The Unwanted Princess Chapter 64

66 Chapter 64: Another Interruption

[ Violence ] [ Gore ] [ Death ]


The carriage moved further into the dark forest.

Everyone else was asleep, but Ivery sat up in the bed wide awake, flipping through several books she found about the areas they'll be going through during the journey, including Ridgefall.

Luther slightly groaned and opened his eyes, finally awakened by the constant sound of pages flipping.

"What are you doing...?" Luther's voice sounded raspy as he turned his head to ask her

"Research." Ivery responded

"Right now? Can't you do that in the morning?" Luther asked

"It probably is already morning." Ivery replied

"Maybe, but you should still get some sleep....did you even sleep?" Luther sat up and asked

"No." She shook her head and continued to flip through the pages in the book she held

"Alright, enough of that." Luther took the book out of her hands

He tossed the book on the couch that was quite a distance from the bed.

"Wait-" Ivery slightly frowned

"No more reading, sleep." Luther said and lightly pushed her down on the bed

He placed his hands on her eyes.

"Sleep." Luther said

"I'm not tired." Ivery sighed

"If you keep your eyes closed long enough, you'll fall asleep eventually." Luther smiled

"Just let me finish reading the book and then I'll go to sleep." Ivery tried to move his hand off of her eyes

"No." Luther said

"Come on." Ivery whined

"Since you won't go to sleep on your own..." Luther sighed

"...." Ivery felt like she knew where he was going with this

"I'll have to put you to sleep myself." He smirked

"Luther! Wait...don't..." Ivery tried to plead with him
for visiting.

"Too late." He smiled





His hand over her eyes glowed and immediately Ivery fell fast asleep.

He took his hand away from her eyes and she was already in a deep sleep, Luther only lightly used his power of sedation just to put her to sleep faster, but the fact that she fell into a deep sleep so quickly meant that she was exhausted.

"Sorry, but you need your rest...." Luther leaned down and kissed her forehead

"I can't let you stress your own body..." Luther laid back down and put his arm around her


A few hours passed by and everyone in the carriage slept peacefully.



The carriage slightly bounced up, jolting everyone who was sleeping awake.....

Everyone except Ivery.

The carriage stopped moving.

Luther sat up and got out of bed, he walked to the room door and opened it.

"What happened?" Danya and Yannel walked out of their rooms with dazed and confused looks

"I don't know." Luther said as he walked to the carriage door

He pushed the door open outward and stepped out of the carriage.

Luther's eyes glowed and he scanned the area for anything that could've been the cause of the carriage halting.

"Hm..." Luther's eyes instantly saw something strange underneath the carriage wheel

He crouched down and slightly smirked.

It was a disfigured mutilated human body stuck underneath the carriage wheel. The body was completely skinned, exposing its flesh and bones.

It still looked fresh.

"What's wrong?" Danya stepped out of the carriage and asked Luther

"It's just a dead body." Luther nonchalantly answered

"A dead body?" Danya turned pale

"Go back inside, the person who did this might still be around here." Luther told Danya

"Okay..." She nodded and went back into the carriage


"Who the hell are you?"

Luther turned his head and grinned at the hooded man and woman pair that stood behind him, covered in blood, and each carrying blood-stained iron swords.

"Is this your body?" Luther stood up and asked as he pointed to the corpse stuck underneath the wheel

"So what if it is?" The woman sneered

"It stopped our carriage, so now it's a problem for us." Luther said

They both didn't respond and started whispering to each other.

Luther stood there and widely smiled at both of them, his eyes were completely unphased by the scene in front of him, instead of fear showing in his eyes....there was only 'void amusement'.

"Give us the carriage and we'll spare you." The man said to Luther

"I can't do that." Luther replied

"Why not? Do you want to end up like that?" The woman asked and pointed to the corpse under the wheel

"Do you want to end up like that?" Luther reversed the question

"What are you trying to say?" The hooded man gripped his sword

"You're implying that you're going to kill me, so I'm also implying that I'm going to kill you, it only seems fair that way." Luther shrugged

"You seem to not understand your position pretty boy..." The woman laughed and twirled her sword in her right hand

"And what may my position be exactly?" Luther asked with a smile

"Why don't I just show you." She threw her sword at him at flash speed

"!?" Her eyes stretched

"Is that the best you can do with this?" Luther held the bloodied sword in between his index and middle finger

"It's so bloody and chipped, that it doesn't look like it can even cut grass." Luther said, the main part of the sword started to crack

"Want it back?" Luther smirked at the hooded woman

An instant shiver went down her spine and spread throughout her body...

Horrifying scenes of her death played in her head and took over her sense of vision...she could almost feel the agonizing pain...

" you?!" She shouted in fear, she stepped back and tears ran down her eyes

"What's wrong with you?" He turned his head and asked, noticing that she was acting strange

"Can you hold this for her?" Luther threw the sword at the hooded man

"....." He looked down and saw the sword lodged in his abdomen

"I guess not..." Luther lightly chuckled

The man dropped on his knees.

"No..." The hooded woman turned around and darted into the forest, she ran for her life...she already knew if she stood there...she'd certainly die

"It's hilarious how prey can think they actually can escape from a hungry, savage and ferocious beast that can smell them....and locate them from any distance." Luther walked to the hooded man and kicked the sword that was in his abdomen

"Augh!" The man felt the sword move further inside

"P-Please..." The man cried

A black long sword materialized in Luther's left hand.

"Shh..." Luther suddenly plunged his black long sword into the hooded man's chest

Blood spilled out of his mouth.

Luther pulled his sword out and the wound instantly sealed close. The sword claimed his soul.

"Now....tell do you feel about living an eternity in complete darkness?" Luther asked with glowing eyes

The man looked at Luther, paralyzed with fear, he didn't utter a single word.

"Oh doesn't matter how you feel about it." Luther grabbed the mans head

"You're dead no matter what your answer is." Luther snapped his neck

The hooded man collapsed dead on the ground.


Luther stared at the corpse and under his gaze, the skin on the body ripped and peeled off and revealed the muscles, flesh, organs, and bones underneath.

Suddenly the body started to crack and moved until it became completely disfigured, the limbs were bent in odd angles.

Luther turned his head and walked into the forest.

"Ready or I come.." Luther sinfully grinned