The Unwanted Princess Chapter 70

72 Chapter 70: The Town Down The Hill

"Can you be with someone that can take your life as easy as blowing out a candle?" Luther painfully said to her, his voice cracked as he tried to muster the strength to say those words

"Kiss me if you'll accept can teleport out of here and leave with Yannel and Danya without me if you don't accept me..." Luther snapped his fingers with his free hand and disabled the magic block Nephrine put on the cave

The hole they came down instantly opened back up.

"So what will it be?" Luther asked


"Don't ever..." Ivery stood on the tip of her toes

"Ask me a stupid question like that again..." Ivery pressed her lips against his

Luther wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, closing the little bit of distance between them.

The worry and anxiety in his chest ceased and his tension within released. Just as their lips parted, Luther released Ivery from his hold.

"I'd be a trick candle anyway." Ivery smiled

"A trick candle?" Luther didn't understand

"I'll go get them." Ivery didn't bother to explain as she stepped back and stood below the giant hole and flew up


Danya and Yannel looked around once they set foot in the cave. Danya looked down and her body temperature dropped.

"Oh my god! What is that!?" Danya shrieked once she saw the dead body of Nephrine lying on the ground

"A corpse." Luther answered

"W-Why...does it look like that...?" Danya couldn't believe her eyes, she questioned if the corpse was even human

"L-Lutris..." Yannel looked at Luther

"....." Luther coldly looked down at Yannel

"You...seem're giving off a different aura than you did before...what happened..?" Yannel said as he felt like he was drowning in Luther's presence

He almost felt paralyzed as Luther's eyes met his, the more closer he stood by Luther...the more it felt like his mind was going to shatter. His body felt like it was sending off signals for him to run for his life

"Nothing happened." Luther smiled

A giant chill spread across Yannel's skin and he subconsciously backed up as he felt like something was definitely different about his smile....behind that smile had to be something with sinister meaning, or he wouldn't have gotten that instant reflex.

Yannel put his hand over his eyes and his hand glowed. Yannel moved his hand away from his eyes and looked at Luther again.

Yannel's pupils shrunk once he saw what was currently residing inside of Luther.

Luther turned his head and grinned at Yannel. Yannel started sweating and realized that Luther somehow sensed that he used a magic detection spell....

"I-Impossible...h-how...could he have so much black magic inside of him and be stable?" Yannel was frozen in place

Yannel took a deep breath and remembered that Luther had said that as long as Yannel doesn't become his enemy....he wouldn't have a reason to use his power's against him...


"Does the map tell us where to go from here?" Danya asked Ivery as they walked through the cave

"It does.." Ivery nodded

"Let me see the map." Luther said to Ivery

"Here." Ivery handed Luther the map

Luther looked down at the map.

"Hm.." Luther closed his eyes

"The exit out of here is days away if we continue by foot.." Luther said with a sigh

"How do you know?" Yannel asked

"I just do." Luther said

"...." Yannel didn't say anything else

"But I can take us to the exit right now..." Luther told them

"Wait, what? How?" Danya asked

"Close your eyes and prepare to feel....nauseous." Luther smirked

"Nauseous...?" Yannel questioned

"Close your eyes or I'll leave you behind." Luther told Yannel

Yannel quickly closed his eyes.


Luther snapped his fingers and suddenly everyone felt like they were if they were floating in absolute nothingness.

Ivery opened her eyes and she found herself standing in the middle of a forest. She turned around and saw Luther, Danya, and Yannel standing in front of a huge cave hole.

"Yeah...I feel sick.." Danya gagged

Eness threw up in one of the nearby bushes.

"Ugh..." Danya covered her mouth as she saw Eness throwing up, it only made her feel more nauseous

Yannel covered his mouth, feeling like something was about to come up as his stomach churned...

"Here." Luther returned the map back to Ivery

Ivery looked around and all she saw was endless trees.

"New power?" Ivery asked Luther

"Force teleportation." Luther nodded

"Do you feel alright?" Luther asked her

"No, my stomach feels like it's turning.." Ivery said as she tried to hold back her gag reflex

"Sorry." Luther apologized

"It's fine, I'm fine, it worked out in the end so...let's continue.." Ivery told him

Ivery looked down at the map and started walking down the given direction. The three of them followed right behind her as she led the way.

Ivery stopped walking and stood on a hill, as she looked down, she saw a small town not too far away. She looked at the map and the only town that was nearby and located by the forest they were in was called Hambrook.

"Is that a town!?" Danya's eyes lit up

"Looks like it." Ivery nodded

"Finally we can rest.." Yannel smiled

"Can we go? Please!" Danya pleaded

"Let's check it out before we decide to stay there..." Ivery said

"Okay..." Danya sighed


Ivery had to put Eness in a sack again since people don't take kindly to dragons and will unhesitantly kill a baby dragon if they saw one.

They made their way down the hill and headed straight for the town that was in their sights. After a long walk down, they finally reached the town.

Just as they were walking up to the town entrance the two guards standing by the gate crossed their long spears.

"Passes." The guard told them

"Passes...?" Danya didn't think a small town like this needed passes for entry

"Oh, we have so many different towns passes on us, can you show me what the passes for this town look like?" Ivery asked

"This." The guard pulled out a small slightly rusted bronze card and showed Ivery

Ivery put her right hand behind her back and created four lookalike passes.

Ivery waved her hand behind her back, signaling for them to get the passes. They noticed what she had done and each took a pass for themselves without the guards noticing.

They showed the guards their passes and they lifted their spears and allowed the four of them to enter.

They all looked around the town and saw the townspeople walking around and going about their businesses. So far everything seemed normal and nothing was suspicious. The only thing that was bothering them was an odd stench that seemed to be everywhere...

"I'll go find an inn!" Danya excitedly ran off

"This girl..." Ivery sighed and followed behind Danya

Yannel shrugged and followed Ivery and Danya. Luther, however, did not follow them. He walked further into the town and wanted to make sure this town was safe since Danya didn't give them all a chance to get a better look at the town before deciding to rest here.

Luther felt like something was off, he had a strange feeling of dread within him and he didn't know why.

And the stench that this town had was very familiar to Luther, it was definitely the smell that a rotting corpse would have..

Luther's eyes turned black and then he finally understood the reason he felt this way...

Luther saw the town for what it really was, it was a town full of the undead...every person he saw walking around was actually walking corpses that believed that they were still alive. The atmosphere was dark and foggy, as if the sun that was just out didn't even exist in the first place...

Luther's black eyes changed back and suddenly everything around him was just as it was before, the town was completely normal and the townspeople looked like regular people. It seemed that with normal sight, the truth of this town was unable to be seen with human eyes...

"What the hell is going on here....?" Luther said to himself