The Unwanted Princess Chapter 55

57 Chapter 55: Breaking And Entering


Ivery took the boy to sit down.

"What's your name?" Ivery asked

"Yannel." He responded

"How old are you?" Ivery inquired

"Fourteen..." Yannel said

"Well Yannel, I'm Ivery, that's Danya and Lutris." Ivery introduced herself, Luther and Danya

Yannel silently waved at them.

Danya waved back and Luther looked at him, with no intention of waving back.

"How much do you owe to these debt collectors...?" Ivery asked

"Around two million silver..." Yannel said

"Two million...?" Danya couldn't believe his family owed that much money


"Here." Ivery handed him a sack

"?" The boy opened the sack and his eyes widened

"T-This..." The boy saw that the sack was filled with gold coins

Even though the money she created could be considered as counterfeit, no one would be able to tell the difference since they were still gold coins.

"Is that enough to pay back the debt collectors?" Ivery asked with a gentle smile

"M..More than enough...thank you.." Yannel started to cry again

"You're welcome.." Ivery smiled wider when he hugged her again and cried into her chest

A vein was popping out of Luther's forehead, he was feeling irritable seeing Yannel getting too comfortable and touchy with his fiance. Even if he was a young boy, Luther didn't like it in the slightest...


"Where do we find these debt collectors?" Ivery asked Yannel

"...." Yannel went silent

"I don't know..." Yannel didn't actually think that far yet....he was too focused on making money

"Well...that's a problem..." Ivery sighed

"Wait..." Ivery opened the large bag she put Eness in

"Eness..." Ivery whispered in the bag

"Yes master..?" Eness whispered back

"The way you found me....can you do it to find other people too?" Ivery asked

"Of course, I can smell and locate people based on their magical energies scent." Eness nodded

"How about finding a person's relatives based on their magical energy? Can you do that?" Ivery questioned

"I think I can..." Eness nodded

"How convenient..." Ivery smirked


"Yannel...I need you to be as calm as possible..and please don't yell when you see it.." Ivery told him

"Why would I yell?" Yannel didn't understand

Ivery put the large bag on her lap and suddenly a crystal blue baby dragon's head popped out and looked at him.

"!!!!" Yannel covered his mouth as he almost screamed at the sight

"She won't hurt you I promise.." Ivery assured him

"W-Why do you have a dragon?" Yannel asked her with complete shock

"I accidentally tamed her.." Ivery said

"A-Accidently...t-tamed? That's impossible! Dragon's are untamable monsters..." Yannel couldn't believe his ears

"We're only able to be tamed if we want to be...we only serve masters that earn the right for us to serve them.." Eness explained

"Just smell him and see if you can find any magical energy related to his.." Ivery put Eness closer to Yannel

Yannel flinched as Eness got closer to him and started sniffing him.

"I smell a few relative scents...but they're not that close for me to make out the exact number of how many are in that area..." Eness said

"Then let's go.." Ivery got up from her seat

"Y-You all don't have to do this for me..." Yannel felt happy that they wanted to help him but..he didn't want to put them in possible danger because of him

"It's fine, I want to do this for you..." Ivery said to him

"You need your family...who knows what'll happen to them if they're where they're at for any longer..." Ivery said to Yannel

"So let's not waste anymore time.." Ivery walked to the door

Yannel hurried and followed Ivery.


They all stood outside of the guildhall.

"Just follow the scent, I'll follow." Ivery let Eness out of the bag

"Right away master." Eness happily flew up

Ivery grabbed Yannel's hand.

"You're going alone?" Danya asked Ivery

"I assumed you both didn't want to come with, since it's not a quest's more of a favor.." Ivery said

"I'm going where ever you're going, no matter what reason." Luther told her

"I am too!" Danya stepped forward

"Alright then..." Ivery chuckled


"Could you carry Yannel for me?" Ivery asked Luther

"Carry him? For what?" Luther looked down at Yannel

"We have to go up...since people shouldn't see Eness..." Ivery said

"Oh...I see.." Luther understood

"Come here kid..." Luther sighed

Yannel walked to Luther, when Yannel came close enough, Luther picked him up.

Ivery extended her hand out to Danya. As soon as Danya took Ivery's hand, Ivery and Luther jumped up and soared up in the air. Yannel widely smiled as he saw an amazing view of the town from above.
for visiting.

Eness quickly flew up to Ivery.

Danya held tight onto Ivery's hand, flailing her legs around..she was obviously scared that she was going to fall...which was understandable.

"Go ahead." Ivery told Eness

"Follow me." Eness quickly flew off

Ivery and Luther followed Eness, they flew all across town, seeing almost everything.

Eness started to increase her flying speed, however, Ivery and Luther had no problem keeping up with her.

Danya squeezed her eyes closed, not wanting to look anymore...she felt like she was going to throw up her breakfast.


They ended up flying out of town and was now a great distance away from the town. If they tried to walk from the town, it would've taken them hours to get where they were...


"I sense them here..." Eness stopped in front of a brownish broken-down concrete building in the middle of a forest

"Here...?" Ivery looked at the building and didn't see how the place could've been habited by anyone...even as a hideout

"I'm going in." Yannel walked towards the building and looked determined

Ivery nodded and the three of them followed Yannel.


Once they entered the building, there were no signs of anyone. All of the windows were shattered and the walls were cracked and missing large pieces. In every corner and on every wall was mildew forming on the old peeling wallpaper.

The floor was covered in debris, dust, glass shards, and bugs.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Ivery asked Eness

"I'm positive, the relative scents are really strong here.." Eness had no doubt

Ivery assumed there used to be stairs that led to the second floor of the building but instead there was only a gaping hole in the ceiling.

Ivery's eyes glowed and she saw through all of the upper floors...

"Yeah..there's nobody up there..." Ivery shook her head

"Wait..." Ivery didn't think about it but it made so much more sense when she realized

"What?" Luther looked at Ivery

Ivery looked down and her eyes widened..

"Down..." Ivery said

"Down?" Danya didn't understand

"They're down there..." Ivery pointed at the floor

"What?!" Yannel couldn't believe it...their hideout was actually underneath the building?!

"How are we even going to get down there?" Danya asked

"Make a hole." Ivery smiled

"Make a hole?!" Danya exclaimed

"Shouldn't we do this more carefully instead of busting in?" Danya asked

"No! I'd rather break in than enter like we're some sort of customers....I want them to pay for taking my family when they knew we didn't even borrow two million silver..." Yannel looked at Danya

"Soon they'll realize the mistake they made and then they'll regret being born..." Yannel's eyes seemed as if they would obliterate anything they looked at as their enemy

"Yannel...?" Danya was surprised by how Yannel was suddenly if he were a completely different person

"Thank you for this...but I won't be doing this with a transaction anymore..." Yannel handed Ivery the money sack she gave him

"What an interesting boy..." Luther deviously smirked

"I assumed you were a little too good for your own I thought giving you this money was the only way possible for you to get your family back...but it was my mistake for judging you so quickly.." Ivery smiled

"I like your decision..." The money bag in Ivery's hands dissipated

"T..Thank you?" Yannel looked at Ivery

"Wait...what's happening?" Danya didn't like where this was going

"We're taking his family force." Ivery cracked her knuckles

Ivery smashed her fist into the floor.


The building shook and a cloud of debris and dust covered the whole area, making them unable to see the damage.

As the cloud cleared up, they all saw a giant hole was opened in the floor, and from there they could see inside of the hideout. It really was underneath the building....

"Ready?" Ivery smirked

"Of course." Luther nodded

"I guess..." Danya sighed

"They'll all pay for this..." Yannel angrily looked down into their hideout