The Unwanted Princess Chapter 52

54 Chapter 52: Demise

[ Violence ] [ Death ]


"One of our members died! We should get most of the rewards as compensation!" Harrisen shouted

"That wasn't the deal." Ivery narrowed her eyes

"The deals off then!" Fenila wiped her tears

Ternold limped towards his squad..

"We're not giving you most of the rewards when we killed the guardians with no help from you, just because one of your members died, it doesn't have anything to do with us." Ivery crossed her arms

"We're taking the rewards, and that's final!" Harrisen yelled

"That's not fair!" Danya yelled back

"How about a new deal then?" Luther stepped forward

"If you can kill us, you get all of the rewards." Luther smirked

"Sounds good to me." Harrisen summoned his spears

"So it comes to this..." Ivery flicked her fan open

"Now, who's going to die first?" Luther sadistically grinned



"Those weapons you have, they're obviously the source of your strength, there's no way anyone could so easily defeat those monsters so quickly." Harrisen said with a smirk

"Okay, I'll fight you with this bone and you can see for yourselves where my strength lies." The fan in Ivery's hand misted away and she picked up a long bone off of the ground

Luther's katana turned into black mist and he picked up several sharp rocks off of the ground, "I'll use these rocks."

"A bone and a rock?! You both are taking us too lightly!" Harrisen shouted

"But it doesn't matter, with those as your weapons...we'll be taking the rewards in no time." Harrisen said

"You're talking so big with no action." Luther rolled his eyes and smirked


"I remember you called me a heartless bastard..." Luther coldly looked at Fenila

"So?" Fenila responded with a slight shiver as it felt like something was crawling inside of her skin just by looking into his eyes...

"If you must know, you should always watch your words when speaking to me....because it'll end terribly once my temper is tested." Luther threw one of the rocks

The rock punctured a hole in her left thigh and went straight through.

"Augh!" Fenila screamed and fell on the ground

"Fenila!" Ternold and Harrisen rushed to her aid

Danya flinched at the sight.

Blood oozed from her wound.

"But that information is useless for someone who's already dead." Luther smirked

"W-What?" Fenila started sweating from the pain

"Don't make a fool out of me!" Fenila sweatily cast an ice storm spell with shaking hands

"Your abilities must be very limited, this one is really getting old.." Luther sighed, getting tired of seeing the same thing

A black translucent shield formed a circular barrier around him, Ivery and Danya.

As soon as the icicles hit the shield they shattered into pieces.

As soon as the shield went down, another rock hurled for Fenila. Before they could react, Fenila collapsed on the ground.

"Fenila? What's wrong?" Harrisen looked down at her

"What!!?" Harrisen stepped back when he saw a gaping hole in the center of her neck, blood spilled out from the puncture wound and onto the ground

"Gughh." Fenila struggled to speak and breathe, tears ran down her face as she was clearly in extreme pain

"She's still alive? My bad." Luther threw another rock

"Stop it!" Ternold yelled at Luther

"Stop? It's already done." Luther grinned


The rock went straight into her forehead. Silencing her gurgling noises, ridding her of any more pain.

"You monster!" Harrisen summoned two spears

"Yeah..yeah, I've heard that one a lot, but you decided by yourselves to be greedy and claim all of this is in the name of compensation for your fallen member." Luther played with the rocks in his hand

"The moment you crossed us, was the moment you dug your own grave." Luther's eyes gleamed with an unsuppressed murderous aura

"I'll kill you!" Harrisen charged at Luther with his spears, filled with boiling anger.

"Die!" Harrisen shouted, tossing one of his spears at Luther and the other at Ivery

Danya covered her eyes.

Ivery pointed the bone in her hand at Harrisen and he was instantly sent flying back, along with his two spears.

Harrisen hit the ground and slightly groaned, his eyes widened when he saw his own two spears heading straight towards him.

The spears stabbed into both of his legs. He cried in pain.

"Harrisen!" Ternold limped towards Harrisen, he was frustrated that he wasn't able to fight back since he was injured

"You both look pathetic." Luther threw another rock and it headed straight for Ternold

"T-Ternold! Watch out!" Harrisen warned him

"Huh?" Before Ternold could see the rock heading for him, the rock went straight into his left eyeball and exited through his head

Ternold immediately dropped on the ground.

"Did you have to kill them so quickly? I barely got to do anything." Ivery felt unsatisfied and tossed away the bone she held

"Sorry." Luther chuckled and dropped the rocks in his hand

"...." Harrisen couldn't believe this....they didn't even stand a chance against these people...and their weapons were a bone and rocks!

Danya turned away, not wanting to see any more of the massacre..

Suddenly, Fenila and Ternold sat up.

"Oh? That was fast." Luther grinned

They both growled, their eyes were misty white, their skin oddly pale and their teeth were stained yellow.

They...turned into ghouls.....they both limply walked towards Harrisen...

"N-No! Stay back!" Harrisen tried to summon more spears but his prowess core was too drained

Harrisen was left with no choice..."You win.." He sighed

Just as Ternold and Fenila reached him, the spears lodged in Harrisens legs glowed. He closed his eyes with a final sigh.

The spears exploded.

Several limbs flew around.

"We won before it even started..." Ivery mumbled to herself


"Ah!" Danya backed up when a head landed in front of her

She could barely make out the face as it was missing large chunks and was burnt to the point where it looked like a charred rock.

She saw strands of blue hair attached to it and realized it must've been Fenilas head...

"Let's collect the items and go...I'm starting to feel light-headed." Luther said

Ivery nodded and walked to the abysmal knights that laid unmoving on the ground. Erebus walked out of the temple and in his hand was a black long sword with a red hilt.

"Thank you." Luther took the sword from Erebus

Erebus nodded.

Ivery thought about it and didn't want to leave most of the guardian parts behind for another adventure to possibly find and take credit for the kill...

Iverys hands glowed with a golden light and as she spread her hands open, a glowing giant sack slowly materialized beside the guardians' bodies.

"What is that...?" Danya asked

"I checked my infinite abilities and I can use an infinity sack..." Ivery lifted her hands and the head of the guardian floated up in the air and entered the sack

"Infinity sack?" Danya asked

"It's able to expand to store anything of any size and there's no limit to how much can go inside of it." Ivery said

"Although, finding certain things might be a problem.." Ivery lightly laughed

"I'm surprised I can use my telekinesis, since the type of telekinesis I have is limited only to living things..." Ivery said

"Telekinesis...?" Danya heard about such an ability before was so rare that she's never had the chance to see someone possess it

"Technically these things were living and nonliving so they balance in between." Erebus explained

"Oh." It made sense to Ivery,

Ivery finished putting the bodies and parts of the abysmal knights in her infinity sack, leaving nothing behind.

The Infinity sack dissipated.

"Can you take us back to the portal?" Ivery asked Erebus

"Follow me." Erebus walked ahead


They didn't run into trouble on their way back to the portal, the only things in their way were more ghouls and skeletons, and any that stepped in front of them were cut down immediately.


As they stepped out of the portal, and back into the town...they all heavily took deep breaths, getting their fill of the fresh oxygen.

"N-No..more abyss quests.." Danya panted

"A..Alright.." Ivery nodded


They entered the guildhall.

"We'd like to turn in a completed quest." Ivery handed the quest-commission to the reception woman

"The abysmal knights you have any loot?" The woman asked

"Yes, they were too big to bring inside so..." Ivery said

"What?" The woman looked at Ivery with a confused look


"" The woman stood in shock as she saw the headless bodies of the abysmal knights

"We had to put them behind the guildhall, it was also convenient to put them back here since it's well hidden, it would just cause chaos if people saw this." Ivery said with a slight smile

"I...I'll get the..manager.." The woman staggered back to the guildhall

"Manager..?" Ivery turned her head and watched the woman walk away

"The guildhall manager...they're responsible for checking the authenticity of looted items and carcasses from quest monsters, distributing the quest rewards, and they have the ability to promote your adventurers' licenses.." Danya explained to Ivery


"There..." The woman pointed at the abysmal knights

"So..someone finally completed this quest.." A middle-aged, yellow-haired man walked forward

"Do you perhaps have the demon lords sword?" The man asked

"Here." Luther displayed the sword in his hand

"Splendid.." The man smiled

"What are your adventurer ranks?" He asked

"Rank D." Ivery answered

"But she's a rank-C adventurer." Ivery pointed to Danya

"Rank D's and a C...?" The man was shocked that low ranking adventurers completed such a quest

"You must be new adventurers then.." He said

"We are." Ivery nodded

"Alright..come with me for your rewards." The man turned around and walked back


"Here." The man handed Ivery a medium-sized sack

Ivery handed Danya the sack.

"And these.." He handed Ivery two adventurers licenses

"C-rank adventurers licenses?" Ivery sighed

"It's a better step up from D-rank, I can't give you any higher since you're new adventurers and you'd need to complete a lot of high-level quests to receive a B-rank adventurers license, let alone an A or an S-rank adventurers license ." He said

"Alright..thank you." Ivery nodded and turned away from the desk

"I thought you said there were a lot of rewards for this quest..." Danya looked at Ivery with disappointment

"I only said that because we were already in the abyss, but I didn't think I should've told you then since it would've been a bad moment to tell you that I only took the quest just to take it, and to hopefully get promoted adventurers licenses, and as a test run for future quests..."

"But if I had said that at the time, you would've felt like you would be in unnecessary danger and less motivated to complete the quest...but if you want to be an adventurer, you can't let danger scare you all the time... " Ivery said

"I-I still wouldn't have backed out if I had known." Danya felt Ivery was right...she would've complained a bit if she had known they had only taken such a dangerous quest for those reasons..

But after seeing how powerful these people were...she didn't even mind it...since she wasn't in much danger with them around anyway..

"But the rewards still may be a lot...for you." Ivery told her

"It's only a sack.." Danya opened the sack and looked inside

"!!?" Danya's eyes widened

"T-These are all gold coins!" Danya couldn't believe her eyes

"Five-hundred thousand gold coins." Ivery said with a smile

"Wow...and you're giving this all to me?" Danya asked

"It's not much anyway.." Luther shrugged

"B-But don't you both need money did spend all you had on the cloth armor..." Danya felt like she would be greedy taking all of the reward money for a quest she didn't even help with
for visiting.

"We have more money." Ivery assured Danya

"Oh..okay..thank you.." Danya nodded


As the three of them walked outside of the guildhall, they all stopped dead in their tracks once they saw it...

"Why..are you here?" Ivery asked

"I've come to accompany you!" She said

"Why?" Ivery raised an eyebrow

"You're my master after all!" She happily flapped her small crystal blue wings

"Come here.." Ivery grabbed Eness and held her in her arms

"You can't fly around like this out in the open....I'm sure not many places take kindly to dragons.." Ivery hid Eness in her arms

"How are you so small anyway?" Ivery looked down at Eness and asked

"I can manipulate my size for when it's convenient." Eness said

"So you took the size of a baby dragon?" Luther asked

"Yes." Eness flapped her wings in excitement

"Wait..stop moving your wings!" Ivery almost lost her hold on Eness, as her small wings kept hitting her

"Sorry.." Eness calmed down

"A...A baby dragon?!" Danya exclaimed

"Shh.." Ivery shook her head at Danya, not wanting to draw any attention to the 'baby' dragon she was carrying..

"Sorry and when did you get a dragon?" Danya asked..still in shock

"A few years ago." Ivery didn't feel like going into detail

" did you even find me?" Ivery asked her

"I sensed you, your unique type of magic is easy to differ from other people." Eness answered

"And you're here to just accompany me..?" Ivery asked

"That's right, what good am I if I'm not there to assist you?" Eness said

"Fine, fine.." Ivery didn't want to mistreat Eness...since Eness only had good intentions

"A...dragon...she...has dragon.." Danya felt faintish