The Unwanted Princess Chapter 60

62 Chapter 60: Theyre Gone?


In the middle of the night, Ivery, Luther, and Danya were fast asleep.

Ivery was curled up next to Luther in the same bed. She and Luther were dressed in her self made nightwear, so they would be able to sleep more comfortably.

Eness slept on the floor beside Ivery and Luther's bed, she was curled up in a pet bed given to her from Ivery..

Danya slept on the other bed, also given something to comfortably wear to bed by Ivery.


*Knock* *Knock*

Ivery placed her pillow on her head, trying to cover her ears from the incessant knocking.

Luther opened his eyes, awakened by the sound, he then noticed that Ivery, who laid close beside him was obviously irritated by the knocking..

He carefully got out of bed, not trying to wake his sleeping beauty.

He walked to the door and opened it...

"What?" Luther answered the door with an agitated expression

"Sorry did I wake you?" Yannel felt a dangerous aura coming from Luther

Yannel's attention was immediately drawn to the strange attire Luther had on...

"Yes, what is it?" Luther was still tired and wanted more than ever to get back in bed with Ivery, he also wondered how Yannel knew what room they were staying in...

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm ready to go on the next quest whenever you all are..." Yannel said

"There is no next quest.." Luther said

"What do you mean?" Yannel asked, with confusion painted all over his face

"We're relocating to Ridgefall." Luther nonchalantly told him

"Ridgefall?!" Yannel shouted in excitement

"Lower your voice..." Luther said as he turned his head to look back, and he saw Ivery roll on her right side

"Sorry..." Yannel hoped he didn't wake them

"I've just overheard stories about how amazing Ridgefall is....I can't believe we're going there..." Yannel's eyes lit up

"They decided to stay here a little longer though.." Luther told Yannel

"What? Why?" Yannel asked

"To give you more time to spend with your family..." Luther was getting tired of talking

"Oh..." Yannel was flattered that they were trying to do another favor for him

"But tell them that it's not necessary, I've already had enough time to spend with my long as they're safe...I don't mind being away from them again for a little while, since now I can always look forward to seeing them again once I return.." Yannel smiled

"I'll tell them.." Luther started to close the door

"Wait!" Yannel stopped Luther from closing the door

"What now?" Luther was starting to get irritated, his mood is much worst when he's tired

"I want to personally thank you too...Sir.Lutris.." Yannel bowed

"Don't call me sir." Luther bluntly said

"Sorry..." Yannel apologized

"And there's no need to thank me..." Luther stopped to think

"What are you thanking me for?" Luther asked

"For saving me." Yannel looked up

"Saving you?" Luther didn't remember saving him

"You stepped in front of me and stopped those people from attacking were so amazing! Thank you Lutris!" Yannel grabbed Luther's hand and quickly shook it

Luther's thin tolerance strings were snapping..

Luther just stepped in the middle so he could deal with them himself, since Yannel wasn't getting the job done fast enough. Although Yannel most likely would've died at that moment if Luther didn't intervene at all.

"Yes,'re very welcome." Luther said anything just to get Yannel away from the door, he pulled his hand back, he didn't like being touched without permission

"I'll see you all in the morning." Yannel bowed again and walked away

"Finally..." Luther closed and locked the door with a sigh, he then walked back to bed






"Where is she?!"

"Little Xia" Eos sighed, watching Xia throw another tantrum like a child...

"No! No! No! She has to be here! I told her to be here!" Xia picked up a worn-out chair and smashed it on the floor, scattering large pieces of the wooden chair across the decaying floorboards

Both Eos and Xia stood in Ivery's old room in the Hollow's Castle, the room was in it's run-down and uncleaned condition

"She really doesn't care about that girl that she calls her friend anymore!?" Xia slammed her hands on an old table beside her and it broke almost instantly as soon as her hands made impact with it

"You can't track her!?" Xia angrily turned around

"No, Hecate must've blocked her magical essence from being sensed by me" Eos said

"Now that I think about it.I can't sense that boy's magical essence either" Eos said

"Lutherhmm.." Xia started putting the pieces together

"First...Luther said that he wasn't going to be at his castle.and now Inanna goes missing" Xia clenched her hands into fists

"They must be togetherI knew it was too good to be true that they ended up breaking off the engagement...those two were almost inseparable over the years... " Xia concluded

"He lied to methey both lied! Those cheats!" Xia felt a fire burning within her


"How can you not track them? Aren't you a god too!?" Xia shouted

"Hecate and Hades were always more powerful than mesince I was just a lower god when I was still in the Heavens, and even now I'm still a lower god amongst the other dark godsbut collecting more human lives and souls will eventually transcend me" Eos smiled

"What was the purpose of making a deal with you if I can't even make them suffer as I did!? Are you telling me that working with you is useless!?" Xia shouted at Eos

"Watch your mouth and remember the position you're in little girlI'm helping you, not the other way around, I can easily take back my power and put you back in the dirty cell you were once in, you can always go back to being blind, mute and handlessslowly rotting away in that cell for the rest of your life.." Eos snickered and slyly looked at Xia

"Actuallyyou need me and I need you..its a mutual benefit, because without me you won't be able to confront Hades and Hecate again...since only I can get close enough to Inanna and Luther.." Xia smirked with confidence

"What a cocky little brat you you really think that I need you? I only reached out to you since Hecate and Hades favored children wronged you, if you manage to kill their favored children permanently then I'm sure Hecate and Hades would be spilling over with anger.but I certainly don't need you to confront them again. As long as I'm still stronger than those children, all I have to do is throw one attack and Hecate and Hades will immediately come to their rescue" Eos grinned

"But I don't and won't ever need a pathetic human who can't even fight her own battles without borrowing power....since you were effortlessly bested by them, what makes you think you can go against me?" Eos narrowed her eyes, giving off a bone-chilling aura

"This contract between us will come to an end if you continue thinking that you're the one making orders, if the contract ends, you will become my servant until the day you die.and I already know what's going to happen to you once you eventually diethat's the reason why I didn't make a contract with your soul being the price for power.." Eos wickedly smiled

"Iunderstandforgive me.." Xia shivered and dropped on her knees and bowed to Eos

"Much better" Eos laughed

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