The Unwanted Princess Chapter 79

82 Chapter 79: Confrontation 2

Ivery quickly turned around and stabbed Xia in the chest with Excalibur. Piercing into Xia's prowess core.

"I'm getting sick of seeing your face." Ivery said as her sword glowed with a golden light

"So am I." Xia weakly smiled at Ivery and spit-up blood

The magic from the sword entered Xia and golden cracks appeared all over Xia's body. Ivery pulled her sword out of Xia's chest and Xia's prowess core instantly shattered.

Xia fell on the floor, and she no longer felt her magic...her vision then went dark.

Ivery turned around and faced Eos.

"Destroying a prowess core...such a thing shouldn't be possible by a mortal..." Eos wondered where she obtained the power to do such a thing

"Unless..." Eos smiled, figuring everything out

"Why Hecate and Hades would give mere mortals like you divine powers is beyond me..." Eos lifted her hands and a black mist headed straight for Ivery


"May I interrupt?"

Eos's magic was suddenly absorbed.

"Luther..." Ivery saw Luther appear in front of her just as Eos's magic was heading towards her

"Your magic..." Luther looked at his hand

"Is awfully weak..." Luther devilishly smirked, not feeling much power from the magic he absorbed

"You...seem different from last time..." Eos gritted her teeth together, sensing the overbearing black magic emitting from Luther, his presence and aura felt the same as a high dark god's...or maybe even a satan

"Because I am different than the last time you saw me..." Luther's irises and sclera's turned black

" could a mortal body hold so much black magic?" Eos felt that his black magic level's had dramatically increased, it was so intense that even she felt oppressed by it

Eos's hands began shaking, she was shocked by her unconscious response to Luther's power...

"Surprised? Of course a low dark god like you would feel you know why you feel the way you do?" Luther chuckled, noticing Eos's reaction

"Why!?" Eos blurted out

"Because I currently hold more power than you do...thus making me stronger than you." Luther snapped his fingers and a ball of dark energy materialized and headed straight for Eos in a flash

The dark energy ball entered Eos's chest before she could react.

Eos clutched her chest and winced in pain.

"Luckily for you, you're you won't die from that..." Luther sighed

Eos held her hand up and three black swords materialized in the air, they glowed with a dark purple glow and flew straight at Luther.

All three of the swords pierced into Luther's upper body.

Ivery's heart dropped and she turned pale once she saw Luther collapse on the floor.

"Unluckily for you, you're not." Eos weakly laughed as the pain in her chest grew more intense

Ivery kneeled down and she shakily reached out for Luther. She quickly snapped out of her shock and pulled the swords out of him.

"No! No, no.." She pulled him close to her and tears ran down her face as she held her hands over his bleeding wounds, her hands glowed with a green light. Her heart began beating so rapidly that she could have a heart attack at any second.

Suddenly Luther grabbed her wrist. The glow from her hands died and she looked at him with confusion..

"Don't cry.." Luther lifted his hand and wiped away her tears

"B-But I didn't heal you" Ivery was still shaking

"The magic inside me won't let me die." Luther said as he felt his wounds seal

"Wait...wouldn't that make you..." Ivery couldn't believe it

"Immortal...yes.." Luther sat up and nodded

"This..changes everything..." Eos gritted her teeth again and snapped her fingers

"Then that makes two of us." A voice said

A sword pierced through Ivery's chest and into Luther's back.

"Ivery..." Luther worriedly looked at Ivery

"I'm fine. It's my mistake, I forgot about her for a second.." Ivery's hair turned red as it spread from her roots, she had to transform to stop her blood from flowing harshly from the wound

Ivery waved her hand and Xia flew back. Luther moved forward and slid off of the sword. He quickly turned around and pulled the sword out of Ivery.

He glared at Xia who got up off of the floor.

"It'll be interesting to see how you come back from this." Luther sadistically grinned

Xia's body instantly decayed in seconds right to the bone. Her skeleton fell on the floor and from the impact of the floor and without tendons holding it together the skeleton broke apart into separated bones and scattered on the floor.

Luther held his hand over Ivery's stab wound and his hand glowed with a green light. Her wound quickly healed and she released her demon blood activation, reverting her red hair back to light blonde.

Ivery raised her hand and her Excalibur flew towards Eos and glowed with a bright golden light.

Eos conjured a shield around her, she smiled knowing Ivery couldn't break through her shield.

Excalibur hit the shield Eos made and was stopped by it.

Ivery smirked and waved her hand.

Excalibur glowed brighter and shattered the shield and entered Eos's chest. Eos's eyes widened when she felt the pain of getting stabbed for the first time...

Ivery pointed her finger at the sword and her golden magic shot from her fingertip and bulleted straight into the sword.


As soon as her magic entered Excalibur a large burst of golden energy sent Eos flying back and blew open a giant hole in the castle wall.

All of the windows in the hallway were shattered, and the walls and floor cracked from the explosion.

Far down the hallway, Eos laid on the floor, with black blood pooling around her. She looked down at the gaping hole in her chest.

"I see what Hecate and Hades have done..." Eos weakly laughed as she coughed up black blood

"Next time, I'll be ready for both of you..." Eos faded away into the darkness

Luther sighed and turned around. He saw that Xia's remains were no longer on the floor.

Luther looked around at the ruins of the hallway and the giant hole in the wall. Golden particles from the blast were still raining down.

"Are you okay?" Luther asked Ivery

"I'm fine...I just wasn't..prepared for all of this to happen so suddenly." Ivery sighed

"Let's go back..." Luther said

"Alright...but let me take care of Julian before we go..." Ivery turned to look at Julian who was still unconscious

"Take your time." Luther said




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