The Unwanted Princess Chapter 59

61 Chapter 59: A New Journey


After relaxing for three days, and letting Yannel spend more time with his family, Ivery went to a travel guide shop by herself. She left early in the morning, letting Luther and Danya sleep longer.

This town was feeling more blander the longer they stayed. Ivery felt like it was time to relocate to a better place...

Ivery walked into the shop and saw an elderly man standing behind the counter.

All over the walls were covered with different maps and compasses.

"Welcome.." The elderly man greeted Ivery

"Hello.." Ivery walked to the counter
for visiting.

"What are you looking for dear?" He asked with a smile

"Another town location.." Ivery said

"Have any specific place in mind?" He asked

"Not really...I just need to relocate to a bigger town with a lot more things to explore, that might also specialize in supporting adventurers." Ivery hoped that such a place existed

"I have the perfect place for you." The man smiled and turned around to grab a map

"?" Ivery wondered what it was

"Here." He placed the map down on the counter and pointed to a certain spot

"There?" Ivery looked down at where the man had his finger pressed on

"Ridgefall..." He said

"Ridgefall?" Ivery raised an eyebrow in confusion

"It is a beautiful town that is very vast in could take months or a whole year to try to even explore half of it, it is also home to hundreds if not thousands of adventures because of it's extraordinary guildhalls, Inns, armor shops, weapon shops, and training centers..." He explained

"Interesting.." Ivery smiled

"In Ridgefall, there are a certain group of S-rank adventurers that are exclusively employed by the town governor because of their unmatchable strength and brutality, they take on the most extreme and lethal quests and are rewarded a hefty sum." He said

"How far is it from here?" Ivery asked

"Sadly, it is very far from here...and since the town itself is very unique and one of the best towns in the country, it is quite hard to find it and it's even harder to get in..." He told her

"What do you mean by it's even harder to get in?" Ivery asked

"The town has entry assessments, since every day hundreds of people try to get into the town because of its prominence...if they just let anyone in there then it would be too overpopulated, in order to get an entry permit and resident must fight against other desperate adventurers and make it to the finals to receive the permit, and from there you're free to enter and leave the town as you want as long as you have the permits." He further explained

"Alright...I'll buy the map." Ivery was willing to go to this town

"Are you sure? It'll be one tough journey.." The man said

"I'm sure, so how much is the map?" She asked

"Ten thousand silver coins." He said

"Here." Ivery placed a medium-sized pouch on the counter

Inside of the pouch was filled to the top with silver coins.

"You can count them all if you want.." Ivery said

"'s fine...good luck on your journey." The man handed Ivery the map

"Thank you." She took the map


Ivery exited the shop and her excited expression dropped when she saw a person standing in front of her.

"Sorry?" Ivery nervously chuckled


"You should've woken me up." Luther sighed

"You looked so I didn't want to wake you.." Ivery said

"Plus I just needed to make a small errand there was no need to wake you and have you walk with me for this..." Ivery gripped the rolled-up map in her hand

"What did you get?" Luther looked at what looked like a scroll or rolled-up paper in her hand

"A map." She told him

"A map?" Luther didn't understand why she came out to get a map

"What for?" He asked

"To another town." She said

"Oh, really..? Where and what is this town you speak of?" Luther asked

"Ridgefall." Ivery opened the map and pointed at the spot the man showed her

"Ridgefall..? I've heard about that place..." Luther smirked

"Let's go then." Luther was ready to leave this drab town already

"We can't go yet, we have to get Yannel and go back to the Inn for Danya..." Ivery said to him

"Oh right...those tag alongs..." Luther sighed again

"Be nice..." Ivery lightly hit his arm

"Fine..fine..." Luther nodded

"But know that naturally, I'm not a nice or kind hearted person, ...those two are your responsibility since you're bringing them along, my only priority is you and your don't expect me to rush to their rescue if something goes awry...I don't do favors for other people that I don't see value in..." Luther told her, meaning every single word

"I know..." Ivery sighed

"I've been around you long enough to know that you don't do things without it benefitting yourself in some way." Ivery snickered

"You make it sound worse than it already is if you put it that way." Luther grinned and abruptly picked Ivery up and carried her on his broad shoulder

"Luther?!" Ivery was surprised

"Let's go back then.." Luther jumped up and soared in the air


Ivery and Luther arrived back at the Inn, when they opened the door, Danya was already awake.

"Where did you both go?" Danya asked

"To a travel guide." Ivery said

"A travel guide? For what?" Danya was confused

"We're relocating to another town.." Ivery told her

"Finally..." Danya smiled, she was getting bored with this town...she wanted to explore...but instead she was always inside of this limited and bland town

"What town are we going to?" Danya asked

"Ridgefall." Luther said

"Ridgefall?!" Danya was shocked to hear that the town they were relocating to was this countries famous town for adventurers, it was almost every adventurer's dream to go to Ridgefall...

But it was also a challenge to find and get into...but after witnessing Ivery's and Lutris's strength...she didn't have much to worry about..

"Yes.." Ivery nodded

"When do we go? It's a very far distance from here..." Danya said

"Tonight." Ivery responded

"Why tonight?" Danya asked

"To give Yannel a little more time to say goodbye to his family..." Ivery looked out of the window

"Oh.." Danya totally forgot that Yannel was coming with them

"That's nice of give him all of this extra time.." Danya smiled

"Three days still isn't nearly long enough for him...they all have been separated from Yannel for a year, I just wish I could give him more time..." Ivery leaned against the window

"I'm..sure Ridgefall isn't going I don't really mind if we stay here for a little bit longer." Danya said

"I go wherever you go, and I'll stay wherever you stay as well.." Luther shrugged

"I don't mind either...but it also depends on what Yannel wants to do, I feel like he'd refuse it if we said that we'll stay a little longer just for him to have more time to spend with his family....he'll feel like the debt he owes us will only grow if things like this are only done in his favor.." Ivery said

"Yeah.." Danya felt like Ivery was right

"So then what do we do?" Danya asked

"We...wait.." Ivery sighed again, making her breath condense a spot on the window