The Unwanted Princess Chapter 58

60 Chapter 58: Compensation

[ Violence ] [Death]


"It's useless to try to get away's better to die now than later..." Luther said,

He stomped his foot on her back and stopped her from getting any further.

"Augh!" She spit up blood and groaned in pain

"That stuff you threw at me really hurt..." Luther twirled his scythe with one hand

"T-That..w-was the point..." She weakly laughed

"I'm sure it was.." Luther pressed his foot on her back harder

Vivian screamed as she felt something start to crack.

"Don't worry...I'll put you out of your misery..." Luther coldly smirked


Luther lifted his scythe and intended to swing it down until he felt something stop him.

"?" Luther turned his head

"You'd really kill an injured and unarmed lady? That's not very nice..." A tall buff man dressed in black thin robes held onto Luther's scythe

"Well, I'm not very nice.." Luther pulled his scythe out of the man's hands

"And I have no qualms about killing women, if they're my enemy or oppose me, they'll die all the same." Luther grinned

"Restrain him!" The man yelled out

"Oh?" Luther smirked

Three other men surrounded around Luther and wasted no time running towards him. Luther dropped his scythe and stood there, waiting for them to attack.

The men tackled Luther and pinned him down on the floor.

"Get the chains, he's never getting out of here." A man ordered


"I-Ivery! Lutris is in trouble..." Danya said to Ivery

"No, he's not.." Ivery shook her head

"What do you mean? He's about to be taken and chained up by those men!" Danya raised her voice

"He allowed himself to be attacked....people like them wouldn't be able to get close enough to injure him...he doesn't like it when people touch him...." Ivery's vision was getting more clearer, her words weren't being cocky just because he's her fiance...she knows from firsthand experience how powerful Luther is, he's also an infinite attribute holder afterall

"Then why...?" Danya didn't understand why he allowed himself to be pinned down

"False hope." Ivery said

"W..Wait so he's just playing with them?" Danya asked

"Cruel? Isn't he?" Ivery smiled
for visiting.

"Very..." Danya nodded


Just as the men were about to chain Luther up, the men's hands that pinned him down with instantly started to decay. The men unconsciously let Luther go and howled in pain as their hands rotted to the bone.

The rot spread and traveled up their arms.

"N-No! No!"



They all fell on the ground, and breathed their last breaths as their bodies completely rotted and their decayed flesh and organs started falling off of their bones.

"What are you?" The man who gave out orders backed up

"No one important." Luther's scythe that laid on the ground flew back into his hand

His scythe changed form and turned into a long black sword, the sword dripped with the same black mysterious liquid.

Luther walked towards the man.

The man turned around and ran off, terrified of Luther, knowing if he stood there...he'd die, if he even tried to fight back, he'd still die..

He couldn't shake off the feeling of dread as he ran for his life.

"Where are you going?" Luther smirked and he threw his sword

With a perfect shot, the sword went into the running man's back and the tip of the sword stuck out of his chest, stabbing directly through his heart.

The man fell face-first on the ground, and stopped breathing not even two seconds later. Blood spilled from his body and pooled around him.

Luther walked to the body and tore his sword out, he turned around not giving the body a second glance.

"Now...where were we..?" Luther walked to Vivian

"P-Please..." Vivian cried, not wanting to die

"Don't cry..." Luther frowned

Vivian turned her head, in hope that he pitied her enough to spare her.

Her face immediately turned pale once she saw the face he was making....

"'ll be over soon..." He widely grinned

"N-No!" Vivian tried to crawl away faster

Luther plunged his sword straight into her back, she screamed once the pain set in.

He slowly slid his sword upwards, she screamed in agony as she felt the sword cutting through her body.

"You're going to die before I finish if I do this any slower..." Luther sighed

Luther lifted his sword and took it out of her back. Blood spilled out of her mouth.

"I haven't been able to have a use for this form yet but..." The sword in Luther's hand changed form and turned into a large black double-sided axe, it also dripped with the same black liquid

She soon started choking on her blood. Luther swung his axe down.

"Ah!" Danya covered her eyes, not wanting to see the gruesome scene

He chopped her head in half.

"I aimed for her neck..." Luther sucked his teeth, still not accustomed to using the axe


Ivery waved her hand and the translucent cubed barrier around Yannel's family dissipated.

Yannel's siblings immediately ran to him and hugged him, letting out their tears.

" over?" Yashin asked Yannel

" is.." Yannel nodded


Ivery, Luther, Danya, and Yannel made sure to free the rest of the people in captivity in the underground plantation.

They all returned to Yannel's hometown.

As they walked to Yannel's house....they found it completely demolished.

"No..way.." Yannel couldn't believe their home was destroyed

"It's okay Yan...the owner must've sold the's been over a year now ever since...this is to be expected.." Yannel's mother rubbed his head

"I...I earned enough money to buy us a new home!" Yannel told his mother

"Thank you..for all of your hard work.." Yannel's mom smiled

Yannel's eyes teared.


"I want to thank you..." Yannel looked at Ivery, Danya, and Luther and bowed

"You're welcome." Ivery smiled

"Mhm.." Danya nodded

"....." Luther didn't say a word

"There's no amount of money that I can ever give you to repay for what you've done for me..." Yannel said

"So...I'd like to join your squad and assist you in all of your quests!" Yannel bowed again

"You don't have to do that..." Ivery felt grateful for his offer

"Yes, I do...I want to do this....I have to.." Yannel was determined to be a great service to them

"Are you sure you want to separate from your family again?" Ivery asked

"As long as they're safe...that's enough for me..." Yannel said

"Alright.." Ivery nodded

"But...can I have a day or two to spend with them before the next quest..?" Yannel asked

"Of course." Ivery nodded

"Thank you!" Yannel hugged Ivery

Ivery hugged him back and felt like this was an amazing reward...just to see him happy and reunited with his family...

That was enough for her.