The Unwanted Princess Chapter 73

75 Chapter 73: An Expected Surprise

Ivery walked to the exit gate and just as she did two undead guards that stood in front of the gate crossed their long spears, blocking her.

"You....mustn't..leave..." One of the undead guards said

Ivery narrowed her eyes and lifted both of her hands up, and suddenly the guard's spears left their hands and flew towards Ivery. The spears entered Ivery's grasp and she quickly threw them back at the guards.

The spears pierced into both of the guard's foreheads. The guards fell on the ground, no longer undead but just dead.

"I'm not in a good mood.." Ivery's red eyes glowed as she walked through the towns exit gate and into the surrounding forest

Luther smiled as he followed his pissed off fiance out of the town.

Yannel was surprised by Ivery's actions, he didn't think she was mentally capable of killing anything, given how generous she was and how gentle she seemed. But it was clear that she was the type to kill only if the opponent wasn't human or alive.

He admired her even more after seeing that, she still had a sense of impartiality even though she had the power to kill anyone and everyone that wronged her. She also seemed like the type to have a guilty conscious if she did take a life, she was too pure-hearted.

Yannel now understood why an ominous and sadist of a man like Lutris would be attracted to a woman like Ivery. It was because they were complete opposites, he was attracted to her because she's the light that he never had, because he was always stuck in darkness with no way out, he ran at the sight of the light that intended to guide him out of the darkness.

If he ever fell too deep into the darkness, she would be there to pull him out.

The only mystery to Yannel was why Ivery was attracted to a man like him....


"W-Where does the map say to go from here...?" Danya nervously asked

"...." Ivery didn't say anything and continued walking

Danya frowned and decided that she wouldn't say anything anymore....she completely understood why Ivery didn't want to speak to her.

They all walked through the forest for a while, and Ivery noticed that the sun was starting to go down.

Ivery suddenly stopped walking as she strangely saw a ball roll in front of her.

"That's mine!" A voice shouted

They all turned their heads and saw a little boy step out of the bushes. Ivery watched as the boy ran over to them and picked up his ball.

The boy looked no older than 10 and had short hazel brown hair and wore a white cotton tunic and brown cotton shorts, and he had worn-out brown sandals on his feet. His dark green eyes looked up at Ivery with suspicion.

"Who are you people?" The boy asked

"Who are you?" Yannel asked

"I asked first." The boy said

"Adventurers." Ivery told him

"Adventurers? I don't know what that means." The boy raised an eyebrow and looked at Ivery with confusion

"Where did you come from? Do you live somewhere near here?" Yannel asked with a sigh

"I live in the town over there." The boy pointed towards the bushes he came from

They all looked confused and walked to the bushes the boy pointed at. From there they clearly saw a big town not too far away.

"A town...?'s not on the did we miss this...?" Ivery looked at the map and didn't see any towns nearby where they were

"My grandfather told me that our town is hidden, but I don't know what that means." The boy said

"Of course you don't." Yannel sighed again

"Does your town allow outsiders?" Ivery asked the boy

"Yes, but I think you have to pay to get in." The boy answered

"Pay? How much?" Ivery asked

"I don't know." The boy shrugged

"Of course you don't..." Yannel rubbed his forehead

"Do you all want to go to the town?" The boy asked

"Yes, can you take us there?" Ivery smiled

"I can!" The boy smiled back


The boy led them to the town that they saw. He ran up to the town's entrance.

"Halt!" The guards shouted

"Are you all alive?!" One of the guards asked

"Yes." Ivery nodded, confused with his question

"Allow us to check your vitals." The guards said

"Why?" Ivery walked over to the guards and they all followed behind her

"There's a town not too far from here, it's filled with those undead scum, we can't risk letting any undead in this town." The guard told her

"I see." Ivery didn't know people outside of that town

The guard took off his glove and abruptly grabbed Ivery's wrist. Ivery narrowed her eyes and wanted to say something but she'd just cause trouble for them if she snapped.

"Watch how you handle her." Luther's eyes slightly glowed

"....." The guard felt himself shiver and something about Luther made him feel extremely uneasy

"Sorry..." The guard found himself apologizing without realizing it

The guard shakily checked Ivery's pulse.

"She's good..." The guard said to the other guard

"Alright, come here for an admittance pass." The other guard said

Ivery walked to the other guard.

Luther stood in front of the guard who was checking their pulses. The guard gulped and didn't even want to look at Luther, let alone touch him...the aura he emitted was terrifying...just being looked at by him sent shivers down his spine and made goosebumps spread across his body.

"Y-You can go." The guard didn't care if he was undead or not, he felt that something bad would happen to him if he laid a finger on this man

"Are you sure you don't want to check my pulse?" Luther grinned

"P-Positive!" The guard quickly nodded, wanting Luther to get away from him as soon as possible

"Very well." Luther lightly chuckled and walked to the other guard

The guard breathed a sigh of relief and saw that Yannel was next.

"Your left arm, please." The guard said to Yannel

Yannel gave his arm to the guard.


They were all cleared and ended up having to pay 1,500 silver for admittance tickets, a single silver coin is worth 150. The young boy was allowed through for free since he obviously didn't have any money on him.

Danya was the only one left that had to pay the fee for admittance. She checked her bag for her money and her heart dropped when she saw that it was empty, she then noticed that there was a hole at the bottom of her money bag....

"Do you not have any money?" The guard asked

"No..." Danya sadly said

"Give this to her..." Ivery sighed and handed Luther a small money pouch filled with the exact amount of silver needed for admittance

Ivery continued to speak with the guard for more information about the town and its rules.

"Here." Luther held the money pouch out to Danya

"Thank you..." Danya reached her hand out

Luther smirked and suddenly poured the silver on the ground. All of the coins fell and scattered on the ground.

"Pick it up." Luther bluntly said

"...." Danya kneeled down and picked up the silver coins one by one

"I'll show you myself how royals treat poor nobles like yourself." Luther was willing to be a stereotypical royal for Danya since he is an extremely condescending person

Since she dared to lump his selfless fiance into that stereotype, he decided to show her what that stereotype really looks like.

Danya managed to pick up all ten pieces of silver and handed them to the guard.

"Here." The guard gave Danya her admittance pass

"And remember, if you lose these passes, you will have to be rechecked for your pulses and pay the fee again." The guards informed them

"Okay." Ivery nodded and headed into the town and the rest of them followed behind her


Luther scanned the townspeople and concluded that they all were in fact living.

"This town is safe." Luther told Ivery

"Then that means we can rest at an inn now." Ivery said

"Correct." Luther nodded

"It seems that this is your karma for complaining." Yannel turned around and said to Danya

"Leave me alone Yannel...don't you think I don't already feel bad as it is?" Danya was growing irritated

Yannel shrugged with a smirk and followed Ivery and Luther.

After they walked around the town for a few minutes, they managed to find an inn. Ivery checked them all into a room, including Danya, who had her own room this time. Since she and Ivery wouldn't be sharing a room anymore.

Luther got a couple's bedroom for him and Ivery, a couple's bedroom was explained to them to be a room with a single bed for two people.

Luther headed up to their room and Ivery stayed downstairs and sat at the inn's bar to think, even though she felt exhausted, she somehow also felt restless.

Danya also sat at the bar, several seats away from Ivery, thinking to herself.

"Would you like to try out new shipment of beer? It's said to be the best in the country." The bartender asked Ivery

"Yeah...sure." Ivery nodded

The man put the medium-sized beer cup in front of her.

Ivery picked up the cup and took a few sips. And very soon, her sips turned into chugs. She ordered more beers, and drank all of her cups empty.

Ivery had 6 empty cups of beer around her.

Suddenly her cup was snatched away from her, her face was flushed and she confusedly turned around to see who stole her beer.

"H-How dare you s-s-steal my c-cup!" Ivery's words slurred and she stuttered as she weakly slapped Luther's chest

"How many did you drink?" Luther asked

"" Ivery hiccuped and held 6 fingers up

Luther saw 6 empty cups of beer on the table.

"No more." Luther told her

"Give it back!" Ivery reached for her beer

"No." Luther held the beer up high, out of her reach

"Mean! Meanie! Mean!" Ivery hit Luther's chest and cried

"I don't care what you call me, you're not getting anymore." Luther told her

"I-I'm n-not your friend anymore!" Ivery pushed Luther away and staggered to the doors

"Ivery!" Luther put the beer down on a table and walked after her

Ivery opened the doors and exited the inn, she clumsily walked outside, aimlessly.

Luther followed behind her and caught up to her.

"S-Stop following me! Meanie!" Ivery turned around and shouted

"Ivery come back before you hurt yourself." Luther carefully approached her

"No! I don't like you!" Ivery shook her head

"Ivery, you're drunk, just come back with me." Luther smiled and thought that this side of Ivery was cute

"N-No...I-I'm not!" Ivery yelled

Luther walked closed to Ivery.

"Get away from me!" Ivery unintentionally materialized her Excalibur and pointed it at Luther

"Ivery..." Luther sighed

Luther waved his hand and suddenly her Excalibur flew out of her hand and pierced into the ground.

Luther closed the distance between them and picked her up. She struggled in his arms as he carried her back to the inn.


He took her to their room and threw her on their bed and looked down at her as she looked up at him angrily.

"K-Kidnapper! You're a kidnapper!" Ivery shouted

"Stop that, I'm no kidnapper, I'm your fiance." Luther covered her mouth

"???" Ivery looked confused

Her vision slightly cleared up and she fully recognized him. The anger in her eyes subsided and was replaced by adoration.

Luther uncovered her mouth and sat down on the bed.

"L-Luther..." Ivery sat up, still in a drunken daze

"Hm?" Luther raised an eyebrow

Ivery got up off of the bed and suddenly kneeled down in front of him.

"Will you marry me?" A golden ring materialized in Ivery's hand, her eyes glistened with love for him

"Uh..." Luther stared down at her, trying to hold back his laughter

"Ivery, we're already engaged." Luther told her

"Oh, right..." Ivery dropped the ring and fell on her back



"Hey! You!" Ivery quickly sat up and pointed at Luther

"?" Luther looked confused

"Y-You know, I'm engaged right?!" Ivery said

"Yes, I know..." Luther sighed with a smile

"M-My fiance is crown prince Luther! And-and-and he's...the s-sexiest man alive!" Ivery shouted

"....." Luther had no words

"Is that so?" Luther smiled, completely flattered that Ivery saw him that way

"But shh....don't...tell him I said that." Ivery put her finger against her lips

"I won't." Luther wanted to burst out laughing

"Promise?" Ivery asked

"I promise." Luther said

"Good..." Ivery stood up and started to take off her hanfu's layers

She was only left in her last layer, the zhongyi.

Ivery got into bed and laid down.

Luther gently smiled and took off his hanfu's layers too, only left in his all-black zhongyi.

Ivery suddenly sat up and pulled off the zhongyi pants she wore. She tossed the pants on the floor and laid back down, more comfortable than she was before. She closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

"Dear god..." Luther lightly blushed and took a deep breath as tried his best not to look down, despite how much he wanted to

Luther pulled the covers over Ivery and he kissed her forehead.

"At least now I know that you don't handle alcohol well..." Luther said with a sigh

He looked at the floor, and saw the golden ring with a beautiful ruby gem on the floor. Luther picked it up and slid it on his left hand's ring finger.

"Of course I'll marry you.." Luther smiled and laid down on the bed

Ivery turned on her left side and unconsciously hugged Luther. He smiled wider and turned on his right side to embrace her.