The Unwanted Princess Chapter 63

65 Chapter 63: A Sudden Attack

[ Death ] & [Violence]


The carriage moved into the forest known as Yusveil.

Looking through the windows it was awfully dark outside, although it was still around evening time.

The tall hovering trees in the forest were blocking the sunlight from shining into the forest.

In the dark forest, the magic translucent horses pulling the carriage glowed in the darkness, making the carriage stand out more than it should.

Constant sounds of screams and eerie sounds could be heard from outside of the carriage.


"I'm glad we don't have to walk out there..." Danya shivered as she looked out of the window. only seeing the trees and the darkness behind them

"Let's just hope that we don't run into any trouble..." Yannel said looking out the window along with Danya

"We're certainly going to run into trouble before we get out of Yusveil forest." Ivery said as she looked at the map

"Oh..." Danya looked slightly worried


The carriage suddenly stopped moving.

"!?" Yannel looked around

"What happened?" Danya was alarmed

"That was fast..." Ivery sighed

"What?" Danya didn't understand

"My magic horses were attacked..." Ivery felt her magic horses dissipate, they had almost no defense power since they were made for traveling purposes, so even with one attack they were able to be destroyed

"By who?" Danya asked

"Don't know." Ivery got up off of Luther's lap

"Where are you going?" Yannel saw Ivery walk to the carriage door

"To see who's in our way." Ivery was about to open the door until a sudden banging at the door stopped her

** ** ** **

The banging became more aggressive.

Ivery sighed again.

She quickly opened the door and it swung open outwards.


"**!" A manly voice yelled in pain

"Oh, did I hit you?" Ivery smirked

A man with dark brown hair and black clothes laid on the ground with his hands on his head.

"You were banging at the door like you want something, what is it?" Ivery narrowed her eyes

"I-I'm being chased! Please let me inside!" The man sat up and pleaded

Ivery's eyes locked on the large bump on his forehead.

"Let you inside?" Ivery looked down at him and asked

"Before I let you inside the carriage, I'm going to ask you a few simple questions." Ivery smiled

"Hurry and let me in! There's no time!" The man shouted

"Did you attack my horses?" Ivery pointed to the front of the carriage

"No!" The man shook his head

"Did you see who did it?" Ivery asked

"No!" The man shook his head again

"Who's chasing you?" Ivery questioned

"A monster!" The man shouted out

"What type of monster?" Ivery inquired

"....." The man sighed

"Let's just stop wasting time, you know exactly what I want woman..." The man grinned and took a knife out of his shirt

"So you're finally done with that facade, I thought it was never going to end." Ivery slightly chuckled

The man whistled.

"Well, now it's time to end it." The man wickedly laughed and pointed his knife at Ivery

Ivery smiled at the little weapon he had in his hand, she didn't feel threatened by it or him in the slightest.

"It's already ended." A deep alluring voice said behind him

"?!" The man turned his head


He dropped the knife in his hand and his eyes widened in horror.

"Were you trying to signal them?" Luther smirked holding three decapitated heads in his hand by their long hair

"W-Who...are you..?" The man started sweating in Luther's presence

"Who I am shouldn't be important to a dead person." Luther's purple eyes illuminated

"N-No! S-Stay away!" The man darted past the trees and ran further into the forest

That man was definitely dangerous! More dangerous than Yusveil forest itself!


He stopped running to catch his breath, he looked back to make sure he wasn't being chased. He took a sigh of relief after he didn't see or hear any signs of anyone nearby.

He turned his head around and looked back in front of him, and just as he turned his head his neck was suddenly grabbed.

"It's impossible to escape from me once I've seen your face." Luther gripped his neck harder

"L-Let g-go!" The man took a spare knife out of his pants and swung it at Luther


"Aughh!" The man howled

Before the knife could even slightly touch Luther, the man's hand was sliced clean off.

"You're being too loud.." Luther squeezed the mans neck even harder

A cracking and crunching sound could be heard from his neck as Luther gradually increased the strength he was using.

"Since we have somewhere to be, I'll kill you right now." Luther grinned

"H-Have...m-mercy..?" The man started to cry, his voice was becoming more raspier

"Mercy?" Luther released his hold on the man's neck

The man dropped to his knees, he coughed and wheezed.

"" The man held his aching neck

"....." There was only silence

Before he could see or understand what happened, the man's vision instantly went black.

A black long sword was lodged in his forehead, the tip of the sword stuck out of the back of his head and dripped with blood.

"I don't know the word..." Luther pulled his sword out of the man's head



Luther opened the door to the carriage and stepped inside.

"Done already?" Ivery asked him as she sat on the couches beside Danya and Yannel

"Why spend so much time on bugs like them?" Luther shrugged and walked to the couch Ivery was sitting on

He sat down beside her and laid down on her lap.

"Tired?" She looked down at him

"Very." He nodded and closed his eyes

"Alright.." She smiled and played with his hair

"How is the carriage going to move now...?" Danya asked with a frown

"By horse." Ivery said

"Weren't they destroyed?" Danya asked

"The first two were, but I can just make more." Ivery waved her left hand

In front of the carriage, two translucent pink flying orbs glowed and took the form of horses. They were attached to the carriage by a thick golden rope and immediately started to move forward.

Danya and Yannel felt the carriage moving again.

"See." Ivery smiled



Beatrice squinted in the darkness and her eyes started to adjust to the darkness.

"Who are you?!" Beatrice shouted and backed up

"It doesn't matter who I am, all that matters is that you're going to suffer just as I did!" Xia angrily responded

"You have no say in the matter so don't plead for me to spare you." Xia reached her hand out to grab Beatrice

Beatrice's hands glowed with a blue light and the light shot out of her hands.

The light hit Xia's chest.

"Ugh!" Xia was knocked down and fell on the floor, she felt a sharp pain in her chest

"You'll regret that." Xia's hands gathered a dark purple mist

The mist shot forward towards Beatrice.

Suddenly a golden translucent shield appeared in front of Beatrice and blocked Xia's attack.

Beatrice's eyes widened and she reached out to touch the strange golden shield in front of her...


"I told her that I wouldn't let anything happen to you..." An omnipresent voice echoed in the room

"Who's there?!" Xia looked around

"It's her..." An ominous voice said behind Xia

"Her?" Xia didn't understand

"Hecate..." Eos gritted her teeth

Beatrice's body glowed and she quickly disappeared from the room..

"No!" Xia shouted

"There's no getting to that girl now..." Eos sighed

"What do you mean?!" Xia frustratedly asked

"She took her up there..." Eos slightly frowned

The darkness in the room cleared up and the light from the sun shone in through the windows.

Suddenly a white glowing form of a girl appeared out of thin air...

"?" Xia looked closely at the strange sight

The glow on the form died out and it was Beatrice who stood in front of them.

"She's right there!" Xia widely smiled

"No..." Eos shook her head

"What do you mean 'no'?" Xia asked

"I don't sense a soul in that thing." Eos said as she looked at 'Beatrice' who stared back at them with dull eyes

"Thing...?" Xia looked at 'Beatrice'

"It's a doll created by Hecate to replace the girl so that her absence won't be noticed." Eos explained

"....." Veins were popping out of Xia's forehead


"You really brought a human here...." Hades crossed his arms as he looked at the unconscious Beatrice who was wrapped in a slight glowing light
for visiting.

"It's the only way to fully protect her from Eos..." Hecate said

"Why are you going through such lengths to protect this Beatrice? When we should be finishing this plan to kill Eos." Hades said

"I owe a great debt to all of this is the least I can do.." Hecate responded

"To Beatrice?" Hades raised an eyebrow

"No...someone else..." Hecate smiled

"Someone else? There's something you're not telling me...isn't there?" Hades intently looked at Hecate

"There's something I've kept to myself for a long time, but I'll tell you all the truth one day, now isn't the time.." Hecate sighed

"All?" The more questions he asked her the more confused he became

"You'll find out eventually, just wait until the time comes for everything to be revealed...." Hecate said

"Very well.." Hades shrugged


"I L....I .....I' ..... ..." Hecate thought to herself..