The Unwanted Princess Chapter 62

64 Chapter 62: A Magical Carriage?


Ivery, Luther, Danya, and Yannel stood outside of the town gate.

"Are we really going to walk there on foot? Can't you two just fly us there?" Danya sighed

"Flying there won't help since the map only has land directions." Ivery shrugged

"Aw..." Danya pouted

"Well, we don't have to walk by foot all the way there..." Ivery raised her hand

Her hand emitted a golden glow and right in front of all of their eyes, a big golden carriage magically assembled together out of thin air.

Two translucent pink horses were attached to the carriage, standing completely still.

"Don't you think the gold is a little too much?" Luther asked

"'re right.." Ivery snapped her fingers

The carriage's main golden color faded away and was replaced with a white color, although the golden lining of the carriage was still visible.

"Much better." Luther smirked

"...." Yannel and Danya stood in place and stared in complete shock

Their mouths were wide open, making their thoughts completely obvious.

"Come on.." Ivery walked towards the carriage and opened the door

Yannel and Danya snapped out of their dazed and quietly followed Ivery inside of the carriage.

Luther followed in last and shut the carriage door behind him.


Both of their mouths dropped open again.

"What the.." Danya's thought her eyes were playing tricks on her

"How...?" Yannel looked around and couldn't believe what he was seeing



The inside of the carriage was almost the same size as an average house...

There was a white large sofa area with a white table in the center, an open kitchen, and they saw three closed doors.

"How is this possible?" Yannel walked forward and didn't think any of it was real

"It's just ." Ivery told them

Ivery let Eness out of the bag she carried her in and watched her fly around.

"Spatial manipulation?" Danya sat down on the white sofa and touched it

"To make it simple, I can manipulate spaces." Ivery said to her

"Woah.." Danya fully realized how amazing Ivery really was

"This is amazing.." Yannel walked around with amazement in his eyes

"I'll put the food away." Luther walked to the kitchen

Ivery nodded.

"What's back there?" Danya pointed to the three doors

"Our rooms." Ivery answered

"Rooms?!" Danya stood up and rushed to the doors

"There's even rooms in here?" Yannel followed Danya

Danya opened the middle door and saw a spacious bedroom. There was a purple single bed in the center of the room and in front of the bed was a long white chest. Beside the bed was a small white single seater couch.

And against the wall was a tall white dresser.

"This one is mine?" Danya asked

"Yes." Ivery nodded

"Thank you..." Danya smiled and walked into the room


Yannel opened the door beside Danya's and he walked into the room and saw a blue single bed against the wall. A medium-sized dresser was right next to the bed.

On the opposite side of the room was a white single seater couch.

"For me?" Yannel turned around and looked at Ivery

Ivery nodded again with a smile.

"Thanks.." Yannel smiled back


"Where's my room?" Luther stood behind Ivery and wrapped his arms around her waist

"Follow me.." Ivery smiled and led him to the third door


Ivery opened the door and walked into a room bigger than the other two.

There was a white double-sized bed in the middle of the room, and a two-seater couch was against the left wall, and in front of the couch was a small circular glass table.

There were two tall dressers right beside each other on the right side of the room, one was made of white polished wood and the other was made of black polished wood. And in front of the bed was a black long chest.

Beside the bed was a clear square-shaped window that allowed them to see outside, all of the rooms had clear windows, but from the outside, others could only see black tinted windows.

"This is our room." Ivery said

"Our room...?" Luther smiled

"Yes." Ivery smiled back

"You really put a lot of thought into this...and made it in such a small amount of time.." Luther looked around, greatly impressed

"I actually had this whole thing already set when I decided to relocate, it'll be harder and would take far longer to get there if we traveled on foot...and I'm not that tolerant for that type of exercise..." Ivery told him with a grin

"Oh.." Luther was still impressed

"Now that where we'll be resting on the way there is settled, it's time to discuss something." Ivery said

"Discuss something like what?" Luther asked


They all sat on the sofas outside of their rooms.

"We're going have to what!?" Danya's face turned pale

"We're going to have to fight against each other if we make it to the finals of the entry assessment?" Yannel nervously asked

"Yes....I found out about it a few days ago after I went to look for some more information about Ridgefall." Ivery said

"I'd never win a fight against you two.." Danya shook her head

"That's why Lutris and I will purposefully lose against you both, and once we lose to you then you both can get your entry permits and resident permits." Ivery said

"What? No!" Danya shook her head faster

"Then you both won't be able to get into Ridgefall..." Yannel didn't want them to miss the opportunity to get into Ridgefall because of him

"No, it's not an instant loss, the losers of the finals go against each other for redemption." Ivery added

"Wait...then that means.." Danya's eyes slightly widened

"Lutris and I will have to fight each other, yes.." Ivery nodded

"B-But then that means only one of you will only pass....or both of you will fail.." Yannel said

"Or we both pass..." Ivery smirked

"Both of you pass...? How?" Danya didn't know how that could be possible

"Good question, but you'll find out when the time comes.." Ivery winked

"You're keeping it a secret?!" Danya exclaimed, wanting to know how Ivery and Lutris was going to pull something like that off

Ivery shrugged.

"Not fair." Yannel crossed his arms

"Sometimes life isn't fair, but we have to deal with it anyways.." Ivery smiled

Danya turned her head and pouted.

Ivery sighed.

"Make sure you hold back against me this time.." Luther whispered to Ivery as he pulled her cheek

"I will, I will." Ivery tried to move his hand away

"Good." Luther let go of her cheek and leaned over to kiss the red mark left behind

She blushed, "////"

"S..Stop it.." Ivery held back a wide smile as he continued to kiss her cheek

"I don't want to." Luther continued

Yannel and Danya slightly blushed and looked away, pretending as if they weren't seeing anything.


"So who's going to drive the carriage?" Yannel asked

"No one." Ivery said with a blush and slightly fidgeted as she sat on Luther's lap

Luther only agreed to stop kissing her unless she sat on his lap, so she did just that.

"No one?" Danya asked

"It'll know where to go, as long as I do." Ivery took the map from out of her hanfu and opened it

"It looks like we have to go through Yusveil?" Ivery looked at the point that was labeled on the map

"Yusveil?!" Danya and Yannel shouted

"What's wrong?" Ivery asked

"Even though it's the best route to get to other places easier, it's a place where adventurers avoid going through since it has too many rogue adventurers and monsters seeking to disrupt the path of other adventurers, it's rare if you can manage to get through Yusveil safely." Yannel explained

"Yusveil can't possibly be more dangerous than the abyss and we left the abyss without a single scratch, so I'm sure there will be no problems for us getting through there." Ivery assured Danya and Yannel

Danya and Yannel nodded, having complete faith in Ivery and Luther....

These two were so powerful that it could be questioned if they were truly human, Yannel and Danya didn't dare to underestimate their abilities

Ivery snapped her fingers and the carriage started moving. The magical horses took off and headed to Yusveil.


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