The Unwanted Princess Chapter 75

77 Chapter 75: Two Days
[ Violence ]


Luther sat beside Ivery who was still asleep in the bed. Two days had passed and Ivery still hadn't woke up yet or rather she couldn't be woken since her demon blood was still detoxifying her system.

Yannel came to their room a day ago to ask how long they were staying for, Luther told Yannel about Ivery's condition and Yannel has been filled with worry ever since.

Danya, however, has been kept in the dark about what was happening and has been sitting quietly alone in her room, she didn't dare to ask what was taking them so long.

Loki had been keeping Ivery stable during her slumber since her blood was still getting rid of all traces of the alcohol in her system. Just because she was asleep, didn't mean that she couldn't possibly die from the cleansing process. Putting her asleep was the only way to help ease the pain.

Loki had informed Luther that the cleansing process was almost complete and that he could release Ivery from her slumber soon.

Luther touched Ivery's cheek and sighed. In the past two days, he's felt completely lost without her. Not being able to talk to her, hear her voice, or see her beautiful eyes was taking its toll on him.


Four hours passed and it was midnight. Loki was asleep on top of Ivery's stomach, curled in a fluffy ball.

His eyes opened and he sat up. He turned his head and saw that Luther was wide awake, sitting on the bed beside Ivery.

"She's going to be fine, you should sleep." Loki sighed and told Luther who wore an anxious expression

"I can't sleep." Luther said

Loki sighed again and did another blood scan on Ivery.

"It seems that you can wake her up now." Loki said, sensing that all of the alcohol in Ivery's body was completely gone

"I can?" Luther's anxious expression instantly changed to excitement and his eyes looked as if they were sparkling

"Yes.." Loki nodded, noticing the mix of joy and relief on Luther's face

Loki disappeared into a small cloud of a golden pink-colored mist.

Luther snapped his fingers and just as he did, Ivery's eyes opened. She slowly sat up and groaned. The burning headache she felt was gone and the feeling of her blood boiling under her skin ceased.

"Are you feeling any better?" Luther asked Ivery with a smile

"Yeah.." Ivery said

"What happened?" Ivery asked, remembering almost everything that happened

"Apparently your demon blood doesn't react well to alcohol, it started burning away all of the alcohol in your system...causing you immense pain in the process." Luther explained

"Oh." Ivery understood now

"Since this happened, you cannot have any more alcoholic beverages from now on." Luther told her

"I can live with that.." Ivery nodded in agreeance

"Now that you're up, do you mind answering a few of my questions?" Luther asked her

"What's wrong?" Ivery asked

"Why do you still insist on bringing that girl with us? She's better off gone or dead." Luther scoffed

"Although she said things that shouldn't have been said, it was my fault for not being clear with my words, if I had told her why we had to leave then she would've quietly came along with us." Ivery sighed

"But just because she said a few things to spite me, doesn't mean she should die for it...." Ivery didn't want Danya to die, not now anyway

If she did let Luther kill Danya then her efforts of saving Danya's life would be for nothing. Ivery didn't want all that they've done to go to waste now.

"I told her I'd help her become an adventurer and I tend to stand by my word to get her to Ridgefall, her and I do not have to be friends to finish what we've started, it was just better to be friends at the moment....but after her outburst, the option to be friends and companions is long gone for her." Ivery told Luther

"If this is what you want, I won't stress the matter, but I also stand by my word." Luther crossed his arms

"And that was?" Ivery asked, she had forgotten what he said before

"To kill her if she makes another stupid mistake again." Luther said

"If it comes to that, then I won't stop you.." Ivery sighed, she did say that she didn't want Danya to die but if Luther did ever strike Danya, there would be no saving her from even one of his attacks and Ivery decided that she wouldn't revive Danya anymore if she did happen to die again

"You won't?" Luther raised an eyebrow, expecting Ivery to oppose to him killing Danya

"She's neither friend nor foe, all relation's between her and I have been severed....she's just a person following us to Ridgefall, if you decide to kill her then it'd be nothing but a pity that she had to die from her own idiocy." Ivery felt that she had to put a barrier around her heart, she opens it so easily to others who are suffering...

"I see." Luther smirked and liked this unforgiving side of Ivery

She realized that one day it's her pity, kindness, and selflessness that'll become a blade against her neck. After being the victim of Danya's anger, Ivery decided to let the next person she just happens to meet due to unfortunate circumstances, earn her friendship, and possibly her trust. She vowed to not let anyone into her heart that wasn't Luther....although Beatrice would be an exception to that vow too..

"The weak pitiful person that I used to be had died the moment my soul was put into this world, but I still want to be called Ivery by's what I'm used to hearing from you...I couldn't imagine you calling me anything else." Ivery smiled but yet she somehow had a sad expression

"I can't imagine calling you Inanna when we're alone either, your name has grown on me as well." Luther smiled back

"Luther, can you promise me something?" Ivery looked at him with a serious look in her eyes

"What is it?" Luther asked

"Promise me that you won't fight as a way of only protecting me, promise me that you'll fight alongside me as my partner..." Ivery earnestly looked at him

"Why don't you want me to protect you?" Luther asked with a slight frown

"If I'm so powerful, why do I need to be protected? Aren't I strong enough to be able to fight with you instead of behind you? I don't want to sit back and watch you do everything for me, I'm not a child anymore...What I need isn't solely protection, what I need is a partner who will always have my back..." Ivery asked him

"You're the only person in this world capable of fighting by my side....but you're also the only person in this world that I want to keep safe from any and all dangers." Luther answered

" won't accept the promise then..." Ivery felt bummed

"I'll accept it but with my own conditions." Luther said, noticing her sad face

"Conditions?" Ivery slightly tilted her head in confusion

"Of course we can fight alongside each other, but I refuse to ignore your safety, if I want to protect you from any harm, I will do so. I don't want a single scratch on your body." Luther lifted his hand and touched her soft cheek

"As your fiance and future husband, it's my priority to make sure you're unharmed and safe, I can't flip a switch and stop caring about your wellbeing." Luther said

"What I'm saying might be strange coming from a person who's killed an unspeakable amount of people and as a person who indulges in the misery and pain of their enemies, I feel no empathy for people and those that I kill and have killed, I don't have sympathy for people, I don't hesitate, I don't regret, in the end....I normally don't feel much at all." Luther revealed the things that he has already shown through his actions

"But with you, for some reason...I feel everything imaginable..." Luther gently smiled

"So I promise to be your partner in crime..." Luther grinned

Luther leaned close to her, making Ivery's heartbeat against her chest

"Anxiety.." Luther said in her ear










"Lust." Luther lightly pushed Ivery down on the bed

"Y-You're changing the topic..." Ivery looked down

"Ivery..." Luther lifted her head up by her chin

Luther leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. She responded and pressed her lips against his, and their kiss quickly deepened.

"We...haven't...done.." Luther spoke in between the kisses

"Mhm." Ivery nodded

Ivery broke the kiss to sit up but she wasted no time switching their positions and got on top of him as she bent down to kiss him again.

He melts into the kiss with a blush and wraps his arms around her small waist.

"You know...we were in this position before..." Luther placed his hands on her back, remembering four years ago when he took Ivery back to his room in his castle after taking her from the Hollow's castle

"I remember..." Ivery smiled, getting a sense of Deja vu

Luther stopped speaking and pulled her head down and forcefully kissed her, his tongue slipped into her mouth, her tongue touched his as they continuously kissed, barely taking any breaths.

"Breathe..." Luther pulled back and lightly bit her bottom lip to say

Ivery blushed and lightly panted as she let oxygen flow into her lungs. She pulled him back down and kissed him. Their lips locked and their kisses were filled with intense passion.

Luther switched their positions and had her lying down on the bed, his enchanting purple eyes scanned her body that was in front of him.

"L-Luther.." Ivery felt unbearably hot

"Yes..?" He leaned down and kissed her neck

"I love you." She smiled

"I love you too." Luther smiled back

He was so deeply indulged in kissing Ivery that it almost lasted the whole night until they both eventually fell asleep. And Luther who had been awake for days finally managed to get sleep.



Xia managed to teleport into the Lilith castle without being detected by the Lilith castle's guards. Her goal was to find a way to incapacitate Julian...she had a certain method in mind but she had to be close to him for her to do it..

Xia snuck her way to Julian and Cassandra's bedroom.

Just as Xia was about to use an invisibility spell, the right bedroom door opened outward and unexpectedly hit Xia.


Julian heard a thud and looked for the source of the sound.

Suddenly his eyes and Xia's eyes made contact.

"Shi-" Xia tried to get up

Instantly a red light went through Xia's head and a gaping medium-sized hole was made in Xia's skull. Xia collapsed on the floor and blood oozed from her ghastly head wound.

Julian's finger glowed with a red light and the glow died out as he looked down at Xia's body.

"I know you're watching.." Julian smirked and looked around the hall

"You might as well come out, I already know all about you and what you're planning.." Julian said

"D ?" Eos's ominous voice echoed in the hallway

"Because I know that you don't know why we're really here and what we're here for....half bred demon Emperor of the Lilith Kingdom.." Eos said with a scoff

"Half-bred demon? Then would you care to tell me why you're here then?" Julian raised an eyebrow, knowing that she was mocking that his human blood had been tainted with demon blood

"Would you like me to show you instead?" Eos slowly walked out of the darkness that covered the hallway, revealing herself to Julian

"Go ahead." Julian smirked, unphased by her terrifying appearance, and red electricity sparked across his body, his long blonde hair flowed to the side although there was no wind