The Unwanted Princess Chapter 65

67 Chapter 65: Walking Through Yusveil

[Violence] [Gore ] [ Death ]


Luther stared at the corpse and under his gaze, the skin on the body ripped and peeled off and revealed the muscles, flesh, organs, and bones underneath.

Suddenly the body started to crack and moved until it became completely disfigured, the limbs were bent in odd angles.

Luther turned his head and walked into the forest.

"Ready or I come.." Luther sinfully grinned


She dashed past the trees, and she looked behind her to make sure she wasn't being chased.

Not paying attention to where she was running, her foot slipped off of a cliff.

"Ah!" She quickly grabbed onto something to stop herself from

She looked below her and there was a rushing river, the way the harsh water was flowing, it was enough to kill her if she happened to fall in.

Her eyes displayed shock when she realized that what she had grabbed onto wasn't a branch or the edge of the cliff.

"No!" She screamed

"What's wrong? I just saved your life." Luther smirked

"D-Don't kill me!" She cried

"I'm not going to kill you." He smiled and pulled her up

"T-Thank you..." She was relieved that she wasn't going to die

"They are." He sadistically grinned

"What..?" She looked around her and her body froze


Eight black misty dogs with glowing purple eyes walked past Luther.

They snarled at her as they approached further.

"S-Stay back!" She pulled a knife out of her boot and pointed it at them

They all ran forward and pounced at her.

She screamed as their teeth tore into her body, they ripped her legs and arms right off.

Blood gushed from her body as she screamed in agony. They dug into her abdomen and pulled out her intestines as they hastily devoured them.

One of them bit her face and ate straight into it, slight sounds of pain came from her throat as the dog ate into her face, not even leaving bones behind. The sounds coming from her throat completely stopped just as her visible heart stopped beating.

"It took you a while to die..." Luther was slightly impressed that she held out that long

Luther snapped his fingers and the mist dogs ravaging her body dispersed into the air.

He turned around not giving the body another glance.


Before he entered the carriage, Luther got rid of the corpse from under the carriage wheel.


Luther opened the door to their room and saw that Ivery was still fast asleep.

Just as he sat down on the bed she jolted awake.

"W..Where did you go..?" She groggily asked him

"Outside.." He responded with a smile

"Why?" She asked

"There was a dead body under the carriage wheel." He answered

"Then..why do you smell so heavily of blood..?" She rubbed her eyes,
for visiting.

After witnessing and being around dead bodies for years, Ivery knew the scent of blood too well.

"Had to take care of some bugs." Luther said, he figured he must've picked up the scent of blood from the bodies of those two hooded people

"Oh...alright.." She decided not to question him any further about it

Ivery stretched and some parts of her body let out cracking sounds.

"Sleep well?" Luther widely smiled

"Yes." She nodded

"Ivery.." Luther looked at her seriously

"Hm?" She noticed the serious look on his face

"I don't think riding in this carriage through Yusveil is a good idea anymore, we're probably attracting more attention than we would be attracting traveling by foot." He said

"'re right..." Ivery felt like if they kept riding in the carriage, it would take them longer than it should to get out of Yusveil forest because of all of the forced stops

"Once we manage to get out of Yusveil, then we can ride the carriage to the next area." Luther suggested

"Alright." She nodded

"Danya and Yannel might not like this though..." Ivery chuckles

"They knew what they were getting into when they came along." Luther shrugged

"Let's not waste any more time then." Ivery got out of bed


"We do...?" Danya frowned

"...." Yannel sighed

"We only have to walk until we get out of Yusveil, the carriage will continue attracting attention the further we go." Ivery explained

"Alright.." Yannel nodded

"Let's go." Ivery walked to the carriage door


After they all exited the carriage, Ivery snapped her fingers and the carriage along with the magical horses dispersed into thousands of magic golden particles.

"Isn't it a little too dark out here?" Danya couldn't shake the eerie feeling of being watched

"You two can't see in the dark?" Ivery's and Luther's eyes glowed

"No." They both shook their heads

"Can we give a certain power to other people without losing it ourselves?" Ivery asked Luther

"Yes." He nodded

"Can't we do that then?" She asked

"Yes." He nodded again

"Great." She smiled

"Danya come here." Ivery said

"Okay...?" Danya squinted in the darkness and walked to Ivery

Ivery placed her hand over Danya's eyes. Danya flinched as her eyes started to tingle.

Just as Ivery removed her hands Danya's green eyes were suddenly glowing.

"Woah..." Danya looked around at her surroundings with amazement

"Come here, boy." Luther said

"...." Yannel hesitantly walked over to Luther

Luther placed his hand over Yannel's eyes. Yannel also flinched as his eyes had a tingling sensation.

Luther removed his hand and just as Yannel opened his eyes, they glowed in the darkness, he could now clearly see everything around him as if it were a clear sunny day.

"Now...let's walk." Ivery walked forward

The three of them followed her as they stepped on dried leaves, and no matter where they walked crispy sounds from the leaves could be heard with every footstep.