The Unwanted Princess Chapter 72

74 Chapter 72: Severing Ties

"I'm sorry for everything! I-I'm sorry for being so weak! I'm sorry for not realizing that you're just as tired as we are....I'm sorry for not seeing that you're not like everyone else....everyone in this world is so cruel...but you're different, you do think about others....because Yannel and I wouldn't be here right now if you didn't..." Danya cried

"You could've ignored me at the inn but you took pity on me who was a stranger and even became an adventurer to help me, a-and you could've ignored what Yannel was going stopped him from being picked on by those adventurers, and you even helped him save his family..." Danya said

"You even told me about your past...which is something that you'd only tell someone that you see as a friend..." Danya fell on her knees and cried

Ivery walked closer to Danya and stood in front of her.

"....." Ivery looked down at her and didn't say a word

"I meant what I said before, I'll help you become an adventurer Danya..." Ivery said

"But that doesn't mean we're going to go back to the way things were before, whatever relationship we had or were going to have died back there....I may take pity on others and do my best to help those in need since I have the power to do so...but I won't be forgiving to those who trample all over my kindness." Ivery crossed her arms and coldly looked down at Danya who was starting to tear again

"Those people that kicked you out of your old group should've heard those words and more, yet you couldn't muster the courage to use your voice and speak up then but you didn't hesitate to snap at me."

"They were the ones who looked down on you, they didn't try to help you grow stronger and didn't give you a chance and yet you get mad at someone who tried to finally help you..." Ivery was growing more pissed by the second

"That's really twisted Danya, you let all of your anger out on the wrong person, and I wonder if it solved anything, did it give you justice? Did it make you feel better?" Ivery asked

"No..." Danya shook her head

"Have I really done anything to deserve your contempt? Or was it just pent-up anger that you wanted to release?" Ivery rhetorically asked

"I-" Danya wiped her eyes

"Don't answer that." Ivery interrupted

"When we arrive in Yusveil, that's where we officially part ways, and then you can find yourself a new group of companions there....but that's if you pass the entry assessment..." Ivery said

"If I pass...?" Danya didn't understand..

"I didn't tell you all yet, but during the entry assessments killing your opponent is fully allowed...if you make it to the finals just hope that you don't have Lutris as your opponent, because I assure you....after what transpired today, he won't think twice about killing you or going easy on you during the assessment." Ivery warned Danya

Danya suddenly broke into a cold sweat. Lutris and Ivery weren't going to purposefully lose against her anymore...?!

"Don't worry, I'll still lose against you.....I have no intention of killing or harming you.....however my fiance has a small temper....I doubt he'll still go along with the plan once you're officially his opponent." Ivery told her

"....." Danya was currently dreading the entry assessment


"Ivery....don't tell me that you're still intending to bring her along with us." Luther walked up to Ivery and Yannel walked behind him, carefully avoiding the undead around them

The undead in the town wasn't necessarily hostile to the point of attacking with weapons or bearing their teeth. They were basically programmed in a way to only give the living that enters their town the black poison that ultimately turns them into the undead after the poison kills them within a matter of seconds. Which was why they weren't being attacked by the undead that resided in the town.

"She's still coming with us, but she already knows where our relationship stands." Ivery said

"If that's your decision....I'll go along with it for now." Luther looked down at Danya

"From now on, don't expect any of us to save you from whatever stupid situations you get yourself into next, if you continue being a nuisance...I'll kill you right where you stand, and Ivery won't be able to react fast enough to even think about having me spare you." Luther's cold purple eyes pierced right into Danya's soul

Looking into those cold chilling eyes, Danya's vision suddenly blurred and she somehow saw moving pictures in her mind. What she saw almost shattered her mind beyond repair...she saw her own death...

She screamed in pain and clutched at her chest, tears rolled down her eyes.

"What are you doing to her?" Yannel asked, not worried for Danya's wellbeing but just curious as to what he was doing to make her writhe in pain without her being physically harmed

"I'm just showing her a glimpse of what her death will be if she were to die by my hands." Luther smirked

"How are you going to kill her...?" Yannel asked

"You want to see too?" Luther's glowing eyes looked at Yannel

Instantly a series of moving pictures appeared in Yannel's head, taking over his sight...

"Oh god!" Yannel closed his eyes not wanting to see anymore, he turned around and vomited on the ground

Ivery watched in slight shock.

"Was it that bad?" Ivery asked

"That was beyond bad!" Yannel coughed, wishing to unsee what he was forced to see

"My whole body is aching...." Yannel's legs gave out and he sat on the ground, he felt his heart hitting harshly against his chest

"I didn't even show it to you from her perspective." Luther grinned

"I wish you didn't show me at all." Yannel took a deep breath, but he still appeared pale from the intense shock

"Curiosity can be deadly..." Luther said

"It seems like this ability was enhanced then...." Luther didn't know which abilities of his changed or were enhanced, he never had the chance to fully check them

Yannel couldn't believe what Luther was planning on doing to Danya if she slipped up again....the way he was going to kill her made getting stabbed fifty times all over your body, consciously getting all of your limbs cut off and being gutted alive seem like a better way to die.

Luther released Danya and she weakly sat up, her body felt like she was being stabbed by small needles all over.

"Do you still want to come with us after knowing that's how you'll die if you make a single blunder?" Luther asked

"'m as good as dead on my own out here anyway..." Danya was still shaking

"Sounds like a lose-lose situation for you." Luther shrugged

"A-And Ivery! I swear that I'll do everything in my power to be your friend again!" Danya shouted

"....." Ivery looked at Danya with disappointment

"Is that so? Good luck then..." Ivery sighed and walked towards the town's exit

"If you even touch my fiance with one finger, you'll lose it." Luther threatened Danya, wanting to kill her with every fiber of his being

"D...Do you have to be so mean...? And s..she never said that I couldn't touch her..." Danya asked as she tried to muster the strength to stand up

"What was that? Maybe you've misunderstood something, I was only tolerating you because you were Ivery's friend, and I admit I did help you out but not because I grew fond of you or anything of the sort, it was only because Ivery would be upset and would cut herself again to give her blood to you if you had died." Luther told her

"So now that you're no longer a friend of my fiance, what reason do I need to fake politeness towards you?" Luther lightly chuckled

"And it doesn't matter if she never said that you couldn't touch her, I'm telling you not to touch her." Luther turned around and headed to where Ivery went

" you hate me too?" Danya looked at Yannel with sadness filled in her eyes

"I don't hate you." Yannel said as he got up from the ground

"Really...?" Danya lightly smiled

"I just don't like you anymore." Yannel bluntly said

The light smile she had dropped and shattered.

"When I really think about it, the debt that I have is only for Ivery and Lutris...not you." Yannel said

"But...I helped save your family too.." Danya slightly frowned

"No, you just tagged didn't really do much to actually save my family and the people who were taken and forced into labor as well." Yannel said

"You wouldn't have even gone down into their hideout if Ivery hadn't dragged you down, it makes me wonder why someone like you even wants to become an adventurer, it's like you're scared of everything that makes an adventurer an adventurer....I'm younger than you and I'm an A rank adventurer, while you're just a C-rank." Yannel scoffed

"How long have you been a C-rank adventurer?" Yannel asked

"Four years..." Danya sadly admitted, she couldn't believe she was being looked down on by a child

"Four years and you're still a C-rank....and I bet you only became a C-rank because you were always in a never truly adventured by yourself...never experienced real danger, I've had to look after myself for a year, fight my own battles since no one wanted to have a kid in their group....I had to work hard to get where I am today..." Yannel said

"How did you end up with Ivery and Lutris?" Yannel asked her with a raised eyebrow

"At an inn, Ivery witnessed my old group kick me out, they left me behind because they almost died because of me..." Danya answered

"You finally found a person who was willing to save your life even if you screwed up, even if you got that person into a bad situation...that person would still support you and do their best to help you grow, a person willing to put their life on the line to protect yours, Ivery is that person and all you had to do was be grateful that you even made it this far thanks to her." Yannel sighed

"You came with Ivery and Lutris on this journey to Yusveil under your own volition, she didn't force you to come at all, and without Ivery's carriage, we wouldn't have gotten any proper rest at all.....Lutris and Ivery didn't complain once about being tired...but it's clear as day that they're just as tired as we are....they are incredibly strong but they're still human Danya..." Yannel shook his head with disappointment

"So you can either stay here or follow makes no difference to us anymore." Yannel turned around and walked off

Danya wanted to cry, she had made many mistakes in her life but this mistake had to be the worst mistake she's ever made so far...

She didn't know what she had to do to make it up to Ivery....if only she hadn't opened up her big mouth and said anything then she wouldn't be in this situation...

Danya wished that all of this was a nightmare that she was having after passing out from exhaustion. She pinched herself and was all real...

She shamefully walked in the direction Ivery, Luther and Yannel were heading, she purposely lagged behind...not having the courage to walk with alongside them anymore...

She desperately wished that she could rewind time and undo what she had did...

But something like that would never she had to live with her mistake.