The Unwanted Princess Chapter 57

59 Chapter 57: Breaking And Entering 3

[ Violence ] [ Death ]


Several men walked towards them and immediately looked at Ivery, Luther, Danya, and Yannel.

"Who are you?" A man asked

"An introductory isn't needed, since you won't be remembering our names in the afterlife..." Ivery grinned and summoned her fan

"Indeed." A long black rod materialized in Luther's hand and the rod extended and took the form of a scythe

The scythe dripped with a black liquid.

Yannel stood in front of his family and his staff glowed, his eyes were filled with burning rage.

"Intruders!" The men yelled out

Almost instantly, several more men in black robes came rushing in the plantation, equipped with different types of weapons.

"Yanny..." Yahari started to cry

"It'll be fine...this will be over soon." Yannel assured her

"Let's start and finish this..." Ivery smirked and raised her fan upwards


A powerful wind swept all of the incoming men off of their feet and they were raised up into the air.

Luther twirled his scythe and slashed it five times in a horizontal motion.

Five purple crescent-shaped lights cut through the air. All of the men that soared up in the air were hit by Luther's attack.

Blood poured down to the floor as their bodies were sliced into several chunks from head to toe.

"...." Danya was speechless

All of the working people who witnessed dropped what they were doing and ran away in terror.

Yannel's family shivered in fear of what they saw.

Ivery turned her head and saw three armed men slowly approaching Yannel's family from behind them.

Ivery acted quickly and raised her hand. A translucent pink cubed barrier formed around Yannel's family.

The three men started hitting at the barrier with their weapons, scaring Yahari, Yaveri, and Yashin, making them cry....their mother held them all tightly, she was obviously afraid herself but she had to appear strong for her children, if she were to show her fear...her children would only be more afraid..and she didn't want that.

"How dare you..." Yannel's staff glowed as he looked at the men with anger

"sps I" Yannel pointed his staff at the three men trying to attack his family

Several ice shards were conjured and shot straight for the men. The men flinched and were prepared to die....but just as the ice shards were about to hit the men, they all shattered into pieces.

"What...who..?!" Yannel turned his head

"These people don't seem like much....although it seems that they managed to kill all of those guys...but they're just weaklings anyway..." A woman dressed in a long revealing black silk dress, with long silver-blue hair and light orange eyes walked forward, carrying a black book in her hands

"How many more break in's are we going to get?....It's been five days in a row.." A man wearing long thin red robes with his chest widely exposed, with short auburn hair and black dull eyes walked next to the silver-blue haired woman, he had no apparent weapon

"It's you two who don't seem like much.." Luther smiled

"Wow...what a handsome's such a shame a rare beauty like you will have to die here.." The woman blushed and let out a light chuckle

"It isn't me that will be dying here today..." Luther looked at her

Suddenly something appeared in her head, and took over her sense of vision...she dropped the book in her hands and her hands started to tremble...

"Vivian? What's wrong?" The auburn-haired man asked her, noticing her strange behavior

"N-Nothing..." Vivian bent down to pick her book up

As soon as she made eye contact with that man...she immediately saw her death...she didn't know for sure if it was real or not...but if it was real then she had to make sure she wouldn't die such a terrifyingly gruesome death like that...

"Be wary of him...he's not like anyone we've faced before...I'm sure of it.." Vivian told him, her hands were still shaking as she couldn't erase that horrifying picture out of her head

"If you say so..." He shrugged

"Target the weakest ones first..." He lowly said to Vivian

"Of course.." She smirked


Vivian looked in her book and read a word from it, ".", She pointed at Danya

"Ah!.." Danya clutched at her chest

"Danya?" Ivery worriedly looked at Danya

"It...hurts.." Blood spilled out of Danya's mouth

Danya collapsed on the floor and laid there motionless..

"Danya!" Ivery kneeled down by her side and checked for a pulse

There was nothing...

"She's...dead.." Ivery couldn't believe it

"One down..." Vivian looked at Yannel with a sinister grin


Ivery's hands glowed with a green light and hovered over Danya's chest. Ivery's eyes glowed and she scanned Danya's body for the problem..

She saw that Danya's heart was severely damaged...

"Ivery...once someone's dead...they can't be healed..not even with our healing power." Luther told her

"She...she can't be dead...I promised her I'd help her become an adventurer..." Ivery started to tear up

"Blood..." A low voice echoed in her head

"Blood...blood...blood.." The voice became louder and louder

Ivery squeezed her eyes closed and held her head in pain as it started aching.

"Ivery...?" Luther formed a shield around them and looked down at Ivery with worry

"Blood.." Ivery said

"Blood?" Luther didn't understand

Ivery opened her eyes, Luther noticed her eyes had become blood red, with no traces of the whites in her eyes. Ivery looked to be in a if her mind wasn't fully active anymore...

Blood ran down from her eyes and she looked down at Danya.

The veins in her arms beamed red through her skin.

She raised her hand and her fingernails turned sharp. She quickly slashed her wrist with her nails.

"Ivery!?" Luther didn't understand Ivery's actions

She brought her wrist up to Danya's mouth, Ivery placed her hand on Danya's chin and opened her mouth.

Her blood dripped into Danya's mouth.


Within a few seconds, Danya's eyes opened wide and she took a deep breath and began to cough.

"So..that's what it was.." Luther recalled the moment when Ivery's blood dripped into Loki's mouth four years ago and he was suddenly revived

"I-Ivery...?" Danya noticed Ivery's eyes...and saw the blood running down from her eyes

" ....." Ivery's voice sounded demonic

Danya was terrified.

Ivery closed her eyes and fell back and collapsed on the floor. Completely unconscious.

Luther kneeled down and picked Ivery up.

"Are you afraid?" Luther looked down at Danya

"H...How could I after seeing that...?" Danya shivered

"She just saved your better be grateful that you weren't left for dead here.." Luther coldly looked at Danya

"Ivery isn't a bad person....nor is she evil...she constantly puts others before herself, she tries to help everyone but herself even in the middle of dire situations....she usually doesn't think before she does things, she's clumsy, adorable and has a special light within her that's brighter than the morning sun...she's my light..." Luther smiled

"What you just saw was nothing more than a curse, it does not define Ivery and it doesn't change who she is...and I won't forgive anyone that that see's her for what she isn't, when she's done nothing but be good to you..." Luther said

"She's not a monster, so don't you dare mistake her for one." Luther's eyes seemed like they were burning a hole straight through her skull

"I..know..I'm sorry." Danya felt like Ivery was a good person...she was just scared..for a moment

"Be sure to thank her after this is over..." Luther let down his shield

"You..didn't have to tell me..." Danya said

"Good.." Luther looked at Ivery in his arms


"Yanny!" Yahari screamed

"I..I'm fine Yahari!" Yannel continued to fend off their attacks

"Yan! Run away! Please!" His mother shouted

"Then I'll just be a coward..." Yannel refused to leave them behind


"That's enough of this." Luther waved his hand and stepped in front of Yannel

Vivian and the man flew back.

"Lutris..?" Yannel heaved, he looked as if he used up a lot of energy from his prowess core

"I'll handle this.." Luther tightened his grip on his scythe

"You're dead!" The auburn-haired man got up off of the ground and ran towards Luther

His hands gathered a dark gray mist and he threw the mist in his hands at Luther.

"So you can control dark magic...?" Luther smirked

"Yeah! So what?!" The auburn-haired man laughed loudly

"It's just funny how pathetic it is." Luther caught the mist in his hand and absorbed the attack

"It'll be no fun trying to fight with someone as weak as you..." Luther drew a horizontal line in the air

"Weak!?" The man gritted his teeth,

He felt a sharp pain in his neck and he felt something wet run down his chest.

He touched his neck and looked at his hand...

"B..Blood..?" He was confused

Suddenly, his vision went black.

"Reigh!" Vivian shouted, her eyes widened and her heart dropped

His head slid off of his neck and dropped to the floor. Blood spurt out of his neck and his body fell on the floor.

"No..way.." Yannel stared in shock

Danya covered her eyes, and Ivery who laid on her lap was still unconscious.

"You'll pay for that!" Vivian angrily looked at her book and quickly flicked through the pages

"Witchcraft..?" Luther raised his hand

The book instantly caught on fire, "No!" Vivian shouted

Vivian dropped the book and watched in terror as the black flames consumed the book and quickly burned it to ash.

"Do you remember?" Luther sadistically smiled

"What..." She backed up

"Your death...?" Luther grinned

"P-Please don't!" Vivian started to cry

"Please don't what?" Luther asked
for visiting.

"P-Please don't kill me!" Vivian pleaded

"Begging for mercy doesn't work on me.." Luther let out a slight laugh

"Fine.." Vivian mischievously grinned and threw a black powder at Luther's face and turned around and ran off

"Damn it!" Luther put his hands on his eyes that felt like they were burning


Just as Vivian was heading to the door, her eyes widened when she fell face first on the floor.

"A..Aughh!" She screamed in excruciating pain

"You dare to harm my fiance...?" Ivery held her fan in her hand and smirked, she looked as if she was weak...her vision was slightly blurred

Vivian looked down at her severed legs and blood gushed out.

"Ivery..." Danya saw how worn out Ivery looked...whatever transformation she took to save her must've taken a lot of energy from her

"I'm fine.." Luther opened his eyes, they were very red

"Come..." Ivery reached out for him..still not being able to clearly see

Luther walked to Ivery and kneeled beside her.

Ivery felt his face and her right hand covered his eyes. Her hand glowed with a green light.

Luther suddenly felt the pain subside and was relieved of the itchiness and irritation.

"Thank you.." Luther smiled

Ivery took her hand off of his eyes..

" look more hurt than me.." Luther looked down at her and saw how drained she looked

"It was just a forced transformation...I still felt in control of my body...but something else was there if it was telling me what to do.." Ivery felt it was kind of hard to explain

"It's okay..." Luther kissed her forehead

"You did enough." Luther turned around and looked at Vivian who was trying to drag herself to the doors, trailing blood behind her

"You really cut them clean off..." Luther smirked, very impressed with Ivery's attack

"W..What exactly did I cut?..I know saw her running but then my vision went completely blurry as soon as I used the fan.." Ivery said as her vision was slowly improving

"Both of her legs." Luther told her

"Oh.." Ivery felt slightly impressed with herself

"Can you handle the rest..?" Ivery asked, feeling a headache surfacing

"Of course." Luther nodded and walked to Vivian who was sobbing as she dragged herself slowly to the doors

"It's useless to try to get away's better to die now than later..." Luther said,

He stomped his foot on her back and stopped her from getting any further.

"Augh!" She spit up blood and groaned in pain

"That stuff you threw at me really hurt..." Luther twirled his scythe with one hand

"T-That..w-was the point..." She weakly laughed

"I'm sure it was.." Luther pressed his foot on her back harder

Vivian screamed as she felt something start to crack.

"Don't worry...I'll put you out of your misery..." Luther coldly smirked