The Unwanted Princess Chapter 74

76 Chapter 74: Unusual Hangover

Just as Ivery opened her eyes, a splitting headache washed over her.

"Ah.." Ivery quickly closed her eyes, the sunlight felt like it was burning into her corneas and trying to pierce into her retinas

"You're finally up." Luther smiled

"My...head.." Ivery's voice sounded groggy

"Does it hurt?" Luther asked

Ivery nodded.

"It's because you drunk too much last night." Luther sighed

"Did I?" Ivery slowly sat up with her hand on her forehead with her eyes still closed, she wasn't ready for the sunlight yet

"Yes." Luther said

"God...I wish there was this world..." Ivery mumbled to herself as her headache was getting worse by the minute

"What was that?" Luther asked

"Nothing.." Ivery sighed and took a deep breath

"Luther.." Ivery rubbed her forehead, trying to test what could relieve her pain

"What is it?" Luther worriedly looked at her

"Where are my pants?" She asked, noticing her pants weren't on

"Oh, those?" Luther smiled

"You took them off and threw them on the floor over there." Luther pointed at her pants on the floor

"Ugh.." Ivery covered her face with embarrassment

"Do you want water?" Luther asked

"I do.." Ivery nodded, still having head pain

"I'll be back with it." Luther rubbed her back before getting up

"Thank you.." Ivery said

"My pleasure." Luther smiled as he walked out of the room and closed the door behind him


As Ivery sat in the room alone, she finally decided to open her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes and the sunlight still felt like it was burning her eyes, but she still managed to keep them open.

She slowly and carefully got out of bed and paced back and forwards in the room.

"Here's your water." Luther walked in the room with a glass of water in his hand

"Thank you..." Ivery walked up to him and took the water from his hand

She brought the cup up to her mouth and quickly drank the water, for some reason she was incredibly thirsty. She finished the cup of water in a matter of 10 seconds.

"Want more?" Luther smiled

"Yeah...but I'll get it...I can't have you do everything for me." Ivery said

"I don't mind Ivery, you're not feeling well, it's my responsibility as your fiance and future husband to take care of you." Luther touched her cheek


Luther suddenly kissed her, completely silencing her.

He pulled back and smiled.

"No but's, sit down and let me take care of you." Luther said and took the glass cup from her hand

"Okay.." Ivery blushed and sat down on the small couch

"I'll be back with another cup of water for you." Luther told her as he walked out of the room again

"Ah..." Ivery felt another wave of pain in her head

And just as that pain wave hit her, the window's in the room suddenly shattered. Even the vase filled with flowers shattered and the water inside of it spilled all over the table and leaked down the table, dripping on the floor. The flowers fell on the table the vase sat on and soaked in the puddle of water on the table.

Ivery was alarmed by the sudden occurrence and wondered what it was....

After a few minutes, the door opened again.

Luther walked into the room with a new glass of water. Instantly upon stepping foot in the room, Luther noticed the shattered windows, broken vase, and the small puddle of water on the floor.

"What happened?" Luther asked Ivery

"Don't...know." Ivery lowly responded

"Here's the water." Luther handed the cup to Ivery

Ivery took a sip of the water and suddenly another wave of pain came. She gave the cup back to Luther and placed her hands on her head.

"Ivery?!" Luther put the cup down on the small table beside the couch and kneeled down to Ivery's aid

"It...hurts.." Tears ran down Ivery's eyes as the pain intensified

The furniture in the room started shaking and soon enough it spread throughout the whole inn. A loud commotion was heard outside their door from the people inside of the inn.

The table fell over and the bed was slowly turning. All of the windows in the inn shattered simultaneously.

"Ivery!" Luther grabbed her and held her in his arms, his hand quickly covered her eyes

Ivery instantly fell asleep.

The large quakes stopped as soon as Ivery was incapacitated. Luther took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Loki." Luther called out for Loki

Loki responded to Luther's call and appeared beside him.

"What's happening with her? I'm assuming that you know since you're both connected." Luther said

"It's her demon blood, it's fighting the alcohol in her system as if it knows that that alcohol is not good for her, it's basically burning away all of the alcohol in her blood, that's why she's in so much pain." Loki explained

"It seems that it's affecting her powers as well." Loki looked around the room

"Alright, I understand....she won't be having any more alcohol after this." Luther said

"Wise decision." Loki agreed

"Since Ivery needs her rest, I'll take care of the damage she caused." Loki sighed and his eyes glowed

The damage to the room was instantly fixed, it appeared to be in the same state it was when they arrived.

Loki then lifted his arm and his paw suddenly glowed. He pressed his paw on the floor and the glow traveled in between the lining of the smooth wooden flooring and spread throughout the inn.

"Everything should be fixed now...I'll be going now." Loki stretched and yawned before he disappeared into a golden pink-colored mist cloud

Luther picked Ivery up and carried her to the bed and laid her down.

"I guess there's a first and last time for everything..." Luther kissed Ivery's forehead

"It'll be fine to rest here for another day or two..." Luther lifted her hand and lightly kissed it