The Unwanted Princess Chapter 53

55 Chapter 53: Uncomfortably Resting


All of them decided it would be best that they rest before taking another quest since the low oxygen from the abyss gave them mild headaches. Ivery, Luther, and Danya rented another night stay at a nearby inn.

They only rooms available were a double-bedroom on the first floor and a single bedroom on the second floor.

"We'll just share a room.." Ivery told Danya

"." Luther looked disappointed

"I'm sorry.." Ivery noticed his disappointment, she lifted herself up on the tips of her toes and lightly kissed his cheek

Luther blushed, "////"

"I guessit's more better for you two to share a room anyways.." Luther cleared his throat

"Let's check out the rooms then." Danya said


Ivery and Danya walked into their room. Danya immediately rushed to one of the beds and laid down on it, stretching out her arms.

Eness was asleep in Ivery's arms.

"HeyIvery." Danya turned her head

"Hm..?" Ivery sat down on the bed beside Danya's and looked at her, she put Eness down on the bed and waited to listen to what she had to say.

"Willstuff like today happen again..?" Danya asked

"." Ivery slightly frowned

"I recently came to a realization that this is a kill or be killed world.I'm sure we'll run into a lot more people like that in the future, you can't trust people easily and you can't always rely on othersso the only person you can fully trust and rely on in this world is no one but yourself.." Ivery said

"Can I trustyou and Lutris?" Danya asked

"We're no exception to what I saidboth Lutris and I have our own secrets that we can't share" Ivery sighed

"Do not fully trust anyoneeven the people you believe to be close to you, it is a warning from me to youyou'll only get hurt in the end if you do.." Ivery seriously told Danya

"I get it" Danya nodded


"Oh!" Danya sat up and dug in the travel bag beside her
for visiting.

"Here." Danya handed Ivery a book

"An adventurers guide?" Ivery read the cover of the book

"Yes, I thought you'd like to read it since you don't know much about all of this, since you just became an adventurer after all, learning all of the basic's is a necessity, you can give it to Lutris whenever you're done with it." Danya smiled

"Alright, thank you." Ivery smiled back

Ivery opened the book and carefully read the contents.

The book covered in more detail of what Danya explained to them before, but as she read the book, Ivery felt like she was understanding everything more clearer

"This book really has everything" Ivery smiled and looked up at Danya

"Danya? What's wrong?" Ivery noticed the scared look Danya had

Ivery turned her head and she was startled by the sight.

It was a red-haired bearded man with his face pressed against the window, looking into their room and creepily smiling at them. He appeared to be heavily drunk.

"What the hell!" Ivery stood up, alarmed

"Hm" Eness opened her eyes

"W-What do we do?" Danya shivered

"I don't know if this will work but." Ivery waved her hand

Suddenly the man flew back and away from the window.

"We're not staying in here" Ivery picked up Eness and walked towards the door

"Right.." Danya nodded and followed Ivery

*Knock* *Knock*

Just as Luther was about to take some of his clothing layers off, he heard a knock at his door.

He walked to the door and opened it.


"Ivery? What's wrong?" Luther saw Ivery and Danya

"T-There w-was a creepymanoutside of our w-window" Danya stuttered

"A man? Where is he?" Luther asked

"I don't know! Still outside maybe?" Ivery said

"What did he look like?" Luther asked Ivery

"Hehad red hair and a beardhe was a little hefty.." Ivery explained

"He looked like a commoner..." Danya added

"Alright, stay here...I'll be back." Luther walked out

"Where are you going?" Ivery asked him

"Toget some fresh air" Luther turned his head and smiled, he turned back around and continued to walk off

"Fresh air?" Danya didn't understand why he wanted to get fresh air all of a sudden..right after they just told him that she and his partner was being peeked on by some strange man

Ivery knew what he had gone out to doshe knew he was angryshe instantly noticed his slightly sadistic expression before he turned back around to head outside.

The bearded man groaned as he got up from the ground. He hiccuped and stumbled back to the window.

"" A deep ominous voice said behind him

He turned around and his heart sunk once he immediately saw what he believed to be death

"What's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost?" The ominous voice said

"S-Stay back!" The bearded man backed up

"How about you have a little taste of agony" Luther widely grinned



Luther opened his room door and sighed upon arrival.

He saw Ivery and Danya fast asleep on the bed.

He sat down on a small couch and put his legs up.

"?" He noticed a book on the table beside him

He picked it up and opened it..

"Adventurers guide?" He looked at the contents