The Unwanted Princess Chapter 6

6 Chapter 6: It Starts Here

Ivery opened her eyes and sat up, seemingly not used to seeing a clean room when she awakens. She realized she didn't sleep for long as it was still midnight. She looked around the house sized room, she sat on the bed and slowly remembered the events from earlier.

So much happened and she didn't have time to really process everything. First Luther unromantically proposed to her, then her spiteful half sister attacked her for being with her fiance which is Luther. Then her mother, Empress Cassandra asked for forgiveness after sending her to the Hollow's Castle to later be executed when she became of age. Her father informed her that she'll be returning to the Lilith Castle tomorrow for something important, he didn't tell her any details regarding the "important" situation. And Luther even said that he'd accompany her to the Lilith Castle.

Ivery needed someone to talk to, she swore she'd go insane if she was left in this giant room by herself, only left with her thoughts. Her hands glowed and a golden burst shot up in the air, Loki appeared and flew over to Ivery.

"It seems that everything is going well for you" Loki grinned

"I think Princess Inanna's fate is changed now, Crown Prince Luther is interested in her and intends on marrying her, her parents finally acknowledges her, and she might be recognized as a princess now, can I go back to my world now?" Ivery desperately asked Loki

"No can do, you have to finish what you started, you have to get a final result that proves that you successfully changed Princess Inanna's fate, so right now, this is just the beginning of a long story, Ivery" Loki laid down on the bed

"Ugh" Ivery threw her head on the bed and sulked

"Stop moping, how about I teach you about the other abilities you have later" Loki hit Ivery with his tail

"How many can you teach me?" Ivery looked at Loki

"How many do you want to learn?" Loki licked the back of his paw

"How many do I have?" Ivery asked

"There's no limit to how far your power can go, as an Infinite attribute holder, there is no number to how many powers you have, and that boy Luther...I just learned something even more terrifying about him" Loki shivered at the thought

"What did you learn" Ivery was eager to know

"Remember when I told you how he mastered his Infinite abilities?" Loki looked at Ivery

"Yeah" Ivery responded

"He's a horrifying existence, he's able to connect to all of his infinite abilities, all of them, every single one, do you know what that means Ivery?" Loki looked into Ivery's eyes

"Kind of..." Ivery scratched her head

"He holds the Infinite attribute of Dark Chaos, his infinite ability is meant to cause destruction and death, none of his abilities are good, some of your abilities are able to do good, but all of his were created to kill and obliterate and he's somehow able to connect to all of them and use them at will" Loki explained to Ivery

"Seriously?!" Ivery felt chills run across her skin

"You have to try your best to stay away from that boy, he'll be the death of you, and I've been meaning to tell you, if Inanna dies again, you die as well, and if you'll never be able to go back to your original world" Loki lied, the Goddess, Hecate would revive Ivery if she did die, but he needed Ivery to be serious about her objective and figured scaring her would be the best way to do it

"You're kidding...?!" Ivery didn't want to believe it

"I'm not" Loki kept up the lie

"Then I guess I'll have to be careful.." Ivery pondered about it

"Stay. Away. From. Luther" Loki was dead serious

"But...I don't want to.." Ivery was definitely feeling something towards Luther, although she couldn't really explain it

"You have to Ivery, if you offend him in anyway or give him a reason to kill you"

"I don't think I can stay away from him..." Ivery put her hands on her face and went back to her sulking

"What do you mean?" Loki walked up to Ivery's head and hit her hands that were on her face with his paw

"I think he likes me" Ivery muffled into her hands

"That ice block likes you?!" Loki had a small panic attack

"Well...I can't say for sure that he likes me, but he wouldn't tell me when I asked" Ivery sighed at her dilemma

"Then he doesn't like you" Loki internally calmed himself down

"Wait, why doesn't he like me?" Ivery sat up in an instant and looked down at Loki

"If he didn't say that he liked you, then he obviously doesn't" Loki shrugged

"Maybe he's just too shy to confess his feelings" Ivery smiled and blushed at the thought

"Nope, he doesn't like you" Loki shook his head

"He does" Ivery crossed her arms and looked at Loki as if she was offended

"He doesn't" Loki shook his head again

"He does" Ivery repeated

"He. Doesn't. Like. You." Loki sat up and floated up to Ivery's face to tell her bluntly

"I. Said. He. Does." Ivery didn't want to hear what he had to say and turned her head away from Loki

"You're a naughty cat, and naughty pets should be punished" Ivery mischievously smiled

"I'm not a pet" Loki backed up

Ivery thought about a small squared metal cage with thick bars, as she finished the thought, then a metal cage materialized in the air and dropped down on the floor with a bang. Ivery grabbed Loki and tossed him inside the cage. She closed the door and then a medium sized metal key appeared in her hand, she inserted the key into the keyhole and locked the door to the cage.

"Hey! How can you put me in this cold cage!?" Loki shouted

"Is it not big enough?" Ivery frowned

"That's totally not the point! Let me out right now!" Loki frantically scratched at the metal bars

"No can do, I'm too tired" Ivery faked a yawn and stretched her arms up

"Lies!" Loki cried, how dare she lock him in this cage as if he was some wild animal!?

"Goodnight, Loki" Ivery smiled and laid down on her plushly oversized bed, she rested her head on the giant pillows and closed her eyes

"Don't you dare go to sleep Ivery!" Loki shouted

Silence pervaded the room. Loki noticed that his magic was disabled by this cage, he couldn't teleport out or use any of his abilities. She's a sly little girl...




Ivery rolled over in her bed, her arm stretched out to hug a soft pillow but she swore that the pillow she touched was abnormally hard. She felt the pillow a few more times and she knew she wasn't just imagining things. She slowly opened her eyes and realized what she was hugging wasn't actually a pillow....

"Prince Luther!?" Ivery was flabbergasted

"Hmm..?" Luther's purple eyes looked at Ivery

"Why are you in my bed?!" Ivery felt like she was trapped in a dream

"Is it a problem?" Luther asked

"You're a a girls bed" Ivery blushed as his voice entered her ears

"So?" Luther pulled her closer to his body

"W-What are you d-doing?!" Ivery felt hot, extremely hot, unbearably hot

"Do you not like it?" Luther gently asked

"It's not like I don't like it...but why..?" Ivery's arms were still wrapped around Luther's waist, she panicked and tried to move her arms

"Don't" Luther's seductive voice made her ears turn bright red

Ivery stopped trying to move her arms from around him and stayed still in their position. She looked up at Luther and he took advantage of the opportunity. He lowered his head and sealed a kiss on her lips. Taken by surprise, Ivery melted into the kiss. Her glistening red eyes were looking straight into his purple eyes.

He started off with light kisses and deepened it as time progressed. His hands roamed all over her back, feeling her silky thin nightgown under his palms. His hands continuously traveled up her back until he felt her soft skin touch his fingertips. The skin contact burned, like a raging fire. Just by touching the revealed skin on her back caused a tingling buzz to travel all around his body.

Becoming addicted to this feeling, Luther deepened the kiss further, his mind slipping away from him slowly. He didn't understand what it was about this girl that made him feel this way, he didn't understand why he felt so attracted to her. He didn't know how to respond to her question earlier, how did she know that he had feelings for her? He's not fully sure of what he really feels himself, but only time will tell.

He lightly bit her bottom lip before he pulled back. He took a deep breath before releasing her from his arms. He sat up and turned away from her gaze. She felt cold as she felt his warm body leave her arms, she sat up and her eyes saw his beaming red ears. She leaned over and licked his ear, his head immediently turned to face her. She felt her heart skip a beat when she saw his blushing face.

With that impeccable face of his, just seeing him blushing like that almost gave her a heart attack. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down on the bed. Ivery bent down and kissed his thin red lips. He responded to the kiss and pulled her on top of him, his arms wrapped around her small waist. She put both of her hands on both of his cheeks and pushed her tongue in his hot mouth. As soon as their tongues touched, pleasuring chills ran through their bodies.


"Inanna!" An pestering voice yelled out

Ivery ignored the voice calling out to her and indulged in Luther.

"Inanna!!" The voice yelled out again

"What?!" Ivery parted her lips from Luther's and looked over at the cage that Loki was in

"What the hell are you doing?!" Loki didn't believe what his eyes were seeing

"What does it look like she's doing?" Luther said before he pulled Ivery's head back down and kissed her soft lips again

Loki figured he was in a nightmare, yes. This all has to be a nightmare! Ivery can't be possibly be kissing that demon prince! Loki refused to believe what he was seeing was reality. If it surely was reality then that damn prince definitely has Ivery under some spell, he had to save her from Luther's claws!

Loki hit at the bars with his small paws, but alas it was useless...he couldn't get out of the cage no matter how hard he tried and no matter how much he wanted to.

All he could do was pray for some godly intervention to stop this horrifying scene before his eyes. Ivery was going to get the life sucked out of her by this demon prince! And he had no choice but to just sit and watch. He's a complete failure as her guide and companion, to let her die in the hands of that prince was something Loki did not want to allow.

"You're under his spell! You're strong break out of it! Fight back or you'll die!" Loki tried to reason with Ivery

Loki was ignored and he had to bare witness to Ivery and Luther continuously kissing throughout the rest of the night. Loki had to close his eyes, if he had looked any longer he would want to scratch his eyes out.




Ivery looked out of the carriage window and was at awe at the scenery outside. She needed fresh air after what happened last night, she seriously couldn't control herself around Luther, in her eyes Luther was like a delicious looking plate of food and she had a empty stomach that was growling to eat.

But leaving that topic, Ivery felt a tad giddy after learning she was going to the Lilith Castle but this time as an expected and welcomed visitor.

Loki laid on Ivery's lap and his depression was unimaginable, having to see and be in the same room as those two as they were locking lips, Loki looked as if he had his spirit drained out of him. He didn't understand why he woke up to Ivery and Luther kissing each other, especially after he told Ivery to stay away from Luther because he is a dangerous threat to her life.

"I told you to stay away from that guy.." Loki was extremely irritated

"Technically he came to me.." Ivery nervously chuckled

"I don't want to hear your excuses, if you die by that ice block, then you only have yourself to blame for not listening to me" Loki huffed

"If Luther really wanted to kill me, then he would've done it by now, but if it makes you happy..I'll be cautious but I'll trust him for now" Ivery rubbed Loki's head

"Whatever" Loki shook his head frantically, trying to get her hand off of his head

"I appreciate that you're worried about me" Ivery smiled

"Who's worried about you?" Loki licked the back of his paw

Ivery ignored what Loki had said and thought back to this morning, he wanted to forget but she couldn't help but remember the traumatizing experience. She and Luther had fallen asleep on her bed and Ivery was awakened by a hesitant looking maid. Ivery understood why the maid didn't dare to even touch Luther or even try to wake him up, she once overheard a conversation that some of the maids were having. They were discussing about how every maid who was sent to wake Luther up, died.

The maid pleaded to Ivery and requested that she wake up Luther instead. Ivery sighed and did as the maid asked. She lightly tapped Luther, and with that light tap, Luther's eyes opened and the maid jumped and backed away from the bed. Since the maid did her job she quickly turned around and headed straight towards the door, every fiber in her body wanted to leave the room as quickly as possible.

"Were you dismissed?" Luther's voice entered the maids ears, as alluring and attractive as his voice was, to the maid it sounded like the grim reaper speaking to a runaway soul

The maid stopped walking and turned around to drop on her knees and bowed down, " Forgive me, Crown Prince! My job was to wake you and the lady up, please spare me!" She cried

"Were you dismissed?" Luther's voice sounded more threatening as his eyes narrowed

"No I was not, Crown Prince" The maid started sweating

"An incompetent servant should be punished" Luther's gaze felt like ice picks stabbing her skin

"Please have mercy!" The maid begged

"Alright, you can go" Luther smiled

"Really..?" The maid's face was extremely relieved

"Yes, go" Luther nodded

The maid got up from her knees and headed towards the door, her eyes were glistening with light when her life had been spared, she swore the Prince would've killed her right on the spot. Maybe he wasn't as ruthless and cold-blooded as everyone says.

"Ah, I suddenly changed my mind" An evil grin appeared on Luther's face

Just as Luther said that, the maid who had barely any time to react, tragically met her gruesome fate. Before Ivery's eyes, in an instant, the maids head exploded. Her headless body fell on the floor and endless flow of blood spilled out from her neck. Awakened by the strong stench of blood, Loki's eyes opened from his slumber and looked in terror at the blood freezing scene.

He didn't believe what his eyes were seeing, is this what he had to wake up to in the morning after he had a pretty pleasant dream?! He saw the body of a maid...missing her head, and pieces and the insides of her head were splattered on the wall, the blood on the wall dripped down on the floor.

Loki wanted out of this cage now or Ivery will end up exactly like that poor maid!

"Let me out of this damn cage already!" Loki shouted

Ivery's attention finally broke off the dead maid by the doors and looked over at Loki who she trapped in a cage. Ivery didn't look at the dead maid anymore and got up and walked over to Loki who was in the cage. She bent down and looked highly amused.

"I didn't hear a please" Ivery smiled

"Please...let me out of this damn cage!" Loki was done with her games, she's playing with life and death right now!

A key again materialized in her hand and she put the key in the lock and unlocked the door to the cage. She opened the door and Loki jumped out of the cage and hopped onto Ivery's head. He bit her scalp and Ivery tried to pull him off.

"Ouch, hey!" Ivery pulled Loki's tail when his teeth started to sink into her scalp

"Hey cat...if you don't want to spend the rest of the week healing yourself, I suggest that you get off of her" Luther maliciously looked at Loki who was biting Ivery's head

Loki's fur stood up when he saw about twenty black translucent hands come out from Luther's back and they stretched out towards Loki. Loki hissed and jumped off of Ivery's head and ran under the bed. Loki understood his threat and didn't want whatever that damn evil prince had in store for him.




Lost in her thoughts Ivery didn't realize when they arrived at the Lilith Castle. The doors to her carriage opened and she saw Luther waiting outside for her, extending out his hand to help her out of the carriage. She reached out and took his hand and exited the carriage. Loki hopped out of the carriage after she stepped out.

Ivery looked at the top of the tall white marble stairs with gold mixed inside, she saw the Emperor which was her father and her mother, Empress Cassandra coming down the stairs. Ivery and Luther walked towards the two grandiose royalties. When Empress Cassandra reached Ivery she pulled Ivery in for a tight hug, Ivery couldn't even greet her.

"Empress.." Ivery didn't know whether or not she could touch the Empress or not

"Please call me mother" Cassandra looked at Ivery with her gentle ocean blue eyes

"Can I?" Ivery shyly asked

"Of course you can, you're my daughter" Cassandra hugged Ivery tighter

Ivery assumed it was okay and she hugged Cassandra back. Cassandra felt Ivery's arms wrap around her and she broke into tears as she quickly began to cherish this daughter of hers even more, she finally had a daughter, she thought she was cursed with the fate of not being able to have a daughter, if it was up to her, she would've kept all of her daughters in the castle. But since the Emperor made a decree stating that all royals that were born with no magical prowess were to be sent to the Hollow's Castle and when they turned 18, they were to be executed.

She had to pretend she didn't care as all of her daughters were killed in front her of own eyes, she had to feign her disgust and hatred for her children because if she showed an ounce of compassion for useless children, the Emperor would either have killed her or he would've punished her by removing her title as Empress and give the title to someone more fitting. An Empress should stand by her Emperor at any cost, if she showed that she cared for her daughters that were born without magical prowess, it would be considered betrayal to the Emperor and the decree. She had no choice but to abide by it.

But this girl, Inanna...was her only daughter that was born with magical prowess and not only did she have magical prowess, she's the second holder of an infinite attribute. She never would've thought she would've given birth to the prophesied child that would possess the infinite attribute, Golden Infinity. Since she couldn't give birth to girls who had magical prowess, she thought one of the Emperor's consorts or one of his concubines would've given birth to the child the saintess predicted would be born with a Gods power.

"Go and meet your father" Cassandra lightly pushed Ivery over to the Emperor

Ivery slowly walked over to the Emperor, when she stood directly in front of him, he just looked at her. He said no words, but instead he looked at her appearance. Her eyes just as red as his, long beautiful hair just as blonde and silky as her mother's, her face was every inch of perfection. When he saw her for the first time her hair was so matted and dirty, he swore a small animal could've gotten stuck in it with no way of escaping, like a small bug stuck in a spiders sticky web. But now she was as beautiful as a polished and refined diamond.

"Come" Julian held out his hand

She looked at his hand with shock, she wasn't sure if these people were the same two people that executed all of their previous children and even sentenced Inanna to burn at the stake and heartlessly watched her be consumed by flames.

She took his hand and he led her up the stairs, Cassandra and Luther followed behind as they soon entered the castle doors. Loki walked up the stairs behind Luther, far behind Luther...he didn't want to be next to that damned prince, in front of or even a few feet behind that demon prince!

As soon as Ivery entered the castle horns were instantly blowed as they all shouted,

"The Emperor and Empress has returned!"

They saw Crown prince Luther of Fresia and they all shouted,

"Crown prince Luther of Fresia has arrived!"

They all saw Ivery but they had no clue who she was, they couldn't announce her arrival because they didn't know her name, but they noticed that she was the spitting image of the Emperor and Empress. Her red eyes were proof that she had to be related to the Emperor.

In the Lilith Kingdom, the Emperor's family line had eyes as red as a demons. Even though the whole line had them, it was extremely rare to be born with them, it was proof that you were the highest royalty of the Lilith Kingdom. Children born from the Castiell family line are only born with red eyes if the Castiell blood is potent enough to be able to be born with the heritage of red colored eyes.

No children of Julian Castiell so far had been born with red eyes, even Crown Prince Liam and Prince Carviel weren't born with red eyes, the Castiell blood running through their veins weren't potent enough for them to be a full blooded Castiell. They had ocean blue eyes just like their mother.

They walked to the main center of the castle, the same place where Inanna saw her two older siblings being executed on their 18th birthday, and the same place where Inanna was sentenced to execution by fire. When the doors opened, Ivery saw uncountable nobles and royals in the grand area. She was led inside by the Emperor and everyone saw that the Emperor and Empress had arrived, everyone in the room bowed in their presence.

"Stand" Julian said out

Everyone stood as they all listened and watched intently and waited for the Emperor's next words.

"Today is the coronation of the newest princess of the Lilith Kingdom!" The Emperor yelled out for everyone to hear

Ivery was just as surprised as everyone else was, she was being crowned as an official princess of the Lilith Kingdom?! She didn't believe her ears. Everyone started talking to each other, they all wondered who this new princess was and why they never heard of her birth and why she was being announced now?

Julian took Ivery up the stairs that led up the the thrones, up the stairs, on a black pedestal sat a beautiful tiara that was covered in golden pink diamonds and small red rubies that was on top of a red pillow, and next to it a golden sceptre that was carefully encrusted with several jewels and a giant red ruby as the main piece.

Julian had Ivery stand at the top of the staircase and the archbishop walked over to Ivery and requested that she kneel down, she did as asked and kneeled down in front of him. He started his words and said,

"Is your highness willing to take the Oath?"

Ivery answered "I am willing"

"I the Archbishop shall minister these questions and the Princess, having a book in her hands, shall answer each question severally as it follows." The Archbishop placed an open book in her hands

The Archbishop started "Will you solemnly promise and swear to aid to the prosperity of the Peoples of the Lilith Kingdom, and all of your possessions and the other territories to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?"

Ivery answered "I solemnly promise to do so"

The Archbishop continued "Will you use your power to cause law and justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgements?"

Ivery answered "I will"

The Archbishop asked "Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the balance of the Gods and use your gifts to bring peace to the Lilith Kingdom? Will you to the utmost of your power fight for the Kingdom and will you maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Lilith Kingdom and her people, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in the Lilith Kingdom? And will you preserve the Bishops and Clergy and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?"

Ivery answered "I will"

"Accept this tiara and sceptre and become the first Crown Princess of the Lilith Kingdom" The Archbishop picked up the tiara from the red pillow it was sitting on and lifted the tiara over her head

"I accept" Ivery responded and held her head down

The archbishop slowly placed the tiara on Ivery's head and handed the golden sceptre and she took it from his hands and he had her stand up and face everyone present at the coronation.

The jewels on the crown and the giant ruby on the sceptre shone with a brilliant light. The light covered the whole room and blinded everyone in the room. When the light died down, Ivery's dress that was once purple transformed into a dark red color with sparkling light red jewels spirling around her dress and a beautiful ruby red jeweled necklace the same color of her eyes, appeared around her neck.

"Oh my.." Cassandra looked at Ivery with tears in her eyes

"..." Julian had no words

Everyone knew what just happened, everyone but Ivery. Everyone gasped and looked amazed by what just happened. The truth was, when the true heir and a child of the Castiell family line is crowned with the jewels that are apart of the coronation, the jewels shine with a bright light, this is evident that she had the true blood of a Castiell, and she was now a rightful successor to the throne, now in competition with Crown Prince Liam. The same occurrence happened when the current Emperor Julian was crowned as the Crown Prince of the Lilith Kingdom.

"From this day forth, this girl is now, the second official infinite attribute holder, of Golden infinity, Crown Princess, Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell!" Julian announced aloud

Everyone gasped again when they heard that she was the second prophesied attribute holder that the saintess predicted would be born to the Lilith Kingdom. Everyone applauded the new Crowned Princess and no one dared to defy the decision after seeing the rare occurrence that only happens to the true heirs of the throne.

"Long live, Crown Princess Inanna Sibylla Lestria Argient Castiell!" Everyone said and bowed down

Ivery's eyes looked all around her and saw everyone bowing down to her. Her eyes locked on Luther who was smiling at her, she smiled back and realized that Loki was right. This was only just the beginning of a long story...