The Unwanted Princess Chapter 56

58 Chapter 56: Breaking And Entering 2

[ Violence ] & [ Death ]


"We're taking his family force." Ivery cracked her knuckles

Ivery smashed her fist into the floor.


The building shook and a cloud of debris and dust covered the whole area, making them unable to see the damage.

As the cloud cleared up, they all saw a giant hole was opened in the floor, and from there they could see inside of the hideout. It really was underneath the building....

"Ready?" Ivery smirked

"Of course." Luther nodded

"I guess..." Danya sighed

"They'll all pay for this..." Yannel angrily looked down into their hideout


"That definitely alerted's not just stand around and wait around for them to come up here." Ivery unhesitantly jumped down into the hole

Eness hopped down after Ivery.

"Right." Yannel nodded and jumped down

"Wait! We're really doing this!?" Danya also saw Luther jump into the hole

Danya didn't have the will to jump down from such a high place...she stepped back and decided to let them handle the rest, she was just a healer after all...she couldn't contribute to battles..

Suddenly a thin golden chain shot out from the hole and wrapped around Danya's waist.

"What...?" Danya was confused

"!!!" Danya was instantly pulled down by the chain and she fell into the hole and screamed


Danya opened her eyes and realized she was being held by Ivery..

"Why didn't you jump down?" Ivery put Danya down

"I...didn't have the courage to do it..." Danya looked down at the ground, feeling ashamed

"Are you afraid of the danger you'll face?" Ivery asked

"I...don't know.." Danya said

"Or are you afraid because you think you're not strong enough..." Ivery asked

"....I'm not strong enough.." Danya looked up at Ivery

"Then become strong enough.." Ivery said

"H..How?" Danya felt like it was easier said than done

"You can't have experience without practice..." Ivery smirked once she heard numerous footsteps coming their way


Seven tall buff men dressed in thin black robes came around the corner, they carried long swords and ran towards them.

"sl" Yannel cast a spell and pointed his staff at the running men

Three of the men were suddenly engulfed in flames, the fire spread to every inch of their bodies and they ran around frantically trying to put it out, but to no avail, the flames continued to burn through their skin.

They soon collapsed on the floor, dead. The fire continued to burn their corpses to ash.

The other men stepped over the bodies of their fallen comrades with no care and continued to charge at Ivery, Danya, Luther, and Yannel.

"You can do it...." Ivery told Danya with a comforting smile

Danya took a deep sigh and lifted her hands.

Her hands glowed with a yellow light and a giant ball of bright light flew towards the charging men. Once the light made contact with the men, they were immediately blinded.

They held their aching eyes in pain, tears came running down from their eyes as the constant stinging pain wouldn't cease.

"I'll handle the rest." Luther grinned

A black mist gathered in his palms and shot forward towards the blinded men.

The black mist harshly swirled around their bodies and just as the mist scattered. All was left behind were skeletons. The bones that belonged to the men dropped on the floor.

Danya's complexion turned a ghostly pale once she saw what Lutris was capable of...

"You did pretty well..." Ivery smiled at Danya

"T-Thank you.." Danya smiled back

"This way!" Eness started to fly away, the relative magic scents she smelled were getting stronger

Yannel ran after Eness.

Ivery, Luther, and Danya followed right behind.


As they walked through the halls of the hideout, they all stopped in front of a big door

"Here." Eness looked at the door

"...." Ivery reached her hand out to open the door

The door opened and they all stepped through the doorway.

"W..What is this...?" Danya looked around

"It's an underground plantation..." Luther said as he looked at the tired and dirtied people tending to a row of crops

"M-My family is here...!?" Yannel looked around, his eyes anxiously searching for his family

"They're close by.." Eness flew towards the scent

"Really?" Yannel widely smiled

"Yes." Eness nodded and flew off again


"Here." Eness stopped

"Here? I don't see...them" Yannel looked around and didn't see anyone he recognized

"Strange...the relative magic scents are here...I'm certain." Eness didn't feel wrong about this



Yannel turned his head and his eyes instantly watered.

She dropped the basket filled with vegetables in her hands on the floor and covered her mouth, tears rolled down her face once she saw him in front of her..

"M-Mother!" Yannel ran to his mother

"Yan!...Yan...!" His mother tightly held him, crying tears of joy and relief

"I' glad you're alright..." She dropped to her knees and held him in her arms

"I....m-missed you so much..." Yannel cried and sniffed

"I'm sorry we've worried you..." His mother rubbed his head


"W-Where are they...?" Yannel looked at his mother teary-eyed

"Children are assigned to...washing clothing.." His mother wiped her eyes and pointed to the washing area

Yannel grabbed his mother's hand and took her with him as he rushed over to the washing area to see his siblings..

He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw three children that particularly caught his attention scrubbing dirty clothes clean in a large rectangular wooden tub.

"Y...You're all really here..." Yannels tears flowed

"Hm?" A little girl with short light brown hair turned around

Her light gray eyes widened.

"Yanny..?" She smiled

"I've come to save you..." Yannel smiled at his little sister

She dropped the clothes in her hands in the water and hugged her brother.

"Yahari, what are you doing? We're going to get scolded if you don't do your clothes..." A boy with shoulder-length long light brown hair and light gray eyes turned around looking annoyed
for visiting.

"Yan..." He dropped his clothes and stood up

"Yaveri, Yashin! He came to save us! Yanny came to save us..!" Yahari cried and hugged Yannel tight

"Brother?" A boy with short dark brown hair and light gray eyes turned around

"Yashin...Yaveri.." Yannel smiled at his brother with open arms

They both ran to Yannel and wrapped their arms around him, they all believed he was dead...they didn't think he could survive on his own for so long...since they were barely surviving...

"I'm getting you all out of this place..." Yannel told them

"How..?" His mother asked, wanting more than ever for herself and her children to be freed from this living hell

"With help from them..." Yannel turned around

"Hello." Ivery walked up to them and waved

"Sorry to ruin your reunion..." Danya smiled

"....." Luther didn't say anything

"Yanny....are they your friends?" Yahari asked Yannel

"I...hope they can be..." Yannel smiled at her


"Hey!" A loud voice was heard from a distance

"It's them!" Yashin started to tremble

Several men walked towards them and immediately looked at Ivery, Luther, Danya, and Yannel.

"Who are you?" A man asked

"An introductory isn't needed, since you won't be remembering our names in the afterlife..." Ivery grinned and summoned her fan

"Indeed." A long black rod materialized in Luther's hand and the rod extended and took the form of a scythe

The scythe dripped with a black liquid.

Yannel stood in front of his family and his staff glowed, his eyes were filled with burning rage.

"Intruders!" The men yelled out

Almost instantly, several more men in black robes came rushing in the plantation, equipped with different types of weapons.

"Yanny..." Yahari started to cry

"It'll be fine...this will be over soon." Yannel assured her

"Let's start and finish this..." Ivery smirked and raised her fan upwards