store assistants, they all stepped out of their fitting areas.

Ivery and Luther instantly admired each other.

"You look beautiful in everything.." Luther smiled

"You look handsome in everything.." She smiled back

"Get a hold of yourselves, you lovebirds..." Loki wanted to puke

"Oh..." Ivery looked at Danya

"It looks amazing on you." Ivery said to Danya with a gentle smile

"Thank you.." Danya lightly blushed

"Oh wow, these suit you three very well." The man came up to them

"Thank you." Ivery touched the smooth fabric

"I'm supposed to mention that these outfits are stainless, they don't hold odors, and they're waterproof." He informed them

"Oh really...these are really worth the price they sell for..." Ivery was impressed

"Indeed." Luther nodded


"We'll be leaving now.." Luther walked to the door

"Thank you for your service." Ivery said as she followed Luther

"Come again!" The man happily waved them all goodbye


"Now all we need are adventurers licenses right?" Ivery asked as they stood outside of the armor dealer shop

"Right, we have to go to the guildhall to get them." Danya started walking

"Guildhall?" Ivery followed Danya

"Yes, it's this town's guild, you can acquire adventurers licenses from any town's guildhall." Danya said

"I see.." Ivery handed Luther his black mask

Luther took it from her hands and wasted no time putting it on.


They all arrived at the guildhall and walked inside.

Many heavily armored adventurers were around them as they walked further inside.

"You both have to register at the reception counter." Danya led them to the reception area

"May I help you?" A young violet haired woman sitting behind the counter asked as she saw Ivery and Luther approach

"We want to register as adventurers." Ivery told her

"You" The woman looked at them and smirked

"Where's your armor?" She asked them

"We're wearing it." Luther said

"Where?" The woman snickered

"It's cloth armor." Danya told her

"Cloth armor? Such a thing doesn't exist." The woman laughed

"Give us our adventurers licenses already, we're wasting time talking with you." Ivery's eyes glowed

The woman looked into Ivery's eyes and immediately against her will she handed them both D rank adventurer licenses.

"D-rank!?" Ivery couldn't believe her eyes

"Tsk.." Luther looked at his adventurer's license with disappointment

"All adventurer's start off with D-rank adventurer licenses, if you complete high-level quests and bring back high-grade materials, you can get an upgraded adventurer rank." Danya explained

"Oh..." Ivery sighed

" about we take on our first quest then." Ivery looked at the two of them with a determined expression