The Unwanted Princess Chapter 66

68 Chapter 66: Walking Through Yusveil 2


The four of them walked continuously through the forest for hours before they stopped to take a break.


"M-My legs..." Danya sat down in front of a tree

"How far is the exit....?" Yannel sighed

"Don't know..." Ivery looked down at the map

"Well, it seems that we're here." Ivery pointed at a spot on the map

Yannel peeked over and looked at where she was pointing at.

"We're nowhere near the exit!" Yannel whined

"Looks that way.." Ivery sighed

"Are you sure there is no other way we can get out of here faster?" Danya asked Ivery

Ivery took a moment to think.

"I'll be right back." Ivery said

In a flash, Ivery ran off with incredible speed, leaving a flow of wind and flying leaves behind her.

"D-Did she just leave us...?" Danya asked

"No." Luther shook his head

"Then where is she going?" Yannel asked Luther

"I don't know." Luther answered

Luthers eyes glowed brighter and he activated the curse mark he put on Ivery, and then he was able to see through her eyes.


Ivery ran speedily through the forest, following the directions of the map, she ran so fast that her body was a complete blur to every adventurer, rogue adventurer, and monster she passed by.

Ivery finally found the exit of the forest but she unexpectedly was met with a cliff, on the other side of the cliff and almost 200 feet away was more land, the land they needed to go to in order to get out of Yusveil and to the next area.

The only problem was that there was an enormous gap between the two lands.

Ivery could see ropes that were tied to tall wooden posts that were probably was connected to a bridge at some point....but the bridge was clearly gone.

Ivery lifted her wrist and the purple gem on her communication bracelet glowed.

"Luther, can you bring them here?" Ivery asked

"Sure." He said


A black cloud of mist appeared behind Ivery. Luther, Danya and Yannel stepped out of the mist.

"What is this?" Danya walked up to the cliff and looked down

"Oh..." Danya felt light-headed when she saw that there was no visible end to the bottom of the cliff

"We need to get over there." Ivery pointed to the other side

They all looked at where Ivery pointed.

"How...exactly do you expect us to get there....?" Yannel nervously asked

"Did you forget?" Ivery smiled

"We're going to-" Ivery's eyes widened when she saw the edge of the cliff start to crumble under Danya's feet

"Danya move!" Ivery shouted

"What?" Danya didn't understand

"!" Suddenly Danya felt her foot lower and she looked down

The piece of ground gave away under her feet and she went down.

Ivery jumped off of the cliff and shifted her gravity to stick to the wall of the cliff, she ran down the wall of the cliff and ran down to the falling Danya who passed out from shock.

"Ivery!" Luther shouted down the cliff, his chest was filled with worry

Ivery jumped off of the wall and started falling down herself. She shifted her gravity again and made herself fall down faster.

As she got closer to Danya, she could finally see the bottom of the cliff.....

It was hundreds of sharp stone spikes, several different skeletons were scattered across the lower area.

"Almost...." Ivery reached her hand out for Danya and used her telekinesis to pull Danya closer to her

Danya flew back into Ivery's arms.

Before Ivery could realize how close she was to the stone spikes because of her making sure Danya was okay, her face was inches away from one of the spikes.

But something stopped her from getting stabbed through the face by the spike just in time...

A long warm black chain was wrapped around her ankle, another black chain was wrapped around Danya's waist.

The chain quickly started to pull them up.


"You never pay attention when it matters the most." Luther continuously plucked Ivery's forehead

"I'm sorry..." Ivery apologized to Luther, willfully enduring the mildly painful sensation of being plucked

"You could've died." Luther had an agitated expression

"I know..." Ivery looked down and sighed

"I don't get why you'd risk your life just to save this girl you don't really know." Luther sighed and coldly looked at the unconscious Danya

"I couldn't just let her die..." Ivery said

"I know you couldn't, I just don't get why you always put others before yourself all of the time." Luther told her

"If you have the power to do something beneficial, shouldn't you do it?" Ivery asked

"Depends..." Luther said with a shrug

"But, thank you." Ivery smiled at him

"I'd do anything for you, there's no need for any thanks." Luther smiled back

"I know, I just had to say it." She said

Luther grabbed Ivery by her waist and pulled her in close to him. He leaned down and kissed her.

Yannel awkwardly looked away.

"We should go now..." Ivery broke the kiss to say

"Alright." Luther hesitantly pulled away


Ivery picked Danya up off of the ground and Luther carried Yannel in his arms.

Ivery and Luther jumped and increased the power in their legs and feet to 40% and soared up in the air.

Yannel closed his eyes, he felt that if he opened his eyes and looked down, he would have a heart attack.

Before Yannel knew it, they successfully landed on the other side.

Luther put Yannel down and looked at him with his cold purple eyes.

"You can open your eyes," Luther said

Yannel opened his eyes and he saw that they were on the other side of the cliff.

"There was supposed to be a bridge there, but I'm sure it was broken with the intent to stop adventurers from getting out of Yusveil forest." Ivery pointed to the cliff

"For other people, getting across would be nearly impossible, so they would think that the other side of the cliff wasn't where they needed to go, so naturally they'll turn around and utlimately get lost in Yusveil, with no way out but the entrance, if you could even get there again." Ivery said

"Well...we're now what?" Yannel asked

"We continue walking." Ivery said

"Alright." Yannel nodded

Ivery carried Danya as she walked off and Luther followed right behind her.


Just as Yannel intended to follow behind them, a sudden sense of heat and intense pain took over him....

He collapsed on the ground and clutched at his abdomen...

His vision burred and just as he lifted his was covered in blood.

"Yannel?" Ivery didn't feel Yannel's presence nearby

She turned her head and her eyes stretched.

She saw Yannel lying on the ground, gasping. And a blonde woman dressed in a red bandit outfit, held two glowing red pistols as she walked past Yannel.

Luther turned his head, and he widely grinned at the sight.

"I didn't expect new visitors on this side so soon..." She said

"Sorry that we have to say goodbye so soon...." The woman smirked and pointed her guns at Ivery and Luther

She quickly pulled the triggers.

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