The Unwanted Princess Chapter 67

69 Chapter 67: A New Area Map

[ Violence ] & [ Gore ]


"Yannel?" Ivery didn't feel Yannel's presence nearby

She turned her head and her eyes stretched.

She saw Yannel lying on the ground, gasping. And a blonde woman dressed in a red bandit outfit, held two glowing red pistols as she walked past Yannel.

Luther turned his head, and he widely grinned at the sight.

"I didn't expect new visitors on this side so soon..." She said

"Sorry that we have to say goodbye so soon...." The woman smirked and pointed her guns at Ivery and Luther

She quickly pulled the triggers.

** **


Six medium-sized bullets flew in the air, heading straight for them.

Luther nonchalantly waved his hand and instantly bullets changed course, the bullets turned around and flew right back at her.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw the bullets turn around.

She quickly threw herself on the ground to dodge the incoming bullets and fired her guns again at Luther.

"Go to him." Luther said to Ivery

Ivery nodded.

She put Danya on her back and rushed over to Yannel who was bleeding out.

Ivery kneeled down by Yannel's side, and he shakily reached out for her with tears running down his eyes.

"I-I...d-don'" He cried to Ivery

"You won't." Ivery held her hand's over Yannel's wounds

Just as Ivery's hands glowed green, Yannel's eyes stared blankly at her and his shaking hand dropped.

"Yannel!?" Ivery held her glowing hands closer to his gunshot wounds

The blood around his body flowed back inside of him and the bullets lodged in Yannel's body popped out of the gunshot holes and his wounds sealed up.

Even though his wounds had been healed...his eyes were still wide open and unmoving. Ivery put her finger on his neck and checked for his pulse, unfortunately, there was none.

"B...B...B.." A familiar voice echoed in Ivery's head

"Blood...?" Ivery repeated the voice in her head

Her nails on her right hand grew into a sharp point, she slowly cut deep into her wrist, drawing enough blood to flow out.

She put her bleeding wrist against Yannel's mouth.

The blood flowed into Yannel's mouth and dripped down his throat.

"" Ivery bit her bottom lip in frustration

Ivery was now unsure if bringing Yannel and Danya on this journey was a good far she hasn't been able to protect them as well as she should've...

She and Luther probably should've just stayed at the Hollow's Castle if putting people's lives in jeopardy was all that she was capable of doing.


"This was inevitably your fate, to cross paths with us...and die by a sinner's hands." Luther held the woman's blonde hair back as he stood behind her

"Y-You're fast..." She started sweating

"Maybe...or it's because you're too slow." Luther coldly said

"S-Sorry that your little friend had to die...but let's just call a truce so that no more people have to die..." She nervously chuckled

"Friend? He's not my-" Luther raised an eyebrow

"Who had to die?" A voice asked

She adverted her eyes and she couldn't believe what she saw.

"Impossible...I...shot you..." She saw the boy she shot, healthily walking towards her

"Nothing's impossible with these two.." Yannel looked up at Luther with a smirk

"Next time, watch your back and never let your guard down again...or Ivery will blame herself if you die again, and she'll end up sending you back home." Luther told Yannel

"I know, I will." Yannel nodded

"Since you're not a meek as you look....have anything you'd like to do to her before she dies?" Luther sinfully grinned and his eyes glowed brighter with killing intent

"Of course." Yannel coldly looked down at the woman being held back by Luther


Just as Yannel reached down for her, she pulled a smaller pistol out of her boots

"Ah, ah." Luther looked down at her hand

"Aughh!!!" She cried out in agony when the bones in her hand that held the gun completely shattered and her arm cracked and crunched until it became completely disfigured

** **

"What a terrifying ability..." Yannel said with a shiver going down his spine

"Don't become my enemy and I won't have a reason to use it on you." Luther smirked at Yannel

"Y-You m-monster!" She shrieked in pain

"Yeah, yeah..." Luther rolled his eyes

"uo" Yannel grabbed her neck and his hand glowed with a purple light

Quickly the light from his hands spread across her body.

The blood vessels in her eyes burst and her veins under her skin inflamed, she couldn't even muster the strength to scream as the excruciating pain coursed through her neck.

"Interesting." Luther smiled, very amused with Yannel's ability

She began violently shaking, and foaming blood came out of her mouth.

Danya opened her eyes and looked around at her surroundings.

She instantly noticed the woman violently shaking on the ground with red foam coming out of her mouth...

She sighed and closed her eyes again, pretending to be asleep.


"I think we've wasted enough time on this..." Luther coldly looked down at the shaking woman with nothing but disgust in his glowing purple eyes

"Make it hurt." Yannel told Luther with a smile

"But of course." Luther smiled back

Luther snapped his fingers.

The woman's blue irises turned white and her sclera's turned black.

Her spine cracked and immediately snapped up and her left hand started moving wildly on its own.


Her skin turned pale and her light blonde hair lost its healthy color and from her roots to the ends of her hair began to die.

She rolled on her front and her left arm clawed at the ground before it started to snap and all of the bones in her body began to crack.

** **

Her legs cracked and bent in odd angles and her disfigured arm tried to move. Blood leaked out of her eyes and all of her nails split in half.

She screamed in pain before her voice completely changed and soon sounded demonic.

Her contorted body almost resembled a spider, creepily enough, she was still some level.

Her neck twisted around and she demonically cackled before crawling away into the darkness of the forest, loud cracking sounds could be heard from her body as she crawled away.

** ** **

"W-What did you do to her?" Yannel asked, no matter what he did...he couldn't get the image of the way the woman looked out of his head

"Possession." Luther said

"Possession? You summoned a demon?" Yannel asked

"No." Luther shook his head

"" Yannel didn't understand

"I created it." Luther said

"You...made her into a demon?" Yannel asked with shock in his eyes

"Yes and no." He nodded

"Natural demons don't act like it's not really a demon...its another type of creature entirely." Luther said as he walked over to Ivery

"Wait! Can you do that to anybody?" Yannel asked

"Yes." Luther nodded with a sigh

"....." Yannel now didn't know how to be comfortable with Lutris anymore...not that he ever was

But knowing he can do these terrifying things at will...whenever he could anyone be completely comfortable with him? He didn't understand how someone like Ivery became close to a dangerous man like him...let alone be in a relationship with someone like him..

But Yannel shoved down these feelings of his....because Lutris said it himself that he wouldn't use his abilities against him as long as he didn't become Lutris's enemy...

Danya peeked her eyes open and her heart almost stopped as she saw Luther looking directly at her.

"Since you're awake, why don't you get down." Luther said

Danya quickly nodded before getting off of Ivery's back.

"Yannel." Ivery looked at Yannel with a saddened expression

"?" Yannel looked up at Ivery

"Do you want to return home?" Ivery asked

"Why would we go back when we've already come this far?" Yannel asked

" mean just you.." Ivery said

"W..Why would I want to go back...?" Yannel asked

"You died...Yannel...a..and just because I can bring you back from the dead doesn't...mean I want to have to keep doing it..." Ivery said

"B..But she died too!" Yannel pointed at Danya

"....." Danya frowned

"And you're not asking her if she wants to return home...." Yannel lowered his head

"I know that...but it's because you're young...and now I realized...that you can die several times again after this...and I wouldn't know how to explain it to your family if you died and I somehow wasn't able to save you, after they left you in my care..." Ivery lifted his head up

"You shouldn't have to continuously die on this journey if you're afraid....and don't think you owe me anything for saving your family...I did that because I wanted to...not to be repaid for it, so you really don't have to be here and put your life in danger for nothing..." Ivery said

"I...I know..but please don't make me go back right now." Yannel teared

"....." Ivery's heart felt like it shriveled up

"Okay...okay I won't..." Ivery pulled him in for a hug

"Thank you.." Yannel said

Ivery sighed.


After Ivery calmed Yannel down, Luther abruptly grabbed her arm and put his hand over the deep cut on her wrist that was still bleeding.

As cut sealed up, the blood flowed back inside.

"I hope you know that it annoys me every time you do this." Luther said

"I know it does...I'm sorry." Ivery pulled his head down a bit and kissed his cheek

He smiled and turned his head to give her a quick kiss on her lips.

"Be prepared to give me more of those after we get out of here." Luther smirked

"That wasn't enough?" Ivery smiled

"No." Luther said

"Fine." She nodded and walked ahead


They all walked further into the forest, following behind Ivery who held the map in her hands. Ivery looked down at the map as she walked, making sure they were heading in the right direction.


"Ah..." Ivery was knocked down on her back

"Ivery?! What happened?" Luther kneeled down and helped her sit up

"I..ran into's my fault since I wasn't looking." Ivery told Luther

"Ran into what?" Luther asked

"Right...there...?" Ivery looked up and saw nothing in front of her

"What...?" Ivery looked around and there was nothing in front of her that she could've hit

All that was in front of her was the pathway that led deeper into the forest.

Ivery stood up and reached her hand out forward.

Suddenly a bright blue spark made her quickly retract her hand.

"What is this..?" Ivery reached her hand out again

"Don't touch it again!" Luther pulled her hand back

"We don't even know what it is..." Luther said

"It could be something...the map says this is where we need to go...and something is blocking us here.." Ivery told him

"Alright, let me do it then." Luther said

"I can just do it myself." Ivery tried to touch it again

"No." Luther lightly slapped her hand away

Ivery slightly pouted.

Luther touched the invisible wall blocking them.

The blue sparks grew more aggressive as Luther pushed his hand further past it.

Suddenly Luther was pulled inside of the invisible force.

"Luther!" Ivery shoved her hand inside of it and blue sparks emitted wildly from the strange wall

Ivery was soon pulled into it as well.

Danya and Yannel hurriedly pushed themselves into it.


Once Ivery opened her eyes and sat up....she was amazed by what she saw.

The blue morning sky showed above her and the bright sun cast a warm bright golden glow over her skin.

The medium-tall fresh green grass slightly blew sideways as the wind blew past her.

Tall cherry blossom trees were scattered around her and the beautiful pink petals blew around her.

She looked around and spotted Luther who equally spotted her.

She got up off of the ground and rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around him in a warm tight hug.

"You scared me..." Ivery hugged him tighter

"I'm sorry." He rubbed her head

"Why are you wet...?" Ivery felt Luther who was drenched in water

"When I opened my eyes, I was in water...I was able to swim back up to the surface and walk here..." Luther explained

"Strange...but...where are we...?" Ivery asked as she looked around at the beautiful terrain in front of her

"I don't know..." Luther looked around and only saw more cherry blossom trees and a clear waterfall not too far away from where they stood



"Ah!" A voice screamed above them

Ivery looked up and her eyes widened at the sight.
for visiting.

Danya fell down from the tall cherry blossom tree crashed into Ivery and took her down with her.


"What...the.." Luther was dumbfounded

They both groaned.

"W..Where's Yannel?" Ivery asked Danya

"I don't minute we pushed ourselves into that thing and the next thing I know is that I'm stuck in a tree." Danya whined

"Oh..." Ivery and Danya sat up

Suddenly a hand broke out of a tree behind Luther.

"It's alive!?" Danya shrieked and pointed at the tree

Luther turned around and saw a hand sticking out of the tree.

Luther grabbed the hand and yanked it.

And to their surprise, Yannel broke out of the tree.

"Am I the only one that ended up arriving here almost normally?" Ivery asked

"It seems that way." Luther said

"W-What happened?!" Yannel asked in a panic

"We don't know." Danya said

" this place?" Yannel looked around

"We don't know that either." Ivery answered

"Can the map tell you?" Yannel asked

"Maybe..." Ivery thought about it

"Ah..."Ivery froze

"What's wrong?" Danya asked

"I don't have it..." Ivery said

"You lost the map!?" Danya shouted

"It could be around here somewhere..." Ivery looked around

Suddenly a thick paper flew in the air and wacked Luther in the face.

" ..." Luther muffled

"Good.." Ivery quickly took it off of his face

Ivery looked down at it and her eyes displayed nothing but confusion.

"What's wrong now?" Luther noticed the confused look Ivery had

"The map....changed...?" Ivery said

"What!?" Danya and Yannel exclaimed